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Born: April 14, 2018 Forum Topics Started: 0
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Mystic Legion

Ronan Boru

Airmid Boru

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NeighborhoodRe-opening of "The Blood Brew Tavern" (All are welcome.)
Created by vamp_goku
Ronan Boru 04/19/18 "Oh we can find him and get him home . It will just be a matter of if he is still there or not. If not we can find him again. No worries on that."
Ronan Boru 04/16/18 "Ah alright. I know the man. Had luck on ya side on that one then runnin' in to him and his lads. They know me and that I am high up in PIRA so that must be how they were able to see who you were then. They aren't PIRA though they are part of another group. Their group is a bit more well more active in things still then we are seein' as they had no say in the good Friday "Peace " accords if I remember right. Do ya recall where you were lad ? I can send a few lads to go pull Bryne and his lads and any one else there out if ya do."
Ronan Boru 04/14/18 "That is possible. Do you recall the man's name? Just between you and I and the rest of the family if he was PIRA chances are he got nabbed doing something he wasnt t old to do. I been keeping a close eye on all my PIRA people. He was right i was using a few PIRA contacts to try and locate you ." * Ronan looks at the young man in front of him and smiles a bit.*
LillyEmperium 04/14/18 It's alright Uri, your home now. *pulling a bottle out of her satchel. She handed it to him* it has been too long
LillyEmperium 04/14/18 You vanished... *shaking her head, Lilly stopped herself. Hugging him again she sighed* alright little brother... Next time.. Next time say... Hey I'm going to do yada yada.... If I don't return start looking for me... In the meantime.... Want something to drink or eat?
LillyEmperium 04/14/18 *she knew what he expected, and she would oblige. Lilly hugged her brother tightly* I had to be sure my eyes weren't playing tricks again. *stepping back, she went to raise her hand. However she delayed her action* I ought to smack you... Hit you... God's be damned...could leave a note or something.
LillyEmperium 04/14/18 *seeing her brother, she stopped in her tracks blinking for a moment. Were her eyes playing tricks, there was only one way to know. Walking up to him, she poked his side* Uri?
Mystic-husky 04/14/18 She had just been in the catacombs cleaning the rooms. When the Casket velvet changed for the first time in two years. She gasps and runs back upstairs to the front door, swing it wide open all to see the sports car sitting out front and him leaning against it like nothing happened. She stood there debating on kicking his a$$ or hugging him. Bare feet literally fly down over the steps and embraced the boy like man in front or her. "You do know child, you could have written or called." Two hand go to each side of his face as she steps back to look at him. "Dear gods above boy I have missed you."
Ronan Boru 04/14/18 "Your sister will be glad to see you as will your mother lad. Welcome back."
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