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Mary Shelley


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Born: November 12, 2019 Forum Topics Started: 0
Race: Angel Forum Posts / Replies: 3
Affiliation: Immortals Mail Replies Sent: 7
Home City: London Mail Sent: 2
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03/28/20 at 2:30 pm
Current Mood: Artistic 

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River Song

Last five threads posted in:
Baron Samedi 11/14/19 The Voodoo loa grimaced. "My apologies. I guess the spirits forgot to inform me. Welcome to the Elders!"
Baron Samedi 11/13/19 The shadows parted from around his form, revealing a tall, muscled black male with white painted skull face under a black top hat. His lips were curled up into an amused grin, with a lit cigar perched almost carelessly. A skeleton head cane in one gloved hand, and a crystal glass filled with the best Rum that the Realm could offer.

"Bonswa! Welcome to the Realm. I am Baron Samedi, an Loa Elder for all those who call here home. If you have any questions, or concerns, my mail is always open, as well as the other Elders. All you have to do is click the Mail option down, and hit the Mail the Admins. One of us will answer you. Enjoy your stay!"
Lisbeth Salander 11/13/19 Welcome to the Immortals. [appraises] If you need any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me. [smiles darkly]
Celestial Moon 11/13/19 Welcome to the realm, let me know if you need anything
Liam Moore 11/12/19 "welcome to the realm"
Briahne Christiann 11/12/19 Welcome to the realm Ms. Shelley, may I have your autograph please, I LOVED Frankenstein!!!
Aelin Galathynius 11/12/19 Welcome to the Realm!
Liam Dromeo 11/12/19 Welcome aboard mate! Enjoy the Realm and all it's little offerings.
Della Thornton 11/12/19 Welcome to the Realm!
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