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Born: August 29, 2007 Forum Topics Started: 0
Race: Werewolf Forum Posts / Replies: 1
Affiliation: The Lycans Den Mail Replies Sent: 407
Home City: New York Mail Sent: 831
In Union With: Not in Union Last Login:
Currently Online:
09/04/18 at 10:10 am
Current Mood: Chipper  Chipper 
Special Items:
 Miniature figurine of bad_kitty
Minion Horde Raiding Party Leader
Have you seen my Minion Raiding Party?
I went trick or treating at DemonKnight's Lair
I got fooled on April Fools Day
Figurine Commemorating Ringing in 2008 with
Blood Dagger commemorating the Bloodletting 2 Year Anniversary
Silver Goblet Commemorating Ringing in 2010 with
DemonKnight scared the $@&% out of me this Halloween, 2010
Golden Goblet Commemorating Ringing in 2011 with
I survived the great Bloodout of 2011...with only minor withdrawal symptoms
Ruby hilted Sword commemorating the Bloodletting 5 Year Anniversary
Dracula the Snowman brought me some Holiday Cheer - Christmas 2011
Zeddicus Zorander fooled me again on April Fools 2012
Limited Edition DemonKnight Trading Card for 6 Year Anniversary
I visited the Realm Haunted House on Halloween 2012 and an Elder took all my candy!
I roamed the realm on Christmas Day 2012
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Roman Pierce

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InterviewsInterview with Phoebe Price
Created by Dr Van Helsing
Crystal 10/10/12 Attention! Attention! Be on the look out for a rogue witch! He has been spotted flying over London!

I repeat! A rogue witch is on the loose! Use caution when approaching him!

Travel safely Brothers and Sisters of the Realm!
Crystal 09/26/12 Realms bed check!
Crystal 09/07/12 You have just been Mooned by a professional!
Phoebe Kross 09/24/09 "Congratulations on Profile of the Day, Patch."
Tala Hemming 05/11/09 Congratz on the the new rank. It suits you very well.
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