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08/18/18 at 9:58 am
Asherah's Biography
Mermaid. Water Fae. Maiden of the Sea.

How many names does her kind have? More than she can count. Though she wonders how many are left.

Born and raised in the Tasman Sea, that is Asherah's home. Though that was nearly 90 years ago. Now? There seems to be nothing of her old home save for the Coral reefs her tribe had tended. Certainly mermaids were nomadic but to leave completely?

Her heart has been satisfied of its urge to travel, now she simply wishes to find herself a more permanent home.

Name: Asherah
Age: 120 (Appears to be about 27)
Personality: Grounded, thoughtful, goes with the flow.
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Li Kuroda


Last five threads posted in:
Noire 06/29/18 Noire shook her head, as if to say all was well. " I understand, My Dear One. No need for apologies here." She had noticed a new book in Asherah's hands, and made note to read it later herself. The mention of a swim had gotten Noire to lean in a bit and smile warmly. " Come to think of it...I haven't been out for a swim in ages. I'd much prefer to do that, indeed." Looking up towards the moon, Noire spoke just above a whisper. "Where to?"
Noire 06/29/18 Noire, having been out and about for the night, decided to make a quick stop to her new friend. Gently approaching, she smiled. "Asherah...How goes the night?"
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