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Ensam är stark.
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Last five threads posted in:
Malcolm Cade 09/12/18 *takes another*
Well, color me interested.
What exactly is "it"?
Grave digging?
Malcolm Cade 09/12/18 *raises brows*
Oh yeah? Do you work a night shift or something?
*crunches a chip*
Been there, brother.
Malcolm Cade 09/12/18 Wow, you're not kidding.
*chooses some Doritos*
Thanks, Kris. I'm Malcolm. Mal.
Do you always carry this much food on you?
Malcolm Cade 09/12/18 Hey thanks, man.
*briefly inspects bag*
I'm not really a chewy candy fan, honestly.
Now if you had some M&Ms, we could talk.
Cadence Corelli 08/16/18 Cadence nods along, as if what he was saying made it any better. She was definitely a hands on kind of girl, but any sort of teaching just went over her head. She liked to learn by the seat of her pants.

She blinks at him. Once. Twice. "Let's say all types. I don't follow any religion, so I'm going to assume that I can fight each type." She probably sounded like a dumbass, but honestly she didn't care what kind of demons they were as long as she could kill them.
Iodine Violet 08/13/18 Water wings? Was he serious? She gives him the side eye, a hint of a smile curling the corner of her mouth. But as he continues, the smile fades and she realizes that he is speaking truth. Her brows draw together in concern. Iodine understands fear, she has her own fears- there is nothing trivial about it. Nor is there a reason to be embarrassed. The ocean has some seriously scary sh-t in it. "Yuh, I've had some experiences in deep water that I probably shouldn't have survived." A nervous laugh escapes the girl. "Pesky sharks and sh-t. They seriously come out of nowhere."

She pushes the door of the bodega open and holds it until he clears the doorway and only then does she let it slip from her grasp and continues to the coolers. Supernatural animals.. more than demons, werewolves and vampires. She stops. Was there more? She is obviously lacking the knowledge of these creatures. Unless he isn't clumping theriomorphs into the werewolf category. "So you are a 'hunter'.. " Air quotes and all. "There's more than those that you mentioned?" She turns to look at him over her shoulder as she reaches for a 12 pack. Would a 12 pack be enough? Iodine hands him one 12 pack and grabs another. Hopefully Yuengling black and tan cans are okay. "Well, you look young.. what makes you an expert?" Again, not being rude. Trying not to sound like it either. Iodine is just curious and direct. Her parents, their families, have been in the business for a long time. Maybe she just didn't pay as close attention to hunting as Cade. "Do you have a training camp? Or I mean, how does one teach up and comers?"

The door slams shut as she steps from the cooler and starts for the counter. Maybe she should change the subject for the time it takes the man behind the register to ring them up? Probably. She reaches into her pocket after the 12 pack finds the counter, points to the 12 that Kris holds and digs in her pocket. A few crumpled 20s and a fin see the light of day and the man grumbles about the bills being wrinkled. She shrugs, grabs the 12, ignoring her change per the normal and makes her way to the door. "All we need now is a dark alley to hide in and drink our beer." A grin leads to laughter. Stupid open container laws. "My shop is pretty close if you prefer to sit down."
Cheyenne Davis 08/13/18 Oh, yes? I like that in a person.
[helped her wade through the b.s.]
Yeah, no. I'm fine.
[eyes the gummies]
Where were you hiding those at?
[he might get jacked for his gummies]
Winter Summers 08/12/18 Winter's icy blue eyes looked at the very handsome males face. "Well you are good looking and offering me food. I dare say I am mildly swooning." Winter looked at the bag of chips that were offered to him. Who was he to turn down free food? "Had these been flamin hot cheetos I would have already offered to have sex with you." Winter smirked a little as he shoved a chip in his mouth.

"Ah but were are my manners, Winter is the name."
Autumn Summers 08/12/18 *tilts her head*
That's a lot of doritos. I'm terribly sorry. How can I possibly make it up to you?
AdonisOMaera 08/12/18 The more that Kris speaks, the more that warm rose blossoms into a tomato red. This provides a lovely contrast to his azure colored eyes when he pulls his head back and quickly folds a few chips into his mouth! that playful wink made him smile bashfully towards at the ground.
"You're definitely forward, not that I mind. Just not used to it is all." another small laugh as he leads them both to the bench. Upon sitting, it becomes apparent that he can't quite fold himself up in a modest manner and so, he extends his legs and crosses them at the ankle, his chips held protectively to his chest. Almost mirroring Kris' relaxed demeanor but not quite. Adonis isn't dense and he won't let his guard fully down for anyone, not yet.

Tilting his head as he listens to Kris, he nods a long a few times before busting out in a bright smile. "I would love that. I've just been fumbling about and finding out things as I come upon them. It'll be nice to have someone who knows the area." Licking his fingers clean of the orange dust, he folds up the bag and tucks it into his jacket. Turning his body and full attention to Kris. "I'm actually in the business of pleasure. I work in the night clubs, I don't have an actual place of work- I bounce from club to club. If we're ever in the same one, I'll be sure to get you the good food and booze. Not the cheap sh!t they put on display." Adonis grins, meaning his promise!

His hand returns to his leather jacket's many pockets and pulls out a small black notebook as well as an old calligraphy pen. He loves old things, don't judge. Quickly using his thigh as a surface, he scribbles something down and then rips the page out. His handwriting is sort of messy but eligible. "That's my number, Get a hold of me next time you're in town and we can go have some fun, yeah?"
He holds the folded piece of paper out between his index and middle finger.
Iodine Violet 08/09/18 "That's so very curious." Iodine thinks on his words for a few minutes, eyes squinting as she does. "I think I'd avoid the ocean or any large body of water if that was the case.. " But then another question arises from her thoughts. "What about pools? Can you go swimming in pools? Or lakes? Or is it just the ocean that does you dirty like that?" She's honestly curious about that. She would think if it was muscle density that smaller bodies of water would be worse for him. And then he crushes the can like it's nothing and she's starting to wonder if he's really human. And if he is human, is he more than human. Like a vampire or a demon or some sh!t.

"And we really should get more beer because I find this conversation interesting." She gives him a grin and points down the street before tossing her blunt to the ground. "There should be a small bodega on the corner, let's walk and talk."

She's contemplating his words on ecosystems and governments and keeping populations under control when he mentions 'rare'. Like what rare species overpopulates an ecosystem and threatens it? Could a species be rare and yet threatening? Her forehead creases at the thought and her mouth parts to speak but she stops herself. Is he speaking of vampires? "What do you hunt Kris? And how does a rare species become the possible cause of the undoing of a whole ecosystem? I mean, was this some jungle type ecosystem? Like, are you an environmental warrior?" She's not trying to sound rude or anything, she's just trying to understand. Cade was more into hunting than Iodine was. But there were reasons she didn't like to kill vampires really. And hunting animals, Iodine's not sure she could ever hunt anything fluffy and cute. "Are we talking animals or.. " She stops. If he's a 'hunter', he'll know what she's saying.
Cheyenne Davis 08/09/18 [eyes over]
Do you always tell your name and expose your habits to people you just met?
[was just giving him a hard time]
No, thanks but my name is Cheyenne. Nice to meet you Kristoffer.
[was a snacker but if she started, she'd end up with his bag]
Cadence Corelli 08/09/18 Cadence wrinkles her nose, "Well, I'm glad it's something you enjoy but," She fakes a yawn, "I didn't do well in school." Kind of a lie. She was pretty smart. School was just too slow for her. Sitting for hours a day was mind numbing. It probably didn't help her family's life was a lot more exciting than school.

"Say, you wouldn't happen to have any knowledge on how to get demon blood off of Mr. Pointy, would you?"
Cheyenne Davis 08/08/18 Thank you.
[eyes shaken bag]
I was always told to never take.. salty snacks from strangers.
AdonisOMaera 08/07/18 Narrowing his eyes, Adonis hesitantly takes the bag of crispy delights and suspiciously devours another chip. Little to no impulse control even though he finds it odd for someone to just Give away food.
Of course, Adonis intently listens to Kris, nodding along every so often as the other speaks. Making a mental note that Kris - ALWAYS- has snacks on him, he smiles fondly and ruefully laughs along.

"Well! Mister Always has snacks. You and I will get along just fine now that we are acquainted."

Adonis' statuesque features are washed with a soft rose color as Kris' words catch him off guard. The bluntness of the other truly threw him for a loop and so, he stifles a chuckle- a poor attempt to cover the growing blush.

"Not entirely sure how I got stuck with the nickname but uh, your reasoning makes sense? Pretty man being called pretty? Not that I think I'm pretty...Handsome? That didn't sound ri- I'm not. Kris, would you like to share these with me?"

The swarthy male holds the bag up between them and juts his head in the direction of a nearby bench. The social eunuch himself also believes that you can recover from anything with food, and so sharing a snack will hopefully sweep that awkward clusterf*ck from memory.

"So Kris...Are you a frequent flyer in New Orleans? I am not familiar with the place yet, anything I should check out?"
AdonisOMaera 08/07/18 Absentmindedly, Adonis is only sees a chip in front of him and thus, he accepts it ,shoves it into his mouth, and sucks the dust from his finger tips, all in one fluid motion.
Crunchcrunchcrunch. Crunch. Crunch.

The crunching slows as his stormy blues drag up from Kris' boots and settle on the other's eyes.

" Hel-lo Kris. Why, I wish everyone greeted me with food!" He guffaws merrily as he wipes his hand clean on his thigh and offers it up to Kris

"I'm Adonis 'Pretty' O'Maera, Just moved to New Orleans recently. Pleasure to meet ya."
His eyes drop down to the delicious snacks and he bites his bottom lip, Kris just became Adonis' favorite person.
_Soul_Darklander 08/07/18 "Oh if it was only that easy! Smirks
Iodine Violet 07/31/18 Iodine is listening intently, even as her eyes begin to heavy. Then she's desperately trying to raise her brows to keep dark eyes open. Surprise might be the look and maybe she is since he is telling her he sinks like a stone in open water. "That's totally crazy.. like you actually sink? Maybe it's all the muscle density.. " He looks pretty shredded. Yes, she's noticed. No, she's not trying to be forward. "I mean, I've heard of people with low percentage of body fat not really being able to stay afloat."

She coughs from the blunt and covers her mouth as she eyes the can of beer. Is there any left? Stealing the can he holds, the girl takes a sip, and then returns it to him. He makes a great cup holder, she has to admit. The thought makes her laugh quietly. She was going to need to buy him a six pack of his own just for putting up with her. "Mhm, shared by Argentina and Chile." But his comment regarding work, now, that's interesting. Not as interesting as him sinking like a stone but how he puts the information, Iodine finds it odd. "So, you're a hunter then? Or do you draw up plans of action? And how do you know what is overpopulated? I mean, wouldn't it take a few years to know a species is being invasive?" She knows how to use weapons and when to, she's proficient with guns and knives, but his job sounds really specific. "Are you contracted by governments after they notice something isn't kosher? Or do you just happen to travel and study the ecosystems of different countries?" She just dropped ecosystem while getting blazed. Forgive her. "Explain."
Jasp Thompson 07/30/18 Well, that's kind of you, stranger.
Lloyd R Darrow 07/25/18 It has been Lloyd’s prerogative since he was a young boy to sabotage Jane at every turn. And if there wasn’t a turn, he invented one - just to inconvenience her. He may not understand the conventional sense of fun, but he did find a sick amusement in ruining his sister’s interpersonal relationships. “No, no Doritos.”

He pulls out his phone, swiping idly through photos until one of Jane with her face plainly shown appears, and he offers the device over to the other man. “See? Her name is Jane. She’s a prostitute, so I’d recommend handling her with gloves.”
Cadence Corelli 07/24/18 Cade threw her head back and laughed. He definitely looked the part of a hunter. Probably moreso than she did when she didn't have her bat handy, but something about people holding their fists up and calling them 'puppies' cracked her up. "Yes, those definitely look deadly."

Another laugh escaped but she composed herself and nodded. Yes. Some creatures needed a little more than a good beating, but her bat was coated in electrum which helped with that extra kick. "Pupils? Are you a teacher? Sounds kinda boring." Cade smirks. She had been a terrible pupil. Spent most of her time in detention.
Iodine Violet 07/23/18 A grin finds her face at his thumbs up but a laugh escapes at the mention of reindeer and brown cheese. Was that really a thing in Norway? She might have moved too. Then again, she's never had reindeer or brown cheese so really, she can't judge. Maybe she'd have to try it sometime. Did any restaurant in New York serve reindeer though? The petite woman contemplates the thought as she fishes a blunt from her back pocket and a lighter. All the snacking going on, well, let's just say she wanted a reason to devour nothing but junk food. Hopefully he wouldn't be offended.

She listens quietly as he talks about Romania, the specs of the jump. It's starting to sound a lot like Angel Falls but then he mentions Bran Castle. Was that the castle from Dracula? She didn't interrupt to ask, instead, she made a mental note to google as she struck the lighter and lit the blunt. Then he mentions his own accident in deep water. Which might possibly be more frightening than say, deceleration trauma. Because there are things in the water, deep water, that can eat you. "I've always been a fan of deep water- diving, surfing, even fishing.. " she bites down on her lower lip, "but I respect that you avoid it. The ocean, you know, she's a powerful.. thing."

Okay, so she might need to lay off the weed. She was starting to sound pretty stupid or even worse, like a hippy. Hazel eyes gaze up at the man who was a foot taller than she. "I decided to be a bit reckless in my jump.. missed my mark.. almost died." Iodine neglects to mention she was the cause of another person's death. Awkward silence. "Weed?" She extends her hand to Kris. "So what do you do that affords you to travel frequently? You ever been to Patagonia?"
Cadence Corelli 07/23/18 She grins a little at his...discomfort? Maybe surprise at her openness. Gosh. It could be worse. She was reckless, but she could take care of herself. "Oh well, you know. Awkward is my middle name. I'm used to it by now." There was a list of things she could tell him that were worse than letting spill you tried to take care of creatures that go bump in the night to such a creature.

"I also have a very pointy bat. It's great for quelling some awkward situations." Cade does a little clap when he mentions that he, too, is a hunter. "Oh good. I didn't want to have to use Pointy. Now that would have been awkward."
Iodine Violet 07/23/18 Pain. Blinding pain. Iodine's hazel eyes almost pop from her skull from the sheer strength of Kris's back blows. Sure, he was trying to help her. Possibly into a body cast but soon the cement lump is on it's way down to her stomach and all is right with the world. And though she is tempted with doritos by this golden snack god, Iodine waves her hand in a polite no. She's more interested in the fact he's from Norway. A butcher's son at that. It sounded.. wonderfully normal and humble. Not something she's ever experienced in her odd life. "Why would you come here.." a laugh escapes her, "I mean, Norway seems cool."

And not full of the Italian Mob.

"You jump.. for a living?" Iodine's head cants deeply left. How does she and Cade not know this guy? Considering Noah.. well, nevermind about Noah. "Where in Romania? How tall was the jump?" She's curious, Iodine's never been to Romania. Building and span jumps are her preferred jumps since the accident. "Any good bridges or buildings? I had an accident a few years ago.. it's why I haven't been to Galdhøpiggen." She'd never admit it but her recklessness at Angel Falls spooked her.
Cadence Corelli 07/23/18 Good to know. I do, quite often, get a hankering for many a snacks. *Cade laughs quietly* Y'know.. hunting demons and sh!t is hard work.

*Clears throat* It was nice to meet you Kristoffer. We might be seeing a lot of each other if I can every bump into you again.
Iodine Violet 07/22/18 Her smile broadens. At least he understands she is joking. Most don't get Iodine's sense of humor. Pity that because she's a pretty hilarious b-tch. At least, in her mind she thinks she is. Though, by the look on his face and the tilt of his head, maybe he doesn't understand. She eyeballs the doritos 'Kris' pulls from his pocket.. like how deep are these pockets? "Where are you from?" She's thinking somewhere northern, European that is. Or Narnia.

And then he snorts. Full lips press together, attempting to hold back the laugh that wants so desperately to escape. Well that and she doesn't want to spray him with half chewed Cheetos. Iodine grabs at the beer they share, greedily, before she chokes and manages to take too large of a sip. "God it's like cement stuck in my throat!" Okay, a tiny bit dramatic but the sh-t hurts. The beer is shoved back at the man as she starts to cough until the lump of cream stout and snack food passes through her throat. "Sorry, no. I haven't.. " She makes one half assed attempt to pronouce Galdhøpiggen and gives up. "I prefer lower jumps.. I have a problem." She feeds off adrenaline. She lives for near death experiences. "Do you jump often?"
Jane Darrow 07/22/18 She watched curiously while he tore a piece of the processed meat into pieces. Waved ominously upon his remarks and even produced a small, slightly bittered laugh of her own. "Don't we all?" She shrugged, "But fair. If all of this is true, you might be the first useful man I've met in ages." Never intending to sound quite so harsh, her words are a little more jagged. Like the edge of a weathered blade. "Theoretically speaking, how might I get a hold of you if, say, I come across some b1tch of a curse? Or find myself in need of something sweet?" She flashed a toothy grin.
Iodine Violet 07/22/18 He sips her beer and it causes Iodine to take pause. Now, dry snack food sharing was one thing.. but sipping on a beer after another who is a stranger, that's another. Her forehead creases briefly before he again offers his name then mentions the uniqueness of her name. She becomes distracted by the attractive male, again the cheetos, and his comments. "You.. you just.. you just drank my beer. Where I'm from, that's like, almost having sex."

A low laugh rumbles in her chest as she takes the beer back, takes a sip then hands the can back to the man. He hasn't burst into flames from her saliva so that's a plus. "Yuh, my parents hated me." Not really. "I tend to do a lot of illegal things sooooooo a 'stage' name is what I go by." Not really. Truth be told, if one were to casually study Iodine-the chemical and pay attention to the consumption of said chemical, one might find it is highly toxic but also necessary to survival. Kind of like her. "I do a lot of BASE jumping.. cops don't like that so much. Plus I'm a tattoo artist and we have to have jazzy names." She punctuates 'jazzy' with jazz hands. Cheetoey goodness jazz hands at that.
Cadence Corelli 07/22/18 Oooooh gummy worms! Don't mind if I do! *Cade takes the bag and ever so elegantly stuffs her face with a few of the worms.*

Thanks dude. I'm Cade, by the way. *taps a finger to her forehead and then points to him in a sort of salute*
Iodine Violet 07/22/18 She nods as her mouth works furiously to devour the orange deliciousness that is Cheetos. Iodine was always hungry, even more so after a jump or whatever stupid stunt she completed. "Well met Kristoffer," she manages through a dry cough before accepting his hand with a small, orange crusted cheeto hand. Gazing up at the tall man, because let's face it.. everyone is taller than Iodine, she gives his hand a firm shake before ravenously returning to the snacks. "I'm known as Iodine."
Lloyd R Darrow 07/22/18 Lloyd sniffs around, following the same scent of a man he'd gotten a whiff of from his sister. Sure he's found his target, he approaches. "You." He points a crooked finger. "Stay away from my sister." It may seem like he's threatening him, but it's certainly more of a warning. "She's no good. Probably has crabs."
Iodine Violet 07/22/18 Iodine stares at the man, lips parted, unable to speak. Has God himself blessed her this day? She quickly snatches the bag from his hand, replacing it with a can of beer whilst a very large, very toothy smile appears. "Holy f-cking ****." She pops a few cheetos into her mouth, "I think I'm in love."
Daciana Draculesti 07/19/18 Krissy-poo
Maybe. He's been incredibly successful, so who are we to judge?
Although I'll never understand how he managed to produce a woman like Liv Tyler. Mom has strong genes, I guess.
36? Of course...
Jane Darrow 07/18/18 There was a small narrowing of her eyes when she looked up to him in scrutiny. Suspicious, Jane was. Suspicious of everyone and everything all the time. Who could blame her? Though in practice she probably shouldn't have accepted candy from a total stranger. There was some lesson hidden in there from her years as a tot, but she seemed to completely have ignored it.

"And if it was a magic curse? Have you got any advice for that?" Long, thick lashes bat slowly while she gnashed a gummy bears head between her back teeth. "I jest. My reasons are my own, and nowhere near as easily summed up. Glad to have a bloody sugar break."
Jane Darrow 07/18/18 Curious eyes watch while a hand disappears into his pocket. Jane is intrigued. Never thinks about what terrifying items could be hidden away. Things that might bring her harm. It only served to poke at her interest. Kristoffer produces some sort of container full of little sugary treats. Now that she can get on board with. Swiftly she snatched the baggie away and began to rummage through the colorful gummies until she found a hue that suited her. "Ah-ha! I can see you are well prepared. Maybe snackster is a fitting title for you after all."

She paused, chewing slowed even though she had only just popped one of the candies into her mouth. "It's Jane. Pleasure."
Jane Darrow 07/17/18 She squints and her eyes focus on the little bag of treats in his hand. A small shake of her head. The most polite way she could decline without an outward gag. “Not a fan of processed meat, love.” Jane laughed lightly, brow rising, “For a snackaholic, you sure chose a strange treat to represent your forte.
Daciana Draculesti 07/16/18 Krissy-poo
Was thinking more Dude Looks Like A Lady.
It's unfair how good you look for being old as dirt.
You'll still look fabulous when I am dirt. Drawbacks of morality, I suppose.
Jane Darrow 07/16/18 Jane looks cross, ready to spin around and mug off whichever stranger had interrupted her. Did whe look like some gormless hobo who needed assistance? No. Opens her mouth to berate but closes it partially while her eyes wander over the lad, properly intrusive.
Oh, hi there.” She brushes her hair off of her shoulder and offers a smile, “Shame all of the welcome wagons aren’t as fit as you.
Daciana Draculesti 07/16/18 Krissy-poo
Hah! Should we play some Aerosmith?
You have more than enough snacks to go around. I don't know how you're not as wide as you are tall.
Daciana Draculesti 07/15/18 Krissy-poo
I knew it! No way for you to be that pretty without magic of sorts involved. Wouldn't it be a woman you saw in your dreams if we want to accurately turn it around? Details, you know.
This animal fight club sounds serious. I hope no one gets hurt.
Daciana Draculesti 07/10/18 Krissy-pooh
Age does that, I hear. Or maybe you're the male version of Sleeping Beauty. You have the right hair and eye color. We both know some legends and fairytales are true.
Animal fight club. Classic. My life would be incomplete without you in it.
Daciana Draculesti 07/10/18 Krissy-pooh
Hmm... maybe I'll stop by.
Have you ever considered running a zoo? Where do you find all of them?
Daciana Draculesti 07/10/18 Krissy-pooh
I'm thinking about getting a puppy.
Daciana Draculesti 06/20/18 Not Brother
I love fish. Seafood in general, but not a fan of fishing. It's much better to let someone else do the work.
I'll pay this time.
Daciana Draculesti 06/19/18 Not Brother
Inquiring minds. I'm shocked you didn't keep them for the sake of nostalgia.
Neither, sadly. Maybe I'll run into him again. If not there are many fish in the sea.
Speaking of, I'm famished. Free for dinner?
Daciana Draculesti 06/19/18 Not Brother
Right. How many notches do you have on your bedpost these days, hmm?
Sport or not, I am a professional! The cute one here didn't complain, except for my manners, and that's a legit complaint.
Daciana Draculesti 06/19/18 Not Brother
Challenge accepted.
There goes that ego again. Maybe they make you think they've changed their tune only because they want to get you in bed. Some women are master manipulators. As are some men. Which is why I'm single!
And because I can play grabass with random awkward men.
Daciana Draculesti 06/19/18 Not Brother
Is that so? Sounds like a challenge to me.
There absolutely are women who deserve it. I think they avoid you because they sense you're not a sucker. Generally speaking.
I ran into an adorable man here. He was flustered during our little chat after I tried to pick his pocket. So cute.
Daciana Draculesti 06/19/18 Not Brother
Puh-leeze. You would cave if I bat my eyelashes at you enough.
Women always like you. They'd like you even if you were a d-ck because you're pretty enough.
Daciana Draculesti 06/19/18 Not Brother
Men in this city are easily enchanted by pretty blue eyes and a foreign accent. It's come in very handy.
Quinn Abernathy 06/04/18 You know what? You look like someone who enjoys a good show.
Daciana Draculesti 05/29/18 -laughs-
"See? Easy target. You probably wanted that butt touch!"
Daciana Draculesti 05/29/18 "Your head will explode if your ego gets any larger. Can't blame me for going after an easy target..."
Daciana Draculesti 05/27/18 Hunter Extraordinaire
Given how women flock after you, it wouldn't surprise me.
There's the hunter I know and love! See you in the next couple days.
Daciana Draculesti 05/27/18 Hunter Extraordinaire
My dad's dad jokes are far superior. He's also, you know, a dad.
This hunt has you getting sentimental on me. It or something else. Regardless, I'll always have your back, too.
Daciana Draculesti 05/27/18 Hunter Extraordinaire
Your dad jokes are an affront to my good sense of humor.
There are fewer of us than there are of them. We are a dying breed. Not a comforting thought.
Daciana Draculesti 05/27/18 Hunter Extraordinaire
Gee, lucky me.
Thanks dad!
Daciana Draculesti 05/27/18 Hunter Extraordinaire
A doozy? Must be serious.
I'll catch the next flight. Been restless lately anyway.
Daciana Draculesti 05/27/18 Hunter Extraordinaire
Yes, that might be awkward.
A hunt, you say? You have my attention. Give me a time and location. I'll be there.
Daciana Draculesti 05/26/18 Hunter Extraordinaire
You were always too pretty for your own good.
Sister is alive and well.
Let's see... rogue shapeshifter caught me by surprise but I didn't slip my skin the following full moon and he's dead, so it's a fair trade.
Daciana Draculesti 05/26/18 Hunter Extraordinaire
It has been.
Pick up any new, impressive scars?
Or relentless women?
Caitlyn Darrow 05/26/18 The face is something she has seen before, causing the redhead girl to pause mid stride. Head cants to the side curiously as she murmurs aloud, "Your face.. it's so familiar. Orange juice?" She perked up offering the stranger a taste from her supply.
Seraphina Morning Star 05/22/18 Welcome to the realm. Hope to see you around.
Briahne Dancescu 05/22/18 You're very welcome. IF there's anything I can do to at least point you in a decent direction, please let me know and I will.
Briahne Dancescu 05/20/18 Welcome to the Realm, hope you hang around awhile.
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