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Zahrah Mubarack 04/01/20 She returned his smile with one of her own and extended her hand. A handshake; firm and friendly. "Thank you. I'm Zahrah Mubarack. If I have any questions I will definitely reach out to you. But I'll save your ears and send a text instead of a song!"
Zander 03/31/20 Sounds like a good time to me. And do forgive my manners I am Zander. Say friend do you like chaos and mischief?
Zander 03/31/20 Looking over my shoulder thank you mate. Let's hope we can make this a better place. His grin widened as he spoke.
Naberius Reum 03/31/20 Ghosts? Greeeeaaat. Hopefully they wouldn't be related to the mystères that the Voodoo god back home was associated. The spirits usually picked on Naberius like it was their life's mission. Annoying was an understatement.

"Sorry, name's Naberius. Thanks for the info." With a nod to the other man, the demon turned to head toward the house to find his missing female companion.
Naberius Reum 03/31/20 Naberius paused his advancement into the Coven as the other man greeted him. A nod of his head, as he spoke. "Thanks Manannán, the welcome is appreciated. You haven't by chance seen a raven haired woman with emerald green eyes walk through here yet, have you? Seems we got separated by the chaos of the last couple of days."
Ice Queen 03/31/20 "Thank ye manny for dah welcome to dis place"
EtaineNightBreed 03/31/20 "Thank you." Etaine smiled softly at the man. "I am Etaine or Etain as my old clan named me. I am a jeweler by trade. Should you require anything."
Kyla 03/03/20 Manandán
Táim ag smaoineamh ar mo neamhbhásmhaireacht a fhorghéilleadh. Dealraíonn sé amaideach tar éis an ama seo go léir, ach is í an fhírinne go bhfuil mé an-tuirseach. Ar mhothaigh tú mar an gcéanna riamh?
Katherine Murray 02/26/20 Oi. Gods.

It was an absolute struggle to not roll her eyes heavenward, but instead she chose to let a smile widen across her elven features; Gods, seriously. If this one had jokes like bowing, there was no way he ever needed to be around Nicky. Man.

There would be no living peacefully or easily in the swamp now. It would be far easier to answer the question. To talk. She could do it. Kat just… one track mind. Gods. Dammit.

”Yes, there is a lot of old, some would say ancient powers that grace this land. Though, some of it is just simply the inhabitants.” And there it was. A rare smile to light up the cerulean gaze. Shocking, as it were. Katherine rarely smiled at anyone.

”We’ve lived here since coming to Louisiana. Almost everyone else has chosen to build their own as well. I’ll visit the house, some. Truth though…the ghosts are irritated by my husband. The shack is easier.”

So was she. Irritated by her husband. But no real need in saying that.
Katherine Murray 02/25/20 ”Why is it always the blasted Irish?”

Did she mean to say it outloud? Probably. That was all Katherine. She really didn’t have a filter and it had certainly grown worse over the last few months; but on the upside, the words that tumbled out, were not said with hostility or anger. To be perfectly honest, one would really have to know the Scot to understand the humor and… well, one could say care that laced those words.

It would also not go unnoticed by the woman, his name, it may have differed slightly in her myths and legends, but there was really no mistaken it. Though, she was careful to not mention it; Katherine Murray had her fill of Gods lately. This was just getting to the point of ridiculousness.

”Katherine… though, if you’re knocking on my door and not looking for Nic, I suppose you already know that… Manny. I’m sure we’ll enjoy the Whisky. Are you finding our swamps to your liking?”

SEE. She can totally be nice. Most of the time.
Katherine Murray 02/11/20 She wasn’t much for one to stay in the shack much, not since her husband been snatched away in the middle of an argument, but now that Nicolas was back and resumed his studying at the plantation, Katherine was being rather snotty and would return to the shack.

That is, unless he followed her here. Then, she’d go back to the big house. It was terrible and awful and all of those things. But it was them. They’d eventually kill one another or just try to and everything would be right in the world again. For now, she’d wonder why there was a giant standing at their shack; not that she knew anyone around here except for those few she had met, so it would be safe to say Katherine obviously thought they were here for Nicky. A delicate cough, a stomp or two though the mud; no point in sneaking up from behind and scaring them and while funny, it wasn’t terribly neighborly and everyone knows Kat was always a neighbor. Or something like that.

Are you looking for Nicky?”
Kyla 01/17/20 "Aye, I know." This time the small smile was genuine; a shadow of her normal self, but it was there. "You're the only one now who might understand my position."

Kyla took a deep, grounding breath. "A night out sounds fabulous. I haven't gotten good and drunk in..." She let out a surprised laugh. "I can't recall. That means it's overdue. Well? Shall we go drink these young pups under the table?"
Kyla 01/14/20 The ring she'd worn for less than a year and already Kyla felt naked without it, in a way she couldn't remember experiencing before. For such a small object, it meant a great deal.

"Such is the way of the world, as we both know." She offered up a small, forced smile. "Your presence is enough." The smile fell. "I've also left the coven. It felt wrong to stay, all things considered."

Kyla considered saying more but didn't.
Kyla 01/06/20 Despite having found common ground the prior year, there were still both boundaries and uncertainties between them. They were also stubborn and strong willed, but this was one of the rare moments in Kyla's long life she wanted a familiar, (mostly) friendly face, and a shoulder to lean on. "No, no one to kill."

She sighed, glanced down, and looked back up. Her fingers flexed and relaxed. "Not everyone gets their 'happily ever after,' do they?"
Kyla 01/03/20 "You as well. I was making sure you were paying attention. You didn't disappoint." Kyla's normally warm smile failed to meet her eyes. "It's good to see you, Manandán."
mist 12/23/19
Mackenzie 11/24/19 Old Man Ireland
You'd make a great Hercules.
Mackenzie 11/15/19 Old Man Ireland
That you singing that drinking song?
Lark Harper 10/06/19 The poor gal was flustered, embarassed by her own lack of awareness that she simply worries her lower lip with her teeth, an attempt to not hyperventilate even as she worked to gather each sheet, careful to not overly smudge the pencil marks upon the pages.

""I, uhm, yeah. I mean, yes. Music. I... I dabble. Okay, no, that isn't exactly true. Before I became aware I was a classically trained Opera singer. I have learned to play several instruments but I prefer the piano, followed by a close second in the violin. " Lark offers a shy smile, tucking the pages together and then tucking a strand of hair behind an ear.

" Thank you...? Oh, where are my manners? I'm Lark, Lark Harper. Mack sometimes calls me her Songbird." Poor gal, easily flustered and known to blush at the littlest of things. Cue said blush.
Lark Harper 10/04/19 It had been difficult for the songbird to become accustomed to having knowledge of this Other world that had been hidden from the normality of human kind, but she seemed to have managed it, even if it did come with aid from the Coven leader. Ah, Mackenzie, she really is a great gal.

Distraction saw the darkly tressed young woman accidentally bumping into a fellow Coven member, the pages of marked papers falling from her grasp to which she begins to apologize profusely, carefully crouching down as best as modest skirts would allow to gather up the sheet music.

"I am so sorry! I'm such a clumsy person. Mack keeps telling me to get my head out of the clouds, er... well out of my music but I seem to have not quite heeded that just yet."
LillyEmperium 09/12/19 * from a darken corner in the hallway Lilly stood waiting before calling out* something for you... *At the first sign of movement she lobbed a balloon full of paint as she said* tag..... you're it
LillyEmperium 09/10/19 *chuckling Lilly Lilly looked to him* Darlin I think he did....give her lil time, try to win her back...
LillyEmperium 09/10/19 Sincerity... sincerity....sincerity... patience..... communication....chocolate.... wine and flowers sometimes help too....
LillyEmperium 09/09/19 *softly she chuckled* no harm, no foul dear. No offense taken. However by the sounds of things, I take it things didn't go well with the misses
LillyEmperium 09/09/19 *with a soft chuckle, Lilly nodded* Manannán, you know of my husband but do not recall my name? I think your being bit silly now. My name is Lilly. You're welcome, should you need any help feel free to ask
LillyEmperium 09/09/19 Welcome to the coven, should you need anything feel free to ask
Mackenzie 09/07/19 -Mouth agape-
-May be staring-
-Swallows, lifts bottle-
Sláinte, indeed.
-Takes a hearty drink of magic whiskey-
It would be very much an honor to have the Protector of my home and provider of whiskey as part of collection...
Mackenzie 09/03/19 -Squints-
For Ireland..
-Tilts head slightly-
And how do you feel about living for the Irish?
-Pauses, shakes head-
That... I'm Mackenzie.
Virelai Tylwyth 09/03/19 Yule grinned and canted her head to the side. "I'd be happy to do so. I'll keep an eye out and do what I can if I happen to come across her."

She stepped back a little more and stared after him as he disappeared at an almost alarming speed down the corridor, taking her own time to make her way out of the dungeon.
Virelai Tylwyth 09/03/19 "Ah..." Yule paused and turned, tilting her head ever so slightly to the side. She looked at him, really looked rather than playing the part of a ghost who came and went, and smiled. "I too spend much time here reflecting. This world," She made a sweeping gesture with her hand and her smile became just a little bit twisted, "It makes for a difficult home. So easy to make mistakes."

A low, thoughtful hum vibrated in the back of her throat as she clasped her hands behind her back once more, rocking onto the balls of her feet briefly before settling her stance. "I am certain your strength will return to you."

She held out her ungloved hand then, rather than the bloodied one. "Manannán is a strong name. My name is Yule. It is a pleasure to meet you."
Virelai Tylwyth 09/03/19 Yule hummed a strange tune as she walked down the corridor. Earlier she had broken open a redheaded woman's cell and had spent most of the evening toying with the dungeon locks. Whatever it was she had left behind with that carnage she had created the night before gave her more strength than she had expected. She flexed her fingers and stepped up to the door of another cell.

Still humming, she stripped off one of her black gloves and ran her fingertips against the lock of this man's cell, watching ice form and crystallize until the entirety of the lock was covered inside and out. Once again, she jammed the heel of her hand against the padlock and watched it shatter before stepping back and tugging the cell door open. It felt like deja vu.

Giving a similar bow, leveling her gaze to look at the man, she smiled sharply. "They have awful accommodations, don't you think?" Straightening up, she clasped her hands behind her back, her drifting gate returning her to the mostly shadowed halls. Glancing over her shoulder, Yule's smile widened. "Hopefully you didn't have to be caught her long. Good luck to you."

You managed to break out Manannán mac-Lir.
Mackenzie 09/02/19 I've been deceived.
Where, then, were your born?
Please don't say Scotland.
-Sips and stares-
Mackenzie 09/02/19 -Holds up bottle-
-Edges just a tiny bit closer-
-Sniffs at-
Ugh. You smell like Kerry.
Mackenzie 09/02/19 -squints-
-gasps, catches-
Sweet nectar of my life...
Mackenzie 09/02/19 -throws potato at-
Ciaran_M_Boru 09/01/19 "You are in some serious trouble then Manny. Good luck with that."
Virelai Tylwyth 09/01/19 It must have been happenstance that had Yule back in the dungeon once more her icy hands - cold to the touch even through the gloves she wore - fiddling with a pair of lockpicks outside of an occupied cell. This time, it did not take her long to pop the lock open and pull it loose. She did not speak, her mind fuzzy as her thoughts drifted, but she did swing the door open in silent invitation to freedom. Her eyes darted down the musty corridors and she bowed her head slightly, keeping her gaze slanted away from the cell's occupant, speaking at last.

"Best be gone before the others arrive. Good luck to you." And then she turned on her heel and strode down the hall, deeper into the labyrinth of the cells.

You managed to break out Manannan mac-Lir.
LillyEmperium 09/01/19 Thank you dear. Harlowe...ah yes red hair. Just seen her. *Points towards the direction she came from* she was looking for you dear.
Virelai Tylwyth 09/01/19 Yule stood, tucking the worn wooden rune back in its bag, and stood. Casting a final, almost longing, glance at the grave she waved her hand. The spider vanished in a puff of white smoke, returning to her once again, and she made her way back to the more frequented part of the graveyard.

She pulled the note that had appeared during her visit from her pocket and read it again, a smile tugging at her lips. It seemed even she could still be surprised by the happenings within the Realm. Always expect the unexpected. She thought, bringing the note up to her nose.

The scent of magic was faint, but it was there, a subtle and almost cold sort or scent - at least to her. And she allowed herself a moment to wonder what other surprises the Realm had in store for her, before she set off searching once more.
Matt Boru 09/01/19 Something like that yeah. So it seems.
Matt Boru 09/01/19 "Aye Ronan Boru is my father. how do you know him exactaly"
Ciaran_M_Boru 09/01/19 Welcome back lad.
LillyEmperium 09/01/19 Welcome back
Daxx- 09/01/19

Daxx walks up to the newest member of the Realm. The Eternal Embrace Pirate smiled. "Welcome to the Realm. Have some Rum on me."
Shadwyn Drake 09/01/19 Welcome to the realm!
Virelai Tylwyth 09/01/19 Humming softly, Yule was rustling through a desk in the sparsely furnished apartment – searching for paper and a pen – when a little, leather-bound black book came zipping across the room towards her head. Without looking in the direction of it, she caught the corner and sat up, setting the piece of parchment and the pen she had found on the flat surface of the desk.

With a soft sigh, she opened the buttery leather cover and ran her finger down the page, scrolling along the list tucked inside. It seemed there were new arrivals come to the Realm and she, in her own way, had decided to welcome them. Though she had no association or status herself, a man who had been kind enough to help her had said that if she were able, she pay that kindness forward. And so she had decided to do just that.

Pen and book in hand, she wrote a short note in elegantly looping script across two of the pieces of paper. Enclosing a small gift and sealing each of them with a blob of hot red wax, she stamped a spindly flower into its center and sent them off with a wave of her hand. It wasn't much, but perhaps it would help them along on their journeys. The letters would arrive at their intended destination one way or another, even though there were no names or addresses to guide them. She knew that this was a more impersonal greeting but she hoped it would be enough to keep her word.
Matt Boru 09/01/19 ~Matt looks at the male~ You’re a tuatha de dannan. Welcome to the realm. My grand mother is Brigit the fire goddess. One of Aunt’s is The Morrigan. I am Matthew Kian Boru. If you should need any help please let me know and I will help if I can.
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