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Born: April 16, 2014 Forum Topics Started: 1
Race: Werewolf Forum Posts / Replies: 20
Affiliation: The Lycans Den Mail Replies Sent: 3074
Home City: Los Angeles Mail Sent: 233
In Union With: Adara Doe Last Login:
Currently Online:
02/23/18 at 10:31 am
Current Mood: Amused  Amused 

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 Minion Horde Raiding Party Leader
Have you seen my Minion Raiding Party?
My Minion Raiding party broke your nose
My Minion Raiding Party won't come back
Official John Doe Fanclub Member
Summer Bloodies 2014 - Best Werewolf
Best RP June 2015
Best RP July 2015
Celebrating Nine years of Bloodletting - October 2015
I roamed the realm on Christmas Day 2015
2015 Bloodies Figurine ~ Best Sanctuary
2015 Bloodies Figurine ~ Most Original Character

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New YorkThe Lycan's Den
Created by Adara Doe
Mortal ThoughtsAsk Otter!
Created by Otter380
Jensen Beck 02/21/18 *le gasp*
"What?! No way! Can I see? I bet it's HUUUGE!"
Jensen Beck 02/21/18 John Doe just stole $0.00 from you!

"Don't spend all that pocket lint in one place now!"
Weston Norse 02/19/18 Wes nodded as the man spoke, glancing around himself at the huge property around them as he finished. “One of the cabins…” He chuckled lowly to himself, “Damn, this place is huge. I had no idea how far the property extended. Adara told me to see her about some keys to a cabin once I got up here, but I can’t seem to find her either.”

Sighing in mild annoyance, he suddenly remembered himself. “Sorry, I’m Weston.” He stuck his hand out in greeting. “This is my first time up here, so I keep getting turned around.”
Weston Norse 02/19/18 Wes hadn’t yet met Mrs. Doe’s other half, but then again, he wasn’t exactly haunting the Den grounds lately. Work kept him mainly in New Orleans, but he’d made the trip up last night to see his brother. Now, as he made his way toward the steps of the Den Proper, the hulking, broad-backed form in front of him was impossible to miss. Not having been around much, he was ill-informed on who was who.

Wes trotted the several steps to close the distance between himself and the stranger. “Excuse me! Sorry, I’m looking for my brother, Derek. He’s about my height, reeks of pot… little bit of an @sshole. Seen him around?”
Blood Maw 02/17/18 John Doe Fact #431: God made himself in John's image. Cause He wanted some power like John.
Jocelyn Fairchild 02/14/18
Jocelyn Fairchild 02/05/18 John Doe Fact #11: Chuck Norris wishes he was John Doe.
Lucifer Morning Star 02/01/18 John Doe fact #1 Even Hell cant hold him!
Soul Darklander 01/29/18 John Doe Fact #37: John Doe doesn't always kick a$$, But when he does.. He does it with style
Promise Lenore 01/22/18 John Doe Fact #42 John Doe doesn't cheat death. He wins fair and square.
Gabriel De Angelo 01/21/18 John Doe Fact #39 John Doe was the first WEREWOLF.
Katherine Murray 01/18/18 Rude.
Derek Norse 01/18/18 Did I hear sexy bum?
Adara Doe 01/18/18 Bum. -__-
Miryam 01/18/18 John Doe Alert Fact #38 Gone so long that he never really left.
Evaine Sterling 01/18/18 John Doe Alert Fact #37 Yes John Doe has returned. The real McCoy... the real McDoe that is!
Ella Donovan 01/18/18 “And here I thought it was Doritos, Diapers, and entrapment.”
Ella Donovan 01/18/18 You smell married.
Quinn Abernathy 01/17/18 “Okay. But is Santa real, or...?”
Quinn Abernathy 01/17/18 Quinn stares. She stares hard. She blinks, and tilts her head as if that is going to help. Pressing her lips together, she finally squints as she chooses her words so, so wisely, “Mr. Doe...?”
Tiber Loche 01/17/18 -waves hand in front of-
Are you.. A mirage?
Is this real?
Marah Boru 06/12/17 A big congrats on making the realms most popular papa Doe
Quinn Abernathy 09/18/16 I've been drinking my milk and eating my Wheaties!! See!
Quinn Abernathy 07/05/16 Adara Doe Fact #654: Adara Doe is the Woody to Quinn's Buzz.
Marah Boru 07/05/16 Adara Doe Fact #100: Adar Doe is the best Mama Wolf on this side of the Realm.
Katarina Valentine 06/26/16 Katarina watches silently from the shadows as the members of the Lycan's Den go about their every day lives. She spots the leader John Doe and pulls one of her sparkly glitter bombs from the bag at her hip. She levitates it into the air and sends it flying towards the werewolf at a blurring speed. A giggle escapes her lips as she watches it splatter all over his face. "You're so sparkly you could pass for another member of the Cullen family...You could be Emmetts twin"
Shadwyn Drake 06/25/16 Drake shifts into a black wolf with midnight blue eyes. He sneaks silently and cautiously through the woods to the Lycan's Den He finds the window to the Doe's room He sits on his haunches and he howls happily in the moonlight. He sings John Doe has nothing on Sam Black. John Doe invented the first Lycan. Aroooo! I hate fleas! Aroooo!" Drake scampers through the Lycan's Den bar and hops up on the bar counter and orders "Free Booze for all!" He jumps through the window before being caught.
Mackenzie 06/24/16 *Readies glitter uzi*
Quinn Abernathy 06/18/16 *Totters by*
Where is my sunshiiiine? My only sunshiiiiine...
Quinn Abernathy 06/12/16 B..bears?! Mr. Doe! Evict them! I don't WANT to be eaten!
Quinn Abernathy 06/12/16 Mr. Doe... did you give my cabin to someone? It looks..lived in.
Nyx Photine 06/09/16 In wine there is wisdom, in beer there is freedom, in water there is bacteria! Drown that water! It's bad and deserves to be punished.
Mackenzie 06/04/16 You are so brave and quiet that I ragret you are breathing. -Ernest Hemmingway
Mackenzie 06/01/16 WHAT ARE YOU ON ABOUT, MAN?!
Marah Boru 05/27/16 Dutchie goes to her fearless leader with a cup full of Moonshine Gummy Bears and hands it to him with a smile.

"Here you go daddy Doe for making most popular today. Feel free to share with mommy Doe."
Adara Doe 05/27/16 -texts again- Too late, we left. Took Tab and Raul. Join us or starve to death. *insert evil laugh* WELOVEYOU!
Adara Doe 05/26/16 -texts- I need a vacation. xoxo, your wife.
Adara Doe 05/23/16 *glares at* YOU ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO WASTE IT, JOHN!
Adara Doe 05/23/16 *kicks shin and runs*
Quinn Abernathy 05/21/16 You can't see meeee
Adara Doe 04/23/16 :O Just for that, you're on baby duty for a week.
Adara Doe 04/23/16 *dances by*
Ronan Boru 04/21/16 Congrats on realm's most wanted master Doe.
W_Kat 04/21/16 Congrats on POTD!! :)
Adara Doe 04/18/16 Psst, two days. *bats lashes* I better get a ton of presents.
Marah Boru 03/31/16 *skips around you* " Lookie who made most popular. Congrats Mr.D."
Luke 02/29/16 *Congrats on ranking Mr Doe" "Leaves a case on your door of your favorite beer".
Marah Boru 02/26/16 "Congrats on ranking daddy Doe. I just gave mama Doe a bottle of Champagne. I did tell her to share with you."
Adara Doe 02/26/16 That... is not very nice. *huffs*
Adara Doe 02/26/16 -____- Maybe so, but it also makes for a slightly cranky wife.
Adara Doe 02/26/16 All work and no play, makes for a very dull husband. *waggles brows*
Adara Doe 02/25/16 *kicks rocks* WHITE IT IS!
Adara Doe 02/25/16 *stares*
*tries not to gag*
Ya know... I will just paint it pink. It suits you.
Adara Doe 02/25/16 o___O

Why did I marry you?
Adara Doe 02/25/16 I was painting your mancave... I made a huge mess and on a side note, how do you feel about orange and green?
Adara Doe 02/24/16 *blows raspberries*
Katherine Murray 02/18/16 *bounces along*
*blinks at*
*looks at flower in her hand*
*decides against flower beard*
*runs away*
Adara Doe 02/12/16 *kind of misses*
Mackenzie 02/07/16 John! Welcome to London! Try not to get lost. I mean, if you do, I'll be able to see you from a mile away, buuuuut.
Bennie Norh 02/04/16
Adara Doe 02/02/16 Took my money back, plus tax! Ha! *sticks out tongue*
Adara Doe 02/02/16
Adara Doe 02/01/16 *Falls on* Nap was not long enough. Bedtime?
Adara Doe 02/01/16 *just tackles* Then I say, it is definitely nap time.
Adara Doe 02/01/16 :( Is it nap time yet? -texts-
Adara Doe 01/29/16 *giggles wildly* Thanks, Gorgeous.
Pheenyx 01/29/16 Ah, but suppose every dead man is on his back in the grave, that would indeed put you under And behind him, would it not? Unless we are to take the metaphorical context then yes, you would be correct. Maybe you are simply everywhere at once...I mean you are The John Doe. It's possible.
Pheenyx 01/29/16 And how's the weather down there, 7 feet under?
Kharybdis 01/28/16 John Doe Fact #762: John Doe is Glitter Repellent.
Quinn Abernathy 01/27/16 Mr. Doe! Mr. Doe!
*Looks up at*
*Slightly bashful*
Why does your big poster thing look so scary?
Mallory Quarters 01/27/16 Joe Doe fact #666 Extensive DNA testing has confirmed John Doe is NOT the father of the Pillsbury Doe boy
Mackenzie 01/27/16 Looking especially menacing today, John. Is it a new hair gel?
Addison 01/27/16 ~squeals~ "I got a John Doe fact!!! I feel so special now!" ~treasures gift~
Briahne 01/27/16 Briahne never squeed before in her life ...until now. She just got John Doe's official autograph! It was copywritten and everything! SQUEEEEEE!
Marah Boru 01/27/16 Dutchie sees John and goes to him and smiles then speaks.
" Well , well lookie at who made the days most popular. Congrats."
Briahne 01/27/16 Why Mr. Doe, I'm such a huge fan of Star Wars too! May I have your autograph please?
Adara Doe 01/27/16 (-.-)
Smith 01/26/16 John Doe Fact #10010111: When John Doe counts in binary, he does so like this: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5...

He beat up binary because he thought it was stupid.
Smith 01/26/16 John Doe Fact #10010110: J̟̫̞͓̣̬o̬͐h͎̘͚̼̘̙͇̃̓n̠̹̰̮̼ͥ͛̏̂ ͎͖ͧ̽̄͐D͖̠̉̐ó͎̃͊̈́ͤe̪̤̔͐̓̽̽̓̌ ̳̤ỉ̦̟̥̋̌̚ș̺͚̣̯͒ͥ ̦͍̫̻̱̠̩̌̀͑̏͋a̠̖ͅ ̘͍̖̗̑̽͆͌̾̎ͭm̞̬͊̈́ͥͤ̍͋a͖̖͎̥͚̯͈̓ͨ̾̉s͇͚̬̟̝̈̂̽ͤͅs̹̳̠̠̰̲̖̊i̳̟̜̯ͬ̂̅́ͯͨvͦe̱̰̘̠̱̞͈ ̰̘n̥͍̏̏̽̂̿͂ĕ̈́̌͛ͥ̾r̝̖̠̪̜̳̙͛̎͑̈̃d̬̳̒ͤ͑.
Smith 01/26/16 Is that so?
Quinn Abernathy 01/25/16 Quinn Loche Fact #1: Quinn Loche is literally a ray of sunshine. Literally.
Adara Doe 01/25/16 *waggles tongue*
Adara Doe 01/24/16 *stares* You sir, are terrible.
Adara Doe 01/24/16 *waves middle finger in the air*
Mackenzie 01/24/16 Mackenzie is lost. Lost on Den property. Honestly, how do these people even know where they are going when there is nothing but trees and snow and trees and more snow? But as luck would have it, she spots the big man up head and calls out, "John! Where the hell is the bar?!"

If there is one thing she needs right now... it's a drink.
Mackenzie 01/23/16 The Lycan's Den... f-ck yea.
Adara Doe 01/23/16 *pets* Sooooo pretttty.
Adara Doe 01/20/16 AM NOT!
Adara Doe 01/18/16 I am the Google! Fear me. Love me!
Caitlyn Darrow 01/18/16 Does John Doe have facts about orange juice?
Alice Barbour 01/18/16 *giggles*
I dun have a phone. No one to talk to anyway.
x Nerull x 01/17/16 John Doe Fact# 665: There is one account where John Doe hit himself by stubbing his toe on a stair. The stair was immediately rushed to the emergency room afterward.
Adara Doe 12/10/15 You were successful in stealing $1,092.00 from John Doe.

*whistles innocently*
Adara Doe 12/02/15 *pets* Look at your face all plastered over the realm. Soooo pretty.
Quinn Abernathy 10/21/15 Mr. Doe! Mr. Doe!
*Comes a-running*
*Skids to a halt*
We... we... we forgot... the ballpit! *The horror!*
Adara Doe 10/03/15 *really dies* You win. I'll be hiding forever now. *cries*
Adara Doe 10/03/15 *reads fact*
Clearly, this is the only reason I love you.
Adara Doe 10/03/15 *blinks* I can't win with you, can I?
Adara Doe 10/03/15 MEAN! *pokes out bottom lip* You can just go to sleep alone for that. Jerk.
Adara Doe 10/03/15 *stares at*
*waggles brows*
*bats lashes*
Quinn Abernathy 10/01/15 *Runs by*
*Circles back*
*Runs in circles around*
Adara Doe 09/27/15 I am too sick to argue with you. We can just go with that. Nerd.
Adara Doe 09/27/15 Why on earth do I love you? *sticks out tongue*
Adara Doe 09/27/15 -.- *is nauseated* You are no help.
Adara Doe 09/27/15 That does not help. *cries*
Adara Doe 09/27/15 *whines*
Adara Doe 09/11/15 OI! *pouts at*
Adara Doe 09/05/15 Psst... I kind of love you. *actually doesn't want anything, for once*
Quinn Abernathy 08/31/15 To: Mr Doe
Text: Button, button, whose got the button...
Quinn Abernathy 08/22/15 To: Mr. Doe
Text: Why do people say they do things like a boss when a boss would just pay someone to do it for them?
Livia Vlcek 08/08/15 *tosses him a five pack as one of the cans tears off into her hand*
*pokes a hole in the can she holds*
*cracks it open*
*shotguns the fvck out of the ice cold beer*
Livia Vlcek 08/07/15 *nods sagely* Because Luck knows better than to fvck with John Doe. Like everyone else should realise...
Adara Doe 08/07/15 *clings to legs*
*is never letting go*
Quinn Abernathy 08/03/15 To: Mr. Doe
Text: ...what is the shovel for?
Quinn Abernathy 08/03/15 To: Mr. Doe
Text: Are we allowed to have pet bears?
Adara Doe 07/30/15 *tackles and loves*
Quinn Abernathy 07/30/15 *Makes mental note to never visit Mr. Doe and Miss Addie's house*
Bennie Norh 07/20/15 *feigns a shocked gasp*
My! What bright eyes you have!
Quinn Abernathy 07/17/15 *Has been playing on phone*
*Might have gotten carried away*
To: Willam, Zarith, Mr. Doe, Miss Addie, Tiber Loche
Text: Look what I did!
Jack Horton 07/15/15 And it hearts you. But not as much as I do.
Adara Doe 07/15/15
Jack Horton 07/15/15 JOHN JOHN. I killed a load of people, cut them up and re-built them into a SuperZombie for you. See your city for further details!
Solomon King 07/15/15
Adara Doe 07/13/15 *tugs on HIS beard*
*squishes HIS face*
*is not smiling pretty anymore*
*grumbles at*
Adara Doe 07/09/15 *kicks rocks* I'm going to kill Tiber, John. Dead.
*walks off dragging a morning star with her*
*comes back for a shovel*
*proceeds to load that into the Gator as well*
Adara Doe 07/05/15 *whines a little*
Quinn Abernathy 07/05/15 *Nods, satisfied* Thaaaaaaaaaaaank you!
Quinn Abernathy 07/05/15 No, no no no. That's not how it goes! You're supposed to say...
*Clears throat*
Yea people will beat you and curse you and cheat you! Every one of them's bad except you!
Quinn Abernathy 07/05/15 Werewolves are better than people, Mr. Doe don't you think that's truuuuue?
Adara Doe 07/03/15 Ummmmm...
*glares at*
Adara Doe 07/03/15 That makes sense... *maybe?*
*wasn't sure*
I want tea and cookies!
Adara Doe 07/03/15 Oh...*is red*
*thinks* I don't think that is it.
Adara Doe 07/03/15 *tackles*
So... I have a question.
*is confused*
Quinn ran by screaming, she has something now. What is a ball pit?
Mackenzie 07/01/15 *Texts* ...I don't even know what to say to that. *Sends*
Mackenzie 07/01/15 *Texts* Is this property possessed? *Sends*
Adara Doe 07/01/15 *drags a large bag behind her*
*it’s squirming*
*blinks at*
*kicks down the basement stairs*
*beams up at her husband*

*he knows better to think she’s in any way innocent*
Adara Doe 06/29/15 *stares*
*moves along*
Adara Doe 06/29/15 *bats lashes*
Quinn Abernathy 06/28/15 Thanks John! Yule be sure to know that I will forever remember this day!
Livia Vlcek 06/27/15 "And behold! John created Denny's so the angels could go forth with their sixty four foot wingspan to serve (moons over my hammy) those in need." Valentin 06:66
*closes the Gospel according to Valentin*
*smiles* So what really happened in Georgia...the one with Cyrillic letters.
x Nerull x 06/26/15 John Doe Fact #11:
The Viral Undead watch John Doe for 'inspiration' when it comes to wreaking terror and mayhem.
Bennie Norh 06/26/15 *overhears John Doe Fact #623*
*imagines two cowboys clinging to John's legs*
*tries not to laugh*
*tries not to make eye contact*
Adara Doe 06/26/15 Piffle! It is very close... but you win, hands down.
Adara Doe 06/26/15 Did you know you're my favoritist ever!
Adara Doe 06/26/15 *pouts*
*clings like a spider monkey*
Adara Doe 06/26/15 *dances about*
Mackenzie 06/25/15 Cheeky. See you all soon. *Sends reply*
Mackenzie 06/25/15 ...
*Sends reply* A professional alcoholic vampire amongst a bunch of wolves? Party. A giant, stinky party.
Mackenzie 06/25/15 *Replies* What in the world is deadly shine?
Mackenzie 06/25/15 *Text* I can smell your Den all the way from the city. For real Doe. *Sends*
Julliet Swan 06/25/15 I hope he was able to score a decent life insurance policy. You never know how rocky those Florida waters can get during hurricane season and such...
Julliet Swan 06/25/15 Oh, but Mr. Doe... should I even ask what the reaper must do with himself now that he only puts in half the hours?
*purses lips*
I shouldn't be worried, right?
Adara Doe 06/24/15 *blinks at* I'm not two. *sniffles still*
I think Tiber is being a butt.
Adara Doe 06/24/15 *screamruns*
*flings self at*
Quinn Abernathy 06/23/15 POOOOLO!
*Loses balance*
*Falls on rear*
Adara Doe 06/23/15 Okay, maybe a bit more than that...
Adara Doe 06/23/15 Hey... you're kinna pretty...
Adara Doe 06/23/15 *snorts* You are so bad. *dead*
Adara Doe 06/21/15 *shoves* Staaawp it! *bites*
Adara Doe 06/21/15 *glares* I do not like you. No more playtime for Mr. Doe.
Adara Doe 06/21/15 *blinks up at her husband and is probably going to regret asking*

And what, pray tell, is the answer?
Quinn Abernathy 06/19/15 Mr. Doe, I don't think he needs a feeder for that... *Smiles sweetly*
Quinn Abernathy 06/19/15 Someone put a bear feeder behind my cabin and all I caught was a drunk Tiber... *Pouts*
Adara Doe 06/19/15 No more icky lint for me. *beams*

You were successful in stealing $1,597.00 from John Doe.
Adara Doe 06/18/15 *dies laughing* You're such a dork.
Adara Doe 06/18/15 *glares* I'll just have to eatchu then.
Adara Doe 06/18/15 *bounces by*
*more like waddles by*
*damn demon spawn*
Adara Doe 06/18/15 *gags*
*is not speaking to you anymore*
Adara Doe 06/18/15 *dances*
*cackles and runs*

I got your lint! Bwahaha!
Quinn Abernathy 06/17/15 *Huffs in frustration and yells back*
Quinn Abernathy 06/17/15 *Is yelling from...somewhere*
Adara Doe 06/14/15 *pinches*
*cackles and runs*
Adara Doe 06/13/15 *grabs hand and tugs down to whisper in his ear*
*giggles and waggles brows*
Lenny Shultz 06/13/15 "Try as you might, you can't rob me~" I sing song in my best voice before skipping away.
Livia Vlcek 06/12/15 You're such a breast, John. And tell Adara she needs to sh!t in a pan. *throws phone in frustration*
Adara Doe 06/11/15 It was tasty with Italian dressing. *that's what people get for thinking she ate everything*
Bennie Norh 06/11/15 Came to ask for a fact, was greeted by the Beast, definitely not disappointed.
Adara Doe 06/10/15 *is shocked*
*not really*
*giggles and drags off*
Quinn Abernathy 06/08/15 *Stares*
You locked her in a shed with just one piece of wood...
*Adds Wheaties to her grocery list*
Quinn Abernathy 06/07/15 You must really eat your Wheaties, Mr. Doe. That wall was strooooong! *Nods seriously* Is that what you did to Miss Addie?
Adara Doe 06/07/15 OH! And a captain can perform weddings... WE NEED THAT BOAT!
Quinn Abernathy 06/06/15 Mr. Doe, I would just like to say that Tiberius is perfectly safe and unharmed. *Pauses* ...OH! And Addie is a saint!
Adara Doe 06/06/15 *blinks* Maybe you're right... and maybe you'll just forget I said anything. *drags off*
Adara Doe 06/06/15 So... If Tiber says anything to you about Quinn. I had no part in it. *smiles sweetly and bats lashes*
Adara Doe 06/05/15 *whines*
Jack Horton 06/04/15 Y'know, in all these years, that was my first ever John Doe Fact!
Adara Doe 06/02/15 I'm thinking a very long vacation...
Adara Doe 05/31/15 *taps foot*
Adara Doe 05/30/15 *furrows brows*
*debates on telling her husband she didn't eat dinner*
*smiles brightly instead*
And Zarith would like to request a basement for her cabin. With soundproofing. And a lock.
Adara Doe 05/30/15 Oh! *nods* I would like some cake-filled cups, please.
Adara Doe 05/30/15 *glares* I need more hand-sized cakes.
Adara Doe 05/30/15 *whines*
Adara Doe 05/25/15 *grabs hand*
*drags off*
Adara Doe 05/24/15 *sashays by*
Adara Doe 05/22/15 Oh boo. *grumbles and goes to sulk*
Adara Doe 05/22/15 *smiles brightly* Shouldn't we be having celebratory drinks now?
Adara Doe 05/21/15 Well, you do have me... that certainly screams winner. *dies*
Adara Doe 05/21/15 *hangs head* You win again...
Adara Doe 05/21/15 *laughs* You were the one shoving the Jack Daniels down my throat...oh wait... *blinks*
Adara Doe 05/21/15 And I used to be the drunk one... *sticks out tongue*
Adara Doe 05/21/15 *kicks rocks* The peanut and I are moving to Colorado. We cannot take anymore of your jokes.
Adara Doe 05/21/15 *stares* That escalated quickly...
Adara Doe 05/21/15 *bats lashes*
Adara Doe 05/20/15 You make a good point and we should discuss it further... perhaps, some where quieter. *nods*
Adara Doe 05/20/15 *bites* Feeling frisky, are we?
Pheenyx 05/19/15 Reads fact and makes mental note to henceforth only steal's from Mr. Doe's woman, as surely the result of his peer pressure leaves his wife's purse full of shiny things. Also notes to never be too close to his presence when near any wooden pointy objects, churches, or bonfires due to his excessive skill at pressuring peers.
Adara Doe 05/17/15 *nods* It's a peanut... *pouts* You win this round.
Adara Doe 05/17/15 Do I look like I have Pillsbury products? *glares*
Adara Doe 05/17/15 *huffs at*
Adara Doe 05/16/15 *looks down* Oh, how cute... a bunny. *stares blankly*
Adara Doe 05/08/15 Hello, Gorgeous..."
Edward Brollachan 04/23/15 "He may be all right, if he likes rowing in circles."
Adara Doe 04/20/15 One YEAR! One YEAR! One YEAR! One YEAR! *dances about*
Adara Doe 04/13/15 *whispers* Maybe throwing the cake was a bit much... Now I have nothing to eat.
Adara Doe 04/13/15 You're such a sociopath. But you're my sociopath... *just clings*
Adara Doe 04/13/15 *pinches* I love you, John... but the unexpected and interesting thing and I will be disappearing as long as he knows where we live. Russians, money, paintings... I gotta get out of here. *squints up at her husband* And the basement is for dates, not for friends. *runs*
Adara Doe 04/13/15 *mutters into his chest* Well, see... what had happened was, Valentin wanted cake but apparently cake is not what he wanted and then he tricked me by saying he didn't know where we lived because I wanted him to come get that cake for me since you tend to keep the cake from me and then I got confused because he said his cake his for Livia and so I figured it out, that it wasn't cake. And so I said he couldn't have it because she was with me and he didn't know where I lived and HE LIED! *takes a deep breath* So.. no he's coming for Livia.
Adara Doe 04/13/15 *runs past Livi and the cake and faceplants into her husbands chest* I did a baaaaad, bad thing.
Livia Vlcek 04/13/15 *huffs and stomps into the kitchen*
*grabs cake and runs*
Livia Vlcek 04/13/15 We neeeeeeeeeeed this garage...*growls*
Livia Vlcek 04/13/15 *blinks and types*
Convert it to what?! I love this garage!
*whimpers and hits send*
*plays with bloody hair ribbons*
Livia Vlcek 04/13/15 *texts* Going to hide in your garage...I promise not to disturb the hair ribbon collection.
Livia Vlcek 04/13/15 *shifty eyes*
TMI yo...TMI.
*hits send*
*stops to lean against a wall*
*attempts to breathe*
*lights a cigarette instead*
Adara Doe 04/13/15 *glares*
Livia Vlcek 04/13/15 *blinks*
*smiles widely*
Good to know you're training her right...someone taught me that a long time ago.
*cackles and hits send*
Adara Doe 03/14/15 :o Noooooooooo!
Adara Doe 03/14/15 *bites*
Adara Doe 02/24/15 *pinches*
Adara Doe 01/10/15 -.-
Adara Doe 01/07/15 *kicks*
Adara Doe 10/26/14 ....

*facepalms and just walks away*
Adara Doe 10/26/14 *dies laughing* I have no idea why I married you...
Adara Doe 10/26/14 *stares*

Livia Vlcek 10/09/14 Zombie sheep hm? *lifts brow*
Adara Doe 10/05/14 *pinches*
Livia Vlcek 08/21/14 *waves a hair ribbon around*
Adara Doe 07/25/14 Wha.... *blinks* Nu!
Adara Doe 07/25/14 *grumbles*
*shuffles feet*
*glares and goes to do what she was supposed to do before she gets beatings*
Adara Doe 07/25/14 -.-
Addison 07/20/14 You managed to break out John Doe. "well, get a move on dude..."
Livia Vlcek 07/12/14 Holy piss Pikachu! *puts on her Guccis*
Adara Doe 07/11/14 *bounces by*
*pinches bum*
*keeps bouncing*
Hollen 06/28/14 I mean. I could throw a cheerleader...
- Glances at fingernails nonchalantly. -
But no guarantees that they're alive...
Adara Doe 06/12/14 *taps foot*
Camille Hammond 06/07/14 You managed to break out John Doe.
Adara Doe 05/28/14
Adara Doe 05/28/14 *calls over her shoulder* Not if I go somewhere you can't find me...
Adara Doe 05/26/14 *glares* That's not funny. I'm going to bed. Alone. You can sleep with your cake...and one eye open. *stomps off*
Adara Doe 05/26/14 I don't find that entirely fair... Why do you get locks but I don't? *huffs*
Adara Doe 05/26/14 *stares blankly* You're going to need a bigger room for you, me and your ego...
Adara Doe 05/26/14 *swoons massively*
Adara Doe 05/26/14 *squints at*
Adara Doe 05/16/14 "Well, look at you... getting all strong and stuff."
Adara Doe 05/08/14 *sniffs* My, smell pretty.
Adara Doe 05/07/14 Wha? Erm.. no. I mean, the stench probably is gross but, now all I want is a steak. We live with a vegan. A sheepish grin fell across her face. Shrugging her shoulders, Addie fell back on the bed laughing. At least with your trailer, I'm not kept up by your entertainment...
Adara Doe 05/07/14 I... have nothing. Just...eww. Staring blankly, she eased towards her room to lock...Oh, she can't. Hanging her head, she just leaves the door open. She really needed a new door and locks; something sturdier. That a giant couldn't break down. Sulking she sets the cake down on her dresser, and plops down on her bed and yells. I don't even want this stupid cake anymore...
Adara Doe 05/07/14 I'm ignoring that comment...for now, and I'm not eating this all by myself.. Giving him one last glare, she stomps away yelling behind her. If you don't help eat it, whatever is left will be put in your trailer to rot. Have fun tolerating that stench while you're playing with your...entertainment.
Adara Doe 05/07/14 "Of course...why do you think I said 'much later'..." Giggling to herself, she toddles off to eat her cake only pausing to wink over her shoulder. Are you coming or what?"
Adara Doe 05/07/14 A single brow arched and laughter followed it, at least he was easy to please. Now, if she could get her cake back without having to gut check him, they would both be happy. "How about...we share the cake now and kill things later? Much later. Compromise?"
Adara Doe 05/07/14 ”You eat all that cake…you will not get cherry pie.” A pout began to blossom but was cut short by the impish thought running through the wolfess’ mind. Reaching out and patting his abs; her dimples flashed as she smiled brightly. ”Go ahead and eat it all. A few pounds gained might save me from having to kill…things."
Adara Doe 05/07/14 Stopping and pulling her arm from his, Addie turned with a crimson flush to glare at the overbearing jerk of a man that he was. Though, at his wiggling eyebrows, it took all that she had to not laugh at the crass innuendo. The comment about her ass though…couldn’t be forgiven. A sweet smile spread across her heart-shaped visage as her free hand dug into the cake to pull away a large chunk that she promptly tossed in his face. Licking the remnants of chocolate from her fingers, a smirk pasted on her face; she edged away from him prepared to run. ”There…calorie intake reduced. Happy?”
Adara Doe 05/07/14 John... You broke into a bakery, did it not cross your mind to get a pie? Laughter danced from a smiling mouth, she would happily eat all the cake he provided her. Though, she could have done without his last comment. It's strange that you worry more about my calorie intake than I do...
Adara Doe 05/07/14 Grinning while her fingers make 'gimme' movements til the platter is safely within her grasp; she really did love cake. And the fact that he broke into a bakery to steal her one, well it certainly made her think twice about running off and eating the cake alone. Smaller digits wrapped around the crook of his elbow, to drag him with her. A bit like moving a mountain. My hero... share with me?
Adara Doe 05/06/14 Hmmm...surprise me? *smiles brightly*
Adara Doe 05/06/14 You owe me cake... Jus' sayin'...
Adara Doe 05/01/14 *blinks* I'm digging myself into a hole, aren't I? You're terrible...
Adara Doe 05/01/14 Bats her lashes as a smirk forms. "I do believe you caved...look who's learning to behave."
Adara Doe 05/01/14 I can eat cake if I want to! Swats at his hand and grumbles. And that is not true! You...ass!
Adara Doe 05/01/14 "I'm sure you have and I'm sure as time passes I'll have called you all of them, at least once." A cheeky grin pasted on her heart-shaped visage before slowly sinking into a scowl. "Great, now I'm hungry..."
Adara Doe 05/01/14 "Why would you need a cheese grater? Blinking rapidly at his comment; her skin took on a lovely shade of crimson. "Stop saying things like that! I can't think straight and it's quite frustrating. You're shameless, you know that?"
Adara Doe 05/01/14 Her face deadpanned. I'm going home. And you're not invited. Thinks for a moment before a smirk pulled across her features. Although, that is a very thoughtful gift. I could stab people who break locks with it. Very thoughtful, indeed.
Adara Doe 05/01/14 Blankly stares momentarily before a frown pulls at her bow-shaped mouth. Why on earth would I be saying that anyway? You're not that fabulous... Narrows her eyes and sticks out her tongue; childish. Yep.
Adara Doe 05/01/14 There were a lot of ways she could respond to that; get embarrassed, frustrated, angry. All were worthy. Nope. Even as her cheeks flushed red; the door was completely forgotten. There was no hope for it anyway because it would just end up broken again; so the only thing that stood out for her. Ha.

I would not and did not use Jesus, John... I'm Jewish! Wait... what?
Adara Doe 05/01/14 Sarcasm, John... Sarcasm. Stopping herself from letting eyes rove upward again; Addie's smart mouth quirked upward in a bright smile. "I could be persuaded to actually think you're wonderful if you fixed my door..."
Adara Doe 05/01/14 Shakes her head as mossy orbs roll heavenward; laughter easily slipping from her lips. "Yes. Fabulous. Possibly the greatest person I've ever met...
Adara Doe 05/01/14 Do I really even need to answer that question? *winks*
Eden McCarthy 04/23/14 "Congratulations on the rank up!"
Livia Vlcek 04/19/14 John wasn't lying when he said it would probably be Livia getting into trouble in the States. It seemed whenever the young Slayer traveled to North America, something happened. Hell, not like she hadn't run into trouble in Paris in the past. Anyways.

"Wish you had come back sooner..." Livia laughed quietly. "I just had the Impala shipped here. Looks like I'll need to ship it back." Her eyes lit up as she remembered John's skills. She had planned on having Sam wrench on it but after realisation set it regarding the car's size versus the narrow roads of center Paris, there was no point in the car being there. "There's something wrong with it and I can't figure it out...but you can!"
Livia Vlcek 04/19/14 "Probably difficult..." Livia moved so that she could sit with her back against the headboard of the bed. While there were forests in France, there really wasn't dense forest near Paris. At least, not that she was aware of. "You'd probably have to go closer to the France-Germany border. Besides, if the Den was reopened in the States, those from our family would always have a safe place to stay if in need."
Livia Vlcek 04/19/14 "You did it before..." A quick sip taken, she handed the bottle back to John with a soft smile. "Plus, you could always hire a cook and a few bartenders."

If she didn't have the club, she would have offered herself as an employee. Maybe she could work a schedule out. Hell, maybe some of the family would work the bar.

"I'm sure we could find plenty of potential employees for you. My room is still there and I have clothes, I could keep an eye on things a few days a week...the flight isn't so bad."
Livia Vlcek 04/19/14 Picking at a piece of lint that was stuck to her flannel monkey pants, Livia looked up to the see the bottle of Jack that John held. While normally she wouldn't hesitate to imbibe in the Tennessee whiskey, it had been quite a while since she drank this early in the day. She took the bottle regardless, unscrewed the cap and sat up.

"So, are you going to reopen the Den?" Livia took a long draught from the bottle as pale pools turned to gaze at John. She had a feeling he might but that would probably mean he would be returning to the States to do so. Which meant he would not be so near. "I mean, it's still there and such..."
Livia Vlcek 04/19/14 She laughed momentarily until she realised what John was saying. Head canted, smile fading to a mild look of confusion, the Slayer looked down at the blankets that covered John and then back to the man.

"Oh...erm...I thought that you slept with a gun." Cerulean hues surreptitiously studied the room when a noise from the hall caught her attention. Adara. "Morning Addie!" Livia slipped to lounge next to the Lycan. "So, um, any beers left?"

She was afraid to ask where the body was. There was no yard after all. Maybe she needed to check the flower boxes.
Adara Doe 04/19/14 After her morning run and returning home, Addie was moving quietly towards her own room before the voices caught her attention and mossy orbs stared through the open door of his room at her two house mates. A single brow arched and she just kept walking; slowly developing a complex.
Livia Vlcek 04/19/14 She knocked lightly before entering John's room, steps quiet almost silent on the white wood floors. They were still clean, so that was a plus...John always did clean up after himself. Hesitant to wake him, but over joyed he was there, Livia tackled the large man in his bed. With a large grin, bright eyes excited, she whispered hurriedly.

"John! I think I found you a cheerleader!" She held the picture up of the young woman flexing. "Daphne!"
Livia Vlcek 04/19/14 It had taken longer than she expected...finding a cheerleader in Paris was Livia resorted to the next best thing. She found a co-ed with beautiful blonde hair, petite figure, at the Sorbonne. A foreign exchange student from the States. It would take weeks, maybe even months for anyone to notice she was missing. And being in her first year at the prestigious school, Livia was fairly certain none of the girl's friends would have the young woman's contact information. More than likely, her teachers would think she caved due to pressure and left. Her parents would probably think she ran off to live the life in Europe. Isn't that every girls' dream?

Getting her home was easy enough but the stairs posed a slight problem. Calling for Adara's help, as reluctant as the wolfess was to assist, the girls managed to drag the package to John's room, depositing it on the bed before sedating the young woman and leaving a six pack of beer on the nightstand. After all, as long as he was fed, the two females would remain safe in the shared home. Right? One would think...

As Livia closed the door, she scribbled a note on a scrap piece of paper and pinned it to the rosewood frame.


Welcome home. Enjoy!

Liv & Adara
Adara Doe 04/17/14 *blinks*
*just fvcking runs*
Adara Doe 04/17/14 Slipping her smaller hand from his, fingers moved to tuck into the back pockets of her jeans and she rocked back on her heels to study the giant. ”Who wouldn’t know the famous, John Doe…your legend and activities proceed you.” Dimples flashed as a single mossy orb was covered, a cheeky wink before slowly backing away. No way was she turning her back on this one. ”I imagine being in close quarters, I’ll be seeing you. Not that you’re hard to miss even at a distance. I have a locksmith to see about some…locks.”
Adara Doe 04/17/14 A squeak escaped a mouth that stood agape; she wasn’t exactly sure if he was kidding or not, but knowing Livia and how much her friends mean to her, the likelihood of him telling the truth was greater than not. Addie was just going to have to invest in multiple locks on her bedroom door and a very large tranquilizer gun. A smiled pulled across a heart-shaped visage and she extended her hand; if they were going to be staying near one another, she was going to have to learn how to be nice.

Mostly because he was bigger than her.

”Adara, nice to meet you…”
Adara Doe 04/17/14 ”Stumbling into my room would be quite difficult when I don’t live within the walls of the crew; I live with Livia…” Addie fought the urge to stick out her tongue until she realized exactly what she had said; now she was going to need a tall glass of water to swallow her foot. ”And now, I’ll have to move. Exactly how are you and Livia friends?”
Adara Doe 04/17/14 ”Why would they ask to be ea…oh, nope, I don’t need you to answer that. Not only are you a friend of Livia’s, you’re a comedian too, wonderful. You two together…it’s going to kill me isn’t it?”

*stares blankly*
Caitlyn Darrow 04/17/14 Welcome back Mr. Doe!
Livia Vlcek 04/16/14 "I think it will be a lovely night indeed." She tossed John a set of keys to the club. "I'll meet you there. I just need to make a few stops." Another hug, a kiss to his cheek and she was off to run some very important errands. "See you there in about an hour..."
Livia Vlcek 04/16/14 She could do nothing but smile. When he had left Livia was devastated and had been quite unfriendly to many. But John was someone dear to her heart, someone who she thought she had lost, forever. And yet, he was here now, not just in her dreams of days past.

"Ok...just, don't ever disappear like that again." A scowl overtook scarred visage for a moment before another bright smile found its way to the surface. "I have beer and Jack in the club...and girls. It's um, a 'gentlemen's club'. Drinks are on me if you are interested?"
Adara Doe 04/16/14 "I, um, well..." A blank stare accompanied her eloquent stuttering; he won that round. "Welcome to Saints and Sinners, try to not eat all the stri...erm, I mean, exotic dancers."

Livia Vlcek 04/16/14 "You're absolutely correct..." the young woman laughed. "Silly me. Must be all the her-" she paused suddenly,"...shey's kisses." She still needed to get him a gift. Maybe...just maybe...a local college or high school had what she was looking for. "So...WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?!"
Adara Doe 04/16/14 Addie was supposed to be greeting a new member; an old friend of Livia’s but all she could do was stare at the rather large man. She wasn’t small in stature by no means; but he was at least half a foot taller and that alone stopped the niceties of a welcome from pouring out of her mouth.

”What in the world do they feed you?

Socially awkward, party of one.
Livia Vlcek 04/16/14 Cerulean hues wide, Livia stared at the man that resembled her most trusted friend. But was it really him? It had to be. Long strides carried the young woman quickly towards the Lycan she once knew and without any words, wrapped her arms around the giant.

"Please be real. Please be real."
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