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"Don't mistake my kindness for weakness...I have claws and they are sharpened daily"
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Born: January 13, 2015 Forum Topics Started: 2
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Katarina Valentine's Biography
(Please do not attack or steal from me when I'm online) There comes a time in everyone's life where it feels as if you're drowning in a vast ocean of heartache and pain. It feels as if the weight of the world is on your shoulders and it only pushes you farther beneath the water.

There are only two choices you can make and your decision could affect your life one way or another. You can either choose to let the let your troubles sink you to the bottom of the ocean or you can fight to rise to the surface.

I once felt as if I was drowning and at first I let my pain sink be further beneath the water, but then I decided to fight. I fought my way to the surface and consumed the breath of life with everything I had.

Life is hard and it can be very messy, but you've got to be willing to make the most of it...I was born a witch and now I've become a werewolf...Change happens and I'm going to make this change in my life count...I may be alone now but I won't always be...Somewhere out there is a special person for me and I'm not going to give up or lose faith...I'm going to stay strong and keep fighting...My name is Katarina Nicole Valentine and I'm going to be the best damn version of myself the world has ever seen.

(Name:) Katarina Nicole Valentine

(Age:) 26

(Height:) 5'6

(Hair color:) Obsidian black curls

(Eye color:) ocean blue

(Race)light elf/werewolf hybrid

(Status:) Taken by Declan Black

(Sexual Orientation) Straight

(Dressed:) She wears black form fitting pants, black and dark purple corset tank-top, a black hooded cloak, and black boots

(Pets:) A wolf named Mira and a dragon named Miroku

(Family:) Cousin: Eirika Somers (deceased)

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Christine Nightshade 08/13/17 She sees her coven mate and partly smiles, "_hello there."
Declan Black 08/04/17 Declan grinned as he wrapped his arms around her waist slowly, hands moving over her stomach gently. "Well hello there my love. I have missed you quite dearly."
Taylor Ainsworth 07/21/17 Thank you Kat, I appreciate it.
Christine Nightshade 06/06/17 I have already contacted the leader. I'm hoping for a favorable response. Excuse me Miss but do I know you from somewhere?
Christine Nightshade 06/06/17 Thank you Miss. She has a strong feeling about the woman something familiar but not sure why. She stares at her looking her over. You are very kind.
Sky Frost 05/24/17 Thanks, love!!
Declan Black 05/23/17 He reached across from her and poked her nose. "I have a secret to tell you." He stopped talking for a minute and bit his lip. "I just can't hold it in anymore. I know I should go around and blurt it out but I absolutely cannot help it." He looked as if he was going to bounce straight out of the seat.
Declan Black 05/22/17 Tapping his hands on her feet he smiled over at her. "Awesome. I will have them get the jet ready for take off." He grinned. "So. You going to stay here tonight? Or do you wanna crash in the guest room? I don't want to piss your boyfriend off by asking you to crash at my house."
Declan Black 05/22/17 After he finished packing her up he smirked. "Okay. I'm done." He walked back out and plopped on the couch next to her, he took her feet and placed them in his lap. "What time should be leave?"
Declan Black 05/22/17 Smirking he nodded. "Okay! Bathing suits and thongs it is. Nothing else. I'm sure my mother will get a rise out of this." He smirked as he walked into the closet and picked out her 5 most recent oufits, a few shorts and pants, dresses. He walked to her dresser. "My hands are all over your nice clean bras and you know I didn't wash them!" He hollered to her, as he picked out a few bras and the matching underwear, knowing she loved to match way too much. "How many shoes do you need? I was going to do 3 pairs. Sound good?"
Declan Black 05/22/17 Declan gently clapped his hand on her knee and stood up. "Come on. Let's go." He walked into their old bedroom and to the closet where she kept her suitcase. He smirked over at her. "I can either back for you.. or you can pack for yourself.. but we are going to London."
Declan Black 05/22/17 He moved his hand away from her face and watched her. "Another night." He smiled. "We should go visit my parents again soon. Do you want to go with me? You know I love the company when I travel and my mom has subtly been asking about you.."
Declan Black 05/22/17 He chuckled at her and shook his head, one of his fingers moving a piece of her curl behind her ear slowly. "You were so bad at hints back then.. you just assume everyone was out to get you.. you never even looked at who could have loved you." he smirked at her softly and chuckled a little. "I need you to make me some of that sushi again. Obviously not tonight."
Declan Black 05/22/17 Covering his mouth with his large hand he laughed a little harder, staring at her. "I completely forgot that the first day I ever met you I actually chased you down.." He smirked a little. "It was a fun day.. I convinced you to go out with me, didn't I?"
Declan Black 05/22/17 He put his hand over his chest and frowned. "So you think my father is intimidating but you don't think I am? I'm very hurt by the words coming out of your mouth right now.. I thought I would at least get a little like.. heart skipping action you know. Am I just not as scary as I thought I once was?" He frowned at her. "Was I scary when we were together?"
Declan Black 05/22/17 He smirked down at her and hugged her tightly with one arm. "You know I'm taking at least half of a loaf home with me. You know what mom usually says 'declan! that's bad for you! don't get fat like your father!'." He chuckled a little and rolled his eyes. "Did you think my father was fat?"
Declan Black 05/22/17 He shook his head. "See you get the good stuff. She sent me protein powder cause she said I need gains." He rolled his eyes. "I need more muscles so I can't fit into my damn suits that she keeps buying me." He laughed a little. "I swear to god Kat, if she sent you banana bread and you didn't share with me. It'll be worse than that time at my parents house. Instead of going in the pool I'll put you in a bath tub full of mud."
Declan Black 05/22/17 He paused for a moment. "How rude. She never sends me letters. I want a letter.. We should go over there and protest so that I can get a letter as well." He smirked, teasing her. "I don't care if you go see my family. Just don't bring up Serena or Abbie.. just.. none of it. They haven't met her yet.. and never met abbie."
Declan Black 05/22/17 He laughed a little and slowly nodded. "that's true. He was a little obsessed with you.. but damn you to try and take away his four wheeler Kat." He smirked over at her and sighed softly. "It was fun.. I know that we aren't together anymore but I'm sure my family would love to see you again.. my mother really took a liking to you.. and my father didn't completely hate the idea."
Declan Black 05/22/17 Declan quickly covered his face, trying not to laugh. "You should never barge into a grown mans bedroom when he's there with someone. That's just not okay. I was butt ass naked. my mother has not seen my thing since I was in diapers and I would really prefer if she never sees it again for the rest of her life." He chuckled a bit and nodded. "Jake really liked you. He asked like 50 times if we could take him home with us and I remember my mother getting so mad about how he doesn't appreciate her and blah blah."
Declan Black 05/22/17 He laughed so hard he had to put the cup down. "Oh my god. Or when she freaked out because literally Jacob is 12. She was mad that he still treats them like children." He laid his head on his hand and watched her. "Or the next morning when mom came into our bedroom to make sure neither of us had died from the drinking."
Declan Black 05/22/17 He threw his head back, laughing. "oh god.. and the look on my fathers face when everyone realized my mother was getting us drunk." He shook his head. "that was way too much fun. I mean we got trashed with my mom with jack daniels and I don't ever get drunk. I barely remember that. I just know my father took me to the side and complained about drinking in a house of children."
Declan Black 05/22/17 He flashed back to all the times they sat on this couch and laughed a little. "Yeah.. I like caffeine was definitely our drug of choice.. but wait." He stopped and stared off into the deep abyss for a moment. "Didn't we drink wine with my mom when we visited? I swear we did.. I could be wrong but you have a much better memory than I do."
Declan Black 05/22/17 Nodding for a moment he chuckled a bit. "Yeah she's a little weary of ex's.. so I think you guys would be great friends.. but possibly later on in the future." He took the glass of wine and took a kind of large drink. "It feels weird to have wine with you. I don't think we ever used to drink wine, did we?"
Declan Black 05/22/17 He nodded slowly before following her back to the couch, sitting down with her. "Good. I'm glad that I can help. I'm glad that I can be here for you and be your friend.. I know that Taylor gets a little busy so she can't always be here for you either but I'm trying." He smiled over at her for a moment. "You should really get to know Serena.. I think you guys would be good friends."
Declan Black 05/22/17 Taking both glasses he headed to the living room and placed them on the table. "Are you okay?" He questioned as he slowly walked back into the kitchen, his hand barely touching her back as a sign of comforting. "You seem really down, I'm trying to cheer you up. I promise."
Declan Black 05/22/17 He stared at her for a moment. "That is exactly why we are friends." He turned the movie on and then stood up, walking over to the kitchen to help out. "I'll carry the wine if you get the popcorn?" He asked, staring at her face to see if it even looked softer.
Declan Black 05/22/17 He chuckled as he stood up and walked over to her little hidden collection. "why not? Scared of a super hero movie?" He winked, obviously just messing with her. "Are you in one of your scary movie moods or are you more into one of your moods where you wanna watch dear john?" He sat down on the floor and slowly undid hit tie, folding it up and placing it on the coffee table before he unbuttoned the first button so he could breathe a little.
Declan Black 05/22/17 His hands moved around on his cheeks as he chuckled a little bit. "I don't feel like here is any difference." He grinned as he leaned over, his finger poking her cheek. "your face seems softer.. I think. I don't know this whole mask thing seems like a scam to put goopy junk on your face so everyone can laugh at you." As he shook his head he made his way back over to the couch and plopped down. "So what's the plan?"
Declan Black 05/22/17 Chuckling he shook his head. "I should be the one giving you a manicure and a pedicure. You're the one I'm here to cheer up. I thought you would just paint my nails and be done with it." He leaned over the counter for a moment while he looked across at her, looking pretty close. "Your mask is starting to dry.. is that supposed to happen?"
Declan Black 05/22/17 His palm immediately went to his forehead, he should have just bought her concert tickets. "Okay. I'm going to put up with it. So what do I do? What's the difference between a pedi whatever and painting my nails?"
Declan Black 05/22/17 Dec held up a hand and stared at her. "Excuse me? Miss priss?" He groaned. "20 minutes? Like 2 and 0 minutes. What the actual hell does this even do? Will I get all the ladies? Like what is the purpose of this thing?" He groaned and leaned against the counter top, sighing. "I'm about to go into that corner in the bathroom that I like and try not to pick at my face."

Watching her he then sighed once more. "Okay. I can do this. I'm a grown ass man. I can put up with a spa day for a few hours. Bring it on! Paint my nails. do something to my cuticles, I don't even know what those are to be honest. I'll do your nails too. Plan?"
Declan Black 05/22/17 Dec had a horribly disgusted look on his face the second she started putting the ice cold mud on his cheeks. "That smells horrible." His disgusted face turned even worse when it was all done. "Why did I agree to do this with you? It is so cold and it smells so weird. Does yours smell weird?" He paused for a moment. "That was stupid we obvious have the same mask on." He chuckled a bit before he peeked into the basket, there were nail polish, chocolates, Epsom salt for a bath, little purple towels, a few candles, something called a foot mask, lavender scented soap, a small teddy bear holding a movie called split that his assistant liked, and finally a bottle of wine and cookies.
Declan Black 05/22/17 Nodding slowly he chuckled. "Damn. I need someone like that. Like after a long hard day just a knock on my door. That's friendship.. or whatever." He clapped his hands together and let the dangle between his slightly opened legs. "So. I didn't just bring you an entire basket of spa goodies for you to shoo me away and do all this fun mudding without me." He jumped down from the stool with a soft smirk. "Okay, So what do we do first. Do we put the mud in the tub with water and then bathe in it? I'm confused."
Declan Black 05/22/17 Declan looked down for a moment and cleared his throat. "Yeah.. totally.. she's great." He trailed off before he looked back over at her and smiled softly. "So this new man. What's his name? I can't get to know your friend if I don't have a name." He chuckled a little bit before running his muscular fingers through his short dark hair, fixing it up a little bit before his hands reached down and began to roll up the sleeves of his button up shirt.
Declan Black 05/22/17 Declan pulled out one of the seats at the breakfast bars and sat down, not too far from her. "Really? he sounds like and interesting character. I guess I will have to go and befriend him." He chuckled softly before letting the laugh die out. "Listen. I didn't spend my money on you but I had to. It's because you're hurting, you're a friend of mine, and I wanted to make sure that you were okay. Because when I lost Abbie, you were there to help me and so I want to be here to help you. I don't care what anyone says about anything. All the gossip and crap. I'm here to be your friend Kat."
Declan Black 05/22/17 Declan chuckled softly, before he scoffed a little. "But I thought the dirts and oils on my face were my best friend? It's what keeps you a rugged man while you sit on your ass all day and type. Right?" He chuckled a bit before he unbuttoned his jacket, slipping it off and placing it on the chair like he used to. "You know. After I heard about your cousin I felt horrible that I couldn't be here for you.. and have what happened to Gideon I felt even worse. I'm sorry." He watched her, dark eyes following her as he sighed. "I just.. since you're my friend I don't want you to be depressed.. I want to help you. I'll pay for everything you need to get you back into a better place."
Declan Black 05/19/17 He smiled softly at her, before stepping into the home. "Hey.. I'm sorry to just knock on your door as such late hours.. you know how the work schedule is.. hectic." He chuckled a little before he realized he was still holding her gifts. "Oh. So, you know that I'm not good a girl things.. so my assistant Sarah helped me with it. I think she picked out some good ones. Like there's this thing called a mud mask. I don't know why you would put mud on your face but that's a thing I guess."
Declan Black 05/19/17 Declan had missed a little of his dear friend and with her losing her only family member he wanted to try to step in and help her out. He had his assistant help him gather a basket of girl things that she thought fit to get over being slightly under the weather. With a smile he tried to remember where she lived, getting turned around once or twice it only added on an extra 20 minutes to his journey, approaching the door finally, knocking gently.
Declan Black 05/10/17 Declan chuckled and kissed his friends forehead softly. "I'm sorry I didn't tell you sweetie. I just.. didn't announce much yet. It's been hard.."
Shaye Belmont 05/04/17 Unaware of what Solitude actually was other than the definition which she assumed the woman before her hadn't been speaking on but wasn't sure if she wanted to inquire more.

"Thank you."

Gideon Abernathy 04/26/17 Thank you!
Caitlyn Darrow 04/16/17
Taylor Ainsworth 04/16/17  photo HappyEasterLoveAinsworth_zpsn2rz6ji7.jpg
Taylor Ainsworth 04/10/17 Taylor could barely contain herself when she ran up to Katt. "I'm so stoked that like.. even though we wont be sisters we are still obviously going to be related."
Taylor Ainsworth 03/27/17 Uh omg yes of course I want to still be your friend. Don't be silly. I adore you!!
Taylor Ainsworth 03/09/17 She was honestly really glad to hear it. "Well good.. he deserves it.. he works a lot and he's a very good person. He's the best big brother type person.. It's weird he's not really my big brother but he's just like a brother.."
Taylor Ainsworth 03/09/17 Taylor squeaked in happiness, she was overly excited. "I bet they would love each other.." She got a little happy. "Well um.. sorry if I was bugging you, mostly wanted to meet you.. Declan hasn't had much luck but you're nice. I like you."
Taylor Ainsworth 03/09/17 Taylor nodded slowly. "She's so pretty. You're going to love her. She mostly stays with me because of Declan's work schedule though."
Taylor Ainsworth 03/09/17 Taylor's eyes became wide. "Behind a water fall. I vet it was beautiful! Nimbus loveswater falls for a cat. Weird though." She shrugged a little. "Have you met molly?"
Taylor Ainsworth 03/09/17 Taylor got confused. "Wait did I say the wrong name.. it's the wolf.. the one he's met did I say her name wrong?" She frowned a little but then quickly smiled.
Taylor Ainsworth 03/09/17 Taylor shrugged a little. "Well I'm as excited as any girl could get going on a trip with her brother for business so.." she smiled brightly at the girl. "I heard about mira. Declan is a little obsessed. He loves animals a lot more than he will ever care to admit."
Taylor Ainsworth 03/08/17 Taylor approached the female, getting a little excited, she had heard so much about her from Declan. She had finally found her via Captain D. She walked up to the lady and smiled brightly, her pastel blue dress flowing in the wind. "Hello Katarina, my names Taylor I know you don't know me and it sounds weird and it is weird just coming up to you like that but Declan told me about you and I wanted to meet the girl whom my "Brother" Is dating!"
Declan Black 03/07/17 He kissed her one more time and then pet Mira once more. "She's cute you know.. I think her and Molly would be great friends."
Declan Black 03/07/17 He pulled her closer, his hand reached up and under her chin, bringing her down to him. "I like the sound of it as well, babygirl." He kissed her softly, holding her closely to him, never letting her go.
Declan Black 03/07/17 He pet her head gently and then grabbed Kat by the waist and pulled her into his lap. "Good because I'm going to be here for a long time."
Declan Black 03/07/17 He held out his hand for her to sniff so that when he pet her she didn't bite him. "That's good. right? That means you'll keep me around for more than a night?" He winked and laughed a little to himself.
Declan Black 03/06/17 Getting a little excited, hearing the scratching he smirked. "I guess I can just go ahead and sleep over I don't want to disappoint."
Declan Black 03/05/17 He took a few bites of food and tried to play it off a little cool. "Well I mean if you really want me to stay the night I guess I will.."
Declan Black 03/04/17 Decla got his plate and whens he sat down he got closer and looked at her dead in the eyes. "So you are asking me to stay the night?" He let a small and mysterious smirk spread across his face.
Declan Black 03/04/17 Declan grinned. " true but it's fine I can go home in this and bring you back the clothes in the morning. Also I can clean my owe suit sweetheart." He looked over at her and then placed his hands together.
Declan Black 03/04/17 Declan smirked at her. "Oh that means I'm staying the night doesn't it?" He grinned. "I mean if you insist I guess I can never say no to a lady."
Declan Black 03/04/17 He loved listening to her talk, she was such a sweet person and it was incredible how loving she was. "Well I cannot wait to finally meet them if you ever let me."
Declan Black 03/03/17 Letting out a soft chuckle, he sat on the stool and watched her. "Well you are a lovely lady of many traits aren't you? Tell me something I don't know yet."
Declan Black 03/03/17 Declan watched her and smiled brightly, she was such a sweet person. He took the clothes to the bathroom, changing he brought out the clothes and watched her. "Would you like some help, my dear?"
Declan Black 03/02/17 He held up his hand to her and stared at her. "Well I wish I could wear sweat pants and a hoodie to work. Do you know how good my ass looks in those? But no.. No one wants to sign a contract with someone wearing sweat pants."
Declan Black 03/02/17 Declan smirked and watched her disappear and then to reappear. "Well well look who gets to be comfortable." He teased her and unbuttoned the jacket to his suit, took the jacket off and laid in on the back of the couch, taking the tie off and then he rolled the sleeves of his shirt up to his elbows, unbuttoning the top button to breathe.
Declan Black 03/02/17 Declan laughed and caught the door. "Oh how nice of you unfortunately I'm a gentleman and ladies are always first." he nodded to her, telling her to go into the home.
Declan Black 03/02/17 Declan jumped up and then took her hand in his and pulled her up as well. "I cannot wait to taste your cooking, I bet it's absolutely amazing.." he grinned and held her hand, waiting for her to drag him wherever.
Declan Black 03/02/17 Declan reached up and wrapped his arms around her shoulders and pulled her down onto the ground with him. "I feels much better now.. are you.. magical because I think my leg is healed?" He winked at her and held her tightly. "I like this.. but I'm a little upset I wore a suit."
Declan Black 03/02/17 Declan sat up and looked dead at her, a flirtatious tone of voice as he smirked and nodded. "I wanna wine and dine you a couple times before the full body comes to life. I want you to like me for me, and what if you don't like all my body flaws?" he pretended to pout before laying back down. "I'll take calf currently you beautiful beast."
Declan Black 03/02/17 Declan made a few different, weird faces to make it look like he was thinking. "Well... my my you drive a hard bargain. I guess I have to agree." He stretched out his leg for her. "Full body massage in exchange for a date with you. I'll take it!" He exclaimed and laid back. "This suit is screwed..."
Declan Black 03/02/17 Declan grinned and wrapped his legs around her waist as she rubbed his leg. "I think this is a victory. I did hurt myself but I also caught you.. so now.. do I owe you dinner? Or.. do you wanna keep massaging my leg?" He winked at her, just teasing as he reached up to play with her hair gently.
Declan Black 03/02/17 Declan dropped to the ground, holding his leg. "Oh my ... I think this is a thing they call a... charlie horse? The thing in your leg where is gets all tingly and tense and it hurts?" He stretched it out. "Oh.. my. Kat.. I'm dying.. make sure to tell my greedy little brothers I will never leave the company to them!"
Declan Black 03/02/17 Declan let out a loud laugh as he chased her. "It was worth it coming back there.. This is a lot more fun than I usually have, too bad I have to wear a suit for this occasion." He jumped over the branch just after her and then started yelling. "Ow, Oh lord.. Oh my god.. Kat, Kat stop I pulled a muscle." He slowed down.
Declan Black 03/02/17 Declan let a small laugh come up and out as he whipped around. "Oh now now my pretty, I appreciate the welcome but you can ask around, I'm very good at tag." He unbuttoned the jacket to his suit, and took off after her, the wildest grin across his face as he followed her. "You're quite fast and absolutely adorable."
Mackenzie 02/07/17 Thank you, lovely.
Caitlyn Darrow 02/02/17 Thank you dear!
Caitlyn Darrow 01/18/17 Welcome to our club. The orange juice is always available.
King Of Nazareth 01/17/17 Welcome to solitude we hope you enjoy your stay with us...
Nicolas_Ravenwalker 12/18/16 "Thank you so much." &Nick gave a smile.&
Dita Morgenstern 11/13/16 Thank you.
John Doe 06/30/16 John Doe Fact #529: John Doe doesn't cheat death. He wins fair and square.
Mason Crowley 02/29/16 "Thank you, I am quite sure happiness is exactly what I shall find."
Kai Noire 02/15/16 Stares at the woman, blinks a few times shrugs and goes in search of something to entertain himself with.
Lenny Shultz 02/14/16 Hi, Katarina! Nice to meet you! I'm Lenny, but you got the mail so I suspect you know that. Well um. *scratches out a name on a list* So anyway, if something rustles in your bushes, better attack it with all ya got. Cuz it won't be me. You have a nice night now.
Mackenzie 02/14/16
John Doe 01/27/16 John Doe Fact #872: John Doe can catch more bees with vinegar than honey.
lacigam 01/31/15 Thank you very much!
Lenny Shultz 01/28/15 Welcome to Reign of Fyre. Hope you enjoy your time here.
Mordred 01/13/15 Welcome to the realm. If you need anything at all then come find me.
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