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Born: August 22, 2019 Forum Topics Started: 3
Race: Witch Forum Posts / Replies: 79
Affiliation: Wahnsinn Mail Replies Sent: 197
Home City: New York Mail Sent: 23
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10/21/19 at 4:18 pm
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 Blood Rose commemorating the Bloodletting 13th Anniversary
Survived the Shadow Legion - Fall 2019
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Created by Josie Collins
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Created by Josie Collins
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Elowen Jocosta 10/17/19 Josie Posie
I'm so happy for you.
And I'd love to be your maid of honor
Hec is my....boyfriend
You'll like him. He is very old and has seen a lot of shit.
We have some things to take care of but we will make it back to the states soon.
Elowen Jocosta 10/16/19 Josie Posie
oh. OH!
Is that legal?
Beastiality (sp?)
In London but you have to call and tell me all about it.
Hec says congrats. Expect he said it more British.
I'm so happy for you!
Ugh, I just want to hug you!
Joseph French 10/15/19 Joseph laughed, spinning as she latched herself onto his back. "I got a surprise for you," he replied, reaching about to support her as he attempted to set her back to her feet. "Big one. Can't tell you what it is yet, Jose, but when it gets here..." he didn't finish the sentence, far too busy smiling at her as he finally managed to see her face.

Beau Theroux 10/14/19 "My momma said my finger paintin's were top notch, so ha!"
-looks all proud-
-tilts head-
"Well, you ain't alone anymore, cher. We will figure it out. I promise you that."
Beau Theroux 10/12/19 -feigns offense-
"Too much?! I will have you know this beard has been compared to art."
-playfully sticks out tongue-
-is a manchild-
"Cher, I have been caught on fire, tossed against walls, and forced outta my own body cuz of magic. I am rather durable. We all go through what you are now, I can assure you."
Beau Theroux 10/10/19 -gives a bright smile-
"He sure did. And, I'll tell ya what, that boy likes ya a whole lot."
"And I want you to know I completely support the two of you and anybody who doesn't can fight me!"
-puffs chest-
"All of them. I can take'm."
Beau Theroux 10/08/19 "He said that you two were smitten and how smart you are and how much he likes ya and that you were in a coven that frowned upon your relationship."
-could really go on and on-
"He asked me if you two could stay here together and, I must say, I am ecstatic to have you here!"
-is slightly bouncing with joy-
"he also mentioned you might need help getting a handle on..."
-makes swirling gestures and whistles all magical like-
Beau Theroux 10/08/19 "Oh. Yeah. Names."
-clears throat-
"I am Beaudoin Theroux, a member of The Lycan's Den and Joe's best friend."
-kind of appointed himself as best friend-
"He has told me a whole lot 'bout ya. Why, as soon as he starts talkin' he has a hard time stoppin'."
Beau Theroux 10/08/19 -sniffs around-
-looks deep in thought-
-catches a glimpse of Josie-
-smiles oh so brightly-
"Hey, I found ya! Josie, right?"
Joseph French 10/02/19 "Jose, I...Jose, I need to go to work. Josie..."

Meir Fillion 09/27/19 An odd question from an equally odd woman. Leaning forward, Meir crossed his arms tightly over his chest while he attempted to find any sign in the woman's expression that maybe she was pulling a prank. When it was obvious she was, in fact, serious he decided to approach the matter *delicately* as to not possibly get stabbed. "Why are any of us here? isn't that the real question?" Answering a question with a question was always a good idea, right?
Meir Fillion 09/26/19 Meir's brows furrowed at the woman's odd behavior. His mouth would open then close once more because, for once, he was at a loss for words. Looking around he tried to find some reason for her odd behavior but, alas, he came up empty. "Uh. Why say why?" Squinting he waited for the woman's response. Really, he had no clue what to do here.
Bishop Orlav 09/26/19 As Josie spoke the pieces began to fit together. Slowly his glance would look about the hall that had been in repair since before the party. What he had assumed to be a sick tactic to destroy their morale by the shadow incursion had actually been one of their very own members; and Josie, of all people! Ice cold hues finally settled on the woman, lips pressing into a firm line.

Suddenly, the unthinkable happens. Laughter. A soft flutter from his lips in pure amazement. "You, Josephine, are quite a woman. I cannot be mad, because I am impressed." While her powers were obviously in their early stages of control he knew she had power in her; he didn't expect it to be this potent. "While I do not approve of your relationship with Joe," the urge to spit was strong but he maintained his composure, "you know what you need. You are not imprisoned here. Just..." It was so hard to express himself to others aside from Jameson. The apprehension was strong hands reached for a pat but quickly reeled back in an awkward fashion. "Stay on your toes. However, given the state of these halls, the shadows should be the ones afraid. Oh, and don't think you are getting out of this easily. When you get back you are to help with repairs."
Bishop Orlav 09/25/19 Given the circumstances the coven found itself in Bishop hadn't been in his room since the shadow occupation except to change into his ridiculous costume. Hearing a knock on the door from across the coven he moved with his inhuman speed so that he may reach the location in but a few seconds. Upon seeing Josie he gave a soft tilt of his head.

"What is it?" His tone was not abrasive, if anything it was soft. Tired. Dark rings under his eyes were obvious against his pale complexion. He really wasn't handling their situation well. His eyes studied the woman for a moment and he noticed something off. "I haven't seen you without your glasses. Have you misplaced them?" For now he'd play dumb. If she desired him to know, she would say so.
Virelai Tylwyth 09/21/19 Sweet, this one.

The blood that had been given to this creature had all the information it needed within. Names, faces, bits and pieces about them that could be useful. There was less there than the thing was expecting, and this was likely because Yule was not closely tied to anyone. Not yet. She had not become privy to deep secrets. Which is why it was the perfect opportunity to make this bet. But the shadow didn't known that. And what little information Yule had let pass between them had been only so accurate. But the creature figured it could do the gathering for the rest.

It cleared its throat, tested its voice. Let out a soft hum sound. It was guttural at first and then smoothed to soft and lilting tones. It practiced a smile. Too bright. Toned it down. Better. And then walked forward to the woman called Josie. “Hello again! Long time no see!” This wasn't the one that liked to touch so the shadow refrained from doing so. It didn't know of course that a lot had changed since the first time Yule had met Josie. And the creature was just a touch too familiar, too friendly, to really be Yule. It would need to work on subtlety and so it dialed it back a notch.

“How are you holding up? Things have been strange lately. What do you make of it? Have you heard anything?”
Liam Moore 09/21/19 Liam hazel eyes focused on the girl as he approached her. Him and Josie had a love hate relationship that's how he choose to describe it anyway. However while Liam loved to pick fun at the girl this day his mission was different.

He would hold out a mug filled with hot chocolate with mini marshmallows. "It's not as good as it could be I couldn't doctor it up I lack the ingredients and I don't really wanna risk going outside." He smiles.

"But hot chocolate is my comfort drink and it's obvious something is going on. I wont ask, but if you need someone I'm here. Even if you just wanna sit in silence my bed is a great place for that. I know that sounds weird but people just crawl in there. Wen mostly."

"Sorry if this is unwanted, I just I can't not try and help. I wont take up more of your time but just keep what I said in mind. And I intend to get you a good cup of coco eventually."
Elowen Jocosta 09/18/19 The last time Wen had seen Josie was the day Josie departed from her room after being held all night, reeling from the recent separating of her wolf boy. Wen had invited the girl to stay in her room, letting her cry and feel all the emotions that come washing over her in waves. By the time the sun had risen Josie was ready, well ready as she could be, and slipped out of Wen’s room to go about her day. Elowen couldn’t find it in herself to pester the girl, so she let the days shift by.

When the knock came to her door on the night of the coven party she couldn’t help but smile when she saw her friend standing before her. She looked different but not in a bad way. It was clear she was going through some sh!t and who was Wen to question that? She had done her fair share of questionable things over the years.

“Fantastic idea hmm? Well I’ll be the judge of that. Let’s hear it.” Wen shuffled the girl into the room and closed the door behind them.
Nicolas Murray 09/18/19 Josie Collins just failed at stealing money from you!

Well, at least you tried, Petite Livre.

Joseph French 09/17/19 Joseph walked out of the woods, naked and caked in mud and death. Back to his cabin, he opened the door and fell, exhausted, into the open space.

But, as quickly as he stepped inside, he was out again, unable to cope with the scent of her on absolutely everything he owned.

All he'd wanted was his phone. However much he hated typing, he wanted to check in on her. But maybe this was a sign. Leave her alone, the cabin commanded. Leave her be.

Growling, he turned back to the line of trees and returned to the wolf. And to the isolation and death it craved.
Elowen Jocosta 09/15/19 Wen had been alone and then in the blink of an eye she wasn’t. There was a mass of hair in her face and arms tightly wrapped around her waist. It only took her a second to respond, we wrapped her arms around her friend pulling her in a close embrace, her headed resting against Josie’s. It was odd for Josie to be affectionate in such a manner, but Wen knew what this was right away. This was heartbreak. She had seen it many times with her one childhood friend and she had experienced it on her own in different capacities. This was heartbreak, and there was only one person Wen knew that could responsible for this.

An instant anger swept through her, her mind went to a very dark and scary place as she thought of how beautiful the wolf boy’s throat would look torn to pieces. She knew he was trouble, from the moment she had entered their coven she knew that it was going to end badly. Wen was furious, but now wasn’t the time for that. Now wasn’t a time for questions, or destruction or revenge. Right now Wen needed to comfort her friend. So, she squeezed Josie tighter before letting one hand rise to gently stroke her hair.

“I’m here for you Josie.” It was all she said because no other words would matter. She couldn’t offer advice or words of wisdom but she could offer herself. And that’s just what she was going to do for her friend.
Kenna Callaghan 09/14/19 Kenna fixes her void eyes on the woman. To be fair, she had a point. She was sure new faces were littered everywhere, not that she cared. "Beats me, lady. I'm just here cause I got snagged. Didn't have the energy to fight." She shrugged, slightly.
Virelai Tylwyth 09/14/19 Yule noticed the woman's stare and returned it, her yes masked, though her lips quirked in amusement at her words. Quite an interesting way to welcome someone into the fold. She understood though. She was a stranger, only just getting her bearings, and there was no reason for them to trust her. Not yet. Perhaps she would earn that trust, perhaps not.

The woman pressed her nose back into her book and Yule shifted, fishing through first one pocket, then the other. She pulled out a piece of paper and a pen and wrote a short note. When she was done, she put the pen back in her pocket and drew out a third item. It was small, pocket-sized. A little book with dark script across the front of it titled simply "Garden Flowers".

She tucked the note inside which read “The library is inhabited by spirits that come out of the pages at night.” – Isabel Allende and then set the book beside the woman.

"It is a pleasure to meet you. Thank you for greeting me." And then she let her be.
Jameson Orlav 09/12/19
Joseph French 09/08/19 Those are some pretty big boots to fill. Why, Ms Collins, I do believe you’ve gone an got yourself a fancy for some werewolf. You know what they say about us wolves. I don’t rightly reckon your Mr Bishop will be all too happy.
Joseph French 09/08/19 An what about persons who aren’t persons. I reckon I’m one of those. Why, with these big teeth an all. *returns the cling regardless*
Jack Horton 09/08/19 Well now, aren't you just as cute as a button. I'll be sure to kill you first. I'd hate you to have to witness the destruction of everything you hold dear. It's such an unsettling way to start the after life.
Liam Moore 09/08/19 Chocolate hues stared her down a small smirk on his face as he unlocked her cell and held it open for her. "Stabbing more people?"
You managed to break out Josie Collins.
"Come on little birdie before we get caught."
Joseph French 09/05/19 Josie Collins just failed at stealing money from you!

Oh, I see how it is...

Elowen Jocosta 09/04/19 -looks at phone-
"I.Am.So.Proud. I need all the details!"
Liam Moore 09/04/19 Be sure to RSVP to myself or Melinoe via message as soon as you can! We have a lot of fun activities planned and we would love to make this mixer as big as we can! I hope to see you there!
Richard LaMonte 09/01/19 "Yeah. Cool. Thanks. I will."
-may be hyperventilating a tad-
Richard LaMonte 08/31/19
"I like that you assume I was being serious. Sorry, can I help you with something? I was kind of in the middle of a mental breakdown."
Richard LaMonte 08/31/19
"I bet you're fun at birthday parties."
Richard LaMonte 08/31/19
"Ouch. My feelings."
Aurora Crane 08/30/19 *The pout on her lips turns into a grin as she watches Josie pout so adorably. A triumphant light enters her jade eyes as she grasps the phone. Trading it for the book, she taps in her information and sends herself a quick text.*

No one? No boyfriends? Or girlfriends? I find that hard to believe.

*As she speaks, she slides Josie's phone to her and digs her own out of her pocket to save the other woman's information.*

We'll have to change that. The texting, at least. We can talk books. Or whatever spooky sh!t you want. Maybe we could get together for coffee sometime.

*Standing, she smiles as she looks down at the other woman.*

I'll let you get back to your book for now, but I'll be looking forward to hearing from you, cutie.

*With a wiggle of her fingers, she turns and walks away, whistling softly.*
Aurora Crane 08/30/19 *She plops down in the seat across from the woman. Reaching out, she takes the book Josie was holding in front of her face, careful to keep a finger in it so her place isn't lost. Resting her chin in her hand, she pouts.*

No calls, no texts. I'm starting to think you don't want to be my friend, Josie. Maybe you just lost my number? Phone?

*She holds out her hand, palm up, and looks at the other woman expectantly.*
Liam Moore 08/29/19 Liam's light brown hues looked at the girl, the amusement that was held in them earlier long gone.
"You are welcome princess do try and be more careful."
With those words said he left her.
Liam Moore 08/29/19
"I don't know if I would call you brave or stupid. Actually I would go with stupid. Don't pick fights you can't win princess."
Joseph French 08/29/19
Liam Moore 08/28/19
"You Really wanna try that?"
Liam Moore 08/28/19
"Oh how I adore you, but you are so lying to me you couldn't stab anyone."
Liam Moore 08/28/19 Stares at long and hard before he picks the lock to her cell.
You managed to break out Josie Collins.
"Tell me little Bell what did you do to get locked up hm?"
Joseph French 08/28/19 *accidentally touches her hand with his*

Joseph French 08/28/19 You managed to break out Josie Collins.

Yeah, I take care of you!
Liam Moore 08/27/19 "For the record that fork was in my mouth, now it's been in yours and I believe people call that an indirect kiss so we have to be friends now. Just how it works."
Smiles and gives a wave.
"You are welcome!"
Liam Moore 08/27/19 This one was so hard to figure out but Liam did enjoy a challenge.
"Oh of course help yourself."
Offers her his food.
"Eat as much as you would like."
Liam Moore 08/27/19 "So wanna be my friend yet."
Casually continues to eat.
Joseph French 08/25/19 Josie Collins just failed at stealing money from you!

Joseph French 08/24/19
Joseph French 08/24/19
Joseph French 08/24/19 I'm your backdoor lover, baby.
Bishop Orlav 08/24/19 -inspects the book-
"A savant for the occult,hm? Information such as this is rather useful in a world like ours."
-offers the book back-
"Why yes, there is. Jameson and myself are also fans of the page so we keep a healthy collection. Peruse them to your heart's content."
Bishop Orlav 08/23/19 -thinks-
"Maybe you should meet Gray Taylor? He's sub-par. Not ugly, he's just... average."
-gives a shrug-
-looks at the book-
"Are you a woman of the letters?"
Elowen Jocosta 08/23/19 “I appreciate that, but I honestly don’t think I’d read it. No offense, I’m sure books are great and I’m glad they work for you but…I need as much reality as I can get right now. I need to focus on me, and figuring out me. But that’s kind of you to offer.” Wen shoot her a friendly smile and for the first time since she had introduced herself she let her eyes dart away. This girl was very nice, uncomfortable as she may be with Elowen’s lack of personal space, the girl was nice. She hoped that she’d make it. In this world it seemed that nice guys finished last. She hoped to be wrong about this one.

“You should check out the coven library, not that I’ve been there. I guess I’m just assuming we have one, it seems people here enjoy knowledge. I’m sure there are books around her somewhere. Someone ought to read them.” Shrugging her shoulders Elowen continued to back away, her mind was wandering back to the pulsing heartbeat in the women’s chest. She wanted it. She wanted to devour it and suck her dry. It was time for her to go.

“Bye.” Abruptly she turned on her heel and darted away from the girl. She’d run into her again sometime. She was sure of it.
Bishop Orlav 08/23/19 -notices this-
-makes sure to release her hand quickly-
"No need to apologize. Suspicion is healthy. I appreciate your self preservation."
-clasps hands behind his back-
"Yes, they are rather... handsy. No worries, I am not a fan of physical contact either. Aside from a select few, I avoid such instances."
Elowen Jocosta 08/23/19 Elowen laughed lightly before taking a step closer to the girl, she rested her hands on either side of her face and tilted it upwards with her thumbs, moving her closer to look directly in her eyes. On the outside the moment would read incredibly intimate, but Wen didn’t know intimacy well, she knew lust and the price one pays for a young girl’s body. She knew desire, and pleasure but she had never been loved, or caressed with a gentle hand. Love, tenderness, and affection it was all too foreign.

“Don’t be intimidated by a person’s looks, it means nothing. Pretty, ugly, fat, skinny, doesn’t matter what a person looks like, evil will take on every form.” She stood there inches from the girls for a long drawn out minute before she took another step away and continued on the conversation as if everything was normal and she hadn’t just grabbed the face of a practical stranger.

“Books, never read one. At least not all the way through.”
Bishop Orlav 08/23/19 -blinks-
"One of the men housing her in their coven."
-reaches out a hand-
"Bishop. Welcome to Wahnsinn."
Bishop Orlav 08/23/19 -stares at-
"You are...Josie, yes?"
Elowen Jocosta 08/23/19 “You know my Liam? And you think I’m pretty? Hmm” The claim over Liam wasn’t territorial, instead it was incredibly nonchalant as if my was simply part of his name. Elowen had gotten attached quickly to the people around her, they were a vital part of both her survival and her sanity. Reluctantly she finally let go of Josie’s hand and took a step away from her so she wouldn’t be tempted to touching her again. She needed to touch somebody though, she could feel herself floating back to lala land, and perhaps she needed to make a visit to Bishops room for a chat.

“So you know a lot of things? I don’t, I got my GED in juvie before I moved to my last group home. You don’t learn stuff about things in group homes unless you’re learning how to pick a lock and sneak out. Or how to hide drugs under the soles of your shoes. Makes everything super stinky but thankfully you don’t need to taste something shot straight into your vein…” She had been rambling and oversharing but it was difficult to stop herself sometimes, has if she were reliving remnants from a life she was no longer a part of.

“Most people feel the same after meeting me, it may last and may not. No matter though, I’m a pleasure to myself.”
Elowen Jocosta 08/23/19 “I have no intention to kill you. Mon petite pois and Jameson wouldn’t not look kindly on that.” Elowen hesitated for a moment before finally letting her hand fall away from the girl’s neck. At least she hadn’t threatened to rip her limb off, it was a refreshing change. The thirst wasn’t her only reason for touching people, Wen felt that as long as she could touch another person than she was tethered to reality. It was hard most days to believe she wasn’t trapped in a dream, the feel of warm flesh under her fingers reminded her that this was real, everything around her was real.

“What are you?” Some would consider her question to be rude or strange but Wen didn’t have time to waste, she hated tip toeing around. It was best to be bold and blunt, and honest. Most people in the realm didn’t have the same mindset that Elowen did, but that wasn’t going to stop her from pushing the boundaries of everyone around her. Smiling she let her brown orbs run the length of Josie’s body before taking the strangers hand in her own. She didn’t shake it though, instead she just held it with her cool fingers as she continued to stare at her coven mate.

“Also, pleasure to meet you.”
Elowen Jocosta 08/23/19 Word travels fast through the halls of Wahnsinn, when a newcomer arrives to the coven. Really a nosy lot of baddies but nonetheless the curiosity always wins out and the weirdos flock to find the newcomer. Elowen was no exception, it had come to her like a whisper at first and then continued to build until she couldn’t stand not seeing the new face. Silently she stalked the halls, looking until the unfamiliar face appeared in her sight. In an instant the sound of blood rushing through the girls veins froze Elowen in her place. Why taunt her with life when she had none of her own. The thought to retreat crossed her mind but instead she forced herself forward.

“Welcome to Wahnsinn, I’m Wen.” Reaching out Wen placed her hand on the woman’s neck and closed her eyes feeling the pulse beneath her fingers. She hated this feeling, the desire that she couldn’t control. Her mind was not her own and she was always on the brink of losing herself.
Liam Moore 08/23/19 Liam was wondering around the coven minding his own business for the most part until his eyes land on a familiarish face. He slowly approached brow slightly arched.
"Pretty people make you uncomfortable and you join the coven with the prettiest people in it? Well I wish you the best of luck!"
Smiles at her once more, before he turns to leave.
"Ah so sorry! I'm Liam welcome to the coven."
EtaineNightBreed 08/23/19 Welcome to the coven!
Averly Amoret 08/22/19 A smile curving her lips, Averly took in the form of their newest arrival from across the road. Once she was sure she had her attention, she waved at her with more enthusiasm than she had possessed in quite a while.

She was nearly out of breath by the time she approached the woman, her cheeks bright with a blush. "On behalf of Sine Metu, Welcome to the Realm!"
Joseph French 08/22/19 DUJOUR MEANS FRIENDSHIP!
Aurora Crane 08/22/19 *Green eyes widen as she listens. Impressed with both the apparent knowledge and skill the other woman possesses, she nods slowly.*

Wow. You're very interesting, Josie. I've gotta run, but I'd love to hear more about your experiences with exorcism. And anything else you'd like to share. Text me sometime?

*Without waiting for a response, she takes a purple marker from her back pocket and, grabbing the other woman's hand, she scrawls her name and number on her palm, doodling a little heart beneath. Giving the woman her hand back, she winks and jumps up. She starts to walk away then stops and turns.*

Oh, Josie? By the way? Smart girls are hot

*With that said, she turns around again and continues on her way.*
Liam Moore 08/22/19 "Oh..."
Bites his lip.
"Well I would hate to make you feel uncomfortable, so I'll leave you be I guess. But if you need anything please feel free to ask me."
Awkwardly smiles.
Aurora Crane 08/22/19 It's a pleasure to meet you, Josie.

*She glances at the front cover of the book the other woman holds up then pulls out her phone. After a quick search, her brows furrow as she slowly nods, looking up from the screen.*

That sounds...fascinating. Are you...

*She glances around then leans in, lowering her voice.*

Are you planning on doing an exorcism?
Liam Moore 08/22/19 "Welcome to the realm"
Aurora Crane 08/22/19 *She tilts her head to the side, watching the woman as she goes back to her book. Not taking the obvious hint, she sits down next to her and grins, showing off small, sharp fangs.*

What are you reading? I love books! I'm Aurora, by the way.
Aurora Crane 08/22/19 Welcome to the Realm!
Daxx- 08/22/19

Daxx walks up to the newest member of the Realm. The Eternal Embrace Pirate smiled. "Welcome to the Realm. Have some Rum on me."
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