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Doom Bringer
Born: September 11, 2017 Forum Topics Started: 1
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Quinn Abernathy

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New YorkPsalm 23:4
Created by The Reverend
Quinn Abernathy 10/14/17 Friday. Quinn wracks her brain for a moment as she considers her duties here at the commune. Glancing around the small schoolhouse, she counts the heads idly before making up her mind. It's been too long since she did her duty at VM. Gideon would understand.

From: Quinn Abernathy
Perfect. I look forward to it, Abel.
Quinn Abernathy 10/14/17 An amused sort of wince escapes her as he calls out what she isn't. The man isn't wrong, but if he know Quinn's husband... well. Maybe by association.

From: Quinn Abernathy
Can't say that I am. Spitfire Coffee on St. Peter Street? How does 3pm, work? Whatever day works for you.
Quinn Abernathy 10/14/17 Studying the message, she can't help the quiet giggle that escapes her. Swipe left. Quinn would clearly have to teach this man a thing or two about Tinder.

From: Quinn Abernathy
You seem nice. Like, not an ax murderer. Would you like to grab a cup of coffee sometime?
Quinn Abernathy 10/14/17 The alert pops up on her phone, and Quinn instantly perks up. It isn't often that she is on the receiving end of things. Actually, this is the first time, without counting Ella. So, intrigued, she thumbs through the man's profile and recognizes him shortly thereafter.

She swipes, and then moves to open up a new private message.

From: Quinn Abernathy
Haven't seen you for a while! 🙂
Marcie Mitchell 09/17/17 Marcie had a way of finding out people. Perhaps staring through the lens of a camera for so long she began to not only notice the little details when snapping a photo. Soon enough she realized that the tiny movements of others weren't just a compulsion. No, they were keys. Keys to the secrets they hid inside.

Her sea glass green eyes gazed into his, searching for something. "What is your story?" they seemed to ask. Observing him was never meant with malice. She was merely trying to protect herself. Too many times she had been tricked by a faulty facade.

Abel. The name slipped from her head into her thoughts. The sight hesitance of Abel's voice made Marcie tense. Only for a moment though, for his gesture quickly calmed her nerves. "I guess so. Acquaintances, shall we say?" A warm smile spread across her face.
Mackenzie 09/14/17 Chatty, too. I like it.
Marcie Mitchell 09/13/17 She returned a soft giggle, tilting her head slightly to the side. "Perhaps." Marcie bit her crimson coloured lip. "I'll start. I'm Marcie Mi-" she hesitated. A full name was not something to openly share, especially to a stranger. "Marcie. And you are?" Her slender eyebrow raised.
Marcie Mitchell 09/11/17 Welcome. I would offer assistance, but then again I don't even know you.
Quinn Abernathy 09/11/17
Bree Ravencroft 09/11/17 The Reverend?
Please tell me you're not the son of Father Pat...
*shivers at the memory*
Anyway, welcome to the realm.
Camille Hammond 09/11/17 I can't figure out if that glint in your eye is crazed and deranged or simply... conviction. Either way, you'll fit right in. Welcome.
Mackenzie 09/11/17 Christ. You look terrifying.
Raven Dragoon 09/11/17 Whisper from the shadows "from one new member to another.. Welcome to the realm!"
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