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“I slept with faith and found a corpse in my arms on awakening;
I drank and danced all night with doubt and found her a virgin in the morning.”

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Soleil Whitaker 08/15/17 New Number: Tucker
Yes, hello!
Answers for you, hopefully.
Elouise Orlav 08/14/17 It’s impossible to be stealthy when you’re 6’0 of gangly limbs, but agility is on Elouise’s side. Recently, she’s dedicated her energy to making Tucker’s life as inconvenient as possible. It’s how she endears herself to the people in her life, after all. Catching sight of Solomon King’s younger, uglier brother, she creeps up behind him, fingers immediately dishing into his back pocket to grab his wallet. “Hey, Tasha.” She states with a smirk, plucking out the wad of cash stuffed into leather folds. “I’m going on a taco run. Thanks for pitching it!”

She’s already backpedaling, a toothy grin on her lips. “What’s yours is mine, after all!”

You were successful in stealing $57.00 from Tucker Reid.
Alice Monroe 08/14/17 Alice’s charmingly bloodshot eyes focused on the man huffing and cussing just under his breath as he stomped off toward the door, smelling strongly of Jameson. She scoffed audibly, wiping the thin sheen of the dark liquor from her right hand upon her jeans. “Oh, go buy some tampons you whiny b+tch.”

Having some trouble?

Alice turned halfway to see who’d spoken to her, finding a fairly tall, umber haired man behind her. Still clutching the cheap booze in one hand, she pushed the stringy wisps of unkempt hair from her forehead. “Uh… yeah. Habitually.”

Loud, heavily accented yelling erupted from the end of the aisle, and Alice flinched at the jarring interruption before waving him off with a long suffering grouse. “It’s fine Pratyush, I’ll f+cking pay you for it.” The ease with which she navigated the syllables of the Indian man’s name despite the slight slur told a story of a long and loyal patronage.

Shaking a foot to relieve it of some of the shards of glass, she turned back to the man behind her. Her nose wrinkled slightly. “You know you smell like a f+cking morgue, right?” Ever the class act. Her manners depended heavily on her level of piss-drunk.
Alice Monroe 08/14/17 Alice liked to treat hangovers like an Olympic sport. Outrun them for as long as possible, until eventually she ended up sleeping for three days straight. At this point, her eyes were nearly the same shocking shade of red as her hair. That didn’t stop her from making her way down from her crappy little apartment to the liquor store that was about half a block away. Time for some hair of the dog.

Unsurprisingly, the combination of sleep deprivation and a carefully maintained level of inebriation did nothing for her coordination. As she pulled the bottle of the cheapest whisky she could find from the shelf, she managed to knock over the one next to it, sending it to the floor where it shattered and sprayed across both her legs and those of the man passing near her.

“God dammit!” She practically spat, stepping back to survey the damage to her jeans. Alice quickly realized that she’d made a mess of the man’s legs as well. “Sh+t, I’m sorry…”
Ella Donovan 08/13/17 ~*~ Ella wheeled the small luggage bag behind her. Currently engrossed with the screen of her phone, and reading the updates on her extradited flight to go meet James. She busied herself swiping her finger to the messages pinging at her. Then she ran into something firm. Human. With a subtle look at the crotch area, it was a man. ~*~

''Sh!t. Sh!t. My bad, sorry! Well. Hi there. Um..'' ~*~ With a fastened turn of her head she could tell that she no doubt lost her way. Why use the phone? When she can use the human pole standing in front of her. He was handsome, but she didn't see a ring - not exactly her type.. but.. she had time. She posed the question and tugged the buds from her ears to hear the man's response. ~*~

''Can you point me in the direction of the airport?''
Elouise Orlav 08/13/17 Tucker Warrock
I've always had a thing for Nicholas Cage.
You'll just have to do.
Elouise Orlav 08/13/17 Tucker/Husband
Warrock is my maiden name.
You should know this. We're married.
Elouise Orlav 08/13/17 Tucker
So am I going to be Elouise Reid or are you going to be Tucker Warrock??
Diana Winchester 08/13/17 The world inside Diana's mind was far more interesting than the war riddled realm that existed. Rather unexpectedly she was pulled back to reality with a foreign hand on her backside. She wasn't equipped to deal with these type of scenarios. With a slow turn of her head towards the man she blinked slowly.

Come on, Diana. You can slay this. Tell him to bugger off.

Instead she shuffled an invisible weight between her legs, and murmured almost inaudibly. "Sir. Refrain from touching my gluteus maximus."

Lifting a hand outward against her internal wishes, she motioned a circular shape in the air. "Distance yourself." The whispered voice inside her head groaned.

Tucker Reid just failed at stealing money from you!
Elouise Orlav 08/12/17 Tucker/Husband
Goddamn right.
You'll give in eventually.
I'm quite charming.
Elouise Orlav 08/12/17 Tucker
Marry me and found out.
Elouise Orlav 08/12/17 Tucker
I only share my alcohol with spouses.
Elouise Orlav 08/12/17 Tucker
Fine, come over.
This is a date.
Jk. Ew. But seriously. Bring tequila.
Elouise Orlav 08/12/17 Tucker
If I win do we get married for real?
Elouise Orlav 08/12/17 Tucker
Sounds like we're in a polygamous relationship. Because I am also married to nachos and tequila.
Which means we're married already.
Elouise Orlav 08/12/17 Tucker
My husband is dead???
Hence the proposal?
Elouise Orlav 08/12/17 Tucker
No, bish. This is not a game or a trap.
Are we getting hitched or naw?
Elouise Orlav 08/12/17 Taylor
Two, actually.
Third time's the charm?
Elouise Orlav 08/11/17 Taystee
Do you want to get married?
Elouise Orlav 07/30/17 "Good. Me neither." She snorted, lifting a hand to scratch idly at her cheek. She observed Tucker in silence, leaning over to grab another shot from the table. She had spent so long making up new names for him, she wasn't actually certain if 'Tucker' was his given name. Oh well.

After kicking back yet another shot, she leaned into the comfort of the sofa, now apparently at ease. "So..." What the f*ck was his name? "Tracy. Right? Anyways." Smooth. "The only real rules I have around here are that you don't eat my Cheetos, you don't f*ck my sister-in-law, and you don't drink my Kool-Aid. It's spiked with all sorts of sh*t. Don't want you to die."
Elouise Orlav 07/26/17 Leave it to Elouise to let the interesting people in. At least the man knew how to hold his liquor. Otherwise, the evening would be over rather expediently. "At least you're an obedient weird-o." She cleared her throat. "For the record, you're under no obligation to actually spend time with me. But, it was either you, or another night spend with Cheech, Chong, and Wolverine." For the record, Cheech and Chong were the dogs, and Wolverine, naturally, her son, but she would offer zero explanations on this front.

With another easy movement, she knocked back another shot.
Winter Summers 07/26/17 To say Winter was bored would be an understatement. His blue hues glanced left then right. They settled on a male, Winter couldn't see his face but that wasn't important. He moved quickly his hand sliding into the other males pocket pulling out his wallet.
You were successful in stealing $248.00 from Tucker Reid.

"Oh you must like me." Winter pocketed the money and held the mans wallet out to him. A charming smile on his face, he flicked his cigarette that was in the other hand. "Really shouldn't carry this much money someone might steal it."

Oh how Winter amused himself, at least this encounter should entertain him slightly. Who would be okay with someone just taking their money?
Elouise Orlav 07/25/17 "Moderately handsome strangers, thank you. I don't keep company with uggos." She shuffled over, hands full with two shots apiece. "My husband is a f*cking monster, my only friend is a sex-addicted lesbian, and you're what's left. See my dilemma?" She smirked, kicking back a shot with ease.

"What's your excuse, assh*le?"
Elouise Orlav 07/25/17 The blonde chooses to mull over her drink. For all of ten extra seconds. The agave fluid was a refreshing sensation as it spilled over the back of her throat. "Just remember, it's 100 percent your choice. Looking at old man d*cks all day. Just sayin'." Her next move, of course, is to prepare shots. It's done in her same methodical silence.

"So, are you a social leper? Is that why you're stuck drinking with me? Shouldn't getting chlamydia from a Russian stripper?"
Elouise Orlav 07/25/17 Cerulean eyes blinked slowly. Mortician. That would have been of some use in the past several days. With the number of bodies she'd gone through, it would have been easier to have used him. Unassuming or not. That thought, however, is kept solely in the reserves of her mind. Mindlessly, she shifted over towards the cabinet, procuring two glorious, boot-shaped glasses. Classic.

"I can't say I prefer human company often. Sometimes, however, it's necessary." She tapped her temple. "The baby is fun, and all, but the cute little b*stard can't hold a conversation for sh*t." She offered one of the glasses in Tucker's direction then. "I guess you're not that f*cked up." She knitted her brow. Weird. "How many naked old people have you seen? Oh. Gross. A lot. Definitely a lot."
Elouise Orlav 07/25/17 She jerked a thumb towards the closet across the room. "Definitely another one in there." Arms full, she dumped bottles onto a large, circular table. After adjusting the brim of her comically large hat, she turns to face him. "Right." Her movements as hasty and methodical as she prepared what one could consider the strongest margaritas known to man.

She is mostly silent during the process, always the type of person who prefers a comfortable silence above all else. And in Tucker's company, she felt perfectly sound. "So, what's your catch? Serial killer? Cannibal? Pedophile?" When she finally spoke, it couldn't possibly lack her normal biting sense of humor. "You seem way too normal."
Elouise Orlav 07/25/17 It's on rare occasion these days that someone comes in search of Elouise Orlav. Not that it has ever been especially common, but, still. "Re-lax, hombre." She called before shuffling over to the door. And, in good fashion, she is adorned in matching poncho and sombrero. "...don't f*cking judge me."

She swung the door open, a mocking sweep of the hand bidding him welcome. "I have...cheetos. Probably some hummus. Definitely lime."
Elouise Orlav 07/25/17 Torah
B*tch please. You've never gotten drunk with me.
Elouise Orlav 07/25/17 Tuba
You're cleaning up any puke, FYI.
...I don't puke, but the baby might.
Elouise Orlav 07/25/17 Thomas
Tequila. Always tequila.
Elouise Orlav 07/25/17 Tanner
We're getting hammered tonight.
Maya J Lawson 07/17/17 In one swift motion Maya walked past the stranger and dipped her sticky fingers into the depths of his pocket. With sly expertise she plucked the wallet from his clothing and continued on her way. It all happened in a matter of seconds, the man didn’t likely know what had even occurred yet and maybe wouldn’t for another minute.

This was the only time Maya let herself be clean of drugs, she needed to be grounded in reality when she was walking the streets to steal. She needed to stay alert and cunning, it may possibly be the worst days to live through at the moment, but it was necessary.

When she made it a few feet away from the man and the crowds had put a wall between them she opened up the folded leather and looked down into the emptiness. God, dammit. She let the wallet fall from her fingers and thud to the ground as she turned around to find the man’s face. Her lips were pulled into a pout and her eyebrows were scrunched above her blue eyes and frustration. When she caught sight of man she lifted her middle finger in his direction as a salute that said “F*ck you.”

You were successful in stealing $0.00 from Tucker Reid.

Julliet Swan 07/16/17 The angel threw one fist, then the next, and the routine repeated itself until the deed was done. She flicked the drops of blood off her knuckles, drawn from her victim's upper lip, and straightened herself up. She'd usually been good with keeping her attacks hidden from bystanders, but it seemed she had a quiet audience this evening. As Julliet tucked a lock of her hair behind her ear, her bright blue orbs acknowledged the presence of the onlooker with a half nod of her head, before strolling away to continue her business. Maybe her witness learned a thing or two...
Elouise Orlav 07/15/17 Tallulah
...I'm from Buffalo.
We're going to Taco Bell.
Gonna get real intimate with a quesadilla.
Elouise Orlav 07/15/17 Tank
Fine. Uber.
What the f*ck is Popeyes?
Elouise Orlav 07/15/17 Turner
I'm hungry.
Let's do something.
You're my designated b*tch.
Elouise Orlav 07/14/17 Tranny
What are you doing?
Soleil Whitaker 07/12/17 She laughs. It isn't intended to be malicious in any way, but rather as a sign of genuine empathy. Waving idly, she confesses, "It took me a week to figure out how to get from the kitchen to my room. Someone ought to map this place out." Perhaps that'd be a task for a rainy day.

"The cameras, though" - she swivels to find the nearest one - "You'll get used to them. Jameson... Dr. Orlav has them in place for a reason." She offers a toothy grin and a nonchalant shrug, hoping the gesture would be enough to reassure the Order's newest member. "None in your room or bathroom, though. Thankfully."
Elouise Orlav 07/12/17 Tuscaloosa
Wtf. That's one strike.
But yeah. Make me some tacos. ASAP.
Elouise Orlav 07/11/17 Tampa
I need Taco Bell.
Soleil Whitaker 07/10/17 With an amused grin, Soleil sidles up to him, mirroring his peculiar fingertips-only wave. She can't help but let out a quiet laugh. "I'm Soleil," she replies, sticking out her hand, "Just wanted to say welcome to the Order."

She's intrigued, as she is by most creatures of the Realm, and can already tell that he's one of her kind. Perks of having a keen sense of smell, perhaps. "Let me know if there's anything I can do, yeah? Did El show you around at all?"
Soleil Whitaker 07/09/17 Soleil had just been passing through the Compound when her phone buzzed. "New guy, huh," she mutters after scanning through the text she'd just received, "Interesting." Coincidentally, an unfamiliar body is shuffling down the hallway just in front of her. Her brow arches in curiosity.

"Tucker?" she calls out, hastening her pace some, "Hey! Are you Tucker?"
Elouise Orlav 07/09/17 "The fridge is fully stocked. It isn't as if you'll need to leave." After a slight pause, she's walking away. "Speaking of, mark your food in the fridge. I'll totally disregard it, but the others won't." Entering the kitchen, she allows the labeled cabinets, drawers, and dining area to itself. Everything is shades of white and gray. Dull. Basic. Clean. The blonde preferred her surroundings orderly.

"My husband's name is Jameson. He's...away." Her tone shifts, decidedly more on edge than before. "Jason, big guy with the beard? He's usually around. As for the others...they come and go. Soleil is here, for now."
Elouise Orlav 07/09/17 A vague smirk tugs at El's lips. This one is funny. "Tucker, then." Nimble feet begin to pad down the hall. She doesn't glance back, sure he'll follow. "We like to keep it very dorm-esque here. Your room has a bed, a dresser, and a mostly functional closet. You have your own bathroom, but if you clog that sh*t..." She makes a foul expression. "That's your goddamn problem."

It seems almost random, the direction Elouise takes through the maze of hallways, and even more so when she selects a uniform, gray door out of all the others. Manicured fingers procure a sharpie, and she marks the door boldly with the word 'Troy'. Cheeky? Of course. She wasn't going to make this easy for him. "Rearrange the furniture however you want. You can also replace it with your own, or not, I don't really give a sh*t."

Arms fold across her chest as she shifts to allow him entrance. As she does, her other hand lifts up to dangle a key. "Every other entry is locked by retina-scan, thumbprint and pass-key. We'll get you set up with that later...if I'm not busy."
Mackenzie 07/09/17 "What the actual f-ck, S-" Mackenzie stops short as she gets a closer look at the man, arms crossing as she peers up at him. "Huh. I'll be damned."

Tucker Reid just failed at stealing money from you!
Jason Reindhart 07/09/17 "Hey, welcome to The Order. I'm Jason, the resident dinosaur and nap taking extraordinaire. If you need anything, I'm typically around. I do a lot of fast food runs for Elouise so, if you like KFC or Taco Bell, lemme know."
Elouise Orlav 07/09/17 "Oi. New guy." Elouise beckons with an idle hand wave. She notes his height, though, the blonde is rarely intimidated by size. Being six feet tall tends to allot the woman with a rare confidence. "What's your name again? Todd?" Cerulean eyes are squinting, and it isn't entirely clear whether or not she's joking. "I can show you your digs, if you want. I put you right next to the nursery. Figured I can ignore the baby, but you won't be able to."
Dovima Bastet 07/07/17 Text to: Tucker
Is that so? You're gonna love me.
Dovima Bastet 07/07/17 Text to: Tucker
Address and time. Tell me what you want or be surprised?
Dovima Bastet 07/07/17 Text to: Tucker
Bring on the heat, baby. They still make connect four? I can bring checkers, too.
Dovima Bastet 07/07/17 Text to: Tucker
I'm easy, too. Let's plan for tomorrow and if push comes to shove, assuming you're the boss, I'll order takeout and bring it to you. How's that?
Dovima Bastet 07/07/17 Text to: Tucker
Hey! Thought you'd never ask. Where and when?
Dovima Bastet 07/06/17 "I believe you will." The smile never faded from Vee's face. It wasn't about the hoodie at all. It served only as a stepping stone and that suited her right down to the ground. Every type of relationship needed to begin somewhere.

"Try not to maul anyone else," she teased while turning. "I'll be waiting." Vee offered a wave and started on her way.

Rarely did she walk away from a person or a situation and look back. Why? Looking back served no purpose. She looked forward, to the future and the path before her, using the past to help guide her. One step at a time.

Her footsteps never stopped, never hesitated... but Vee did glance back to the landing in front of the entry door where Tucker last stood.
Dovima Bastet 07/06/17 Vee decided she liked Tucker's laugh. She also decided wanted to hear more of it. As a general rule, she did her best not to make assumptions about people but she suspected the man next to her, for one or more reasons, did not laugh often.

Everyone needed laughter in their lives. It did wonders for the soul.

The vibration of a cell phone, one not hers, drew Vee from her musing. A stab of disappointment when Tucker announced the cancellation of their impromptu dinner date. His follow-up offer quickly replaced disappointment with pleasure and it reflected in her smile.

"C'est la vie. Raincheck," she agreed, nodding, already fishing a stubby pen and receipt out from her pocket. After scribbling 'Vee' and her number on the back of the receipt, she held it out to Tucker. "Call or text. Hang on to the hoodie and give it back next time we meet. I plan to hold you to that raincheck."
Dovima Bastet 07/05/17 An audible growl from Tucker's stomach caused Vee's dark brows to rise. A grin spread across her face. "Sounds like your stomach agrees with that statement," she all but giggled. Don't be mistaken, there was no malice in the laugh; she wished to keep things light.

Stuffing her hands into her pocket, she mosied along next to Tucker. Presumably they were on their way to his place.

"Scotch and whiskey? There are people who might consider that blasphemy..." The mention of ribeye brought another smile to her face. Her lioness's interest piqued. Meat never failed to garner her attention. "A good steak sounds great. Lucky for us, I know a place. Hope you don't mind dives. Nothing to write home about for looks but the food is on point."
Dovima Bastet 07/04/17 The labels made Vee want to shudder in distaste. She didn't judge but canned this and canned that amounted to lack of nutrition and even less appeal. Her lionness cringed.

These thoughts were kept purely internal. The man had already admitted to a stroke of bad luck and the last thing he needed was a strange, upstart woman trashing on his choice of meal fixings.

Another thought occurred to her, then, while once again patiently waiting for him to collect and deposit his goods into hoodie turned bag. Suspecting the man's pride could stand only so much assistance, she held the knotted arms of the 'bag' out and placed then 'handle' into his outstretched hands without objection.

"You aren't transparent. You're frustrated," Vee smiled in understanding. "Glad to meet you, Tucker. I'm Dovima, though far prefer Vee." Once relieved of the burden, she tucked the dangling earbuds into a front pocket of her jeans.

"Are you hungry?" The question popped out suddenly. "I'm hungry. What about drinks and dinner? My treat. I'm weird and don't like to eat alone, and it wouldn't be fair to expect you to pay when I'm the one who asked you."
Dovima Bastet 07/04/17 Vee took the man at his word and allowed her offer for assistance to be waved off. She watched and waited patiently, hands clasped toegther in front of her hips. He seemed to have it all in hand and then fate decided to be a petty b-tch. It reminded her of the scene in Home Alone where Kevin was walking home holding grocery bags and the bottoms fell out of them all. She felt for him.

Her right hand shot out. It wasn't physically possible for her to save everything; only one lowly can and only after playing hot potato with it for several seconds. "Aren't I the hero of the day," she eyed the can.

"Okay. I am going to make several assumptions. One, you must be experiencing a series of unfortunate events. Two, you live nearby. Three, you aren't planning on being a creep. Four, you could use a drink. So," Vee held out the can and didn't bother to wait for him to take it. He either would or wouldn't, "I propose to help you get these to your place and then we have a drink. What do you say?"

Again, she didn't bother waiting for affirmation. She was already shrugging out of her hoodie and turning it into a makeshift bag.
Dovima Bastet 07/03/17 Gawking. Daydreaming. Dawdling. Take your pick. Whichever way, Vee wasn't paying any attention to her surroundings. No, she had her gaze turned skyward, earbuds in, and not a single care in the world.

Until what felt like a truck smashed into her side. She squawked, stumbled and spun, doing a fair impression of the man-truck's flails. Vee yanked the earbuds out. "I'm okay. Are you okay? Here, let me help you..."
Sky Frost 06/29/17 Having been pretty absent up until recently, she was slacking on sniffing out the new comers and forcing her friendship upon them. Ice grey-green hues scanned the people as she made her way through the town, the sounds loud but she was beyond used to the idea of the hustle and over crowding of the realm. Grey hues momentarily flickering black for a moment before returning to normal as they caught sight of a new comer. Her black curls flowing around her like black ink on parchment paper, her soft lips pursed together softly as she approached the male slowly. "Well hello there. Welcome to the realm, you look mighty new."
Autumn Dalca 06/28/17 Welcome to the realm.
Camille Rameau 06/28/17 Welcome to the Realm.
Izzy Ford 06/28/17 Seeing a new comer she smiled and tap him in the shoulder " welcome to the realm. Hope you your stay in long" walking away doing a little dance and singing Zippity Doo Dah.
December-Rose 06/28/17 Silver eyes glittered with amusement as she regarded the man with subdued interest, shoulders rising and falling as she brushed a stray lock of hair from her face. Blood red lips curled into a malicious smile as she snickered at him, unable to hide her amusement at him very well. "The thing about that is sweet," she tilted her head at him as she scented the air and wrinkled her nose, "that I will bathe this world in blood and etch my name into the flesh of the innocent as I tear Heaven apart." A slender finger touched her bottom lip as a black nail tapped in a rhythmic manner, "As for bottom dwelling, it doesn't take a brain surgeon to know that Hell lies beneath your feet." She flashed a pretty smile as she walked off, laughing.
December-Rose 06/28/17 Emerald irises burned through the darkness as she stood just within the mouth of an alley, silver hair hanging in curled curtains around a youthful face. Dark lashes fluttered on her cheeks as she looked around, spotting someone that she hadn’t seen before. She could smell the blood, and she knew that she was quite covered in it, her simple white dress splattered with it, her face crusted thickly in places with the substance. She shrugged slender shoulders and stepped out into the glow of a sickly yellow street light, glancing up at the bulb as it buzzed softly with electricity. Her shadow raced up the brick wall to her left, vanishing where the light died. She took a step forward before pausing for a moment. What to say to someone that one had never met before. After a moment she began to walk again, bare feet silent on the sidewalk, drops of blood still falling around her as she moved, She walked past the stranger quietly before whispering in her sweet southern accent, “Try not to die around here, there are some rather nasty little creatures wandering around.” She laughed softly as she turned her head slightly to look at the newcomer. “I’d say you can find me if you need anything, but heaven knows I’m the wrong person to ask for help."
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