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Born: December 31, 2017 Forum Topics Started: 0
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Last five threads posted in:
_Aurora_ 11/21/18 The look of frustration made Aurora laugh. "First where are your parents?!" The question was asked as she made her way to a very red faced nephew. Helping him fix himself she noticed his dark wings. "Ahh your wings got you stuck sweetie?"
Luciana Morning Star 11/21/18 *Ana looks at Jr somberly. Her vibrant blue eyes look at him.* "Did that scary man talk to you yet? He gave me presents. Daddy won't like it. I got a necklace, feather pen, a scroll and two swords!" *Her childlike features hardened slightly.* "You touch my stuff. I will kick your @ss!"
Luciana Morning Star 11/21/18 *Ana watches her daddy correct Jr. She picks up a small pail of warm soapy water and a sponge. Fluffy trots behind her with a clean towel.* "Jr, what did you do? We scub the car daddy!" *Ana's pearly white wings unfurled and she dumped her pail on the hood of daddy's car.* She tosses the pail and nearly hits her daddy.* Oopsie doopsie..."
Lucifer Mourningstar 11/21/18 Hearing Sera in his head he runs and stops dead."No no no no. Not the car!" Face palms."5,4,3,2,1..... Breath Luci." A very stern Looking daddy looks at the boy. Then gets a bucket of water. Walking up behind him he pours the water over the kid. "Now JR this is how we wash the car." Hands him a sponge and pulls him down. Then wipes the soap off his face.
_Aurora_ 11/21/18 Your the stinker raising trouble?
Seraphina Morning Star 11/21/18 *bending down giving him a once over* Oh my... *trying to clean him off to no avail* you little prince need a bath. You smell like uncle Az on after a rough night. *taking him to get cleaned up a brow raised* What kind of toy?
Castiel 11/21/18 Amazon. Every angel buys their trench coat on Amazon.
Luciana Morning Star 11/20/18 *Ana follows Auntie Raven. Jr is being pulled by his leg. She carries Fluffy in her arms. She runs to keep up. She barely feels her feet on the ground. A small pair of funny white things are on her small back. She feels a bit frightened as she follows Auntie Rav and Jr. home.* "Auntie Rav! Jr wants one of those toys!"
Raven_D 11/20/18 Walking into her house Raven finds fluff on her couch. She squinted at the dog. "Fluff who you with?" Looking at the dog as he just laid back. Rave went in search quietly around the first floor. Hearing jumping and moving coming from the ceiling that lead to her room she tip toed up the stairs into the bedroom. Finding the brat jumping around playing Darth Vader She leaped taking his wand. "Harry Potter you know what this is for?" She begins to chase him with it till he trips and Rave grabs him by the leg. "I'm dropping you off to your mother!"
Luciana Morning Star 11/20/18 *Jr was a sneak! She giggled as she looked at his teddy bear. She had put a gps in his shoe so she could keep an eye on him. She catches up to him at Auntie Rave's house. She looks at the doggie door. That was not her style! She merely shot a fire bot and fried the lock and the whole door open. She walked in the house that was dark. She heard a funny yell and she saw Jr dancing with a pulsating wand.* "WOW Jr! What's that?"
Luciana Morning Star 11/20/18 *Ana nods at her brother. She kept her hand in his hand. * "I don wanna know... does he wear funny panties?" *She grabs a few bananas off the table.* "Do you wanna nana?"
Luciana Morning Star 11/20/18 *She looked at her brother with wide eyes of wonder. She bite her lower lip.* "We'd better go now... YOU sure made a mess of it!" *She smirked at Jr.* "He can't touch us...can he?"
Lylith_ 11/20/18 It was a good thing Lyl wasn't home or the young boy may have found himself hauled up by the scruff of his shirt. Though it would be quite amusing to have seen his face and she was quite upset that she would miss it, but she had bigger fish to fry. And currently she had a damn tranq dart in her neck was fixing to go out like a light.
Seraphina Morning Star 11/20/18 She hugs her little prince "Hi my little prince!"
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