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Vexa 10/22/19 She blinks then begins to laugh a very silent laugh. A nod of her head, she extends a dirty hand to the man. Yes, she might have been digging, somewhere, that isn't really important. "Vexa." It's a hoarse whisper, barely audible, and she points to herself in case he didn't understand it was a name.
Vexa 10/22/19 Aside from the earth that dirties her skin, Vexa's face is blank. Coppery eyes study the newest specimen to welcome her, curiously, as if she is weighing options. Friend? Foe? Sheep? Shepherd? Wolf? Her hand raises, as it has done many times before, palm towards her face until fingertips crest full lips then her arm falls towards him. A 'thank you' in sign language. She is smiling of course, because she means what she 'says'.
Lucious 10/21/19 Gracias
Emily Celtos 10/21/19 Thank you sir
Egan Griffith 10/20/19 It's not just weapons. A common misconception. Armor, tools, hardware, decorations. You get the picture.
takes his hand
has super warm hands
Egan. Egan Griffith.
Egan Griffith 10/20/19 Yeeeeeaaaaaah that's definitely not my scene.
gives a nod
Will do. And if you need any blacksmithing done, think of me first. I need something to do in my downtime.
Egan Griffith 10/20/19 The Realm, huh? Sounds like an edgy nightclub. Thanks for the welcome.
Celeste Norwood 10/20/19 Thank you
Edwin Ackles 10/20/19 ďBro. I donít know what youíre on about. But unless itís a truckload or hot Cheetos I donít know what possible realm Iím in.Ē
Murmur 10/19/19 Bows " Thank you so kindly sir." Smiles
Gabe Marlowe 10/19/19 Thank you!
Hector Olivier 10/16/19 Liam Moore
No Hec. It's Wen.
I'm safe.
Call in morning.
Hector Olivier 10/12/19 Oh ****! Eyes flew open and reached towards the phone on the bedside table, eyes squinted against the bright light as groggy fingers darted across the key board
Liam Moore
Lobdon. Safey. SKEEP PHone ni. HEC
Elysia 10/11/19 Thank you for the welcome!
Jameson Orlav 10/11/19
Elowen Jocosta 10/09/19 "Dont make it weird Liam. Yes, I miss him but I haven't heard from him in days. You don't know what he can do. People like us...well. I don't know what might happen if they knew but I'm scared Li. I have to make sure he is okay.Also I will specifically ask him to wear your clothes so when I give them back to you they smell like him."
-hugs again, burying head in chest-
Elowen Jocosta 10/09/19 "I'm going to London because I have this irrational fear that something bad happened to Hector. I'll be back. And I'll do my best to get a hole of you."
-presses lips to cheek-
"Also, I stole some of your clothes but I'll bring them back."
Elowen Jocosta 10/08/19 -stares at-
-steps away-
"So, I'm doing something really dumb, but don't try to stop me because I'm already doing it."
-points to bag over shoulder-
Richard LaMonte 10/07/19 "I can guarantee you we would not be staying there. F-ck LA>"
-shifts weight-
-is kind of having a mini internal crisis-
"Sometimes it's easier, but that doesn't mean it's better. Just..."
-places hand on his shoulder-
"Take care of yourself? I know I'm an ass but you are one of the people I don't actively root against."
-clears throat-
"but don't go spreading that around. I'll deny it to my grave."
-gives a slight smile-
Richard LaMonte 10/07/19 -watches him a moment-
-opens mouth-
-closes into a hard line-
"Thanks, princess. Not sure I'm even coming back but if I do..."
-nods to himself-
"Martinis. I suppose I might as well try to be apart of my people, hm?"
Richard LaMonte 10/07/19 -lets out a sigh-
"It's hard to explain, and none of your business."
-watches him-
-searches pockets-
-produces a napkin-
"Things I thought were real just haven't been. Who is to say they were?"
-shoves hands into pockets-
"Either way, I don't see this trip going well."
Richard LaMonte 10/07/19 -swallows hard-
"I think so..."
"I guess I will see when I get to Los Angeles."
-looks to Liam-
-also looks a bit guilty-
"Every time? What's that supposed to mean?"
Richard LaMonte 10/07/19 -loses all playfulness-
-grabs the collar of his shirt in a tight grip-
"Don't mock my family. I will tolerate your antics until you involve them. They are off limits."
-looks at his hand-
"You know what, don't worry about it. It was a mistake, clearly."
-steps back-
"I don't need your forgiveness."
Richard LaMonte 10/07/19 -scoffs-
"Yeah, nice try. I am married. To a woman. With kids. So."
-arches a brow-
"Oh, so now you just happen to forget what you did? Uh huh. Yeah, sure."
-rolls eyes-
"Let's just say I have more of an open mind now. I don't want to get into it."
Richard LaMonte 10/07/19 -steps into the man's space-
-leans close-
"You think I don't notice the looks? The ones you give when you think I'm not paying attention?"
-tilts head-
"And let us not forget that little moment a few days ago?"
-gets even closer-
"I don't think you're as uninterested as you let on."
-stands up straight-
"Worried? About me? I can handle myself."
Richard LaMonte 10/07/19 -gives him a contemplative look-
-rolls eyes-
"It's really none of your business now is it?"
-crosses arms and looks at him-
"I am sure you will survive. You have plenty of other people to gawk and swoon over."
-sardonic smile-
Richard LaMonte 10/07/19 "Well someone has to put you in your place."
-rubs at the bruise-
"I am going to LA for personal reasons. And the bruise does have something to do with it."
-rolls shoulders-
"Don't you have something better to do?"
Daciana Draculesti 10/07/19 Her head canted to one side and she blinked in genuine surprise. At least it was a good surprise. "Look at you, a gentleman as well. I'll allow you to escort me. Far be it from me to worry a charming stranger." With that, she placed her hand on the crook of Liam's elbow. "Lead on."
Richard LaMonte 10/07/19 -starts walking again-
"I am content feeling average, thanks."
-avoids eye contact-
-also has a bruise on his cheek-
"You really enjoy trying to press my buttons, don't you? Sorry. Not gonna work today."
-side eyes-
"If you must know, I am going to LA."
Richard LaMonte 10/07/19 -stops-
-turns around-
"Maybe if you stopped objectifying people someone would finally take you seriously. Ever think about that?"
-shakes head-
"I don't have the patience for you right now."
Richard LaMonte 10/07/19 -is just strolling through the tunnels-
-is mumbling angrily to self-
-sees Liam-
-quickly turns and goes the other way-
Melinoe 10/06/19 As Liam plops onto her bed, the girl nuzzles her head onto his chest. A single arm wraps around his torso.
"My door is always open for you, Li. You're my best friend."
She gently wipes his face free of tears, softly pressing her lips to his cheek.
Kira Garrett 10/06/19 She raises a brow.
"Oh, I am? Color me shocked, Liam dearest."
She grins playfully.
Beau Theroux 10/06/19 -gives a playful push-
"Aw, stop, naw! Thanks, I appreciate the compliment."
-rubs back of his neck shyly-
"Now ain't you a sweet talker."
Nesryn Babak 10/06/19 Thanks so very much!
Richard LaMonte 10/06/19 -catches a glimpse of Liam-
-rolls eyes-
"I'm not apologizing, if that's what you're-"
-is caught off guard-
-is for once unable to come up with a snappy comeback-
-actually kinda liked it-
"Wh-wha... you... I.... uh."
Mercer Castillo 10/05/19 "Welcome yourself, pretty boy."
Kira Garrett 10/05/19 Places her hand in his.
"I''m sure you say that to everyone, bagel bites."
Kira Garrett 10/05/19 She nudges her hip against his.
"As long as you're buying, it's a date!"
The blonde giggles.
Jassayla 10/05/19 Thank you kindly , sir *smiles softly*
Jamie_Fraser 10/05/19 thanks
Beau Theroux 10/05/19 "Fine art, huh? Shucks, I ain't nothin' special."
-may be blushing a smidge-
-lifts arms-
"I reckon this is the only art I can provide."
Beau Theroux 10/05/19 -rocks their hands all playfully-
"Really? Well, happy to oblige."
-gives a bright smile-
"Now, was there a reason you was riflin' through my pockets?"
Beau Theroux 10/04/19 Liam Moore just failed at stealing money from you!

Feeling the slip of somebody's fingers in his back pocket, Beau decided to reach his own hand in as well and take the thief's into his own. So there he stood with a random man's hand in his own and a bright smile on his face. For a moment he just stood there in silence, letting the moment sink in.

"Hi. How's it going?"
Virelai Tylwyth 10/04/19

All throughout the Realm strange events were occurring, dark and dangerous things were stirring within the space they had all claimed as home. And yet, among all of those frightening happenings, there was an undercurrent of something more. Strange flyers were materializing at random intervals. On alley walls, grave stones, in pockets and upon coffee tables, tucked away in the most peculiar places where you would swear there was nothing before.

With them came the doors, black oak with a spindly red flower engraved in the grain, seeming to come from nowhere. They would simply appear in those same odd places. Tucked in an alcove of a back-alleyway, taking up space on a mausoleum, or within abandoned houses. And the flyers were the key.

On the selected date they would take flight, tugging and fluttering like moths to a flame, and lead the way Ė for those who were found to have one of those pieces of paper in their possession Ė to those doors. Others might stumble across them in those hidden places and place their hand upon the smooth wood, watch them swing open, and walk through.

That same red flower would bloom on the back of the hand of any who chose to do so. And there would be another pull, a shift in the air as they traveled through darkness, and a second door would open revealing a fog covered woodland. A short way ahead there would be a house, tall and strange, with a large black door inviting them in.
Daciana Draculesti 10/03/19 Daciana shrugged, a brief uplift of her shoulders. "It doesn't make a difference to me one way or another. I was being conversational. To answer your inquiry about remembering instructions, I'm passable," she stated, glossing over the fact she depended on her memory to survive. "Guess whether you want to accompany me or not is up to you."
Daciana Draculesti 10/03/19 "My name is a mouthful so most call me Ana to simplify the whole process. Pleasure to meet you, Liam. Are you this friendly to everyone you come across or am I just lucky?" A grin spread across her lips.
Daciana Draculesti 10/03/19 "Who said it isn't? They're wrong." She did a mental once over of her body and nodded as much to herself as to the man. "Standard meat, starch and veggie trio for now. What's your name?"
Daciana Draculesti 10/03/19 "A good massage and then a meal... do you have any suggestions?"
Daciana Draculesti 10/03/19 "Delighted to be back."
Victor Lockheed 09/30/19
Hector Olivier 09/30/19 Hector almost tripped over the pumpkin as he opened his door to leave. Crouching, he reached out and turned it to face him, a smile broad on his lips as the kittens trotted over to sniff at the new arrival.

The pumpkin remained atop the dresser of his room for the entirety of his time at Wahnsinn. Every time the skin looked ready to soften or peel from age, Hec would reach over and push a few weeks of time back into it. It was a stupid thing, really, but it made him smile.
Hector Olivier 09/29/19 Because he's a complete jerk in the best possible way, Hector deposits a bottle of Absinthe in front of Liam's door before walking out of Wahnsinn and into the day.
Elowen Jocosta 09/28/19 Wen had been curled tightly in a ball on her own bed. With Liam gone and the space she had promised to give Hector when needed she was all alone. So she pulled her knees to her chest and just laid there. No, sleep, no body to cuddle, just her and her mind and the soft tittering on music that was way older than her. Ever since she danced under the stars with Hec she couldnít let go of the songs. Maybe itís because it kept her close to him even when her body couldnít be physically there. That fact scared her, the dependency and attachment she had already grown for the man.

So, with music playing she missed her phone lighting up and buzzing from the incoming call. By the time she noticed a difference on her phone the call was nothing more than a voicemail. Clicking off the music she lifted the phone to her ear and was greeted by Liamís voice. She wanted to be pissed at him, she wanted to just delete the message and pretend she didnít hear, but she wasnít mad. Not really, the words he had said stung, but she could get over them. Sheíd have to if she wanted to keep her best friend in her life.

Sighing she dialed and left her own voicemail when he in turn didnít answer. ďFeck you Liam.Ē A beat. ďNow can you please come back and cuddle me. Iím lonely and Iíve dirtied all your shirts.Ē
Meir Fillion 09/27/19 Looks amused.
"Seems like I found you just in the nick of time. Please, lead the way. And as payment, drinks on me. And whatever else there may be."
Gestures Liam lead.
Meir Fillion 09/27/19 "I look forward to discovering those many things, then."
"Ah, yes, something I needed. A martini. Specifically, dry. How about you help me find one, yeah?"
Meir Fillion 09/26/19 "Then special you are. Whose opinion matters more than your own?"
Takes hand with a firm shake
"Such a kind offer. Now that you mention it, I think I do need something and maybe you could help."
Elowen Jocosta 09/26/19
Elowen Jocosta 09/26/19 ďThe need is that this is my life, and I trusted you enough to bring you into it. I asked you to go back to that awful place with me and help me understand things. The fact that you went behind my back betrayed that trust. I know that you meant well, and Iím sure it didnít go as you had hoped with Hector but I donít need you acting like Iím fragile. Iím not fragile or damaged which by the way is worse than broken. If something is damaged thereís no coming back from it.Ē

Wen took a step back, her head shaking while one hand reached to the necklace at her neck. Liam was her best friend, someone that she cared for deeply. He had her best interest at heart, but he shouldnít have meddled with the relationship she barely dipped her toes in. There was hurt in her eyes as she studied his face. Maybe he needed a break from her, he had his own life issues to deal with. She didnít need to keep putting hers on him.

ďI care about you Liam, but maybe we need a break from each other. Iíve relied too much on you and that isnít fair to you.Ē
Meir Fillion 09/26/19
Gives an approving nod
"Hm, I think I'll leave you guessing."
"No fun laying it all out, ya know?"
Elowen Jocosta 09/26/19 Wen reached and lightly put her hand on his chest, head titled slightly as she looked up at her best friend. "You know what you did and I know what you did and as much as I appreciate the sentiment it wasn't necessary."

Her gentle fingers on his chest tightened, crumpling the shirt beneath as she yanked his face closer to hers. "I'm not broken Liam Moore, I don't always need protecting."
Elowen Jocosta 09/26/19 -glares at-
Hector Olivier 09/26/19 "Truthfully, I'm not one for friends, Liam. I have very few, but those who I consider so, I'd do anything for. As for you," he squeezed the vampires hand before letting go, "You, I would rather consider a friend than foe. For Elowen, if nothing else. The three of us stand a much better chance if we work together - she needs us as allies, and not at each other's to speak." Hec smiled. "And I promise it wouldn't do either of us any good for either of us to be at the other's throat. You ever decide you want to offload your burdens, you know where I am." he continued, walking to the door to open it. "I'm a good listener."
Meir Fillion 09/25/19 "Well, well, WELL! A merry welcome, indeed!"
"Do me a favor, give us a spin?"
twirls finger
bats eyelashes
Hector Olivier 09/25/19 "I won't," Hector replied with a smile, leaning to take the soiled towel, folding it neatly. "And I don't think we'll know. None of us has finished becoming what we're meant to be. But she can't keep living like she is. I think we can both agree that her current state can't last. Or, rather, she can't last as she is. And I'm not ready to lose her yet. Not when we've only just started."

Hector finished his drink, absentmindedly running his fingertip about the rim of the glass as he set it back down upon the table.

"She cares for you deeply, Liam. And it's up to you whether or not you tell her what happened here this evening. I'm ready to deal with the consequences, and I won't lie to her."

Hec leant forward, holding his hand out to the man across the table, watching his eyes. "I'm not your enemy. Will you let me be your friend?"
Hector Olivier 09/25/19 "She can heal," Hector replied, taking a sip from his glass. "It takes it out of her, but it's there. She can heal, she can cut off her need to breathe...sit, please."

Hector topped up glasses, took another sip and sat back in his chair. "She's the best of both of us. She just needs to learn to channel it. That's how we help her, Liam. We push, and we support her as we do so. She's not a one-off. She's a hybrid. I know of at least one other in this city alone. Support her. Be her friend. But, if you see her pulling back when you honestly believe she can move forward, push her. She's scared of the darkness, but it's a darkness we both know all too well. I will never let anything bad happen to her. But, I certainly won't let her sit still and dwell on what she's become. Not when I know what she can be. Not when I know that staying still will be the death of her."

He looked at the blood drying across the man's hand and smiled.

"And I'll pay for the dry cleaning. How's it looking?"
Hector Olivier 09/25/19 "But you believe it all the same, Liam. And that belief will dictate how you act around her, how you treat her."

Hector walked away from the table to relinquish two glasses and decanter of something brown from a cupboard. When he reapproached the man, he sat and poured out two generous measures.

"Did you fight in either of the wars?" he asked as he began to roll up his sleeves to hide the blood. "The things we saw on the front line, no man should see. And so many of those soldiers came home and tried to live their lives once more, haunted by the ghosts of the dead. But, they were not broken. They were evolved versions of the men they'd once been. But this evolution was ignored, and they were left to deal with the consequences of war alone. But, just think of how different humanity would treat each other if, instead, those same men had been encouraged, had embraced those experiences and used them for good. Elowen has gone through her own war, and she has come out the other side as a changed woman. We can't ignore what she has become, and we can't simply accept it without giving it the chance to strive. And, if we believe her to be broken, even if we don't say it allowed, we're accepting that she's in pieces, scattered, and can never truly be whole again. But she is more than she ever was and those pieces don't fit together anymore. And they never will. We can wrap them up in cotton wool and try to preserve them, or we can brush them aside and create something new with what we have. Elowen is not broken. You are not broken. None of us is broken. Now drink this damn whisky, it's almost as old as you are.
Hector Olivier 09/25/19 Free of the bottle, no longer touching Liam, Hector stood, frowning at the spots of blood scattered over his sleeve.

'Stay away from me,' insisted the vampire, and Hector held up both of his hands, taking a step backwards.

"You shouldn't underestimate people, Liam Moore. You underestimated me just now with your words," he continued, calmly, reaching for a tea towel that sat folded upon the top of the fridge. He tossed it over to the man. "And you shouldn't underestimate Elowen. None of us is damaged. You only need to look at your hand to see if for yourself. I will protect your friend, I will let nothing bad happen to her. But I won't have you telling her she's damaged. I won't have you believe she needs to be fixed. Just as I won't have you believe you're damaged either. Now, you can leave, you can go through that door and believe me to be a monster, or, you can sit back down, I will pour us both a drink, and we can try to figure out how we can both exist in her space together. I'm no threat to her, Liam. But I am a threat to anyone and anything that dare get in her way. Or ours."
Hector Olivier 09/25/19 Hector remained calm as Liam spoke. He'd never been there to witness his sons go through their hormonal teenage years, but he was sure this was something similar. You don't know me, you don't understand me, and so on. Hector accepted it, he let it fly past his head.

And then the idiot said damaged again.

Leaning across the small table, Hector slipped his left hand across the wooden surface. The furniture was old, as was he, and like Hector, the dips and scratches of wear made it unique.

Hector was unique.

And it would be a shame to damage the table further, but...

Snatching out his hand, the demon pressed two fingers to the bare skin upon the back of Liam's own. The lightest of touches, but it was all Hector needed. A hundred years, the vampire had said? That wasn't too much. It wasn't a stretch. And Hector could spare the time he'd accumulated walking through the streets earlier that day to get his point across to the brat before him.

The time that he pushed through into the boy wouldn't be enough for any permanent change, but it would be enough to get all of those failed organs shuddering to restart. Enough to get lungs stuttering for air. Enough to warm the skin, and enough to restart a long-dead heart back to life. It wouldn't be for long, just a few minutes, but it would prove a point. And, as Hector pulled Liam's hand onto the table, palm down, his free one grabbed for the glass bottle and cracked it across the edge of the table, sending shards flying, as the now-broken base bore down, sharp, into the back of the vampire's temporarily-human hand.

"That," he spat into the space between them, hunched over the table toward the man. "Is how I would f*cking stop you."
Seth Malone 09/25/19 Thanks for the welcome!
Hector Olivier 09/25/19 "I've met enough vampires to know how hard those first few years can be. Decades, even, for some. Anything that happens to a person that throws them off from the natural course they were taking can be a lot to deal with, a lot to gain control of. I've lived my years, Liam. I've faced the pitfalls of what I am, and I have overthrown my demons, within and without. I won't coddle her. I won't coddle you either. If you two need each other, and if you find comfort in that friendship, I won't get in the way. But, if what you have between you, however unintentional, gets in the way of either of you coming to terms with what you are, I will intervene."

Hector may not look older than the thirty years his face showed, but he'd lived through wars, through poverty, though the deaths of loved ones and the curse of time. Elowen had a gift and he would ensure she came to grips with what she was, just as he would ensure that the close friendship she and Liam had wasn't blocking her from doing so.

"I can imagine you've been through enough yourself, Liam. And, if you need someone to talk to about it that isn't going through their own struggles, well, you know where my door is, and you know it's always open."

Hector sipped from the bottle again and smiled.

"She's not damaged. Nobody is damaged. She's simply evolving."
Hector Olivier 09/25/19 Hector didn't appreciate the use of the word damaged but, for the moment, bit his tongue and took another sip of water as the cat on his shoulder lept from on high to play fight with its sibling. Elowen wasn't damaged, and Hector would never accept that word used in regards to her state. She was simply struggling to evolve. Something he'd promised to help her through.

"She has a lot she needs to process, that's true. And the more people she has around her, caring for her, the more she will find the strength to overcome her fears and grow to accept what she is."

Placing the bottle upon a coaster on the table, Hector sat straight in his chair and studied the man's face. "And what about you?" he asked, raising an eyebrow. "Should I be warning you of the same? First dibs, as they say, doesn't make you any less a flight risk. So, are you going to ensure you're always looking out for her best interests? What's your stake in all of this?"
Hector Olivier 09/25/19 "Two of them. Nightmares," Hector replied as he waited for Liam to enter the room, following him in and closing the door. On the bed against the far wall, the aforementioned kittens stretched, yawning, before hopping onto the floor to approach excitedly. "They were a gift from a member of Sine. Actually, one of the reasons I moved covens was to ensure they were closer to the world outside. Underground is no place for anything living to attempt to thrive."

Hector leaned over and scooped up the kitten closest to his feet, resting it on his shoulder as he walked across the room to a small table set with a couple of chairs. "Seat?" he offered, raiding a small fridge for a glass bottle of water. Holding out another for Liam.

"Is this where you warn me not to harm a hair on the head of your best friend? Because I can assure you that sitting here and getting to know me will be a much less stressful conversation for both of us, with hopefully the same outcome." Hector sat, taking a swig from the bottle. "I'm a nice guy, Liam. She's okay with me."
Hector Olivier 09/25/19 Hector had been back in the city, visiting with the old lady that ran the antique store. He'd taken her lunch, she'd made him coffee, and the two had reminisced - Hector having told her the truth of his condition some few minutes after reentering the shop.

So, when Liam knocked on his door, he wasn't there. It was rare to find him locked away in the room when he didn't need to be.

"Liam Moore," came the voice of the Englishman as he walked up the hallway toward him a warm smile upon his face, "It's open. Do mind the kittens though - they're a pair of Houdinis. What can I do you for?"
Mara Lenore 09/24/19 A twisted grin grew "The realm you say? Hm.. Much appreciated the welcome."
Malak 09/24/19 "Tank you."
Richard LaMonte 09/23/19 "Can you get your head out of your @ss for, like, five seconds and realize not everybody wants you? Christ."
-exasperated laugh-
"Look, maybe you should carry around the flashlight to make the scary shadows go away?"
-shakes head-
"I never asked for your help, nor have I wanted it. I would appreciate it, but it sounds batsh!t crazy."
Richard LaMonte 09/21/19 "You are infuriating sometimes, you know that?"
"Save my life? Thanks, but I think I'll be alright. Maybe you should go lie down, hm?"
Euphoria Castillo 09/21/19 Hmm? What? Oh! Yes. Thank you. Mhm.
Richard LaMonte 09/21/19 "You believe the truth you want to believe. The facts are, I'm not into your ass."
"Just spit it out already."
-leans in-
"Are you schizophrenic? Are you having an episode?"
Richard LaMonte 09/21/19 -eye roll-
"Yeah, yeah, panda bear, whatever. And I only looked to make a point, get over it. It's not even that great."
-crosses arms-
"The air is typically heavy in the tunnels sooooo no. And shadowy thing? Nah. I've been in my quarters since we last spoke."
Richard LaMonte 09/21/19 "Nah, don't you princess me, princess. That's my thing, get your own."
-looks around-
"Since when? I just saw you like a few hours ago and you were screaming at me about checking you out, which I definitely was not. Did you hit your head or somethin'?"
Richard LaMonte 09/21/19 "What are you on about?"
-rolls shoulders-
"Of course it's me, who else would it be?"
-raises a finger-
"I swear if it's more of this magical, superstitious nonsense I'm gonna flick you."
Richard LaMonte 09/21/19 -slaps hand away-
-wrinkles nose-
"The f-ck is wrong with you?"
Richard LaMonte 09/21/19 -stares back-
Finnick 09/21/19 "I appreciate that...Liam."
Giving him another once over, he shrugs.
"I'm Finnick, I'll be keeping your offer in mind."
Finnick 09/21/19 Eyeing the man before him, Finnick provides a small smile in return and nods.
"That's appreciated. Seems there's a lot to navigate before I'm considered one of the locals. Just who should I be asking for if I find myself in need of some help?"
Finnick 09/21/19 "Thank you for the welcome."
Josie Collins 09/21/19 The last week had been a torment of emotion and power for the petite brunette. Every feeling that a person could feel had run it's gamete, including the complete lack of feeling. She'd always thought that she didn't have use for emotions, but now that she'd been without them...maybe she could understand their use a bit more than she had.

When she saw Liam approaching, she didn't even say a word. She had no snarky comment, or any threat of harm. Instead she gave him the smallest of smiles and took the offered hot cocoa in her small hands. It felt good to have something warm and comforting, just like the sweater she was wrapped in now. She didn't really have words, not yet. The exhaustion she felt was from the deepest part of her and it wore on her soul.

"I'll keep that in mind, Liam. I don't think I will be crawling into bed, but I can understand the offer. And....thank you." She then did a very unexpected thing for those that knew Josephine March Collins. She reached out and she gave him a quick, soft, pat on the arm. It was probably the closest thing to affection most had gotten from her. He wasn't so bad after all.
Elowen Jocosta 09/21/19 -slides into arms-
Elowen Jocosta 09/21/19 -busts in room-
-slightly drunk-
Leigh Roberts 09/17/19 I dunno..
I could of sworn it was you.
They looked like you..
-rubs bruised arm-
Elowen Jocosta 09/17/19 Wen buried her head into Liams chest, wrapping her arms tightly around him. She didn't know what to say. She just wanted it all to stop. She was exhausted from everything fecking with her mind
Elowen Jocosta 09/16/19 He who? What the feck is going on. I'm fine. You pr he or whatever just pushed me. I feel like my mind is getting all jumbled.
"Why? Why? Why? I dont understand why."
Elowen Jocosta 09/16/19 -takes a step back-
-bites lip-
" shoved me earlier today. In the kitchen. Don't you remember?"
Elowen Jocosta 09/16/19 -stands at a distance-
-wraps arms around self-
"Did I do something?"
Leigh Roberts 09/16/19 -approached aggressively-
What the fvck, Liam??
-shook her head-
I thought we were friends!
-gazed down slowly-
I can't believe you did that..
-rubs a hand slowly over her arm-
Melinoe 09/15/19 Mel paused, giving a slight shrug. "No one..." She suddenly felt extremely foolish for believing what she had been told. But... maybe they were talking about other kinds of cooties?
Watching as Liam took a step closer to the boys, she smiled. She could tell that they unnerved him, just a bit. But they did that to everyone. "They like you. They said that they believe you, Li. I may have told them a little about you though. Just so they wouldn't worry!"
Gray Taylor 09/13/19 Getting a bizarre feeling of being consistently watched, Gray picks up his pace and glances over his shoulder. Casual, his ass.
Elowen Jocosta 09/13/19 -eyes suspiciously-
Jameson Orlav 09/12/19
WildKat 09/11/19 "Oooh, the RSVP! I meant to do it sooner and I just realized I haven't. It's not to late, is it?"
WildKat 09/11/19 *tries not to freak out*"Am I late?"
Elowen Jocosta 09/10/19
Elowen Jocosta 09/10/19 "You didn't break me...I was already broken...So should we cuddle now?"
Elowen Jocosta 09/10/19 I'm sorry...for biting you.
Leigh Roberts 09/10/19 Well..
-sheepish grin-
I couldn't let you have all the fun.
Besides.. it wasn't easy.
You're a quick one!
Elowen Jocosta 09/10/19 So....
Leigh Roberts 09/10/19 Perhaps you're right.

Liam Moore just stole $0.00 from you!

When you get old, you'll fake senility while digging in ladies pants for loose dollars.

Victoria Goodwin 09/09/19 "Thank you!" *Her gloved hand touched her chest. She wanted to shake his hand. It was too dangerous to offer her hand to anyone.* "What is this place?"
Leigh Roberts 09/09/19 -stares-
-tries hard not to laugh-
-bursts out laughing-

Liam Moore just failed at stealing money from you!

When you win. You really win.

Melinoe 09/09/19 Mel scrunches up her nose. "Boys are icky. Someone told me that they have cooties. I don't want cooties." She wraps her arms around his, grinning up at him. "You're not a boy though, you're my most bestest friend."
Releasing Liam from her grip, she places her hands on the boys. "They were my only friends for a long time. We protect each other, ya know? But they'll be fine on their own. We talk all the time and I can always bring them to me through the shadows." She shrugged her shoulders, placing a delicate kiss on each of their heads.
Leigh Roberts 09/09/19 I can honestly say..
I've missed your hands in my pants.

Liam Moore just failed at stealing money from you!

Melinoe 09/08/19 "I just like to collect pretty things..." She blushes. It was a rare occurrence for her to have someone in her room. But she knew that sharing her space with Liam would be safe, he wouldn't judge her.
"Yeah, those are the boys. They can be mischievous at times.. They tend to kill and eat people. But don't worry, I let them eat earlier!"
Jack Horton 09/08/19 When the sun rises on the end of days and blood is shed across the land, you shall remain intact. You may pick one other to join you on the path to righteousness. The rest will die by my hands.

Peace and love,
Jack Horton
Josie Collins 09/08/19 -sighs-
How did you guess?
-doesn't try to threaten him this time. Yay for progress!-
Next time...noodles are on me. Just not, you know, literally.
Elowen Jocosta 09/08/19 -walks in-
-lays on-
-says nothing-
Richard LaMonte 09/07/19 "Like I'd check you out, I'm not even into guys."
-rolls eyes-
"Just keep your hands to yourself and we will be peachy, deal? I hate these interactions just as much as you do."
-looks over shoulder-
"Got it? Cool."
-now walks away-
Richard LaMonte 09/07/19 -swats at his hand again-
"Did I not just say hands off?"
"I'd take your advice but it would seem you lack the, uh..."
-takes a look at the man's behind-
"Assets to back it up. Jealousy is an ugly shade on you, princess."
-turns around-
"Might wanna take your own advice."
Richard LaMonte 09/07/19 -scoffs-
"Don't act like the victim, princess. If you could keep your hand off my @ss then we wouldn't be in this situation. This is all on you."
Melinoe 09/06/19 Mel intently nods her head. Liam was always giving her viable life information. She briefly placed her head on his arm, as a sign of thanks.
"Of course you can be here! You're with me. I think everyone knows that we're a packaged deal at this point, silly."
A blush crept onto her cheeks as she stopped at her bedroom door. Just behind the wood, was a rainbow of pastel colors. Above her bed was a mesh canopy filled adorned with stars and flowers. Scattered throughout the room were, as he guessed, stuffed animals. Everywhere. And, on her nightstand, set her dearest friends. Friends that Liam had yet to meet.
"I dunno... depends on what you think is cute. But, Mr. J and Chuck are in there. I've told them to be good, so you don't have to worry."
Melinoe 09/06/19 Mel giggles, nodding her head.
"This is why we're best friends, Li. You get me."
Richard LaMonte 09/06/19 Liam Moore just failed at stealing money from you!

-slaps at hand-
"Hey! What the f-ck, guy?"
Jewel 09/06/19 Again, peeked out towards Liam out over Elowen offering up the small smile. "Thank you." Eased the blanket back around herself and Wen and snuggled up. Soft sighs would emit from beneath the huddle every so often. Wasn't one to share much but from the moment she had met Liam, she had the feeling he wasn't there to judge. He seemed so open with the lack of attitude others of the Realm were spoiled with. He was comforting in his nature whether he knew it or even meant to be. It was nice. Seemed as if she wasn't alone with her warm cozy feelings about Liam. This rough edged but with smooth corners, lady, she was snuggled with was proof.

Hadn't planned to butt in on their friendship but felt connected now to them both.

Melinoe 09/05/19 She wraps her arms securely around his torso, giggling as she nuzzled her face against his chest.
"And I would help you with anything, Li. Pinky promise!"
She places her hand in his, tugging him towards Sine Metu.
"It's a deal! Can... we get lots of whipped cream on top?"
Melinoe 09/05/19 "LI! Mister Jameson said that I can stay with you! Can you come with me to get my blankets?" Her bottom lip fell into a pout as she glanced up at him with wide eyes.
Jewel 09/05/19 Offered up half of a smile; it was all she could manage. If she could only express her current gratitude. "I know. I appreciate that. More than you could understand. I just.. -- I've had some hard times and every now and then I can't smile them away. You can understand that, right?" Was not trying to take up any of his time but it helped to escape the confines of Sine Metu. Really needed a fresh outlook with little to no memories around every corner.
Andy Codin 09/04/19 Thank you for the invitation. I'm sure I'l be able to get there. It sounds like it will be a fun time
Roman Godfrey 09/04/19 Feeling his pockets, Roman notices that some money is missing. With a grin, he turns to the dark haired male standing off to the side.
"Well, well. You have quite the set on you. I admire that. I'm happy to give you more, if that's what you desire."
Elowen Jocosta 09/04/19 -burst in room-
-points at with cast arm-
"Why the feck did someone take my spot?"
-points at his bed-
Richard LaMonte 09/04/19 -rolls eyes-
Sorry for not kissing your @ss, princess. Just not my style.
-lets out a frustrated groan-
F-cking weirdos.
-walks the other way-
Richard LaMonte 09/04/19 What, should I jut accept everything as truth? Yeah, no. Always been skeptical by nature.
-arches brow-
She was willing to help me find answers. So far, she has been the most useful of the people I have met.
-clenches jaw-
I am trying real hard to be nice, guy. It's just a drink. One. And it's in thanks for trying to be helpful. That's it.
Jewel 09/04/19 Pools of blue peer up towards Liam. This was her usual.. with Skad -- but he was gone! And with him missing, it was just an empty, lonely bed. "No.. yes.. maybe? I just need some company that doesn't expect anything out me and knows I come with candy and liquor." Attempts not to whimper. "Can you be that guy? Even if just for the moment?" Pleaded.
Jewel 09/04/19 Fvck..
-shows him a key-
Mack gave them to us and told us not to tell some guy named Jameson.
-all the while, muttering into his bed-

I have Skittles..

Jewel 09/04/19 -pushes past-
-looks from left to right-
You have a bed somewhere, right?
-keeps spying around-
Ugh.. finally...
-dropped on it; face-forward-
I'mma stay here for a second..
-mutters, face deep in his mattress-
Richard LaMonte 09/04/19 Hm. Doubtful.
-always the cynic-
What can I say? Mackenzie makes it hard to say no.
Well, alright then. Didn't think free drinks were something people turned down. Guess I'll see you around.
Richard LaMonte 09/04/19 Nope. Still not sure what the f-ck is going on but I am better at hiding it.
Found a place to lay low. Full of weirdos. I'm sure that comes as no surprise.
-rubs neck-
Anyways, how 'bout that drink?
Richard LaMonte 09/03/19 -approaches-
-looks a little less...frazzled-
"Hey, uh, sorry about all... that."
-waves hand around-
"I'm not usually like that. I was just... well, terrified for my life."
Melinoe 09/03/19 "This is going to be the most fun ever!"
Bishop Orlav 09/03/19 "And that reason is why you decide to run instead of face your issues."
-blunt as always-
"You don't need to share your past. Sometimes, just speaking is enough to alleviate the pressure. Alas, you do what you desire."
-shows book-
-is one of medieval torture-
"Normal punishment doesn't seem to phase any of you so we must take more drastic measures."
"That was a joke."
Bishop Orlav 09/03/19 -stares at-
-closes book-
"Never apologize for coming home for your return is always welcomed."
-tilts head-
"And if you ever wish to discuss matters that weigh heavy on your shoulders, I am always here."
Leigh Roberts 09/03/19 I'd never admit such a thing.
It's one of those things where if you get lucky, then you're lucky.
So.. you feel lucky, punk?
Do you?
-does her best Dirty Harry impression-

Liam Moore just failed at stealing money from you!
Liam Moore just failed at stealing money from you!

Kellie_Auber 09/03/19 He had said realm right? I had heard him correctly? I tilted my head and took the male in. No he wasn't familiar to me but that did not mean a damn thing anymore. "Thank you." At least I hadn't forgotten how to have manners in the time I was dumped in hell.
Leigh Roberts 09/02/19 Oh, doll..
-sucks teeth-
Let's be honest.
You aren't really good at getting in my pants regardless.

Thanks for the break out!

Richard LaMonte 09/02/19 -squints hard-
"Am I supposed to be pleasant and proper despite the fact you keep mentioning how things want to kill me?"
"I'm still not even completely sure about you. Forgive me for being a slight bit paranoid right now."
Kira Garrett 09/02/19
"Just tell me when and where, sweet pea."
Richard LaMonte 09/02/19 -rolls eyes-
"Richard. Call me whatever, I don't care."
-shrugs shoulders-
"All I know is I am too sober for this sh-t."
Bishop Orlav 09/02/19 "Of course, what do I know. You kids do as you please regardless of my wisdom."
-is too tired for this ish-
-makes a small salute-
"We will always be here."
Bishop Orlav 09/02/19 -doesn't seem concerned-
"So. You think by running away, leaving her guilt ridden over the attack to stew in her already volatile emotions is the best choice?"
-arches a brow-
"For her sake, and your own, I believe it is best to face this head on. Running will delay, and possibly worsen, the inevitable."
"However, you shall do what you wish. I am not your keeper."
Bishop Orlav 09/02/19 "Over a hundred years and yet having a rebellious teenage phase. Late bloomer?"
-was getting better at this humor stuff-
"I have been rather occupied with a Josie situation. What had I missed?"
Bishop Orlav 09/02/19 -squints-
"Is this a rebellious teenager thing?"
-has a small grin-
"Why would you be considered an issue?"
-hasn't been told anything-
Bishop Orlav 09/01/19 -furrows brows-
"New home? Well, excuse me for my ignorance, but I haven't a clue why you are leaving."
"This is not a prison so you are free to come and go as you please, though I prefer you be nearby."
-tilts head-
"If there is an issue regarding your staying here I'd like to know."
Bishop Orlav 09/01/19 -snatches card-
-arches a brow-
"What is this? Going on a trip?"
Richard LaMonte 09/01/19
"Sorry my existential crisis is cutting into your excitement. How selfish of me."
-the sass is strong in this one-
"Lead the way, I guess."
Richard LaMonte 09/01/19 -clenches jaw-
"Fine. A drink. Keep your hands where I can see them. Any funny business, I'm out."
Richard LaMonte 09/01/19 -eye roll-
"Does everyone here take everything so literally?"
-gives frustrated groan-
"Lived where?! Is this not LA? F-ck, I need a drink."
Richard LaMonte 09/01/19 -lifts sleeve-
-not bruised-
-gives him a once over-
"You think I am going to follow some stranger just because he flutters he lashes and gives me a pretty smile? This is how kidneys go missing."
-crosses arms-
"And what makes you so capable of protecting me, huh?"
Richard LaMonte 09/01/19 "Alright. Panda. Whatever."
--narrows eyes-
"You pinched so hard, don't even act like you didn't."
-shakes head and lifts hands up-
"Whoa, whoa, whoa, kill? What the actual f-ck is happening here?"
-starts to step back-
"Is that like a cult? Look, man, I'm not drinking any of your kool-aid, alright? I'm just gonna... yeah. Find the police."
Kira Garrett 09/01/19 She grins at his response. Ol' bagel bites wasn't wrong. Hearts were a tad more fickle than she remembered.
"It looks like we're in the same boat. Perhaps we can catch a drink and share strategies? Maybe we'll be able to find out where we're going wrong."
Richard LaMonte 09/01/19 -wrinkles nose-
"Yeah, don't call me pup."
-lets out an audible 'Ouch'-
-rubs shoulder-
"The f-ck, man? I am me. Normal? You aren't making any sense, dude."
Leigh Roberts 08/31/19 Well, isn't this familiar?

Liam Moore just failed at stealing money from you!

Flahme 08/31/19 Liam Moore just failed at stealing money from you!
Better luck next time!
Mr Sticky fingers.

Richard LaMonte 08/31/19 -stares-
"This is a dream isn't it? Yeah, that's it. I'm not crazy you just don't exist."
"This realm stuff is just a manifestation of some kind of insecurity or some sh-t. Right?"
Richard LaMonte 08/31/19
"But, uh, what does that even mean?"
Leigh Roberts 08/29/19 Good luck.

-skips off-

Elowen Jocosta 08/29/19 -stares at-
-lifts brow-
-gets dressed-
"Okay, let's go."
-jumps onto back.
Kristoffer Forsetti 08/29/19 *arches brow*
"Thanks? Luckily, I'm not looking for compliments. Just personal space."
*rolls shoulders*
Kristoffer Forsetti 08/29/19 Liam Moore just failed at stealing money from you!

"Why is everyone around here all up on my @ss? Seriously."
Leigh Roberts 08/29/19 You keep trying for all my loot.
It's adorable, really..

Liam Moore just failed at stealing money from you!

Josie Collins 08/29/19 -sighs loudly-
Iím not. I said I left it at home. Youíre safe for now. Also...
-looks at him from the corner of her eye-
Thank you.
Josie Collins 08/28/19
Right. I do.
Just...not right now. I forgot my shiv at home.
Josie Collins 08/28/19 -raises her eyebrow-
I you want me to prove you wrong because Iím all about scientific theory.
Josie Collins 08/28/19 -moves past him, careful not to touch him. That would only encourage him.-
I stabbed someone for insinuating I backwards kissed him.
Leigh Roberts 08/28/19 True enough.
I can bet you'll try again.
You are a persistent one.
Suppose I can't fault you for that.


Kira Garrett 08/28/19 Hey, cream cheese. You still out there breaking hearts?
Leigh Roberts 08/27/19 You handsy little beast..

Liam Moore just failed at stealing money from you!

Down, boy.

Vince Caruso 08/27/19 You managed to break out Liam Moore.

"Consider this to be payback."
Josie Collins 08/27/19 -turns around with a huge frown on her face, holding the bowl with the obvious look of disgust-
Why...why did you have to ruin it for me. If you want to be my friend, don't bring up kissing again. Indirect or not.
-sighs and mumbles something about boundaries-
-figures it's too late to do anything about it now, so wanders off back to her room with the bowl still-
Josie Collins 08/27/19 -takes the bowl-

-sniffs it-

-takes a bite-
-starts to walk away with the bowl and all-

Thank you for lunch.
Josie Collins 08/27/19

-huffs annoyedly-

Maybe. Are you going to at least share?
Melinoe 08/26/19 She scrunches her nose. "Are those the ones that look like pencil shavings?"
Melinoe 08/26/19 Congrats on ranking, Li! I'm proud of you!
Melinoe 08/26/19 I'm the luckiest girl to have you as my friend, Li.
Melinoe 08/26/19 Hi, Li! Just wanted to let you know that I was thinking of you!
Elowen Jocosta 08/26/19 "Most days are better than no days."
-wraps arms around torso-
-looks up at-
"Let's go snuggle."
Elowen Jocosta 08/26/19 -slips off back-
-looks at-
"I think it's always important to check-in. Don't you agree?"
Elowen Jocosta 08/26/19 -holds onto tightly-
"You missed me? How lucky am I?" -squeezes-
"Are you okay?"
Bishop Orlav 08/26/19 "We will not know until we try."
-is stubborn-
"I am not without shame, Liam. If you fear my judgement, rest at ease. I am here to support you and I'll be damned if you stop me. Move it."
Elowen Jocosta 08/26/19 -sneaks behind-
-jumps on back-
"Hello darling."
Leigh Roberts 08/26/19
Leigh Roberts 08/26/19 Oh?
-smacks his face-

Satisfied yet?

Bishop Orlav 08/25/19 "If it were a bother, I would not ask."
-starts to usher him-
"I do not require apologies. This is my job."
-is getting the hang of this parent thing-
"Now do as I tell you, young man."
-that was a bit overboard-
Bishop Orlav 08/25/19 -furrows brow-
-places hand softly on his shoulder-
"Come to my study. Explain to me, hm?"
-is speaking surprisingly softly-
"I will put on tea, and we can relax."
Bishop Orlav 08/25/19 -inspects-
-instantly on high alert-
"No clue. What ails you?"
-tries to soften up features-
-is bad at this-
"I mean, what is wrong? You do not seem well."
Leigh Roberts 08/25/19 Persistent, aren't we?

Liam Moore just failed at stealing money from you!
Liam Moore just failed at stealing money from you!
Liam Moore just failed at stealing money from you!

Elowen Jocosta 08/23/19 -curls around-
-puts head on back-
-doesn't speak...for once-
Elowen Jocosta 08/23/19 "Scoot"
-crawls into bed with-
-falls asleep-

Virelai Tylwyth 08/22/19 It was difficult, Yule decided, to hide her amusement. There was a sharp twist to her lips as she looked up from where she sat, not directed at the man himself but at the strangeness of her encounters that day. Had the Realm always been so friendly to newcomers or had something changed?

She took another sip from the rum she had been given by a gracious visitor from earlier and her smiled softened a fraction. "Thank you. That's very kind." She offered him the bottle she held. "Care for a drink?"
Josie Collins 08/22/19 -gives him a thumbs up and what can only be described as a sarcastic smile, if smiles could be sarcastic that is-
I'll remember that.
-awkwardly watches him being awkward, because she's good at that too-
-pulls her book back out and opens it back up-
Elowen Jocosta 08/22/19 "Not overrated. I miss it."
-stares at the ceiling-
-throat tightens-
"I should go eat."
Josie Collins 08/22/19 -eyes him warily-
Uh, thanks? I guess?
-pulls the drawstrings of her sweatshirt-
Pretty people make me uncomfortable.
Elowen Jocosta 08/22/19 "That's the problem. I am clean now. I can't look at a needle without thinking about...about blood. I miss it. I'd give anything to be high again." -sighs-
-rolls out of bed-
-lands on floor-
-sighs again-
Elowen Jocosta 08/22/19 -rolls away-
"Yes, well Druggies are easy targets. That's how I ended up in this situation."
Elowen Jocosta 08/22/19 -peeks over covers-
-pulls them back down-
-doesn't want to be judged-
Elowen Jocosta 08/22/19 -snuggles into bed-
-pulls covers around-
-hides from the world-
"I really need to stop boozing. This is why I stick to drugs. I never get this way when I'm high."
Elowen Jocosta 08/22/19 -wanders into room-
-is eating breakfast-
-plops on bed-
"I apologize for shoving you last night."
Elowen Jocosta 08/21/19 -shoves Liam away-
ďWhy do people keep asking me if Iím OKAY? Yes, Liam, Iím okay. Okay? Why wouldnít I be okay? Iím fine. Iím fine. Iím fecking fine. Itís not like Iím a murderer. Or, or like I have no life because Iím fecking dead. Or better yet I have no fecking sanity left! But Iím okay. Really. Okay. Iím okay.Ē
Elowen Jocosta 08/21/19 -ponders-
"Maybe, went, somewhere."
-makes no sense-
Elowen Jocosta 08/21/19 -laughs uncontrolablly-
-strokes face-
"I missed you. Where have you been?"
Elowen Jocosta 08/21/19 -trying not to fall over-
-mumbles to self-
-spots Liam-
-kinda runs over-
-smacks ass-
"Hello there."
Elowen Jocosta 08/20/19 Elowen cranes her head so she can look around to his face from her cozy place on his back. A mischievous glint in her brown eyes.

"I would never disappoint. I'm well known for making people uncomfortable and leaving dead bodies around the city. Does that not sound like fun?"
Elowen Jocosta 08/20/19 A wide smile smacked itself to Elowen's peachy lips as she popped up from the stiff bench she had been sitting on. She needed out of here and it looked like someone had finally come to the rescue.

"Fecking hell. It's about time. Thank you very much." She took his hand as he pulled her out of the cell and then without warning jumped on his back and pointed towards the exit.

"Onward to cause more havoc!"
Langley 08/19/19 Crystal clear blues twinkled merrily as she merely stands there, hands stuffed into the pockets of her soft leather jacket, watching the darkly crowned man as he sat behind bars. Quite amused at the situation, a smile spread across painted lips and hands move, grasping onto the bars of the door and, fiddling with the lock, she fussed with the mechanism until a satisfying click awarded her with sweet, sweet victory.

You managed to break out Liam Moore.

"Well come along now, Pretty Boy. Can't keep you locked in here forever. " The woman winks, purposely lifting her hands up, allowing the brief glimpse of... of something retracting upon her fingertips before said hands are, once more, stuffed into jacket pockets and she's turning only to stroll away.
Jewel 08/18/19 Oh yeah!
Good job!
You're the man.
Bishop Orlav 08/18/19 -may have cracked a grin-
"He is truly terrifying, isn't he?"
-looks dreamily into distance-
-comes back-
"I suppose a bit of both. If you ever want pointers, we are rather experienced in the art of torture."
Beau Theroux 08/17/19 -gives salute-
-definitely feels like Batman or some sh!t-
Beau Theroux 08/17/19 You managed to break out Liam Moore.

"Well, go on! Git!
Jewel 08/17/19 -snickers-
That's alright.
-tosses another-
Jewel 08/16/19 Pfft.
Come on..
You already knew the reason.

-gets ready-

Jewel 08/16/19 -raises single brow-
Open your mouth then!
-gets ready-
Jewel 08/16/19 -pelts with skittle-
Bishop Orlav 08/16/19 -narrows eyes-
-keeps it to himself-
-wrinkles nose-
"I would not call it adorable, but I suppose it is all a matter of perspective. You do have a point. I fear many of these poor strays would be without a home.",/i>
-clicks tongue-
"Jameson is not the best at recruitment. He believes if you glare at someone long enough they will just magically have the desire to join."
"Yes, Liam. Torture. Sometimes you have to torture somebody. And to do it right, you need a steady, accurate hand."
Flahme 08/16/19 "Damn, I wish I had thought of taking a pic, and yeah they smell like brimstone, underneath it all. I've spent a lot of time in Hell; that smell I can't forget."
Shrugging she noticed his stutter and wondered what he was going to say.
"A vampire, cool, I'm not a blood drinker myself, but good luck with that. Anyway nice to meet you."
Flahme waved and headed off to find her Janus.
Bishop Orlav 08/15/19 "It is good you did not know me, as well. I am this way due to Wahnsinn. Before, I would have probably killed you at first meeting."
"I was down a path of isolation. One littered with bodies. Now?"
-gestures around-
"I am married to a man I tried to kill on multiple occasions and am a leader. This is like some cosmic joke that I don't mind laughing with."
-clicks tongue-
"You'd be surprised. Sometimes, you gotta make people talk. And if they don't talk, you cut."
Bishop Orlav 08/15/19 "Not crude. You make a valid point. I am capable of deciphering percentages of possibilities that may come by the slightest signs given by even the most mundane of situations. The path I had taken had a less than one percent chance of happening."
-snorts to self-
"Yet, here I stand."
"He's a wise man. If you ever need to know how to dissect or dismember something efficiently, he is the one to call."
Bishop Orlav 08/15/19 "She is very private. Much like myself. She is odd, but it's endearing."
"For a while I reveled in that I could predict the path life had laid out for me. Now, I welcome the change."
-smiles a bit more-
"You will learn. He's grumpy, but takes care of his own."
Nicolas Murray 08/15/19
*widens his grin*
Fun is fun, n'est pas? I don't like to, eh, limit my options.
*cajun accent gets thicker*
If you're up for it, that is.
Nicolas Murray 08/15/19 *wiggles eyebrows*
You name the place and time, Iíll be there with bells on. Depending on the place, maybe not much more than that. Party? Adventure. What more could a guy want?
Flahme 08/15/19 "Yes! It was amazing, and yes it only happened when we went to Hell."
Flahme is thrilled her new friend finds the idea of glowing hair as amazing as she did.
"It's not so bad. Janus, that's my beau, has...connections that made it easy getting in and out, but then he and I are both demons, so goes with the territory somewhat. You aren't a demon, I can smell other demons, what type of creature are you?"
It seemed Flahme was back to her usual MO, that is asking blunt questions of near strangers.
Flahme 08/15/19 "Hello Liam, it is a pleasure to meet you as well."
His compliment on her hair had a huge grin taking over her features.
"Oh, thank you! No, that wasn't creepy. But, you should have seen it when Janus and I went to Hell it was actually glowing. Who knew?"
Flahme 08/15/19 "I thought it was high time I stopped by to see what all the fuss is about...I mean, say hi."
-grins cheekily-
"So, Hi! I'm Flahme. Are you enjoying yourself so far?"
Iva Herrera 08/14/19 *runs her tongue across her teeth, an act that was done lost in thought and to check for lipstick.*
Huh. Weird. Oh well.
*resumes her steps, eyes still intent on him.*
*stops short and spins on her heels*
*swirls a finger around her face*
This doesn't look familiar to you?
*scrunches face in resignation*
Fine. It's fine, it's just...I don't know.
*Beams a wide, crimson grin (save for the gleaming white, lipstick free teeth, of course)*
I'm Iva. And we have never met. No matter how much I think we have.
Jewel 08/14/19 Ohh, honey..
You know you like me.
And you're always welcome.
Nicolas Murray 08/14/19 *grins*
*reaches out and gives his upper arm a squeeze*
Now...this is starting to sound like a party.
Bishop Orlav 08/14/19 "Indeed. An odd name, possible a number given to her. I haven't found out yet."
-is on a mission-
"Yes. Good. Different from expected-
-shows hint of a smirk-
"You think I'm more hostile than he? You flatter me. Yes, that is your leader. Jameson Orlav. He is not as scary as he lets on."
Jewel 08/14/19 Oh, let it.
I like a fat head on a man.
-clears throat-
I think it suits you.. and your abilities.
Jewel 08/14/19 You're definitely top of your class.
And doing as I ask?
We're just going to go ahead and call you the total package.
Work for you, love?
Jewel 08/14/19 Well, well..
Flattery will get you everywhere.
Guess it's a good thing I've already broke you out twice. Keep it up. I like you in cuffs.
Jewel 08/14/19 -fans self-
Oh, it was nothing!
Jewel 08/14/19 You're welcome, dove.

You managed to break out Liam Moore.

Bishop Orlav 08/14/19 "They tend to watch from afar until they get a feel for you. Seven will find you eventually."
-gives a shrug-
"Life is... interesting. Much has happened in a short amount of time and continues to do so."
-glances at band on hand for a minute-
"You have met Jameson, yes?"
Nicolas Murray 08/14/19 *chuckles as he shakes his head*
No, not at all. It just means I cannot be held responsible for any damage that might incur. As long as youíre willing to take a risk...then risks we shall take.
Nicolas Murray 08/14/19 *gives the hand a good, firm, handshake*
Pleasure to meet you as well, Liam. But, just a quick question...for future you happen to have life insurance?
Nicolas Murray 08/14/19 *returns the smile*
I'll remember that. Just don't actually be surprised when I track you down to ask for help. I find myself getting into...interesting...situations, sometimes.
*extends hand*
I'm Nic.
Nicolas Murray 08/14/19 Thank you for the welcome, Mon Ami.
Bishop Orlav 08/13/19 "We used alcoholic beverages to create bonds around here. Now, I know yours, just in case."
"Life has a habit of making itself interesting, brash or not."
-taps own chin-
"How is life, Liam? Are you enjoying your stay in Wahnsinn?"
Melinoe 08/13/19 She nods her head in understanding. "Pretty drinks are bad, got it. Mother wasn't all that bad. She just... got dealt an odd hand." Mel shrugs her shoulders. She gazes up at Liam, her eyes beginning to twinkle with mischief. "Lead the way, Liam. I'm sure you'll find all sorts of fun for us to get into." She placed her small hand in his and grinned.
Bishop Orlav 08/13/19 "Noted."
-gives a shrug-
"I am trained to work well under pressure. It has become instinct for me. Survey, deduce, execute. Takes but a second."
-arches brow-
"I suppose it works for some. I know of a few brash individuals who still remain alive."
Bishop Orlav 08/13/19 "That part of you is smart. I'm not big on sharing."
-kinda likes this one-
"There is always a chance. That is why it is important to deduce one's chances of survival before executing a plan. I'm not one to brash."
-totally married a man on a whim-
-but doesn't count that-
Bishop Orlav 08/13/19 "It was easy. Now...I suppose things are different."
-snorts to self-
"That is why I do not claim superiority to others. I just simply act first. Cannot die if I kill first, non?"
Bishop Orlav 08/13/19 "It was my choice to be called Bishop. My name was not important, my duties were."
-wrinkles nose-
"But a Bishop in chess is a ruthless kill who can come at your flank from across the board with no warning. Quick. Decisive. Deadly."
Bishop Orlav 08/13/19 -crosses arms-
"Bishop is not my name, it is a title given to a select set of assassins among the kings guard from my old coven. And it is to be respected."
-cold eyes stare at the man-
"But, no, nobody has joked it. Do you have one?"
Aurora Crane 08/13/19 *She gives his hand a squeeze, taking her time releasing it. Watching as his gaze falls from her eyes, her tongue slips out to wet her lips. Her smile grows as he shows off his own set of fangs.*

Thank you. I kind of like it too, despite all the Sleeping Beauty jokes I grew up listening to.

*Thoughtfully, she chews on her lip, unconsciously mimicking him as green eyes fall to his mouth briefly. Bringing her gaze back to his eyes, she arches a brow.*

Show you around? I'm kind of new myself, but I think I can manage to show you a good time. What are you into, Liam?
Elowen Jocosta 08/13/19
Aurora Crane 08/13/19 *She glances over as one of the new faces in the Realm approaches her. As he introduces himself and follows that up with a totally cheesy but adorable line, the look in her green eyes switches from mild interest to amusement before softening. She grins, flashing her small but sharp fangs as she offers a hand.*

Well, aren't you charming. It's a pleasure to meet you, Liam. I'm Aurora. And I am here all the time in fact.

*She gives him a wink.*
Iva Herrera 08/13/19 *is minding her own damned business strutting down the street*
*stops short, seeing a newcomer.*
*squints and lowers her sunglasses, examining his face closely*
Have I seen you around before?
Melinoe 08/12/19 Sweet? No one had ever described her as that. She was creepy, unsettling, odd. The girl couldn't help but wonder what the man saw when he looked at her. Surely, something had to be wrong with him, right? "Back home, we didn't have it. We had wine, but mother wouldn't let us have it. And I am plenty old enough! I'm over 2,000, thank you very much. Can't help that I look like a doll." She rolls her eyes and giggles. "Fire is always a good place to start."
Melinoe 08/12/19 She slowly repeats their names in her mind and giggles. "We'll have the most fun!" She frowns, her brows knitting together. "Drink? You mean liquor? I've never had it before. Is it good?" Hearing the word fire, her eyes instantly light up as she nods her head happily.
Elowen Jocosta 08/12/19 "Well apparantly it's because I'm predictable and have all my cards laid on the table. Woud you rather me be upset by the notion of you lingering around me? I think that wouldn't be nearly as interesting." Elowen smiled letting her hand slide up to rest on his shoulder before she let her fingers dance over the tattoo along his neck. Elowen, didn't pay much mind to peoples personal space, she was a simple being. She craved attention and affection, she liked to be touched but it seemed like people around these parts weren't too fond of touching so she had to seek it out and do the touching. She had to feel life in some capacity.
Melinoe 08/12/19 "I just... always call people that I guess. But, Liam? I can do that." She giggles, bumping against him. "You're silly." Mel turns her face away from him so he, hopefully, won't be able to see the blood flush to her cheeks.
Elowen Jocosta 08/12/19 Elowen let a bright smile cross her lips as she reached out a hand and firmly put it on his chest, her warm brown eyes looking up into his. "I'm glad to hear that."

Melinoe 08/12/19 She leans up on the tops of her toes, gently patting the top of his head. "Nothing makes me uncomfortable, mister. Like I said, how else are we supposed to make friends? And you can ask me anything, anytime." She smiles widely, the gap between her top two teeth on full display.
Kira Garrett 08/12/19 "Cream cheese, hmm? Well you certainly know how to leave a girl wanting more."
Melinoe 08/12/19 She narrows her eyes and giggles. "It totally weirds you out, doesn't it? No, it doesn't take too long. Few hours at most. Questions are good, how else do we make friends? Nice to meet you, Liam!" She extends her hand towards him, wondering if he's too freaked out to touch her now. She was genuinely trying not to scare him away, but she was still rather naive when it came to social norms.
Kira Garrett 08/12/19 "Well, I adore a smooth talker. I'm Kira, find me if you want to chat more." She winks.
Melinoe 08/12/19 "I guess it has to do with the whole bringer of nightmares, thing. My siblings and I would just sort of... rip each other apart and go about playing. Dad thought it was cute." She shrugs her shoulders. "Oh, I'm Melinoe! Everyone calls me Mel."
Melinoe 08/12/19 Shrugging her shoulders, she giggles. "Don't know how, but they always have. So... you're telling me that your limbs don't grow back when they've been removed from your body? Interesting..."
Ashlyn Starling 08/12/19 "That is quiet true or they will do things very unexpectingly. I'm not the the kind of person that would drug anything, so you don't have to worry. And you're quiet welcome. If you need anything, don't hesitate to let me know."
Kira Garrett 08/12/19 Well, aren't you a sweet thing?
Elowen Jocosta 08/12/19 "I suppose you'll just have to stick around and find out."
Elowen Jocosta 08/12/19 I have much more interesting things to look at under these clothes."
Samantha Winchester 08/12/19 *I approach the newest member of the crew*
" Hello my name is Samanthamy friends call me Sammi. I want to welcome you to the coven. If you should need anything just ask."
Melinoe 08/12/19 "Mister Jameson. I poked his face and he told me that he was gonna eat my fingers! Like they won't grow back."
She giggles and rolls her eyes.
Elowen Jocosta 08/12/19 "Aw, and here I was hoping that we could strip down and explore each other...for ink of course."
Kira Garrett 08/12/19 You're quite the specimen. Welcome to the Realm.
Melinoe 08/12/19 Leaning slightly forward, she sniffs the air.
"You smell like the finger eater. Did he get dibs on you?"
Melinoe 08/12/19 "Welcome to the Realm, mister!"
She offers him a broad smile and a curtsy.
Bishop Orlav 08/12/19 "Depends on my mood but, yes, mostly red."Cold blue eyes watched as the man made his retreat. "Oh, no, I recruit. Jameson, our leader, deals with the aftermath. So, feel free to go crazy."
Elowen Jocosta 08/12/19 thinks of own stupidity-†
"Well, I'd rather have a tattoo than the mess I ended up getting into. My stupidity got me killed. Maybe I should get a tattoo. I like needles."†
Elowen Jocosta 08/12/19 -grabs jaw-
-moves head back and forth-
-examines neck-
"I suppose I figured that was done on purpose."
Elowen Jocosta 08/12/19 "I really cant promise that. I think I'd really like to see this tattoo of yours is it on your as.s? Please tell me that it is."


Elowen Jocosta 08/12/19 "Hm, I never thought matching tattoos was a cult thing. We are more of the murdering type of group. I shouldn't have said that."
Elowen Jocosta 08/12/19 "Ah, so you are a no toucher. You really are part of the club."
-shrugs- "Cult. Coven. It really is interchangeable."
Jameson Orlav 08/12/19 -squints-
New kid, eh?
-gives a firm prod against his bicep-
You'll do, I guess, if můj drahż thinks so.
Elowen Jocosta 08/12/19 -stares at-
-purses lips-
-considers touching-
-tests it out-
-touches face-
"Welcome to the cult...I mean coven."
Bishop Orlav 08/11/19 "We only recently relocated there so it is new for all of us. If you find a decent winery, be sure to share it's whereabouts. " A finger tapped his own chin, thinking. "You may thank me now. You are safe within Wahnsinn. And welcome."
Bishop Orlav 08/11/19 "Too late, really. However, there is nothing wrong with admiring one's own beauty so long as it does not blind them to the dangers of a world gone mad." Giving a firm shake he released the male's hand before crossing his arms across his chest. "You may not regret this specific meeting. Piquing my interest means you have an invitation to visit New York. Specifically, a coven. Wahnsinn. Something tells me you would fit in rather well." A shrug was given. "Your choice, really. We are a rowdy bunch but there isn't much of a dull moment."
Andy Codin 08/11/19 You're welcome.
WildKat 08/11/19 Welcome to the Coven!
Andy Codin 08/11/19 * i come along and hand you a hot pepperoni pizza * Here's some food for you. Welcome to our coven. I hope you like it here
EtaineNightBreed 08/11/19 Welcome to the house of Madness!
Shadwyn Drake 08/11/19 Welcome to the realm!
Aurora Crane 08/11/19 Welcome to the Realm!
Mackenzie 08/11/19 Honestly, they're not going to be *obvious* about it.
And of course. I'm trustworthy. Not that you should trust me for saying it.
What'd'ya say?
I'm excellent at busting the kneecaps of creepers.
Bishop Orlav 08/11/19 Stopping he turned around. Maybe he wasn't as helpless as originally thought. Stepping close again he gave the man another once over. "Yes, you would be correct. Careful calling me pretty. Not a fan of it."

Contemplating a moment he reached a hand out. Though his features showed indifference, he was attempting to be friendly. In his own way. "The name is Bishop, and you have piqued my interest."
Mackenzie 08/11/19 You. I called dibs on you.
You will find that there are numerous people trying to hunt the freshest souls they can find.
Don't trust them. In fact...
I can just save you the trouble.
Bishop Orlav 08/11/19 A shrug of his shoulders was all that he offered. "You might regret ever coming here, maybe not. Only time shall tell." A humorless snort escaped the man. "No. I am not going to bite you. I prefer to tear in with my bare hands." Lifting his hands he gave twinkle fingers before crossing them over his chest, studying the male. "Well, it is good you are capable of defending yourself. However, trusting a strangers cookies? Hm. Survival instincts might be lacking, non?"

Giving a dismissive wave he turned around. "Good luck, nonetheless."
Mackenzie 08/11/19 -Stops-
-Looks at-
Ashlyn Starling 08/11/19 "I would never drug anything. I have a old year old that eats my cookies anything so of course I wouldn't drug my sweets."
Ashlyn Starling 08/11/19 "Free food are the best. Someone would be crazy to turn down free food."
Bishop Orlav 08/11/19 -arches a brow-
"Hm, you shouldn't thank me just yet."
-clicks tongue-
"Tread carefully. People around these parts are a bit... nippy."
Ashlyn Starling 08/11/19 "You're welcome." Ashlyn let out a soft giggle as she raised an eyebrow and tilted her head. "I'm assuming you've gotten lots of cookies?"
Bishop Orlav 08/11/19 "Welcome to the Realm."
Ashlyn Starling 08/11/19 Ashlyn walked up to the newcomer with a basket of homemade cookies and a soft smile. "Welcome to the realm. I hope you enjoy your stay as well as have fun. If you need anything, please let me know."
Cassandra Carnivale Jadu 08/11/19 Welcome to the realm young one, I am Cassandra Jadu on behalf of Eternal Embrace we welcome you. If you need anything please feel free to come seek me out. Here is a bag of all types of homemade cookies my own recipe passed down from many generations. Please enjoy them."

Cassandra bowed out of respect as she handed him the goodie bag.
Daxx- 08/11/19 Image and video hosting by Tinyypic

Daxx walks up to the newest member of the Realm. The Eternal Embrace Pirate smiled. "Welcome to the Realm. Have some Rum on me."
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