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Born: September 18, 2018 Forum Topics Started: 1
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James Kelly

Will Summers

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Esper Valari 02/08/19 Well deserved.

(Grats on POTD)
Kat Steel 02/08/19 Congrats on PotD!
James Kelly 01/23/19 "Noooope," James would shake her head, giving her sweet, best friend a small smile. Turning, she directs him out of the closet of wonders, closing the door behind them if only to keep his attention off their sad state of affairs. "Here's what we do..."

She takes a minute, glancing away from him as she chews at her bottom lip in thought. When she raises her sights to him once more, there is nothing but sheer will present. "We are going to revive them. Somehow... we need the binder. I'll look through it. Organize it. And..." she really isn't sure if this is a thing, "I will find some way to learn more about this."

Reaching up, she takes his face in her hands if only to guide him to focus. "We will not rebrand. We are going to do this right, and it will be a huge success. Our biggest concern will be the staff stealing the goods. And if they do... we cut off their hands."
James Kelly 01/23/19 A hand would land upon his shoulder in solidarity as they take in the pathetic sight before them. "How do you advertise for a grower? Didn't he have like... a cheat sheet or something?" Sucking in a deep breath, she gives him a sideways glance. "Did he have a permit for this?"

Taking in a deep breath, James would have a moment of silence before turning to Remington. "There is only one solution. I have to go to weed school."
James Kelly 01/16/19 "Rem," James is calling from the closet. That one, with the lights and the pungent smell. Looking over the contents, she leans out the door and looks into the kitchen. "Are these supposed to be all wilted?"
James Kelly 12/29/18 Rem
Shhh. I love your face.

Five minutes later, she would burst in the door, reusable bag dropped to the floor as she makes a beeline for her dear, sweet friend. He wouldn’t be able to get a word in before she has him wrapped up snug hug. It wouldn’t be long before the ample pints of ice cream are devided between them and The Internship is on the screen.
James Kelly 12/25/18 Rem
Rem, I’m so sorry. I’m coming over right now with ice cream and FireStick. We can talk more about this restaurant. You already know my answer, but I need to see those eyes.

Ugh. This is the worst. You are getting the biggest hug ever.
James Kelly 12/23/18 Rem
No. 😭
My butt got too big.
James Kelly 12/22/18 Rem
James Kelly 12/07/18 “Okay, Mom,” James lets out a heavy sigh, leaning forward to pick up the nearest cup and taking a sip before making a face and swapping them. “I forgot to eat. Never said I didn’t like it.” Indignant, she pouts, a sip taken of the over-sweetened tea. “It doesn’t even matter if I get fat, now. That guy ghosted me. Just disappeared off the face of the planet. So. Fatten me up, Rem.” Slapping her belly, she groans and tilts her head back. “I wish all guys were as good as you.”
James Kelly 12/07/18 “I’m not wearing stilettos. These are Toms.” Huffing, she shoots him a look as she goes about pathetically nursing her wounds. As if it is so hard to believe she might have a lapse of grace. She’s human. Painfully, so. “I was hungry, okay? I haven’t eaten since breakfast.” James really does love her friend to pieces. “...extra sugar, please.”
James Kelly 12/07/18 Remington is like a mother, honestly. James can’t help the gentle smile, even though it hurts. She would simply watch him, moving to take a seat. Creams? Bandages? Is she bleeding? Her fingers touch to her chin, trying to discern if she looks as bad as he seems to believe she might. “Um... well, I tripped. Up the stairs. Is how.”
James Kelly 12/07/18 James comes running (limping) up the stairs to Remington’s apartment, rubbing at her wrists and ignoring the smarting red mark upon her chin. Everything is sore, but she makes it. She can do it. She has got this. Bursting in slowly, she looks at her friend, shamefaced. “Sorry I’m late. I fell up the stairs...”
James Kelly 11/17/18 " it a dessert sauce?" If that doesn't answer the question, there is no telling what might.

Her jaw drops as he turns away, but James knows better. This is play. Banter, at it's best. Thus, when he agrees, James let's out a yes! that is reminiscent of something out of Napoleon Dynamite. Better yet, she gets to dress him. "How do you feel about suspenders?"

That's a hard no, on the explanation.
James Kelly 11/17/18 Allowing him to deliberate, she lifts a hand beneath the spoon before moving in for his offering. As much as James begs like a dog, she takes his work seriously. As such, she squints as she deliberates. "It's sweet. Like... red pepper, and raw amber. ...And Splenda? Is this for diabetics?"

Her reward comes in the form of a question, and there is no stopping her as she beams up at him. Hands clasping together beneath her chin as if he'd already said yes, James suppresses the urge to squeal. "Next Saturday. Skipping the ceremony. Reception is at six."
James Kelly 11/17/18 She grins. It is that wide, sly smile of a woman about to lay it on thick. Even still, it doesn't stop her from eying the spread before him. She's learned to stay close to the kitchen. Scraps happen.

"Well, it's not really a favor," she would begin. It isn't. James wants nothing more than for him to happily agree, because she wants him there. "Would you be my date to a wedding? It'll be fun."
James Kelly 11/17/18 Hanging up the phone, James pads her way out of the bathroom and into the kitchen where her hip would meet the counter as she leans into it beside her busy friend. She really isn't so sure she ever truly sees him outside the kitchen, but... "Rem, I need a favor."
James Kelly 11/02/18 "I can't! That's the point! I want to watch you judge me." Laughing, she sits up as he approaches with two plates. There is no waiting before she digs in, her eyes practically rolling into the back of her head as a groan of appreciation sounds.

Swallowing, she looks at him, eyes wide. "That is amazing! Aw, Rem. I'm so f-cking proud of you. And drugs. So exciting. Tell me everything. How did you find it? How was the interview? Is your boss nice? Do you get free drugs? What's the menu like? Do you wanna get high?"
James Kelly 11/02/18 Face scrunching up, it is all she can do to keep from smiling at his obvious amusement. "Don't you laugh at my pain, you big brute." A playful punch is landed to his shoulder before she would answer. "Both. All the sauce. All of it."

Disappearing from the kitchen space, she makes her way to the couch and makes herself comfortable. "You should let me cook one day."
James Kelly 11/02/18 Persistent knocking ceasing, James thus busts inside, shutting the door behind her and making a beeline for the kitchen. "You are just the best ever."

A deft finger dips into the sauce and is lifted to her lips quickly. James pulls a face, looking up at Remington, "That's not done yet, is it?"
James Kelly 11/02/18 Rem
Are you? Fine. I have no issue corrupting you now.
That is my revenge.
I'm at the door.

Knock knock knockknockknock
James Kelly 11/02/18 Rem
If I wasn't terrified of corrupting your sweet self, I would be saying the filthiest thing to you right now.
Hint: it's about sauce.
James Kelly 11/02/18 Rem
I'm coming for your cheese.
You should just start cooking now.
I'm really feeling dessert. Wink wink.

...did you blush?
James Kelly 11/02/18 Rem
That leaves no cheese.
James Kelly 11/02/18 Rem
Is it okay to cut mold off a piece of cheese?
Cheese is mold, after all, right?
James Kelly 10/28/18 Rem
Never. I like you.
See you soon, Star Child.
James Kelly 10/28/18 Rem
Dammit. One day, Rem.

I'll be there in half an hour.
Make it hot.
James Kelly 10/28/18 Rem
That sounds fun.
I'll drag you down with me.
Promise to make it worth your while.

Okay. Out of my system now.

Did you blush?
James Kelly 10/28/18 Rem
Yes! Set my mouth on fire, Rem.
If you must know, I have special socks.
And a mermaid scrunchie.
James Kelly 10/26/18 Rem
Really? Oh my god, yes.
What's for dinner?
I'm getting in character.
James Kelly 10/23/18 Rem
I did it! I quit my job!

This is not at all like the movies.
James Kelly 10/03/18 Her eyes light up as his profession is named, and then narrow as he speaks to the rest of it. "You, sweet thing?" It is fairly clear that she is offended at the firing of the man before her, incapable of fathoming how anyone could do that. He bought her coffee. He is quirky, and interesting. And honestly, she feels no pressure whatsoever to be anyone other than herself.

But she also respects his apparent desire to move beyond that topic, and her gaze falls to her lidded cup with a raise of her eyebrow. "Honestly, I hate art," shrugging, she lifts her gaze. "It's the stories of the artists that are intriguing."

A playful glance around is had, and she lowers her voice, "The hotel is the worst."

Sitting back, she studies him for a moment, coming to a decision in her mind. All the while, a little grin is poised upon her lips. Even when she finally speaks, it remains. "Rem, could we do this again?"
James Kelly 10/03/18 She’s nowhere near figuring this paper folding business out, but James can’t help but return his beaming smile with her own. Honestly, this guy is fun. Interesting. Both things she values highly. A nod would be given, and she makes it a point to continue trying, attempting to mimic his corrections in her next attempt. When he returns, she wraps her hands around her coffee. “Thanks, Rem. That’s really thoughtful.

At his question, she shrugs a single shoulder gently and brings the cup to her lips. “I’m a hotel manager. But I’m going to school for Art History.” Finally, she takes a sip before bringing it to the table. “What about you? What’s your passion?”
James Kelly 09/29/18 Thankfully, James has a sense of humor. Such a good one, in fact, that she is still laughing at herself with each failed attempt... even after they get to failure number five, which looks more like a demented eel than a fish. As he speaks to the level of skill is required for this, she shoots him a playful glare. "I can do this."

Then, she reveals failure number six, incapable of keeping a straight face.

And then, a single word escapes him boldly. James looks up from attempt number seven with an amused little smile, watching him as he asks his question with what appears to be a slightly distraught expression. She likes him. He's sweet. "It's okay. We've been having fun! Just a black coffee, Rem. I'm a cheap date."
James Kelly 09/27/18 James finds herself regretting her walk to the coffee shop. Heels are not made for this sort of thing, nor work clothes. The woman looks like a 50's school teacher in this getup, but she can't help it. It's just her style. So, when she sees him sat outside, she grins and gratefully sits in the the chair across from him at the miniscule table.

And, wow.

Taking the little, paper fish in her hand, she looks at it and smiles brightly. "I love it. Bait is going to be so excited. Thank you so much, Rem." James leans forward, clearly excited about this small gift. "Will you show me how you made Hook?"
James Kelly 09/22/18 She is gathering her items and walking to the elevator when her phone chimes once more, and James looks at it to check the message received. Coffee shop. Perfect. The woman is, admittedly, always in a rush that is never really necessary.

Perfect. See you there!
Idris Mowbry 09/19/18 Human behavior was still an enigma to the hybrid hence his attempt at social interaction. The male was clearly uncomfortable leaving Idris with a befuddled look on his visage. The blond tilted his head to the side as the other explained himself. The glasses were pulled from his face revealing uncharacteristically kind blue eyes. They held a soft, friendly glow to them that matched his welcoming grin.

"Hey, it's alright. Nothing special about me so no need to be nervous!" Of course, there was plenty special. Alas, he would omit the truth. "Don't gotta apologize, my feelings aren't hurt. I'm socially awkward, myself. Social queues just go right over my head." As if to emphasize his point he flew a hand over his head with a soft chuckle. Then the hand was offered in greeting. "Name's Idris, pal."
James Kelly 09/19/18 She laughs. Great. Great. This guy is a breath of fresh air. As she waits for the residual text, she begins to gather her things. Sure enough, it comes.

Bean There? It's on 33rd and Nassau.

She considers as she sprinkles flaky fish food into Bait's bowl.

There's a diner up the street from there, if you prefer?
Astrid 09/19/18 "Sorry, I just meant your shirt was threadbare."
James Kelly 09/19/18 Here, she’d thought he might not text her. James is already ready for work, but with plenty of time to kill. So, when her phone buzzes for attention, the unknown number matched with the message is easy to determine. With a little grin, she types her reply.

Ready when you are.
Anyssa 09/19/18 ~smiled shaking her head~ " It does sound interesting if it was. you have a good day and dont be a stranger."
Athena Maximus 09/18/18 She smiled softly walking up to one of the newest members of the realm. “Welcome to the realm! I’m Pandora, if you have any questions or need any help. Feel free to ask!”
Astrid 09/18/18 Astrid smiles, "Creation."
Astrid 09/18/18 What an interesting thread.
No, threads...?
Idris Mowbry 09/18/18 A blond brow arched at the man's reaction. Had Idris come on too strong? Maybe the whole popping up and announcing himself was a bit much. The man's reaction was tucked away into the back of his mind. "Don't worry, I'm not gonna bite."

Things were going fine then suddenly the man's whole demeanor shifted. Was Idris' breath smelly? He breathed into his hand to check. Nope. Minty fresh. What had the man so jumpy all of the sudden. Before he could even ask the man had already turned to leave. Brows furrowed. Now he was curious.

When the man began to leave Idris had somehow appeared in his path, arms crossed this time. "Now, now what's with the rush? Is there something on my face?" Idris then began to run his fingers over his cheeks and mouth to check for anything out of order. Rejection wasn't something he was going to take without a valid reason.
James Kelly 09/18/18 It's a date.
+Salutes, winks, and takes her leave+
James Kelly 09/18/18 Tomorrow morning is just fine.
+Pulls pen and pad of paper from bag+
+Jots number down and offers it over+
You just let me know what time and where. I'll be there, Rem.
James Kelly 09/18/18 Rem. I like it. Listen, I'm just trying to have a coffee with you. So, gentleman's choice. Whenever you're thirsty... because I always am.
James Kelly 09/18/18 Coffee, then. I'm a cheap date. Promise.
James. It's a pleasure.
Anyssa 09/18/18 "They didn't mysterious disappear. They made Sanctuaries of their own silly."
James Kelly 09/18/18 You are welcome, sweet thing.
Now. When are you buying me a drink?
Anyssa 09/18/18 ~laughs~" Well all men cant die or where would us girls be. Only the duches must die" ~giggles~" Cult huh I never really thought of it as that. But we had men in here before but they moved on."
James Kelly 09/18/18 You're good. You're really good.
Anyssa 09/18/18 "Maybe, some may call it that. But we call it a Sanctuary. Our home, a safe place where we can lay our heads at night."
James Kelly 09/18/18 Yea? What’s my favorite color?
James Kelly 09/18/18 ...Rude.
James Kelly 09/18/18 I'll have you know my goldfish can swim through hoops.
His name is Bait, and he's a real gent.
James Kelly 09/18/18 I'm an expert bullsh*tter.
Come back anytime.
I'll tell you about your childhood goldfish.
James Kelly 09/18/18 Okay. Fine. Let me just.. ah. Oh. I see.
I think I got something. Let me just...
Yes. Yes, I am sure. This is it.
You came before after the chicken, but before the egg.
James Kelly 09/18/18 Neither. I'm a shameless flirt and enjoy flattering men.
Idris Mowbry 09/18/18 It had been some time since Idris had actually conversed with other beings. A year in solitude rusted his charm to a degree. In hopes of polishing it to it's shining brilliance he decided to start seeking out unfamiliar creatures of The Realm. It was in his search he came across a man of such unfamiliarity. After tossing his cigarette to the ground and stepping on it he made his way towards the male.

When close enough, he spoke, his voice a naturally sultry tone. "Greetings and welcome. Finding your way alright?"
James Kelly 09/18/18 You look like fun.
Anyssa 09/18/18 "Hello my name is Anyssa and on behalf of Valar Morghulis I would like to welcome you to the realm. If you should need anything please feel free to come to me."
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