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Born: September 07, 2020 Forum Topics Started: 1 (House only: 0)
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Hawthorne House Rules:

1) No Lives should be taken within the property lines. Remember a vengeful spirit is worse than termites.
2) Birds are absolutely prohibited from entering the dining room and kitchen following the 1933 Fall Feast fiasco.
3) All spiders must keep to their corners. Violation of this rule will result in immediate removal. By any means necessary.
4) Please do not store Spirit Wine in the cellar next to regular wine. We cannot afford to clean up after another “Aunt Loo” incident.
5) Full grown alligators are not permitted inside the house. Ever. For any reason.

6) Do NOT, under any circumstances, say the word Ş̵͖̤̩̳̮̀̾̇́̋̊͝͝ü̵͔͚͎̭̫͔̱̅͒͛̂͗̌͜͜b̴̡͈̗̗͙͍͇͇̋t̷̠̬̯̬̲͙̹̼̓̽̈̐̽e̸̥̗̭͕͂͗͠r̵̡͉̪̗̻̱̹̤͑̈́̐͘͜͝r̵̡̞̳̦̫̝͖̈́͌͑̊̓̍͑͗̕a̸͕̳̟͚͍̻͙̾̀͌̓̅͜. They are listening. They are always listening. Do not let them hear you cal-
7) Crepe Sundays will continue as per normal. However, we will no longer be accepting filling requests of the unusual or “exotic” variety. No. Not even if you bring your own ingredients.
8) DO NOT FEED the man-eating crickets.
9) Waking the dead in the family graveyard just because you “wanted to chat” is not an acceptable excuse to use necromantic magics. There is no need to raise the body when their spectral existence can talk just fine. Necromancy is NOT a game Nathaniel.
10) Do not reap what was sown on the premises if it was not planted for you as the consequences can be quite dire.
11) Uninvited guests should not be left waiting at the front door. You know why.
12) Do not greet the Doorman! He is a figment of your imagination. And he bites!

These rules and regulations are in place for your safety during your visit or extended stay. Hawthorne House is not liable for any injury, possession, or enigmatic phenomenon that might occur should you not follow these guidelines.

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Jude Hawthorne's Biography

(ooc: Will get this made pretty maybe. Later.
Jude is unaware of the supernatural world outside of witches.

“You know, you're not my usual type.” The nervous laughter following those words sounded strained even to my own ears. She was a professional though. No mocking laughter. No rolling her pretty, pale eyes. Instead she pressed her lithe body closer, touched her lips to the lobe of my ear.

“What?” I felt her mouth shift against my skin but didn't hear what she said, even though she was so close, hovering above me. “What did you say? Hey-” Suddenly I couldn't move. I couldn't even blink. My fingers were numb, lips clumsy as I tried to speak. “Wha-?”

“Ugh. Finally.” She slid off of me. My body was heavy, like I was too drunk to move. It felt like I was tied to the bed but there was nothing there and my heart begin to race. Though any traces of anticipation were lost when she spoke. “Professional indeed.” She snorted softly and wandered over to the minibar, sifting through the contents.


She came back, a small bottle of jack hanging between her lips. Tossing her head back she downed the contents and was already opening the second bottle when she released the first to fall from the floor. Second bottle caught between her teeth, she dug through the pockets of my pants.

“I brought enough.” Desperation forced the words out. Maybe I had been misunderstood and she thought I wasn't going to pay her. “I wasn't going to cheat you.” But those eyes, still warm and amused even though her actions said she was anything but, only glanced up at me briefly.

Pulling the cash out and leaving the cards, she wiped the wallet clean before tossing it back on my discarded clothes and climbing over me. Settling on my chest, she tucked the bills into her bra, finished the contents of the second bottle, and threw it on the floor with the first. I was paralyzed. This wasn't going at all how it should have been.

Something was very, very wrong.

“It's fine.” She was saying, mouth forming a cocky smile. “This is just a bonus. I've already been paid.”

There was no time to think. No time to react. No time to scream. There was only the knife, digging into my chest, and the strange feeling of blood being siphoned out of my body. It didn't hurt. Everything was numb. And it was fascinating to watch as glob after red glob rose up, defying gravity, and fell with a wet splat into a jar I didn't realize she was holding. I don't know when she picked it up or where she got it from, but it was quickly filling to the brim.

When it was full, two pints at least, she screwed the lid on tight and leaned to set it on the nightstand. And as she pulled the knife free, all of the feeling in my body came back, but I was already too weak to do more than whimper. She licked the blade clean and smiled, watching me a while as what was left of my life continued leaking out to stain the white sheets.

Eventually, the crushing pain became apathy, became a peaceful sort of half sleeping, and she left my side. Began tidying up like it was the most natural thing to do, wiping down anything she had touched, even going so far as to collect the discarded bottles and slip them in her purse. Along with the jar of blood.

She pulled on her jacket, checked the room one last time and then patted me on my cheek. There were a rush of static from her touch that seemed to spread out through the whole hotel room. “It'd have been nice to play with you a bit longer. But if I don't deliver this on time, Gran tends to get a bit testy.” She leaned down, giggling voice in my ear, bidding me farewell it appeared. “It's alright. You can die now.”

As if her words unlocked something, let something free, the sensation, the realization of death, finally took hold and I gasped. Once. Gurgling. As she slipped out the room.

Jude strode down the New Orleans avenue, hands in her pockets. Wove her way through the back alleys and places frequented by the fringe society until she was able to hail a taxi. An hour later she was at her childhood home, out in the boonies of the alligator infested swamp. The old plantation house bought by her grandfather when he was alive, was dilapidated now at best, though she'd spent a small fortune already trying to fix it up.

Through the crooked wood door and into the dark foyer, she slipped to the left of the staircase and headed into the kitchen. “Grandmarie! I'm home! And I've brought you a gift!”

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The Raven

Luna Ravenwood

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RealmKeeping up with the Hawthornes
Created by Jude Hawthorne
Rose the Hat 09/16/20 The sun was shining bright on the Big Easy today, and in the hustle and bustle of the city, a face shone brighter than the rest. Approaching the androgynous female, a crooked smile crept upon ruby lips of the crooked witch. She had come bearing gifts to mark the special occasion, "Congratulations, darlin'. You shine bright today. Here, some Sulfur and Mandrake roots for you to enjoy this special occasion. Hope it comes of more use to you than it does to me." Handing her the large brown potato sack, she tipped her hat and was quickly on her way, making sure she was not being followed. She had a strict no return policy.
Rune 09/15/20 "How about going for the hat trick and coming with me to breakfast, sugar? My treat." One last inhalation and then he was tucking it out on the brick behind him, letting the ash crumble and fall to the ground in flakes of silvery black. He flicked the butt to the curb and pushed up off the wall, aiming his body in the direction of the breakfast joint a few blocks from where they were standing. "What'dya say?" He tucked his right hand in his pocket casually and hooked out an elbow with the left, offering her his arm to link. Although she didn't seem like the easily charmed type, a guy still had to try, right? He waited with an ease of presence, no pressure to her one way or the other.
Rune 09/13/20 Rune watched the woman approach; her, all smiles and cheer. Well it was way too early in the morning for that kind of energy. Doubtful she was waking up and more like she was headed home after a long night. He could appreciate that. His smirk would be considered dull compared to how brightly hers shined, that was for certain. Her vibrancy was almost palpable, as he tapped around pockets on his jeans and produced a lighter.

With a flick of the wrist, he tossed the small black plastic device to her, trusting her coordination to be better than her apparent memory. No slight to her, just that for smokers these days, it was almost a job by how few actually did practice the vice. So to not remember your light, could be a catastrophe waiting to happen. For him at least. Chain smoker and all. He always had a smoke in his mouth, and Caterpillar letters cascading up around him.

"You're a lucky woman, catching sight of me and all. What a tragedy to have had no burn on this misty morning." He sucked in and puffed a few circles in her direction, clearly at an attempt to showcase a small skill he thought won him charm points. He smiled conspiratorially, keen eyes locked on hers and ran fingers through the flop at his forehead, attempting to tame the mess of hair on his head.

"Name's Rune." He wiped his free hand against his thigh and held out a hand.
Katherine Murray 09/12/20 That bit is likely true. Cerulean orbs danced with laughter; while she didn't get to New Orleans that often, it was definitely a lively place to be.

She'd chew on the plumpness of her bottom lip before continuing, Katherine wasn't usually one to share the location of her home, but she also couldn't ever leave a person who had to hide from someone or something on their own.

Three-seventeen out of Houma a few miles, Southwest... You'll come find a long dirt road that leads to the swamps. If you pass Saint Micheals, you've gone too far. Until revoir.
Katherine Murray 09/10/20 A single brow lifted momentarily; this wasn't her normal thing, this welcoming of people. But she would definitely offer any help to those that asked for it. Even if it wasn't much. Libations? New Orleans is the place for that. Hiding out? I'd say you should find your way to some shack in the swamp...
Ariadne 09/09/20 Hello! Welcome to the Realm! Please let me know if you need any help! Be sure to check out the Help and Links and also the help forum, lots of useful information in there!
The Raven 09/09/20 Thankfully the female accepts the offering of red thread and uses it to adorn her body. The Raven takes note that offerings must be brought if it chooses to return to the house. Rules are rules- which reminds the Raven! Hop.. hop, the bird waits on the window sill just outside the kitchen as the ebony tressed woman searches through jars. Shiny blue ribbon, shinier gem, stygian eyes are suddenly glassy like an addict anticipating a fix.

An excited caw escapes while bird legs dance in place; it's never been blessed with a gift so lovely. The corvid regards its reflection while fingers tie the ribbon in a bow, it preens once more as it is given words of warning. It shall not pull on the ribbon too hard; in fact, when it returns to its home, the bauble will be placed delicately in its nest for safe keeping. Or in the jewelry box back at the village. The thought is chased away by the word 'story' and 'secret' and suddenly the excited bird is still and staring at the woman, rapt. It leans closer to listen, its feathers rippling with excitement.

The Raven's favourite stories always started with 'Once upon a time'..
The Raven 09/09/20 Offerings? Does the woman think the Raven has pockets to keep curiousities when it stumbles upon, well, whatever she might be? Still the corvid looks about, digs through iridescent feathers hoping to find something. Anything. A red thread.. that is useful isn't it? It is just about to offer the filament when the woman continues on, accepting the plucked feather as some sacrifice but not before pointing out house rules.

The Raven squints and hops closer to the set of rules. It seems birds are prohibited from entering the dining room and kitchen. Do theriomorphs count? It thinks upon this and looks upwards at the angry 'bird'; there is a story there, a Fall Feast Fiasco. A single talon taps at the rule.. the Raven expects a story but now the woman is speaking of roasting the bird. Well that just won't do..

The Raven shakes its head wildly from side to side. No- Ravens do not resemble quail or pigeon, especially this one. Does it metamorphose for the angry tenant or does it try to win the woman over and hopefully live another day? The large, ebony bird preens then bows, pushes the red thread with tipped beak across the counter in what can only be described as a hopping lope. Aw yeah, it's adorable.
Briahne Christiann 09/08/20 Welcome, welcome! I see you're already beginning to settle in, good for you! If you need any help with anything or have questions, please do not hesitate to reach out. There are plenty around that can at least guide your along your way.
The Raven 09/08/20 Searching for shinies is generally difficult. Most people are not so kind to leave their baubles and trinkets just laying about where the Raven can reach them. But this day, someone is kind enough to leave a kitchen window open.. 'they must be enjoying the fall air', it thinks.

Swooping down, sharp talons dig into wooden window sill and find purchase; stygian eyes sweep the room for anything that resembles cat or human. Certain that all is well and safe, the Raven advances. A quick hop.. hop through the window, the large bird again takes flight and finds itself in what appears to be a dining room. There aren't any shinies here, sadly.

As the corvid changes direction to head back towards the kitchen once more, it feels a distinct pinch. As if someone has plucked a feather from it's tail. Looking back from the counter as it hops towards the window, it spies a woman and realises that yes, there is a feather missing from its beautiful tail!

Jude Hawthorne just failed at stealing money from you!
EtaineNightBreed 09/07/20 Welcome! If you need anything, just ask!
Katherine Murray 09/07/20
Hello and welcome! If you need anything, please don't hesitate to ask.
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