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Raze Wraith
Killed: April 07, 2019 at 02:41 am EDT
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You were successful in stealing $3.00 from Maya Hall. 1st successful theft!
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Blood Dagger commemorating the Bloodletting 12th Anniversary
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Raze Wraith's Biography
Phantom_Wraith's Biograph
Name: Phantom Wraith (Raze)

Age: Eons beyond understanding (He has been alive since before this universe was even a concept of reality by the gods)

Relationship: Married eternally to Cici

Appearance: His ever present cloak that seems capable of even negating those who can see through the darkest of shadows and darkness. Under that he wears black skin tight shirts that seem to be made of unbelievably tough material, his pants are similar in style to the combat pants of the special forces, but they only have a few pockets. His shoes are made of fine looking Italian leather yet they are clearly durable enough to absorb damage from his kicks.

Jewelry: A necklace with a bright white stone he guards and wears at all times.

Powers: Strength enough to rip through time and space, as well as able to crush air, Super speed, high speed flight, shadow domination, shadow manipulation, shadow travel, shadow creation, barrier creation, damage sharing, damage taking (he can take the damage from others and give it to himself), Time manipulation, enhanced senses that are enhanced by his shifting abilities, Size and shape manipulation, feather weaponization, magic manipulation (to a limited degree).

Family: Eirie NightBreed, Etaine NightBreed, Alice, Conner, Cabel, Erik NightBreed, Mikael NightBreed, Rhone NightBreed, War, Famine, Pestilence, Death, Rezar (Chaos, Father), Therisa (Order, Mother).
Newest sons: Sam, Marcus, and Acheron.
Newest Daughter: Alexia

History: He has lived since nearly the very beginning, having been born from Order and Chaos as Balance. He was the lord of the Throne of Balance, sitting to eternally keep Order and Chaos from destroying themselves or each other. He is the younger brother to Death and Pestilence, both of whom he has trouble with, but he has a good relationship with his younger siblings War and Famine. He is always at war with his Father and misses his mother so deeply that he keeps his father's chaos in check while maintaining the balance for his mother. He lost everything due to an issue that he and his elder brother had and it took him eons to even find it within himself to let go of the rage, let alone forgive his family for their parts in the betrayal. Since then he has been in every war that has occurred on the Earth, waging them for fun and to see how humanity's skills have improved. For the most part his view on the humans has lessened due to them turning from swordsmanship to using guns, as he sees the tools as a weak method to fighting, especially since most immortals he knows are fast enough to block or evade the hunks of lead that are thrown from them.

Personality: He detests humans to the core of his soul, but he oddly always helps their race in the end. He is usually calm or bored as he goes through life, but his bloodlust is hidden to perfection until he is in a battle he truly enjoys. However he is kind and compassionate to his friends and family, going so far as to find their happiness and lives as worth any price he must pay. He is also known to be filled with self hatred, but very few know why.

Due to new developments he is much more tolerant of human, save lawyers, and seeks to help them better in honor of his fiancé Cici. His children are a constant source of joy to him, and to help one he has reclaimed the Throne of Judgement so that they can be a child. The cost though was their memory of him. His self hatred has also begun to lessen since the return of his beloved mother.
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Ronan Boru

Josie Nathan

Briahne Christiann

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Ophir Jadu 01/26/19 You managed to break out Raze Wraith. Try to not get caught again Mr. Wraith.
Mystic-husky 12/20/18 She rolls her eyes."Sorry Raz! Friggen read that wrong and sure thing. Up at four anyway."
Mystic-husky 12/20/18 Stepping up one of the subway ladders on to a unknown platform, she spots him. Glancing at the picture then up. She smirks."Hey Raze, Tea time is at two. It must be hot, two teaspoons sugar." Turning to find her room she looks back. "Oh yes I would like scones and real butter with that." She laughs lightly. "Welcome to being my bytch!"
Yoshima 12/12/18 Gambling night, huh? Isn't every night gambling night? And of course -- pleasure to meet!
Ronan Boru 11/09/18 Wee ones are cute congrats.
LillyEmperium 11/08/18 Congrats on the littles.... They're adorable
Mackenzie 11/01/18 “For the same reason men feel the need to name everything g after themselves,” with a cheeky grin, Mackenzie takes the head and salutes the man before walking off.
Josie Nathan 10/23/18 Humming as she sucked on her lollipop, Josie made her way through the winding rows of dungeons. Hearing a familiar voice she floated to the cell, grinning as she saw her friend. "Mr. Raze! Come on!" With a giggle she used the other end of her lollipop she wiggled in the lock until it made a successful click. "Come on, hurry! Before they come back!" Grinning she stuck the lolli back in her mouth and disappeared into the halls.

You managed to break out Raze Wraith.
Jasper Thompson 10/08/18 Jasper catches them all, shock written all over his face. There’s a moment’s pause before he finally turns tail and hauls off, yelling over his shoulder that Raze is his new favorite, Mackenzie be damned.
Jasper Thompson 10/07/18 “Holy sh-t...” Jasper stares, wide-eyed. “You’re a f-ckin’ psychopath, lets do shrooms together sometime. I bet you know a guy. Or...” He shifts, glancing around, then leans forward, jolting his chin. “Are you the guy?”
LillyEmperium 10/05/18 Welcome to the coven. If you have questions, holler
Jasper Thompson 10/05/18 Lookie what we have here.
I was beginning to think the estrogen levels in this place were going to overtake me.
Josie Nathan 09/26/18 Looking up to Mr. Raze she smiled brightly, looking at the golden flower he held out. Reaching out to take it gingerly, she giggled softly, looking back to him. "It's so beautiful! Thank you Mr. Raze!" she gushed, wrapping her arms around him in a hug.
Josie Nathan 09/07/18 Grinning she nodded, running off to find Miss Cici and ask her, excitement flooding through her.
Josie Nathan 09/07/18 Josie giggled as he pat her head, shaking her head. "I haven't been to one, I think. Not that I can remember. Can I wear my princess dress, Mister Raze?"
Josie Nathan 09/06/18 Gazing at the pretty amulet that the man had given her, blue orbs locked onto the dazzling gems. "It's so pretty! Thank you Mister Raze!" she smiled, giving him a warm hug before stepping back, holding the necklace carefully in her hand.
Josie Nathan 09/05/18 Biting her lip as the tall man knelt in front of her, she giggled behind the closed lips, pushing dirty blonde hair back from her face. "I'm Josie, Mister Raze." At his mention of her dress she grinned and did a twirl before facing him again. "It's my Ariel princess dress. It's my favorite."
Josie Nathan 09/05/18 Looking up at the stranger, her blue eyes widened as she nearly had to bend her back to meet his gaze. Seeing the warm and kind smile encouraged a wide smile to spread across her own face. "Thank you sir. I'm okay... I don't know where my friend went but everyone has been nice and it's not very scary. I'm trying to be strong." She gave a solemn nod, fingers playing with a bow on her princess dress her friend had gotten her.
Raven D Morningstar 08/18/18 "Welcome!"
Ciaran_M_Boru 08/17/18 Welcome back
EtaineNightBreed 08/17/18 Welcome to the Realm!"
LillyEmperium 08/17/18 Welcome home
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