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Born: August 14, 2020 Forum Topics Started: 2 (House only: 2)
Race: Demon Forum Posts / Replies: 99 (House only: 7)
Affiliation: Ordre des Damnes Mail Replies Sent: 89
Home City: London Mail Sent: 11
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11/29/20 at 6:04 pm
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I am not violent.
I am not malicious.
I am a result...

Special Items:
 Midnight Garden Member
Skull dripping blood commemorating the Bloodletting 14th Anniversary
Murder Mystery 2020 - Participant
I took a walk around the Realm for Thanksgiving 2020

Josie Janson's Biography
From the puppet master:

Name:Josie JJ Janson

Age: Lost in the records of time (but think the 30s)

Birthplace:I like to think of Josie as being from the Northern European part of the world, and as being a "foundling."

Race: I play JJ as close to human as possible until she begins to give up more of the goods. I do have a few ideas which might come into play later. She knows about the realm in the sense that she believes there is more between heaven and hell, and certainly more than everyone is able to see at any given time.

Personality:Josie is a cautious one. She likes to partake in people/creature watching and it takes a long time for her to allow people more than basic common interactions. Sometimes I might have her throw caution to the wind, but that is only from scene to scene. Just because she has been seen do something in one place, it does not mean she will always do it and do it everywhere else.

Posting: I will mostly be using the house forum, so please look there. For now it is open to all.

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Katherine Murray

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Calico 10/26/20 Calico had been out walking with her arms wrapped around her slender frame. The murderer had been looking at her as they went past, she had noticed the eyes. Over the years she had seen countless of the most vilest but this one was bad. When she heard a voice behind her and turned then she said wearily "aye, i be seeing dah murderer but not much" she stepped back and lowered her eyes “All I saw were eyes and wicked sharp nails… I did hear multiple voices, if that helps!”
Jude Hawthorne 10/25/20 The day had started off normal by Jude's standards. Get up before sunset. Check her schedule. Do what needs done. Murder wasn't on the docket, but who was she to be picky. As a Hawthorne, she tried to stay well out of the spotlight, at least the one that the cops were always shinin. It was just her luck she was caught in the crosshairs so to speak. What she was doing out by the ocean at that time, who could say? That wasn't the important bit.

The important bit was now, thanks to seeing what she did and being caught in the wrong place at the wrong time, everyone and their mother was comin to her. And not in the usual way. But to ask about what she'd seen. She wasn't too broken up about it and figured there wasn't a reason to withhold information. The cops hadn't asked her to after all.

So when they started approaching, she started chatting away like it was perfectly natural. “Well now, it was just getting dark, you see. I was out on an evening stroll in a manner of speaking. When I came across the damnedest thing. I've seen couples arguing before. That's normal enough. But it escalated so quick. Her pulling out that gun and all. Seemed liked the sort who could kill without prejudice. That sorta vibe.” Jude thought for a moment, tiltin her head to the side. “Had the most beautiful baby blues hidin the beast inside her. Like she was some sort of Goddess in another life.” The woman shrugged. “Shame about the beach being closed. At least it's easy to get blood outta sand.”
__Nyx__ 10/21/20 *While cleaning myself I was approached by a man, asking about what I had seen. My telepathic voice echoes in his head. Being a cat I am able to witness such a grisly act without punishment. No one ever suspects the cat.* Indeed it was gruesome. She was petite and I’m pretty sure she was packing; you’d never think such a pretty little thing could do something like that, but then you never know about people. Her husband could easily be the neatest monster you meet. *I stretch out and resume cleaning my paws.*
Farren Seaver 10/19/20 Farren had been on the hunt for her seal skin when she had come across a murder so foul; it should have made her a little squemish about being out and about like this but when you have a Siren for a mother.... A little death doesn't mean much.

"So, I was out hunting down males, because who else would have taken my seal skin, right? And I thought I had found one that was very sketchy. Young male, maybe late teens. But I was WRONG. That was totally a woman. And wow, was she ever good. The man paid no mind to bleeding everywhere, but kept rambling on and on and on. It was like he was hypnotized. I wonder if she could help me find what I'm looking for. She seemed like she could. If you can find her, that would be helpful to me. And if you see anyone else looking strange with a seal skin..."

Probably keeps rambling as she walks off…
EtaineNightBreed 10/16/20 Etaine NightBreed had The Forge invaded by yet another person. She was about ready to throw in the towel. She wanted to close The Forge for the duration of the questioning and requestioning by the Realm police, detectives and any further busybodies. They had scared potential customers away from the shop. She had to cancel a display of her designer line of Jewelry. Other shops had cancelled their orders and she was about to punch someone in the face. Her hand clutched the stone in her pocket and she knew how that murderer felt by being bothered by those 'Karens' She was ready to kill a Karen herself but she refrained herself.

She brightened up a bit when she saw a woman enter The Forge. "Welcome to The Forge!"

She heard the words. "Mrs. Nightbreed.. The news reports say you were the unlucky one. Do you have any clues to share with the lucky ones?" There would be no sales today...only more questions and more people asking them. She went into the spiel she had told the other woman who had questioned her.

"I witnessed the murder. The murderer is insane. Glaring red eyes. He wanted to do more than throw a rock...I think. But his actions were interrupted by me. He had fangs and those fingernails....He 's out for murdering women who are Karens. I was in the club you know having a Bloody Mary and I was watching him and those women. I have never seen such 'bitchies' knew the entilted dregs called Karens.... He bought their drinks and he served one of them a rock. He said the word straw."

Etaine looked at the woman. "Did he mean the last straw. Or did he mean I was next? Well there was a scent of herbs in the area as soon he fled the scene or did I flee the scene as well?"
Mary Shelley 10/14/20 "A truck probably would have been far more humane." Mary could have tried to explain that she was only trying to find new subject material when she was tailing two men from a bar; but that would require too much time. People wanted the meat of it, the information on the killer.

“I’m pretty sure he was an American, the accent seems to lead that way and judging by the way he swung that ax, I’d say he was a sociopath. Or psychopath. I can never get those two right, maybe you’ll figure it out. Oh, you do have your work cut out for you. I do remember seeing an old book, it looked like a bible. Maybe it was a cult thing… regardless, I’m pretty sure this guy, with or without a pulpit, would demand blind devotion.”
Siobhan Boru 10/12/20 Siobhan looked at the person speaking to her. This was erie she never saw nothing like this before.

“I didn’t see much, I tell ya, but what I did would leave you scratching your head. Ever see a cat disappear in a fiery burst? No? Well, that could have just been her hair.”
Kayla Holloway 10/10/20 For someone to be so joyous about death was alarming. She scarcely believed it when she saw it with her own eyes. This was a different sort of killer. Cerulean hues shot to Josie as she approached. And she nodded. "Yes. I'm not sure what to make of it. I was headed home after a walk. She was singing as she worked this guy over the cliff; it's pretty clear that this woman has embraced her abilities." She shrugged, she didn't know much else. "I have to wonder if she was a professional... singer, that is."
Silviana Balkan 10/09/20 The buckles on her straight jacket were starting to pinch her back... trying to wiggle to get them comfortable... form afar probably looked like she was being possessed... adding more to her crazy then intended... Silviana was enjoying the murders as of late.. . running around the realm trying to solve them, catching a murderer... someone cruel enough... someone to her liking... she never thought she would be a witness to one so soon. SO close... only glass window between her and that warm blood. Her thick skull plastered around the room. Standing outside the window Silviana could barely make anything out other than blonde hair bits ... not really sure there was much a head left… she couldn’t tell if she was falling in love... or falling off the wagon.. .. damn he was pretty... Silviana’s brain mush... by the time the cops came to get information out of her... she was frozen ... they thought shock... but really she was lost in her own mind... replaying the glorious murder on repeat .. A voice approached her… pulling her back out of the loop... She stopped her wiggling... her devilish grin on her face…. She responded “He’s so pretty, that smile could drive anyone wild; however, I really think he’s got issues with blondes. Or he just really, really, really likes them.” A chuckle came out as she spoke seeing the women in front of her looking her up and down... the crazy was practically written on Silviana... “good thing im not blonde ha”
Honoria Louviere 10/08/20 Nora had gotten used to the strangers stopping her for information, it seemed like everyone was on the hunt for the murderous woman in the woods. At least this one had a body and didn't make her question her sanity.

"Why, yes, I did see what happened in the woods! I was out taking photographs and minding my own business when I stumbled upon such a gruesome scene. She killed her friends. My mother always said I'd know the devil's handiwork when I saw it and I have to say, this was definitely Satan...only prettier."
Rune 09/15/20 You managed to break out Josie Janson.

"You too, eh? Let's make a break for it!"
Nina Parrish 09/06/20 You managed to break out Josie Janson. New Orleans Dungeon RUN!
Daxx- 09/01/20

Daxx walks up to the newest member of the Realm and bows gracefully. The Pirate King smiled and spoke softly. "Welcome to the Realm. Have some Rum on me. If you should need any help please feel free to ask. My friends call Daxx. If you require a home please feel free to talk to me about one."
Elizabeth Hawkins 08/31/20 "Welcome Josie to the Order of the Damned. I call us the ODD squad!"
Shannon Taylor 08/31/20 She almost missed it, the soft scraping against the wall as she hurried herself out of the dungeon. Pausing, she turned to the sound, peering behind the heavy door to see the young figure there. Slipping the special key she had made into the lock, she quickly heard the small click of the bolt move. Opening the door just enough, she allowed the light to shine in on the girl, letting her know freedom was at hand.
You managed to break out Josie Janson.
Naberius Reum 08/28/20 You managed to break out Josie Janson.

*Steps from the shadows to the jail gate. A finger against his lips in a shh motion. Winks as he pulls out his lock picking kit. Fingers and wrists turn expertly as he makes short work of the mechanism. Door swings open. Slips back into the shadows just as quietly.*
Ariadne 08/26/20 You're welcome!
Ariadne 08/26/20 Hey! Welcome to Bloodletting! Sorry I'm late! If you need any help just let me know!
Elizabeth Hawkins 08/16/20 Welcome to the Realm! I am Liza!
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