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Pandora's Biography
OOC: Please attack or steal at any time! I'm currently looking for someone to build a lovely fancy bio for me.

Necklace, Photography Camera, Torn Up Clothes, Scraped Up Elbows, Broken Dreams, and Disappointment.

Oh yeah, and a super vague note thats supposed to guide her through the realm. Fantastic. Just Fantastic.

She stood there looking at the d@mn piece of paper for what felt like hours. She was having a hard time making sense of it. Then again, her existence in the realm is confusing enough. Every moment her mind raced with what seemed like millions of questions. This stupid little note was a major cause of about 90% of them. When she came here to the realm she had very little guidance except for what was written on the piece of paper.

"Dear Myself,

At some point I'm probably going to be reading this, and quite frankly have no clue what this place is. You will learn about the realm very quickly. Its a tricky place to navigate, and hopefully this saves you some trouble. Below is a list of friends I have made here that you can with out a doubt trust. Notice how short it is? Yeah. I know. Holy crap! Here's the problem. They will probably have no clue who you are, and will probably not trust you. Unfortunately, here in the realm, you will encounter more foes than friends. Befriend them, and take very good care of them. I promise. If they have any doubts as to who you are your note should give them a reference.

Good luck my dear. You are really going to need it."
Pandora's Friends ~ 
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Lucifer Morning Star

Gray Taylor

Kiernan Tigra

Quinn Abernathy


Last five threads posted in:
Aleister Carlyle 07/15/18 A black brow quirked curiosly at the woman's change in physical appearance. It seemed yet another magical being with no sense of self preservation decided to reveal itself to him. Al couldn't help but wonder how these creatures would react if he had ended up being a hunter of the supernatural and attempted to take their lives on the spot. "Thank you, I will be sure to remember that. And also, and pardon if I'm over stepping my boundaries, but maybe you should keep that-" A hand gestured to the woman's physical appearance in reference to her odd change in image. "Under wraps. Hunters tend to have a one track mind."
Aleister Carlyle 07/12/18 Another day, another happy customer. Vampires had a nasty tendency of over indulging it seemed. Just this month alone the amount of bloody corpses and near-dead victims had sky rocketed in the vampire community! This gave Aleister more chances to test his theories but keeping up with the demand was hard work.

While sky blue eyes glanced at the financial records on his phone's screen the man could hear a soft voice calling for attention. His glance slowly shifted to the woman who seemed to want something of him. Had she seriously pointed him out on the sidewalk to introduce herself? Aleister had been called many things at first glance: handsome, off putting, cold, cheek bones for days. Friendly? Definitely not that. Stone features contorted into a facade of a smile. "Like the box containing evils in which this world has never seen? How interesting. yes, I am new, and I thank you for the welcome. You may call me Al."
Quinn Abernathy 06/04/18 Haven't you always wanted to be a hippy?
Lucifer Morning Star 05/08/18 From his perch inside the library, brown eyes fell on the bench out side. He had been a deep meditation and missed her walking by. Making his way outside he picks up the basket and reads the note. "Wow, word does travel fast." He glances through the items." Thank you."
Naoto Nishida 04/16/18 Thank you darling!
Amari Preston 04/12/18 Welcome to the Realm!
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