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Tobias Morgan
Killed: February 24, 2021 at 04:32 pm EST
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Born: January 28, 2020 Forum Topics Started: 0 (House only: 0)
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Merida Campbell

Chiara Maxx

Last five threads posted in:
Chiara Maxx 02/06/20 And that's why I'm going with Mr. Wolf.
I'm not right but I'm definitely not wrong.
-lifts a brow as she wags a finger-
I need to watch you, don't I?
Tobias, Ty, Mr. Wolf.. whomever you are.
Chiara Maxx 02/05/20 Oh?
-twisted in stance-
Well, what great big eyes you have..
Ty? That's your name, right?
-repeats as if to make it concrete-
-tilts head-
You know.. you don't look like a 'Ty'. I think I'll stick with Mr. Wolf. Is that okay?
Chiara Maxx 02/04/20 -bites her lower lip-
A little.
I'm no little red riding hood, Mr. Wolf.
-smiled as she relaxed-
Chiara Maxx 02/04/20 -forehead wrinkles with worry-
I'm not sure..
What would a man, that goes by the name Ty and could possibly be someone else, want?
-gives a quizzical stare-
Chiara Maxx 02/04/20 -glances back to her cell-
-back to him-
I.. I don't know..
-takes a step back-
Who actually are you?
-holds her cell against her chest-
-should really dial 911-
-may already have-
Chiara Maxx 02/01/20 Hello Ty.
-tilts head-
Wait.. Are you not.. ?
-holds up her index-
-looks through her emails via cell-
Are you not Tobias Morgan?
Chiara Maxx 01/29/20 Welcome! Enjoy!
I'm Chiara.
Merida Campbell 01/29/20 Merida glanced up to Tobias while smiling, looking into his crystal blue eyes.
"Maybe. I did take an oath in protecting others. I would hate to hurt anyone over someone as scrumptious as you."
She would lift her left hand up to her chin waving her hand like a fan "It's kind of warm in here."
Merida Campbell 01/29/20 Running down the dungeon corridors, Merida was releasing as many as possible. Stopping at one cell noticing who it was. Flick of the wrist and a jingle of keys, the door flew open. She motioned to Tobias "Come on Blue Eyes, run your free."

You managed to break out Tobias Morgan.
Merida Campbell 01/28/20 It seemed to be a very busy night. The air had a chill to it as it swirled and danced about. A scent caught Merida's attention as she glances about till she spies a new face. She walked up to the male stranger as she spoke "Welcome to the Realm. I'm Merida. If you have any questions or need to talk with someone, don't be afraid to approach me." She offered him a soft smile and a nod of her head.
Briahne Christiann 01/28/20 Hello hello! Welcome to the Realm, get settled in and enjoy. If you have questions, please ask. There's always someone around to try to answer you.
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