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Born: August 14, 2019 Forum Topics Started: 1
Race: Witch Forum Posts / Replies: 3
Affiliation: Sine Metu Mail Replies Sent: 27
Home City: New Orleans Mail Sent: 4
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08/24/19 at 10:56 pm
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Katherine Murray

Leigh Roberts

Liam Moore


Theodora Hawthorne

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New OrleansSometimes The Big Easy is anything but.
Created by Nicolas Marceau
Katherine Murray 08/20/19 -gives herself a gold star-

Matias Alvero 08/18/19 ~returns the grin~
~claps his shoulder happily~
"Nic! What are the odds, eh?"
"So, this is where you hide out, hm?"
LillyEmperium 08/17/19 Welcome to the coven
Aurora Crane 08/17/19 It's a pleasure to officially meet you, Nic.

*She grins, showing off her small, sharp fangs.*

I have plenty of kisses for handsome men like yourself. Come find me if you find yourself in need.

*She gives him a sassy wink before continuing on her way.*
Aurora Crane 08/16/19 *Spotting her newest coven mate, she wanders up to him, holding a bag of chocolates.*

I'm sorry, I didn't introduce myself before. I'm Aurora.

*She pauses, chewing on her bottom lip.*

Matias Alvero 08/16/19 Mercurial or not, you have my interest.
~snatches the card~
~maintains eye contact~
Matias. And I'm always down for something... spicy.
See you soon, amigo.
Matias Alvero 08/16/19 While the hair is rather impressive, you did just say I could take a ride for some type of exchange. I simply took a leap of faith.
I take those a lot.
We should go out on the town sometime. Wreak some havoc. Maybe get an ice cream. I like sprinkles.
~sighs happily at the thought of ice cream~
Matias Alvero 08/16/19 And modest I see.
As you should. Deals are dangerous with my kind.
~gestures to self~
However, this is not a deal. It is an invitation. I find myself in need of beautiful, chaotic creatures for nights of debauchery.
~gives a once over~
You have the beautiful part down.
Matias Alvero 08/16/19 Oh, I like you.
What if I told you I could supply you with all three at no cost of your own?
I never give up opportunities. I like to capitalize where I can.
Matias Alvero 08/16/19 "May I ride the welcome wagon?"
~innocent look~
~busts out laughing~
"Excuse me, amigo, it was too good of an opportunity. I could not pass it up. Thank you, thank you."
Flahme 08/16/19 Furrowing her brow as he kissed the back of her hand. She looked at it and then back at him.
"Nic it is then!"
Liam Moore 08/15/19 "Limiting your options does make for a rather boring time."
Looks the man over, before smirking.
"You will come to find there is very little I'm not up for."
Liam Moore 08/15/19
"I don't think you really know what you are saying."
"But I will have to think of the perfect place for us. And to answer your question when you are with me there isn't much else a man could want."
Leigh Roberts 08/15/19 Spook? Me? Nahh..
-drags her tongue across a fang-
You'd protect me anyway, right?
-slipping in closer as she takes his arm-
Let's do it.
-let him lead her to their destination-
Leigh Roberts 08/15/19 -tilts her head with a smirk-
You? Nooo..
I can not imagine, at all, that you would be into something like such.
You know places to get lost in?
-the humor wasn't lost on her-
I bet.
So, you know the way. Show me.
Leigh Roberts 08/15/19 Unfortunately..
This Cali girl is new as well.
-hangs head in jest-
Perhaps.. we can explore together?
-lifts chin-
Maybe we can get lost.
Leigh Roberts 08/15/19 Well, well, well..
Guess I should be welcoming you to New York.
-rolls her wrist-
How do you find it so far?
Flahme 08/15/19 "A hearty welcome to the realm, as well as the coven. It is a madhouse here, which is what makes it so good."
With a cheeky grin, Flahme holds out a delicate hand to the newcomer.
"I'm Flahme, and you are?"
-Skadedyr- 08/14/19 *makes note of this*
"Pleasure to the body is good. Aside from toes."
*looks at toes*
"Toes are weird, anyways."
*takes hand*
"Skadedyr. Greetings, Nic."
-Skadedyr- 08/14/19 *copies eyebrow wiggle*
"You are, as someone once said, very pleasing to the eyes."
*tilts head*
"That is a compliment, yes? Pleasure to one's eyes is a good thing?"
Melinoe 08/14/19 Welcome to Sine, mister!
-Skadedyr- 08/14/19 *stares*
"Welcome to Sine Metu."
Mackenzie 08/14/19 Jesus, you are easy.
I like it.
Mackenzie 08/14/19 Sure. I got a mirror.
At home.
-Quirks a brow-
You have two choices.
Roam the city looking like this, or...
Go to a strange woman's home and fix all the issues.
Which will you choose?
Liam Moore 08/14/19 "I do love me a party."
Leigh Roberts 08/14/19 Oh my..
-watched as he put on the moves-
Me too.
-gripped his hand and pulled him in-
Mackenzie 08/14/19 Worse. The hair.
It's like a hundred Alfalfa's sprouted in perfect unison.
Mackenzie 08/14/19 Oh, god.
You've already been maimed, haven't you?
Bishop 08/14/19 -contemplates-
"Depends on what they offer."
"And your counteroffer."
Katherine Murray 08/14/19 -toddles by-
-hands a severed ear-
-keeps on toddling-
Aurora Crane 08/14/19 Welcome to the Realm!
Bishop 08/14/19 "If you are curious enough, Wahnsinn, my coven, is recruiting."
-hands card-
"I will conduct an interview to see if you are a good fit, but the offer stands. Otherwise, good luck."
Liam Moore 08/14/19 "Perish such thoughts, I would never do such a thing. Besides if something happens to me probably my own fault."
Has the grace of a dead gazelle.
"I so look forward to the risk we are going to take."
Leigh Roberts 08/14/19 Yes, it would help.
-takes offered hand; squeezes-
So, does that mean I can call you whatever I want?
-draws in lower lip and chews-
That leaves many options.
Daxx- 08/14/19 Image and video hosting by Tinyypic

Daxx walks up to the newest member of the Realm. The Eternal Embrace Pirate smiled. "Welcome to the Realm. Have some Rum on me."
Bishop 08/14/19 "Welcome to the Realm."
Liam Moore 08/14/19 Returns the handshake before letting his hand go.
"If I say no does that mean we can't have those future endeavors?
Nibbles on his own lip.
"If it helps my case I've come to find I am really hard to kill."
Was already dead but wasn't going to say that.
Leigh Roberts 08/14/19 -let out a small chuckle-
Your feelings of no complaints are shared but..
I would enjoy knowing your name first before we trade bites.
-the joke not being lost on this vamp-
I'm Leigh and yourself?
Liam Moore 08/14/19 "Well lucky for us I'm adept at dealing with interesting situations. Most of the time. If anything I'm a quick thinker so I think I can handle any situation we might get into."
Takes the males hand.
"Liam, pleasure to meet you Nic."
Leigh Roberts 08/14/19 I'd love to believe that.
-smirks over a grin-
No poking. Gotcha.
Might just bite, eh?
Liam Moore 08/14/19 "You are most welcome."
Has no idea what he said to him at the end.
"If you need anything please feel free to ask, not that I usually know what I am doing. But I am really talented at winging it."
Leigh Roberts 08/14/19 We can all hope, hm?
I hope, for your sake, they are.
Probably not as nice when angered, are you?
Not much for being upset myself.
Liam Moore 08/14/19 "Welcome to the realm"
Leigh Roberts 08/14/19 Welcome to the Realm.
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