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Born: August 06, 2016 Forum Topics Started: 15
Race: Witch Forum Posts / Replies: 80
Affiliation: Carpe Noctem Mail Replies Sent: 3765
Home City: London Mail Sent: 188
In Union With: Not in Union Last Login:
Currently Online:
03/22/19 at 9:38 am
Current Mood: Grieving 

Awesome profile creation done by the realms very own Viral Miryam.
Mystic Husky has in fact been in the realm since Sept 18, 2007
You were successful in stealing $168.00 from No Fear Cavalier.

Carpe Noctem is recruiting.
Shoot me a message for more information.
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 Have you seen my Minion Raiding Party?
My Minion Raiding Party can beat up your Minion Raiding Party
My Minion Raiding Party stole all my clothes
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Jameson Orlav

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Jacob Ander Morningstar 03/14/19 *gives hugs* You taught us well.
LillyEmperium 03/13/19 *walking up to her friend, Lilly hugged her gently*
Damian crusher- 03/12/19 Thanks my friend,
Ronan Boru 03/11/19 If you need anything let me know.
Hela Jones 03/10/19 Congratulations on your rank!
Jacob Ander Morningstar 03/10/19 "Congrats to the rank Mama Ava!" Brings her a bottle of the good stuff. "In case you can use a stiff drink."
Angela Emperium 03/09/19 Hugs Momma Ava and smiles big. "Thank you. I think I'm floating on a cloud right now." Then remembered. "Oh yeah a dragon has me.."
Uriel Emperium 03/09/19 "Congrats Momma on the big level 10! Proud of you!"
Crimson Belladonna Jones 03/09/19 Runs around screaming with cheer "she did it! Woo hoo! Yay!!"
Blake Prince 03/09/19 Congrats you deserve it
Angela Emperium 03/09/19 "Congrats so much on ranking! Omg you've worked so hard we gotta have a party!"
Raven D Morningstar 03/09/19 Throws confetti everywhere "congratulations on the rank!! Keep going!"
Ravin 03/09/19 Brings flowers and balloons! Throwing confetti. "Congrats Sis on ranking!" Hands over a wine glass filled with apple juice.
Kyon-gel 02/26/19 Thank you Mystic... it’s been awhile.
Angela Emperium 02/21/19 Runs up to Mama Ava..jumps up and down. "Guess what! Guess What!" Not waiting for her to answer. "Uri's home!" Her eyes full of sparkle again.
Jacob Ander Morningstar 02/21/19 Thanks Boss Lady!
Angela Emperium 02/19/19 Angel grins "I made sure all us teens are set up in the same hall..Also they have keys to their rooms." she giggled. "Won't Uri be surprised? All of in the same home?" Hugging Ava she grins. "Don't worry I already told them we have to go shopping."
Raven D Morningstar 02/18/19 She squeals "sure thing Mrs boss lady!"
Raven D Morningstar 02/18/19 Takes the keys and smiles. "No worries paper work is always killer. But ranks can be auto."
Elessar 02/16/19 SMiling, Elessar replies, "Thank you for the break out, Coven leader of my girlfriend."
Blake Prince 02/16/19 "Will do miss." I spoke as I looked at her
Blake Prince 02/16/19 Looking at her my eyes widened as I walked around her in a circle. "What the... um a pleasure. I'm Blake."
Angela Emperium 02/14/19 Happy Valentines Day! *Gives basket full of goodies* Now to find that son of yours lol I wonder if he forgot.
Elisa Stratten 02/12/19 "Belated congratulations on the gold!"
Amethyst 02/11/19 Hey sis I see your wearing a new color. Looks good on ya.
Esper Valari 02/10/19 Congrats on the orange.
Ravin 02/09/19 Pesky little brat deserved it!
Ravin 02/09/19 You hit the Little Girl for 40 damage. You killed the Little Girl! You gained some of your Agility and most of your Hit Points. You received $9.00 in Blood Money.
Ravin 02/07/19 Gives her a big hug. "Thank you! Good to be home."
Mackenzie 02/07/19 Lookin' good, Ava. :)
LillyEmperium 02/07/19 Congrats
Ronan Boru 02/07/19 Congrats on gold
Crimson Belladonna Jones 02/06/19 Congratulations on your coven!
Ravin 02/06/19 Severel wolf whistles later Ravin grinned. "Damn girl! You are rocking those Golden Robes!" Hugging her tight she stepped back. "It's about time, that's all I have to say."
Averly Amoret 02/06/19 "Thank you for the warm welcome, Mystic. I'll be sure to head in your direction should I seek any advice." It was with a warm smile that the solivagant took your gloved hand in her own, slender fingers wrapping around the soft material. "I'm Averly, Ave for short."
Ravin 02/06/19 Opening her sister's cell door Ravin grinned. "Stop having all the fun without me. You know how much I love trouble."
Amethyst 01/15/19 Hugs
" Congrats on your union..Welcome to the family Sis "
Ronan Boru 01/14/19 Congrats on the union.
Ravin 01/09/19 "You are most welcome M'lady." Offering a slight curtsy she turns to go. It was time to get used to this world again.
Ravin 01/09/19 Making a quick stop along her walk she dropped off a basket of cookies and other treats. Inside the basket was a little note. "Please enjoy."
Uriel Emperium 01/07/19 Plunks own n his butt, while holding baty. "Mommas, I am board!" He says now walking baty across the floor.
Ronan Boru 01/05/19 Alright for now. We are still alive and that is all that matters. For how long that is up to the gods to decide in the end.
Ronan Boru 01/05/19 So I see . How have you been? keeping yourself busy then?
Ronan Boru 01/05/19 Gald to see you out and about. So whats new with you?
Ciaran_M_Boru 01/04/19 Ah good then.
Ciaran_M_Boru 01/04/19 Well hello cousin long time no see.
Raze Wraith 12/20/18 He raises an eyebrow before checking the website, “Hey you may want to go recheck the boards darling...also I take my coffee black, every morning at 5 sharp!”
Athena Maximus 12/18/18 She smiled brightly seeing her. She gave her a soft bow before speaking. “Thank you, it’s great to see you again!”
LillyEmperium 10/16/18 Welcome to Sine Metu
LillyEmperium 10/15/18 *Laughing Lilly smiled* well least it ain't like with Legion, I poke him to make sure he's real. Best to vaca at the islands than in the dirt
LillyEmperium 10/15/18 You look marvelous Ava
LillyEmperium 10/15/18 *walks up to Ava, and gives her a hug*
vamp_goku 06/22/18
EtaineNightBreed 04/10/18 "Welcome to The Basement! Jameson Orlav keeps an excellent assortment of creepy crawlies and nebulous potions!"
LillyEmperium 02/15/18 *smiling softly, she nodded * It was crazy for a bit. Least things have calmed since then
LillyEmperium 02/15/18 *nodding she looked to her friend * Ava, that was Spring Taylor's doing. When she took Alex out. I'm sorry...
Ronan Boru 02/15/18 Yeah more so dead then away in Cancun for a bit.
Ronan Boru 02/15/18 Long time no see cousin. * He smiles softly at her*
LillyEmperium 02/15/18 *Gently she hugged her back as a soft smile crept over her lips* I am good my friend
LillyEmperium 02/14/18 Hey are you doing?
vamp_goku 12/25/17 Marry X-Mas and happy holidays!
Miryam 12/24/17
LillyEmperium 10/01/17 Congrats on ranking Avalon!
LillyEmperium 09/08/17 *seeing a familiar face, Lilly blinked for a moment before she spoke* Ava?
Cassandra Carnivale Jadu 06/06/17 Please help us welcome 2 more new memebers to our family.

 photo pizap.com14967930257721_zpsdljk4hvx.jpg
Ronan Boru 08/07/16 *Blinks* Ava? Welcome back lass.
Ashton Ridire 08/07/16 Welcome back
MysticRose 08/06/16 Welcome back Mystic :)
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