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The Evil Twin.
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August Soire's Biography
People always stared at us. For as long as I can remember, me and my sister were objects everyone wanted to look at.

Fair skinned.
Blonde hair.

We werenít anything special, according to our parents. No, we were a disappointment. Opposite sex twins were useless, according to all the tales. Not nearly as powerful as same sex twins. Nevertheless, people were always in awe of the two of us. Juliette and I could communicate without a word, feel what the other was feeling, no matter how far apart we were. Which, to be fair, was never very far unless absolutely necessary. Some situations did not care that we were siblings, boys and girls had to be separated sometimes.

Those times came to an end when we were...taken in. There was a fire at our house. The town blamed us twins as if growing up with their suspicious stares and their kids being told to avoid us wasnít enough harm. Mrs. Soire took us in--Sired us. She was one of the ones who would stare. Not because she thought us freaks, but because she longed to own us.

We were treated well enough, until she tried to come between me and my sister. She always treated me just a bit better than my sister. I believed it was simply because I was a male and males tended to be treated better, but I always made sure I made it up to Juliette because in the end, she would be the one who was always there for me. She was the one I could count on. She would never leave me.

And I would never leave her.

We came into this world together and we are determined to remain and leave this world in the same manner.

I almost feel bad for those who try to get in our way.
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July Soire

That Girl


Last five threads posted in:
July Soire 11/07/17 Rue St. Denis by Centre Pompidou, remember it? Where all the prostitutes and junkies hang out. And no, none whatsoever. I don't think she has much will of her own.

-And just like that, an address was 'seen' on the blank piece of paper. One that would allow the pair to feed from the woman then dispose of her body. The two were quite the cataphiles having explored the abandoned mines of the Paris underbelly; they had used the tunnels as their personal dumping ground for years. Slight hesitation on the woman's part- July was rusty it seemed. More sniffles and tears on the vampire's part. July negated the uneasiness with more words of encouragement and feigned innocence until the girl urged the pair to follow her.-

Thank you so much, -delicate french licked at the woman's ear- our mother was visiting a friend when she was taken ill. -tries hard to sound like she actually gives a sh+t about their fake mother- They haven't been answering the phone. -more tears-

I suddenly feel less hungry thinking about our 'mother'.
July Soire 11/06/17 -It was almost impossible to hide her smile, but she manages and instead offers a sniffle and a few tears-
They're so distressed; so innocent. How sweet, he's holding her hand to comfort her.
-The woman's forehead creases as her mind erupts with these thoughts, but she begins to think it is her inner voice remarking on the twins and she visibly relaxes-
He adores his sister. He would adore me for helping them. Look how sweet he is. I have to help them. I'd never forgive myself if something happened to them.
-The woman gives a reassuring smile to the twins; it worked every time.- Where were you going? May I see the address?
July Soire 11/04/17 I am extremely picky. A boy would have much to live up to with you as my brother.
-grins- Well I have very large eyes, all the better to see them with..
-chews her lower lip in thought- New to town. Lost. You speak to her. I'll work her mind.
-tightens the grip on his hand- Deal?
July Soire 11/03/17 There are no pretty boys. Only you.
-grins- I'm tall! Just, not as tall as you..
-they did compliment one another, yin yang so to speak, especially when it came to crazy or just searching out their next meal-
-bright eyes- Augustin..
-points- Her. With the raven locks. She reminds me of her.
July Soire 11/03/17 -laughs- I just like putting thoughts into their head about how you adore them. Not that you would ever have any difficulty pulling a girl yourself.
-gazes up- I do adore you though, I hope you know.
-feels inclined, always, to let him know he's special since their parents were so cold to August- Is it strange you prefer sweets while I prefer savory? As twins, shouldn't we love the same things?
July Soire 11/03/17 -raises brows- Do you even know where they are buried?
-look of disdain- Maybe we should skip the visit and just get something to eat.
-leans head against his shoulder- What is with you and your love for donuts?
-bright eyes- The sugar counteracts your bitterness right?
-grins and dots his nose with a drop of blood- Is it your turn to lure the pretty, young things or mine?
That Girl 11/03/17 Welcome to the realm where twincest is the best. xoxo
July Soire 11/03/17 -can never stay mad at him for very long-
Shall I fetch you something?
-pushes past August and deposits what's left of the mug in the trash-
-licks the blood from her fingers as wounds close-
There's a cafe close by, I'm sure a bakery too. Pretty girls are all around, we are in Paris, after all.
July Soire 11/03/17 -grips the cup until it shatters-
Something to eat- for yourself? Young and pretty?
-large eyes stare mercilessly at the larger of the two-
Careful little brother. I have little will to live without you. And less will to live in the first place.
-has an infinite knowledge of pyrotechnics-
Autumn Summers 11/03/17 As with many things, normal is a matter of perspective.
*shrugs, then grins*
Siblings, aye. A few. I'd be shocked if there weren't some I didn't know about. The ones who created us resembled a pair of rabbits.
Autumn Summers 11/03/17 No, not vain at all...
*bounces a brow*
Or out of place to stare at one's sister's hair.
Completely normal, that.
Spring Taylor 11/03/17 Oi. Would you rather be a fcking tw@t?
-taps chin thoughtfully with middle finger-
Are you fcking kidding me? I love Barbeque wanker flesh. F-ck you. Now Iím hungry.
July Soire 11/03/17 Utterly lazy, still in bed at this hour. -grins and looks at the empty cup- Oh! I was watering the plants. -nods-
Autumn Summers 11/03/17 Twins are not as uncommon as people think.
Must be the hair.
July Soire 11/03/17 -walks by with coffee- Lazy.
Autumn Summers 11/03/17 Welcome to the-
*looks back and forth between the pair*
Well... this should be interesting.
Spring Taylor 11/03/17 -isn't amused-
F-cking bullsh-te. My sh-tstain birthers had twins too. My twin sodding died though. Stupid b-tch.
-eyes up and down after 'fire' comment-
Did you blimey watch you f-cking creeper chav?
Spring Taylor 11/03/17 Listen, f-ckwad. That's what the f-ck family does.
-glares skeptically-
My birthers created their own blimey continent with my @rsehole siblings.
July Soire 11/03/17 I know. -coquettish grin- I wouldn't expect anything less.
July Soire 11/03/17 -snaps her teeth- I always keep my promises.
July Soire 11/03/17 -smiles, uplifted by his words only to be defeated by the end of his sentence- I will bite you.
July Soire 11/03/17 -leans closely, whispers- And you are the best, Augustin.
July Soire 11/03/17 -stops, narrows her eyes to gaze closely at his pinched fingers- You are always better at everything, aren't you darling brother. First in everything! -gigglefits-
Spring Taylor 11/03/17 Oi! Are you my f-cking cousins?
July Soire 11/03/17 -flits by- I'm the evil twin.
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