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 Skull dripping blood commemorating the Bloodletting 14th Anniversary

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Created by DylanJones
Ezra Ivy 09/11/20 Ezra smiles and places the locket around her neck. She leans in and give him a kiss " Thank you my love i love it. That great should take some time but it will be done." She smiles and nuzzles her love close.
Kayla Holloway 08/27/20 Much appreciated, thank you!
Ezra Ivy 08/22/20 Ezra smiles and give him a kiss " No love i think it perfect there plenty of land and space. I do so love to decorate and make things look pretty." She smiles looking at the listing then back at him " Let go check it out?" She smiles with the pup in her arms now sleeping she looks down " Aww she looks a little pooped out hehe."
Ezra Ivy 08/18/20 Ezra looks over at the paper with him holding there our " So many listings hehe i really would love a place with a lot of land. This way we are free to do as we wish and not worry about in intruders and what not."
Ezra Ivy 08/16/20 She held the pupper in her arms with a nod and a kiss on his cheek " Of course my love. I suppose to we should start looking for a home for us as well?" She looked up at him asking.
Ezra Ivy 08/12/20 Ezra giggles giving him anther kiss then seeing him with a pup. Her eyes widen with a big smile on her face "Oh hunny i love her!" She smiles taken the puppy in to her arms " Hello little one." She couldn't help but be so excited and nuzzles him close. Seeing the small pup made her think of other smile things she was so excited and looks up at him " So my love what is your desire?"
Ezra Ivy 08/11/20 Ezra smirks “ My dear love you work fast.” She then rubs her hand through his hair “ I fancy the new hair do.” She nuzzles against his neck and has already sign the papers that is needed to make everything official. “ Now how shall we celebrate my love?” Her eyes gaze upon him softly with happiness.
Ezra Ivy 08/10/20 Ezra gives him anther kiss and nods " Will take some time lord knows that it not cheap." She laughs looking at the ring all happy.
Ice Queen 08/07/20 She turns her head and snarls as her fangs slipped from their protective covering. Stepping from her bike "naebody bit me on the butt male."
Ice Queen 08/07/20 Ice threw back the wallet and rolls her eyes "she can keep ye male." She turns and gets on her bike, shaking her head "ye ain't a looker" she smirked as she clutched her locket of her dead husband.
__Nyx__ 08/07/20 Thank you
Ezra Ivy 08/03/20 She giggled “ Hey it every girls dream to have two fighting over her but something... Have me a vib plus I couldn’t resist how cute my little pocket thief is.” She smiled giving him a boop on the nose. “ But yeah friends say there bag juju going on and I totally felt it.”
Ezra Ivy 08/03/20 She smiles at him " Would appear my darling you have scared someone off hehe i guess he couldn't handle friendly competition." She spoke teasingly and nuzzle him " I'm so happy the ring is beautiful."
Ezra Ivy 08/02/20 She couldn't help but smile and plants a kiss on his lips since she was at a lost for words. She toke the ring and slipped it on to her finger giving him the answer. Her cheeks still 50 shades of red.
Ezra Ivy 08/02/20 Her face turn red and looked over at him " This is beautiful but why me?" Her face lit up with a smile on her face she wanted to know before she said anything.
Laila 07/31/20 "Thank you, Dylan. "
Ezra Ivy 07/31/20 She smiles warmly seeing the flowers " Oh these are so beautiful." She leans over and gives him a kiss on the cheek " Thank you so much but you didn't have to."
Leatherface 07/31/20 pulls out the ninja stars this all u got little man? Laughs+ No pain no gain :) Starts up his chainsaw and chases the wolfboy down Rawrrrr
Leatherface 07/30/20 Cuts his hat in two pieces Sticks tounge out Running at him again+
Leatherface 07/30/20 funny face? Picks up chainsaw starts it up Walks faster to the guy Grunting lets play big boy running towards him+
Brian O Conner 07/30/20 *Stares* at the man raises knife turns and walks away'
Laila 07/29/20 "Welcome to the realm, darling. I hope you enjoy your stay."
Ice Queen 07/29/20 Ice looked back as her eyes changed to that of her leopard's "naybody bit meh male" she said coldly
Phantom_ 07/28/20 “Pestering me? His very existence is an annoyance to me as I hate lawyers in general. They always try to make me go to human courts for my crimes. Like that’ll ever work. However in this instance no, I just had a matter to deal with that he happened to know information on. I got it and felt like doing the universe a solid by getting rid of this vile creature, win-win if you ask me.” He then shrugs and looks around, “Now...where exactly is Bourbon Street again? You’d think I’d know where they all are since they are named after my favorite liquor but sadly I don’t, and a mob boss there is dated to meet my claws.”
LillyEmperium 07/28/20 *smiling she nodded* you're welcome...I shall remember that, thank you.
Phantom_ 07/28/20 He chuckles as he stomps the lawyer, “I just happen to be doing a job. Nice to meet you, I’m Phantom.” He offers his hand with the only facial feature being his shark like grin.
Ice Queen 07/28/20 "Welcome to dah hell place" a woman walking through the darkness
Bastet 07/28/20 Much appreciated!
LillyEmperium 07/28/20 Welcome to the realm, feel free to holler if you need anything
Ezra Ivy 07/28/20 with a soft giggle " I was talking about the ladies with the gents. Hahah you are charming and funny master Thief. I am Ezra many call me Ez and no iam definitely not Eazy lord iv hard that so many times." She laughs
Ezra Ivy 07/27/20 With a smile and nods " Thank you and yes that happens to be very correct but i guess of lovely ladies are the same with our gentlemen friends. However." She slide her hand in his back pocket " This one is mine hehe they are sorta the same."
Ezra Ivy 07/27/20 Ezra smiled " Did you enjoy grabbing my ass? HAHA Welcome to the realm!"
Cassandra Malinov 07/27/20 "Welcome to the realm may your stay be pleasant and you find what you seek. Have any questions please feel free to just ask."
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