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The mouth is the door of evil.
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Born: July 23, 2016 Forum Topics Started: 12
Race: Demon Forum Posts / Replies: 209
Affiliation: Mercy Mail Replies Sent: 1987
Home City: New York Mail Sent: 108
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04/24/17 at 7:59 pm
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Spring Summers, Athena Maximus, Sky Summers, Lucius Dalca, Vesper Vaughn
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 My Minion Raiding Party kicked your butt
My Minion Raiding Party stole all my clothes
A limited edition assortment of peanut butter Admin eggs - Easter 2017

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Lucius Dalca 04/23/17 Text: Gray
You wear a $2,000 suit and all you carry is 48 f*cking bucks? Cheap motherf*cker..
Spring Summers 04/21/17 Gray
Spring Summers 04/21/17 Gray
I want an Emu, f-cker.
Camille Rameau 04/17/17 -scoffs-
Who strives for cute? No one.
Camille Rameau 04/17/17 Have you... I mean, wow. Somehow you have managed to get uglier. How is this possible?
-reaches out, flicks tip of his nose-
Autumn Summers 04/15/17 Gray
You're forgetting that because I'm currently getting those text messages, they are included in my previous statement.
Autumn Summers 04/15/17 Gray
I am quite content with what I have.
Autumn Summers 04/15/17 Gray
Hold something I want above your head.
Autumn Summers 04/15/17 Gray
You're an odd cookie sometimes.
Autumn Summers 04/15/17 Gray
You appreciate me being exhausting?
Autumn Summers 04/15/17 Gray
I know. It isn't the first time I've been told that.
Autumn Summers 04/15/17 Gray
Of course!
Autumn Summers 04/15/17 Gray
Why not?
Could be fun...
Autumn Summers 04/15/17 Gray
Is she?
I need to work on that, then.
Autumn Summers 04/15/17 Gray
You're the captor, not me.
Hope she has long hair.
Autumn Summers 04/15/17 Gray
July 31st.
Autumn Summers 04/15/17 Gray
I do hope you're planning on showing her around London.
Autumn Summers 04/15/17 Gray
Gray... she isn't a prisoner.
I will come and repeatedly bounce your head against a wall if you force your sister to stay couped up.
Autumn Summers 04/15/17 Gray
She can't stay in her apartment all day, every day.
Autumn Summers 04/15/17 Gray
No one is ever completely safe.
Autumn Summers 04/15/17 Gray
How would I know? Still not psychic...
Are you excited?
Autumn Summers 04/15/17 Gray
A little.
That being said, maybe now mystery woman won't starve to death.
Autumn Summers 04/15/17 Quitter
Gray Taylor! I'm disappointed in you.
Autumn Summers 04/15/17 Gray
If I didn't know any better, I'd say you were whining.
Sounds like wine and junk food are a must... trail mix?
Honestly, your best bet is to keep it simple for the moment, based on what you know about her. Otherwise it will go to waste.
Make sure there's something at least for a day or two, and then she can go grocery shopping on her own. Order out for dinner if you feel the need.
Autumn Summers 04/15/17 Gray
Clearly, because I'm psychic.
Just smile and nod. It's funny because I'm a woman.
Back to groceries... do you have any idea what she likes to eat?
Autumn Summers 04/15/17 Gray
I'm sorry, I shouldn't be laughing, but I am.
Okay, okay, I'll have mercy...
Who will be cooking? You or her?
Autumn Summers 04/15/17 Gray
That depends. Are we still talking about groceries?
Autumn Summers 04/15/17 Domesticated
To be alive is not always to be well.
Thank you for that. I actually laughed aloud.
Want me to let you in on a little secret?
If you want to know what a woman wants...
Ask her.
Autumn Summers 04/15/17 Captain Obvious
If you were dead and texting, there would be some explaining to do...
However, I asked if you are well.
Autumn Summers 04/15/17 Gray
Like a thorn in my side.
But really, I'm allowed to be concerned.
Spring Summers 04/14/17 Gray
Bull f-cking sh-te. I'm camping these alien @rseholes around the sapling. Their nutty blood is tasty af.
Spring Summers 04/14/17 Gray
Where the f-ck is Casey? Do you think he's f-cking dead?
Autumn Summers 04/14/17 Gray
You've been quiet lately. Is all well?
Vesper Vaughn 04/13/17 It was a downside of living as long as she had. She trusted very little.. and the fact that this hotel was fancier than she had ever been interested in entering. She lived the life of a nomad; a gypsy. Vesper took what she needed and always gave back when she could. So, the constant distraction of those around them would be an issue.

Once he had offered them a place to talk, she'd follow quietly as Gray had made his moves to acquire the space so swiftly and without issue. Vesper kept a deep chestnut gaze upon him, out of respect, she'd wait for him to be seated before she'd take her own.

"Please.. Don't be alarmed but I have heard of you, from others. Your name has become well known within our world - for many things. Though, it hasn't of yet been dragged through the mud. I've.. lost my coven. I seek refuge. I don't trust many but who I do have spoke of you with great honor."

Vesper's words paused as she attempted not to get too ahead of herself. She'd keep her confidence as she'd continue on.

"I'm positive that I need you more than you may need me but I don't come without. I offer you my abilities but for insurance purposes, I refuse to expose them currently. In exchange, you gain my loyalty. You may laugh now but when the time comes, you'll find its value."

In truth? She was losing power. Her previous coven had kept her flush but her powers come more from that of emotion and other's auras. Vesper was weak and she needed help. Hopefully she hadn't gone too far off that she could retrieve all that she had lost.

If she could gain it all back. He would see. He would know.

Vesper Vaughn 04/12/17 That had to be him. Once that first step he made released him from the confines of the elevator into the lobby that she had stood within. Vesper quietly glanced down towards her phone as he approached already with questions. Her eyes would lift to look towards him with confirmation resting within her vision.


"..but you will."

Vesper looked around them and quickly acknowledged that this was no place to talk. Too many ears within hearing distance.

"My name is Vesper Vaughn. I was told you had something to offer but it wasn't exclusive. That it would be something that would interest me and possibly intrigue you."

Again her vision would travel. People entered and exited within seconds of one another. She wasn't on the run but to be aware of ones surroundings was never known to be a bad idea.

"Has anything that I have mentioned brought you any interest? If so, could we possibly.. talk elsewhere?"

Vesper Vaughn 04/12/17 The Gypsy had traveled all of her life. To stay in one spot long wasn't something that she had ever known in her lifetime. There was a long running underground for those of magic and other typical mythical humanoids. It was a large group of gossiping ancients in her eyes but it had always worked in her favor.

You rub elbows with the right people and eventually it'll become profitable. With every coven, there were the elders that had to allow and accept the new leaders in. The covens would then be watched and monitored quietly from the outside.

People came and went within her lifetime. Not all had her abilities. It was something she had lived to understand and accept. She no longer belonged to a living coven. The Enchantress had outlived most and was over being alone. There was gossip of a man who ran a coven that left some distaste upon the tongues of others but not all. They spoke highly of him, including the elder she had relied on.

Gray. She must find Gray.


Her accent was thick, as if she had something sticky smeared over her tongue but she spoke swiftly with as much proper enunciation that she could muster. She had been advised to go to a hotel he frequented often due to business. Vesper went to the front desk, asking the woman behind it to call upon Gray Taylor.

One moment. The woman spoke with a little British tude'.

Vesper waited as the call was made and she was left there. Phone in her hand, lit with the image she had been sent of the man of whoms attention's she'd desire.

Autumn Summers 04/06/17 Gray
I wasn't avoiding the question. Merely making an observation.
No, not charming. Curious, perhaps.
Autumn Summers 04/06/17 Gray
You have seemed... off lately.
Autumn Summers 04/05/17 Gray
I have seen very uncharming sides of you. That is not a bad thing, by the way.
Spring Summers 04/05/17 Gray
Bugger off and find Casey.
Autumn Summers 04/05/17 Gray
Aye, when it suits you.
Autumn Summers 04/05/17 Gray
That you are aware of.
Spring Summers 04/05/17 Gray
Who the f-ck have I been paying in teeth?
Spring Summers 04/05/17 Gray
..What the f-ck wanker. The elevator attendant. Jesus f-cking alien Xanchrist. How the blimey hell do I know that and not you?
Spring Summers 04/05/17 @rsehole
Where the f-ck is Joanna?
Autumn Summers 04/05/17 Gray
Spring Summers 04/04/17 @rsememo
Shut the f-ck up Gray. Stop being a f-cking tw@t fantasizing Cruise is going to come take your f-cking @rse to the freezing f-cking chamber located SOMEWHERE UP YOUR F-CKING @RSE LIKE THAT F-CKING BOOK WILL BE. GOD F-CKING DAMNIT I F-CKING HATE YOU. GO CHOKE ON SOME F-CKING D-CKCADABRA BULLSH-TE FROM THAT F-CKING BOOK.
Spring Summers 04/04/17 Gray
What the f-ck else would it be? Daft blimey noodle bobber.
Spring Summers 04/04/17 Alien Jewanker
I got you a f-cking book. You're f-cking welcome.
Autumn Summers 04/03/17 Gray
Smarter than I look.
Will you answer me now?
Autumn Summers 04/03/17 Gray
Perhaps not in this particular case.
I don't recall the last time you've been so steadfast in not answering a question of mine.
Autumn Summers 04/03/17 Gray
I don't think anyone has ever told me that.
You've avoided my question twice now.
Elouise Orlav 04/03/17
Autumn Summers 04/03/17 Gray
Charming as ever.
You didn't answer my question.
Marcy 04/03/17 Gray Taylor just stole $316.00 from you!

Her ruby red orbs widened in shock, her jaw slackening as she stared after the retreating figure of the man who'd decided to rob her coin purse. She glanced over to her right, giving her ghostly best friend a horrified look, "Can you believe the nerve of that dillhole Lucy?!?! He stole my friggin' child support!! Who does that?!?!" Though of course all stupid Lucy did was snicker at her misfortune. Marcy had spent HOURS trying to scrape all that money together through various means, HOURS!! That was the most effort Marcy had put into anything since the virgin blood Jacuzzi, or her infamous tea parties.

A small scowl danced across her features as she stomped towards the culprit. As the incredibly deranged vampire stormed towards him though, her hands were digging around in her bag to pulling out what was currently one of her most prized possessions, a sock full of rock hard butter. A small, crazed smirk took over her scowling features as she swung her deadly sock at the mans head, "Didn't your mother ever teach you to buy a girl dinner before going and groping her?1?!!?"
Autumn Summers 04/02/17 Gray
Thought you might.
Couldn't get much better. I am a very happy lass.
Autumn Summers 04/02/17 Gray
Put a bell round her neck. Or a tracking app on her phone.
Autumn Summers 04/02/17 Gray
The only thing to like about him is when he dies. But to each their own.
I'm out of ideas to frighten your sister. Why do you want her to stay indoors, anyway?
Autumn Summers 04/02/17 Gray
Casey? He's fairly revolting.
Autumn Summers 04/02/17 Gray
Ruffle Spring's feathers and then introduce them. If that isn't enough, I don't know what is.
Autumn Summers 04/02/17 Gray
I'm assuming that is a good thing...
You can tell her the truth. I'm healthy and happy.
Has she ever been to London?
Autumn Summers 04/01/17 Gray
Of course not. I am one of a kind.
How is Sarah?
Autumn Summers 04/01/17 Gray
Nope. Why don't you pester Spring? Or that new friend you made?
Autumn Summers 04/01/17 Gray
I don't mind most of the time, but love is too strong of a word.
Autumn Summers 04/01/17 Gray
It's rather difficult to deny the existence of such a pest.
Autumn Summers 04/01/17 Gray
Good thing I don't believe in God.
Autumn Summers 04/01/17 Gray
Why am I not surprised?
In that case, I should congratulate you on impending fatherhood. Possibly.
Autumn Summers 04/01/17 Gray
Hardly. She's welcome to you.
Since when do you believe the tabloids?
Star Remington 03/31/17 if I did have secrets and I told you id have to kill you and we both don't want that do we ;)
Autumn Summers 03/24/17 Gray
No occasion. Just because. Nothing picked out yet.
Gray Taylor, if I didn't know better, I'd say you were psychic. Aye, that would be lovely.
Autumn Summers 03/24/17 Gray
It was, in a roundabout way.
You have exemplary taste and what better than to get another man's opinion? I trust you to be honest with me.
Autumn Summers 03/24/17 Gray
I needed a new pair of shoes and knew you were good for it.
No, not wrong, exactly. Call it thought sorting.
Autumn Summers 03/24/17 Gray
...I'm unsure whether to be insulted or flattered by that response. But to answer your question, I've done nothing.
Autumn Summers 03/24/17 Gray
Do you still consider us to be friends?
Autumn Summers 03/20/17 Gray
You sure do carry large sums of euros around...
Athena Maximus 03/17/17 To: Mr. Gray
From: The Wicked Witch of the West
You'll never guess what happened to me today. I was working on one of my projects when I got notification that someone donated to it. You wouldn't happen to know who did that by any chance?
Autumn Summers 03/17/17 Gray
At least I'm honest about it.
Autumn Summers 03/17/17 Gray
Autumn Summers 03/17/17 Gray
Lose them? Hardly. I ate them.
They were delicious.
Autumn Summers 03/17/17 Gray
I am rather good at keeping tabs on what's in my house. I'd have found them long ago if they were there to be found.
Autumn Summers 03/17/17 Gray
Plot twist: I never looked for them.
Spring Summers 03/17/17 Gray
It has a class tomorrow night. I think if I go to business courses, Casey might finally fcking off himself. Chav nugget will have to hunt for his own fcking food. Lazy motherf-cker @rsehole.
Autumn Summers 03/17/17 Gray
You do pester. The flip side to that is I don't particularly mind.
Autumn Summers 03/17/17 Gray
You and I both know even if I did have them (which I don't and will deny it to my grave) and returned them to you, you would find another, equally absurd opportunity to be a pest.
Autumn Summers 03/17/17 Gray
Life is good.
It will be even better when London starts to warm up some. Layers are nice, but I'm over it.
Spring Summers 03/17/17 Wanker
Come with me to this Dynamics business class. I need you to translate fcking Jew business.
Mackenzie 03/17/17 Taylor
Happy Saint Patricks. Enjoy the f-cking weather out there.
Autumn Summers 03/15/17 Gray
Apologies for my temper a few days ago. It still gets the better of me sometimes.
How are you?

PS - I still don't have your trousers.
Elouise Orlav 03/11/17 BS. You just don't want to admit you like me.
Elouise Orlav 03/11/17 Are we friends yet?
Spring Summers 03/11/17 Gray
I'm not a f-cking Jew. Shalomxanadouche b-tch. I need another one for the fcking sapling.
Lucius Dalca 03/11/17 Text: Gray
*dies from old age*
Lucius Dalca 03/11/17 Text: Gray
Any update on that party?
Spring Summers 03/11/17 Gray
You frost Jewcakes?? I thought you heated them in the fcking oven.
Spring Summers 03/11/17 Gray
The only Scientology is going to be Xanaf-ckingd-ckchavdu shanking the f-ck out of you for not making me jewcakes. MAKE ME JEWCAKES. STOP FCKING AROUND GRAY. I'LL GO NAZI. I'LL DO IT.
Spring Summers 03/10/17 Gray
Chop chop motherf-cker. Get me those Jewcakes. I'm going to shove this dreidrei up your fcking @rse.
Spring Summers 03/08/17 Gray
Make me Jewcakes.
Autumn Summers 03/06/17 Gray
You'll have to forgive me for getting frustrated about you popping back up as if nothing happened after that last exchange of ours. It was less than pleasant.
What do I want? To put my phone down, curl up with Lucius and be happy. So that is what I'm going to do.
Autumn Summers 03/06/17 Gray
You ought to be used to it then, my getting angry for who knows why. You continue to try. Do you enjoy it? Why bother? Perhaps we should stop wasting each other's time.
Spring Summers 03/06/17 Gray
No. We're not going to bang, wanker. Even if you make your Jew pancakes.
Autumn Summers 03/06/17 Annoyed. Yes, definitely heading in that direction.

If you would like a Nona, you're welcome to come and get it yourself.
Until your out of the blue text about that movie a few days ago, then your trousers and desire for my cookies, we've had no contact at all since our lovely conversation the night I left the coven.
What the f*ck do you want, Gray? To piss me off? It's working.
Spring Summers 03/06/17 Gray
Are you bloody making some? Why the f-ck are you asking me?
Autumn Summers 03/06/17 Gray
Rather difficult to do while I'm in Italy with Lucius.
Spring Summers 03/06/17 Gray
Are you trying to say fcking lakes?
Sky Summers 03/06/17 Fearless Leader
SWEET MOTHER OF HADES YOU BEAUTIFUL B@STARD!!! I COULD KISS YOU RIGHT NOW!!! You sir, are by far my favourite person right now!!!! Thank you so much!
Ophelia Fraye 03/05/17 Gray
Or we could always just have breakfast in my neck of the woods? No need for heated blankets down South.
Ophelia Fraye 03/05/17 Gray
Whoops! Well, I'm all for breakfast. But next time we get arrested, could you arrange for a slightly nicer cell? With heating?
Ophelia Fraye 03/05/17 Silly Wabbit
I mean, that sounds fun to me, but I think I missed a text somewhere. 🙃
Ophelia Fraye 03/05/17 Gray Tay
A no to what?
Autumn Summers 03/05/17 Gray
Now, I have to go. I'm being given a very dirty look.
Good night, Gray.
Autumn Summers 03/05/17 Gray
You are not an orphan.
Autumn Summers 03/05/17 Gray
Mmm... 'fraid not.
Autumn Summers 03/05/17 Gray
Your fixation on my cookies is both flattering and mildly disturbing. But it's nice to know my baking skills are not lacking.
Autumn Summers 03/05/17 Gray
You realize, of course, you can easily go to the market for cookies. Or a bakery. Or bake them yourself. Or even ask one of your crew to bake them.
Have you gotten into one of my siblings' stash of weed, too?
Autumn Summers 03/05/17 Gray
I see... allow me to assist:
the capacity to accept or tolerate delay, trouble, or suffering without getting angry or upset.
Autumn Summers 03/05/17 Gray
Then it appears you've learned something today, too.
The day is not a loss.
Autumn Summers 03/05/17 Gray
And they won't be until July.
Patience is a virtue, Gray Taylor.
Autumn Summers 03/05/17 Gray
I still say they're laying about in Mercy somewhere.
Autumn Summers 03/05/17 Gray
Using my middle name now?
There is nothing to burn. I gave back what you'd given me.
Autumn Summers 03/05/17 Gray
I do hope you don't mind disappointment.
Autumn Summers 03/05/17 Gray
It doesn't seem like you to be losing things, and I'm almost positive they're not at my house but alright, I'll look.
You're welcome for the cookies... in July.
Autumn Summers 03/05/17 Gray
Not that I'm aware. They're likely at Mercy.
Birthdays don't work that way.
Autumn Summers 03/05/17 Gray
And you're only just now mentioning them?
Typical man. Speaking of... since you're a man and not a child, you can wait until your birthday.
Autumn Summers 03/05/17 Gray
I'll consider cookies for your birthday.
Are you drunk? Why are your trousers missing? More importantly, why are you asking me? We've not even seen each other in more than a month. Surely Ra knows better than I where your clothes may be lurking.
Autumn Summers 03/05/17 Unable to help herself, Autumn snickers.

You're a dirty old man with a Santa fetish? And here I thought you were a Jew. Learn something new everyday...
Convenient Christmas in July is also the same month in which you were born.
Autumn Summers 03/05/17 Gray
No, of course not.
Tell me of Christmas in March, then. You know how much I love Christmas to begin with.
Autumn Summers 03/05/17 Gray
Sadly, no.
For some odd reason, I think this may be a ploy...
Autumn Summers 03/05/17 Gray
You're welcome.
I'd say your chances are high, in another ten months.
Autumn Summers 03/05/17 Despite knowing Gray's Lady and the Tramp hadn't made its way into her collection, she told him she would look anyway. Since she was already going through things, it cost her nothing. So Autumn looked and, as expected, did not find the movie. Gray
Swahili? Quite a man of the world.
I'm sorry to say that your movie isn't here.
Spring Summers 03/04/17 Gray
I don't need a fcking dragon d-ldo. Dreidrei your trollop self.
Lucius Dalca 03/04/17 Text: Gray
Yeah... Im not going come to the building for a while... Spring is like a dead skunk's *******. They make chemical weapons of that gas... .
Spring Summers 03/04/17 Gray
Spring Summers 03/04/17 Gray
Go fcking kill your sh-te fcking offspring.
Spring Summers 03/04/17 Gray
Are you his mother?
Spring Summers 03/04/17 Gray
Cocaine. Obviously fcking Coke.
Spring Summers 03/04/17 Gray
I know I'm fcking pretty. What the f-ck have you been smoking?
Spring Summers 03/04/17 Gray
You can't eat my face. Daft fcking memo chav.
Lucius Dalca 03/04/17 Text: Gray
Its Spring .. You need to buy 5 cases of both. That sh*t is horrid.
Spring Summers 03/04/17 Gray
Hi. Fancy my blimey foot up your arse?
Spring Summers 03/04/17 Gray You're rude AF.
Spring Summers 03/04/17 Gray
Spring Summers 03/04/17 Gray
Spring Summers 03/04/17 Gray
Spring Summers 03/04/17 Gray
Spring Summers 03/04/17 Gray
Spring Summers 03/04/17 Gray
Spring Summers 03/04/17 Gray
Spring Summers 03/04/17 Gray
Spring Summers 03/04/17 Gray
Spring Summers 03/04/17 Gray
Spring Summers 03/04/17 Gray
Gay jew fcking @rsehole.
Spring Summers 03/04/17 Gray
You could be @rsed to send one fcking text.
Spring Summers 03/04/17 Gray
What the f-ck. I'm not your teenage fcking date wanker.
Autumn Summers 03/04/17 Gray
You're welcome.
Noapte buna.
Autumn Summers 03/04/17 Gray
Honestly, it's a wonder you've not starved.
Gustoso Ristorante & Enoteca.
Autumn Summers 03/04/17 Gray
You know how to cook. If you're craving spaghetti, go make yourself some. You don't need me for that.
Athena Maximus 03/04/17 Text: Gray
From: The Sass Master
Really??? I didn't know she loved you!!! Why didn't you tell me sooner?
Autumn Summers 03/04/17 Gray
That remains to be seen, no?
Autumn Summers 03/04/17 Gray
No to both.
I don't know where it is, and I will return it in the unlikely event I find it in my house. You have my word.
Athena Maximus 03/04/17 Text: Gray From: Athena I'll have to remember that. Good thing I love to tease people. I'm gonna have some fun with her. :)
Autumn Summers 03/04/17 Gray
That is true.
I'll be sure to let you know if I find it. After watching it once or twice.
Autumn Summers 03/04/17 Gray
Are you going to enlighten me on what you're really after?
Autumn Summers 03/04/17 Gray
A saint? Me? Hardly.
But you are still a flatterer, Gray Taylor.
Autumn Summers 03/04/17 Gazing down at the screen of her phone, Autumn absently brushes the side of her index finger across her lips. Curious... over a month of silence and out of the blue, Gray is asking about a movie she gave him in an attempt to make up after one of their snits. Very curious, indeed.

Aye, I will.
But only because you said please. Cheers.
Autumn Summers 03/04/17 Gray
You seem to be exceptionally good at finding things. I'm sure if you truly wish to find it, you will.
Autumn Summers 03/04/17 Gray
If you left it in the hallway, it's likely still somewhere in Mercy. Good luck finding it, though.
Autumn Summers 03/04/17 Gray
Positive. If worst comes to worst, I'm sure you can purchase another.
Autumn Summers 03/04/17 Gray
Damn alcohol. Makes us do the silliest things, doesn't it?
Autumn Summers 03/04/17 Gray
Afraid not. The last time I saw it was when I gave it to you.
Autumn Summers 03/04/17 Gray
Where on earth would I have seen that?
Lucius Dalca 03/04/17 Text: Gray Lord
Yes!! Tomorrow I will be totally free :D lets do this! Rock on!
Lucius Dalca 03/03/17 Text: Bill Gates
When are we gonna have another dungeon party or know someone who is? My skills are lacking >_>
Mackenzie 03/03/17 Taylor
Has anyone ever told you that you look lost all the time?
Spring Summers 03/01/17 Gray
I'm not your f-ck friend b-tch. You're missing one of those stupid sodding paper boat hats too. Did you ditch those when you went to Memoism and that hoarder paper hell of a fcking closet?
Spring Summers 03/01/17 Gray
Are you considered a Jew rebel wanker? Since you don't have a fcking beard.
Ophelia Fraye 02/25/17 Egomaniac
Like I said. Find a place that does decent biscuits and gravy in this town, and I'll be wrapped around your little finger. 😉
Ophelia Fraye 02/25/17 Bad Cop
Aw, what happened to your breakfast idea? I like that better than another boardroom. So sick of those.
Ophelia Fraye 02/25/17 Lord Business
I'm sure I would have come up with something a little less life threatening had I done so on purpose, Gray. 👮
Ophelia Fraye 02/25/17 Mr. Corporate
Well excuse me, but I didn't know I was supposed to be there. And I'm not jailbait! I'm well beyond the legal age, thanks very much.
Ophelia Fraye 02/23/17 The Suit
Well, one thing is for sure. None of them were as interesting as that first one. 😉
Spring Summers 02/22/17 Gray
What the fck is a love fern. Wanker. Are you going to wander around his fcking flat? chanting Jewish wanker words? Maybe you should blimey move in with him.
Spring Summers 02/22/17 Gray
Why the FCK hasn't Casey offed himself yet? Took me two bloody days to get the fcking lard off.
Spring Summers 02/22/17 Gray
Autumn being a nutter. Saying I lost my fcking touch. Fcking bullsh-te. Lucky I don't fcking murder her twitch toy
Sky Summers 02/22/17 Sky looked down at what had been her phone, key word being been because in it's place was a f-cking banana. The youngest Summers continues to stare down at said banana until deciding that whatever this was, was too much for her to handle so who better to go to than her fearless leader. Sky didn't really bother to knock or barge through the door like normal. Instead she simply walked in, placed the banana on the counter and whispered the simple frase, "What the f-ck."

Spring Summers 02/21/17 Gray
We should have let that daft sodding cow get her brain electric f-cked by Douchlav.
Lucius Dalca 02/18/17 Text: Gray
LOLZ I would have never thought about it. I am very special... I have a certificate of sanity from Gotham and sh*t!
PS: Bought it off Ebay.
Lucius Dalca 02/18/17 Text: Gray
The accuracy is disturbing but... totally hilarious. Maybe the unofficial motto? Do we have anybody we are trying to appeal in particular?
Lucius Dalca 02/17/17 Text: Don Falcone
I was out drinking the other night and thinking.. What if we get another motto? I was juggling with..

Mercy : We are the 'special' sort of @ssholes.

Casey Noire 02/17/17 F+ckingBoss
Permission to kidnap and roast the Orlav baby?
Casey Noire 02/17/17 I might not be able to bloody kill her, but I'm going to kick her f+cking ass.
Sky Summers 02/16/17 Sky was practically beaming with pride as she bobbed her head up and down excitedly. "Course it is oh Fearless Leader!! I went all the way to Paris, the City of Love for the little bit of homework you gave us. I mean I could only give you lot the best couldn't I? Though I think your heart's the best of the bunch, it was either Doctor Dreamy or Flirty McFly." She couldn't help but snicker slightly at the memories of the two Frenchman before she glanced up at him with worry, "You do like it don't you?"
Ophelia Fraye 02/16/17 Gray

Oh yeah. Bad. I made it back to my hotel room, by the way. That bottle of wine I was supposed to spend the evening with yesterday is so disappointed in me..
Ophelia Fraye 02/16/17 Al Capone
Deal. Stand by.

Five minutes later..

Al Capone
...I got a free cab ride.
Ophelia Fraye 02/16/17 Jailbird
My taxi hasn't even gone ten blocks, Gray! You made me laugh, and the driver turned up his radio.. I think it's Indian music. It's nice to know you haven't forgotten about me in the last fifteen minutes, though. 🙃
Spring Summers 02/15/17 Spring glared at Gray when he answered the door. It didn't even take a minute, for her arm with the heart to lift from her side. She swung the muscle quickly to try to drive that sh-te into his chest.

"F-ck you wanker. Here's a f-cking memo to add to your collection. You JEWISH MEMOFREAK MEMOIST F-CKER." The air huffed from her lips while the words shrieked down the hallway, her temper boiling over as was normal for Spring b-tch Summers.
Sky Summers 02/15/17 Sky banged on her favorite leaders door, bouncing up and down on the spot causing the remnants of blood to fly off her borrowed doctors scrubs. "Ohhhhh Fearless Leaddderrrrr open up! I gotcha something!"

The young Summers continued to bounce on spot, a small box in her hand. As soon as the door opened Sky thrust the ornate box into his hands with a bright smile. "Told you I'd get ya one didn't I?"
Lucius Dalca 02/12/17 Text: Shaquille O'Neal I might be a little late on the heart event but I am eyeing someone for that time.

PS: I think after the 10th whoop ass on Victor, Ima stop. I don't want the guy to hate me :P
Elouise Orlav 02/11/17
Ophelia Fraye 02/11/17 I mean, I'm not one to toot my own horn, but..
Spring Summers 02/08/17 Unbelievable what she could accomplish when she wasn't fking bashing some skull of a poor sod in. Spring let out her cigarette on the victim, and used her boot to press it in. On her way back to the home front, she paused to gather up a discarded blank sheet of paper from the recycle bin.

How did she manage to do such a thing? She was fcking Spring Summers. B-tch had her blimey ways of doing sh-te. Spring entered into Mercy and paused outside the room of Gray Taylor. One of her blood stained hands lifted to bash the entrails into his door.The other still held onto the heart, with a memo pinned into it with a fingernail.

The memo read simply.

F-ck you, Memoist Wanker. The words smeared in blood. That's right. Send one more f-cking Memo. One f-cking more.

"Oi! Open the f-cking door! You hell damned impish son of a fcking dead sapling. GRAY I'M PECKISH OPEN THE FCKING DOOR."

Spring Summers 02/04/17 Gray
Are you and cheesed1ck actually getting the FCK along??
Spring Summers 02/04/17 WankerD!cklaw
Cheesed1ck? I ask him all the fcking important questions. Want me to sodding ask him?
Spring Summers 02/03/17 Gray
I don't even remember marrying the chav fcking nugget. Is there a fcking way to find out if I did? I don't have any sodding contracts here.
Spring Summers 02/03/17 Gray
What the bloody FCK is a prenup? Did you make me a fcking prenup?
Spring Summers 02/03/17 Memoist Wanker
I need your paper thin arse to file my fcking divorce sh-te.
Maya J Lawson 02/01/17 Please tell me you’re spending all that extra pocket change on escorting me, a stranger, to find a strong drink.

Lucius Dalca 01/30/17 Text: Kobe Bryant
F@ck yes! How you know I loved weapons.?! I am a collector :D.
Lucius Dalca 01/30/17 Text: Apollo Creed Thats a personal goal. To you its a benefit. One team rule?
Casey Noire 01/30/17 Bossf+ckingfdkjgr
Don't f+cking play dumb with me, Taylor.
Lucius Dalca 01/30/17 Text: Younger Dumbledore

Eh it comes and goes really as you can see. He just got a mention in the new witchy newpaper so was like woah wtf. By the way, I will become the strongest Warlock in Mercy! You heard it from me first :O.
Casey Noire 01/30/17 Bossb+tch
Where in the bloody f+ck is Spring. REALLY. There's no blimey way she's at etiquette school.
Jace Remington 01/30/17 Today, Jace received a special treat. The Snotty Suit himself, whom Jace had minimal dealings with, crossed his path. Far be it from him not to capitalize on an opportunity.

The money didn't matter to Jace. It was the sport. The game. It also gave him the perfect excuse to admire the derrières of people other than his wifey and not get shanked for it. If he happened to sneak a squeeze in there, too? All the better.

You were successful in stealing $374.00 from Gray Taylor.

Jace leered at the man. "Nice booty. Do you work out?" He extracted one bill from the small stash and tucked it back into the pocket of Gray's suit jacket. "Call me if you find yourself... in need." Gray could take that however he saw fit.

He winked, stuffed his hands into his pockets and carried on. Later, when Gray fetched the bill, he would find a card sporting Jace's number on it.

Life was good.

Lucius Dalca 01/29/17 Text: Severus
F@ck he is in Mercy! I just never see him. Dammit! He is still not Malfoy.
Lucius Dalca 01/28/17 Text: Snape
How the f@ck does Victor get to be Malfoy?! He isn't even in Mercy or Slitherin! Motherf@cking wanker newspaper guy.
Spring Summers 01/28/17 Gray
Oi. I agree, but they should have put you as Moaning Myrtle. F-cking arseholes.
Lucius Dalca 01/27/17 Text: Hakuna Matata!

Yes! You are da man! Me loves monies!
Lucius Dalca 01/26/17 Text: Obi one Kenobi

Is he your brother??? Did I win the contest!?
Lucius Dalca 01/25/17 Text: Master Chief The toilet is clogged up in the common's room... >_>' I didn't do it.
Autumn Summers 01/21/17 Gray
You're welcome... I think.
Autumn Summers 01/21/17 Gray
I'm not religious. I only mentioned it because he said he was going to pray for me.
Autumn Summers 01/21/17 Gray
Already? I've always called him that.
Spring Summers 01/21/17 Gray
I told you what she said. I'm curious. I guess she likes him? They're friends so she has to like him.
Spring Summers 01/21/17 Gray
What? Calm down. She's just told me not to give my clothes to Victor.
Spring Summers 01/21/17 Gray
Are you getting back together?
Spring Summers 01/21/17 Gray
Not to me. Maybe ask Autumn?
Spring Summers 01/21/17 Gray
Luciu did tell me they did lots of work out activities his first night. That's what friends do right?
Spring Summers 01/21/17 Gray
Luciu? They're just friends.
Autumn Summers 01/21/17 Gray
That was meant for Lucius, but your reaction is completely worth the mistake.
Spring Summers 01/21/17 Gray
After he marked his territory in my roof, I'm not sure. I'm going to deliver him a sandwich with a potted sapling roof. Lucius wants to film the sapling, weird right?
Lucius Dalca 01/20/17 Text {with name change again in the contacts page}: Gray Deal! But no Malfoy he is worst than Harry. The Mandrake is very young and very annoying. Ill drop it off in the morning.
Autumn Summers 01/20/17 Lucy
I had no idea you were religious. Learn something new every day...
Autumn Summers 01/20/17 Gray
Good. F*cking. Answer. Amazing answer.
That is why we're friends.
Lucius Dalca 01/20/17 Text: Christian Grey

Uh huh... So our Coven Leader has a plant fetish.. That is a new one but Ill get you a mandrake if you want? :D
Autumn Summers 01/20/17 Gray
Lucius thinks you're the type to have a red room. I'm not sure why he's thinking of you in that way... But now I'm curious. Do you?
Lucius Dalca 01/20/17 Text FWD: Gray So... You are the guy from 50 Shades of Grey?
Autumn Summers 01/20/17 Gray
That's what you get for being nosy.
Autumn Summers 01/20/17 Gray
Stay down in your office until further notice.
Unless you want to see a naked Spring frolicking about.
K? K.
Spring Summers 01/19/17 Gray
I'm not drunk. Jews can be nudists, too. You can keep your dollars in a purse.
Sky Summers 01/19/17 Sky couldn't help but grin mischievously as she flopped down onto the couch, gracelessly flinging her legs onto Gray's lap. "Well of fearless leader I'm glad you asked!! Ya see I've come up with quite the conundrum, and I thought to myself, which person would be a fun enough to do it and not be a total stick in the mud. Now I would harass Spring but she's gone and donned the role of the housewife and I don't wanna separate her and Casey because they love eachother sooooo much. Blaize is kind of a stick in the mud so he doesn't work, Winter stole my stripper money so he's off the fundum list. Autumn is kind of an odd ball and she's hanging with the new butt nut who called Winny a homo so both of them are off. Casey's a douche canoe so he doesn't work along with the fact that I don't wanna separate him and his lover, I dunno where Summer or Will is so they're not available. Oh and I dunno Ra so me harassing him may not be a good idea, oh and I haven't talked to Victor since he ignored my proposal soooo you were the first person I thought of!!!!"

Sky sat up quickly, and moved her face in front of his book so as to block his reading, giving him her absolute bestest puppy dog eyes ever, which she was extremely proud of, "Graayyyy I need your help because I'm super duper bored and you're the only one I know who can help me fix it!!"
Spring Summers 01/19/17 Gray
Spring Summers 01/19/17 Gray
I don't think he's my size. He might be your size. Why aren't you a nudist?
Sky Summers 01/19/17 Sky burst through the fearless Mercy leader's door yet again, a small pout donning across her face. "Graaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, I need your helllllllpppppppppppp. It's super duper important I promise!!"
Spring Summers 01/19/17 Gray
Help me move my things into Casey's room. Do you think Victor will take my clothes to someone more needy?
Spring Summers 01/19/17 Gray
Come closer. I'll make another sandwich.
Spring Summers 01/19/17 Gray
...Are you watching me right now?
Spring Summers 01/19/17 Gray
Is that what wives do? I thought they made sandwiches and walked around naked.
Spring Summers 01/19/17 Gray
Is it possible to move my sapling to my husband's room?
Autumn Summers 01/19/17 Gray
If I see Spring right now, I'll make her kiss the floor just like when we were kids. We'll sort it tomorrow. The couch is fine for tonight.
Thank you for helping.
Autumn Summers 01/18/17 Gray
Wonder how she came by mine, then.
Since technically that means he doesn't have a room yet, and there are plenty empty, may I get the proper key? Or send him to you for it?
Autumn Summers 01/18/17 Gray
By Spring's intent? Aye. Mine? No. That was all her.
Autumn Summers 01/18/17 Goddamnit...

May I please come get a key to a room for Lucius? Spring thought it would be hilarious to give him one for mine, and that sh*t isn't flying.
Spring Summers 01/18/17 Gray
Square up b-tcharse. You're going to be my f-cking memo surfboard.
Spring Summers 01/18/17 B-tch
Wanker please. That's ace though. I told him to be extra loud. Just. For. You. Arsehole
Spring Summers 01/18/17 Wanker
Surprise motherf-cker. Jealous, b-tch?
Elouise Orlav 01/17/17
Spring Summers 01/16/17 Gray
I hope Joanna blows some more @ss in your face. F-cking arsehole.
Spring Summers 01/16/17 Gray
Oi. F-cking pedobear mother f-cker. Why are you getting my photo as a little girl?
Spring Summers 01/16/17 Gray
Lay off the f-cking shrooms, Wanker. JFC. What the f-ck are you talking about?
Spring Summers 01/16/17 Gray
The f-cking Russians.
Elouise Orlav 01/16/17
Autumn Summers 01/16/17 Gray
OMFG. I found something else. I'd bring it to you but can't at the moment, so here's a picture. Not another knife. Promise.

Camille Rameau 01/16/17 Hmmph. There's only room for one creepy stalker type in this relationship, Taylor.
{video sent}
Camille Rameau 01/16/17 Gray, darling, did no one ever tell you that you're supposed to put a piece of tape over your laptop camera?

{video sent}
Autumn Summers 01/16/17 Gray
I'm not tiny, damnit. I'm fun size, tyvm.
How is offering to bring you grapefruit make me a terrorist?
Autumn Summers 01/16/17 Gray
The grapefruit? Why? I promise to save some. Ooooor I can bring it to you. ☺
Autumn Summers 01/16/17 Gray
I found a really big knife. Do you want some grapefruit?
Maya J Lawson 01/15/17 Hmm. Profile of the day. Congrats.

Spring Summers 01/15/17 Gray
Wanker. Why the f-ck did you just send me a baby picture of your orange fcking arse? Blimey. It's your ugly fcking uncle I keep hearing about.
Autumn Summers 01/15/17 Gray
Oh, you're f*cking funny. I don't think proper titles of address are her specialty. Insults? No one better.
Autumn Summers 01/15/17 Gray
..what?! I depend on your to know these things. Who the hell is supposed to set me straight now?
Autumn Summers 01/15/17 Gray
You know me. Ms. Awesome. Or would it be Miss?
Elouise Orlav 01/15/17 Do you think I won't?
These hips don't lie.
Autumn Summers 01/15/17 Gray
No, of course not, handsome. How silly of me...
Elouise Orlav 01/15/17 Be right back, I'm going to give Ra a lap dance!
Elouise Orlav 01/15/17 I'm married, not blind.
... Don't tell Jameson I said that.
Elouise Orlav 01/15/17 When are you going to start stripping?
Autumn Summers 01/15/17 Gray
At least it's a good picture, since the paparazzi are following you. They could've caught you picking your nose.
Spring Summers 01/15/17 Gray
Are you f-cking kidding me? First you f-cking go full creeper on my sodding arse, and now you plaster your b-stard face everywhere? I HOPE YOU LIKE BEING THE FACE OF FCKING DEPENDS. BARMY Sh-TTY F-CKING GIT.
W_Kat 01/15/17 Congrats PotD!
Spring Summers 01/14/17 Gray
Don't f-cking flatter yourself. Wanker. You're obviously f-cking stalker me. Creeper.
Ophelia Fraye 01/13/17
Ophelia Fraye 01/13/17 Where do you get your wild ideas, Gray?
Spring Summers 01/13/17 Gray
Has anyone ever told you, that you fcking talk to yourself a lot? F-cking nutter.
Spring Summers 01/13/17 Gray
Why the f-ck are you still stalking my arse? This isn't the Fifty Shades of f-cking Gray. Keep it the f-ck up, and you'll be seeing the fifty shades of f-cking asphalt. Daft sodding memoist pr-ck.
Spring Summers 01/12/17 F-cking Arse
F-ck you. Get bent. Maybe shove your f-cking d-ck up Casey's flabby f-cking a-s so he f-cking dies. F-cking Bullsh-te.
Spring Summers 01/12/17 Memoist Sh-te
Are you f-cking stalking me? God damn mother f-cking creeper prat b@stard. Go fcking creep on Casey. F-cking Memoist.
Maya J Lawson 01/11/17 Hell yes. Thank you kind sir.

You were successful in stealing $935.00 from Gray Taylor.
Lisbeth Salander 01/10/17 [is sad to hear that he's neglected to use the weapon, frowns but redirects her attention to the bat and his compliment] Not bad for an small, innocent girl with a knack for computers.. hm? [grins darkly] I'll take my leave now before you can accuse me of.. things. I just wanted to return your bat. Have a safe evening. [gives a nod, departs]
Lisbeth Salander 01/10/17 [stalks towards, extends a skeletal arm] Your bat, Mr. Taylor. I've fitted it with some razor wire.. far better than barbed wire in my opinion. [toys with lip ring] Did you have fun with my brass knuckles?
Caitlyn Darrow 01/09/17 A knock at the door was followed in normal fashion by Clark's 'announcing' there was company. Caitlyn's brows drew together in puzzlement, but she shifted Rigsby in her arms. She calmly agreed with his baby babble, and stepped over Hell (legos) to get to the door. The orange scent overpowered her heightened senses, making her swoon before she even opened the door to get the basket.

"G. Taylor. Hmm. Who do you think it is Rigsby?" She squealed happily soon after, and dived into the oranges. Sharing them of course with Rigsby and Clark. Noah gave her a pointed stare, because he was a terrorist that decided he abhorred the fruit. "Hmmm..." She nibbled on the orange rind in deep ponder.

Hold the front door. She remembered those initials from the tabloid. "Alright boys! Let's go on a little field trip to thank Mr. Taylor for the oranges." The only one enthused for such an adventure seemed to be Caitlyn. Duh. Oranges.

It didn't take long to pack up a diaper bag. Leave a note for Lloyd if he came home. Then she jet out. One might think it difficult to find Gray Taylor, but she did. She even gave Noah and Rigsby old tabloids to help her venture. Those tabloids now were wrinkled and made Gray look more like a troll under the Central Park bridge. Like a good hound she followed her nose.

There he was. The giver of oranges. Caitlyn beamed happily and bolted in his direction. One child looped in one arm, and Rigsby baby cackling from his baby backpack. In one swoop she was there, and she blinked suddenly as she didn't notice Gray. Did she miss something? Doe eyes blinked blankly, but Noah wrestled under her one arm. "Mommy. There! that guy!" He flings the tabloid down on Gray, whom she might have accidentally clothesline with her son.

Caitlyn blinked and squeaked. "Oh god. I'm soo soo sorry! I just wanted to thank you for the- We. We." She sets Noah down on his two feet, and holds out a hand towards Gray. While she wrestles the now fussy Rigsby from her backpack. She rocks Rigsby with one arm. "We wanted to thank you for the oranges you had delivered. Isn't that right, Rigsby?" Rigsby seemed green below the gills, and Caitlyn turned the baby carefully to face Gray. Then.

Her cheeks turned a darker shade of pink, as baby vomit projected onto the man. Apparently, Caitlyn's overzealous reaction to receiving oranges was not in favor. "Oh.. oh dear god. I'm so--" Her voice gets cut off by the young child tugging at her skirt. 'Mommy.. mommy I don't --"


Caitlyn blinks and slack-jawed at the situation. "ThanksfortheorangesIshouldreallybegoingnow." She bites her bottom lip, and fidgets. "I'm so. SO. Sorry. Bill me for the cleaners or a new suit. You have my address." She had already started to wet wipe attack the vomit from her children's faces. As if she needed more embarrassment, Clark Kent the dog had followed her train of disaster. He took his part in by trying to bite Gray's ankle. "For the love of oranges. NO CLARK. NO." The roar from the redhead seemed to get the dog under her control, and both her children staring at her wide-eyed as if Gray Taylor had summoned Satan forth.

Camille Rameau 01/09/17 Gray Taylor.
The suited wonder, in the flesh.
How convenient that Camille would find him among the crowd in Moscow. It was a simple visit for her. She wanted to see how Jameson and Elouise were making it on their own. Had brought 'gifts' from Bloemfontein.

But then, Gray Taylor.

How much bigger he had become, both in body mass and political structure. She wondered of course, (the thought bringing a smirk to her lips), whether or not they were established enough for her to...

Hm. Well. Let's find out.

Pat. Pat. Pat.. Her little feet scurry, carrying her across the pavement as Camille finds herself darting back and forth between body traffic. The slick, expensive fabric of the mans suit stands out with vibrance among the washed out crowd of people. Around one, and then the other, she moves until she's right behind him. Its then that her feet stick out, and a swift kick comes down against the back of his leg.

"Monsieur Taylor..." A sultry grin as she grasps at him, turning so that he will face her as she continues with the assault. The Angel wouldn't dare harm such a pretty face, but instead goes straight for the ribs, a quick jab and a soft punch.

You hit Gray Taylor
You won the encounter!

"Oh, shame... I like it better when they put up more of a fight." From there, she slips her fingers into his back pocket, plucking the wallet from the folds of his pants and removing a few bills.

You were successful in stealing $141.00 from Gray Taylor

"Please. Do come visit me in Africa if you're feeling up for a rematch, doll."
Casey Noire 01/09/17

Married life? How's f+cking married life?
Why don't you sodding tell me how the f+ck married life is? Didn't you run off and hitch your d+ck to that little Asian kid?
Hopefully he doesn't make you want to spoon your f+cking eyes out and then choke on them.
Autumn Summers 01/08/17 Gray
One last thing... when is your birthday?
Autumn Summers 01/08/17 Gray
Goodnight, Gray. Sleep well.
Autumn Summers 01/08/17 Gray
I'm sorry if that came across as snide. It wasn't meant to.
Autumn Summers 01/08/17 Gray
You're welcome.
Believe it or not, I consider Mercy home and want to see it succeed, too.
Autumn Summers 01/08/17 Gray
I did. Had fun doing it, too, especially the potato bit. And I chose to reinvest it into Mercy. There will be other opportunities later.
Autumn Summers 01/08/17 Gray
Sky Summers 01/08/17 Sky couldn't help but snicker as she stood on her tiptoes in an attempt to ruffle his hair. "I am quite sweet aren't I? Some people might even say that I'm sickeningly sweet! Though we can't have you getting bored now can we?" The young Summers rubbed her hands together in glee as all the wonderfully horrid awful ideas popped into her head. "Maybe I should pay Casey's side of the hall a visit sometime too. I never did congratulate him about the marriage."
Sky Summers 01/07/17 Sky's brows furrowed slightly in confusion as she stared up at him, "Stay? As in stay in the coven? I've got nowhere else to go really..... So why leave?"

A small smile flitted across her lips as her eyes took a mild mischievous look, "I'm like aids man, ya can't get rid of me. Besides if I left how would I keep you on your toes and harass you?"
Lisbeth Salander 01/07/17 [chuckles quietly] For being a lovely sport, you can have this one. [relinquishes her taser] Be sure to use it on the ginger girl.. [doesn't return the bat] I'll return this soon.
Sky Summers 01/07/17 Sky's head tilted slightly to the side as she listened to his explanation, her eyes studying him silently. To her his explanation was rather confusing, she'd never met the man he'd decided to marry so for her, despite him saying so, his relationship with the other man had been somewhat of a secret.

The young girl took a deep breath before giving him the best attempt of a smile she could. She didn't plan on scolding the man because that wasn't going to change anything. From his brief explanation for his actions she figured that no matter how much she lectured him, or wished things to be different, it wouldn't change a thing. So rather than do that Sky steadied her smile, masked her emotions and whispered a small congratulations towards the older man. "I've never had the chance to meet your betrothed...That's why I was asking. I hope he makes you happy though Gray.."
Lisbeth Salander 01/07/17 Ahhhh, there's no point to this conversation really. [cants head] You didn't really think I was going to.. [feigns appall] You thought I was going to electrocute you? [feigns sadness] Well then.. [pushes button with a smile] I'd hate to disappoint.
Lisbeth Salander 01/07/17 [has all the confirmation she needs, he's said yes] It's a wonderful tool, this.. [removes the brass knuckle taser from her pocket] The only down side is you must be close. [slips her fingers in, presses the end of the taser to the man's forearm] And it has a hair trigger. [grins darkly]
Lisbeth Salander 01/07/17 [accepts the bat and appraises it] You know what would make this better? [grins darkly] If it was wrapped in barbed wire.. [turns her gaze to the male] Would you like to see my tool of choice for immobilising people?
Sky Summers 01/07/17 Sky, for the second time in her life, found herself at a loss for words. She (shockingly enough) had been minding her own business, just trying to pass the time when she had heard the rather perplexing news, Gray Taylor had gotten married.

At first the youngest Summers was estatic, finally she would get to officially the somewhat odd man as a brother! Since the day she'd met her elder sister's boyfriend she'd somewhat gotten used to the idea that the man known as Gray Taylor would eventually be a member of her extremely disfunctional family. So in Sky's mind, Gray Taylor had become somewhat of a Summers.

Her happiness however was soon diminished, transforming itself into confusion as she clued into the last part of the announcement. Gray Taylor hadn't married her sister like she had first expected, oh no, instead he had married someone named Ra.

The young Summers slipped from her 'hole in the wall', bare feet padding down the hallways of Mercy towards Gray's room. She didn't bother knocking before barging into it, her eyes glazed with confusion as she stared up at him, "Why would you hurt Autumn like that? I thought I could trust you of all people not to hurt her. I mean I know we haven't known eachother all that long but...But you were kinda starting to become like a brother to me..."

She continued to stare up at the man she considered to be her fearless leader, her confused eyes welling up with hurt and angry tears. The young Summers clenched her fists, knuckles turning a pearly white colour as she attempted to hold back her emotions.

"Can you just tell me why?" Her small voice quavered as she peered up at him, hoping he had some sort of reason for doing this.
Lisbeth Salander 01/07/17 [nods and glances at his bat] May I? [motions at the bat he holds] It's so lovely to hear people are taking advantage of our rehabilitation facility.
Lisbeth Salander 01/07/17 [cants head] Ms. Orlav says you are a bully.. [toys with lip ring]
Ra Seo 01/07/17 Amaretto eyes go wide. His cat? His cat is in f-cking good hands. His kitten also, because you can never have enough. He needs creatures to walk with him through the tunnels he's fabricated. Often times he finds that he prefers the fluffy little monsters to the people in the building.


"No. Cat is in my room. I think. Either way." His tongue juts over the outer cast of his top teeth, and he allows a sharp stream of air to enter his mouth. Eyes narrow. "We didn't do the thing. That thing I see them do on TV. You know..."

Huffs. Is growing more irritated by the second.

Leans in, whispers to Gray as though he didn't want anyone to hear, "When they break the glass and body surf on chairs?"
Ra Seo 01/07/17 Narrows his eyes. Feels as though there were something fundamental missing from this entirely unceremonious occasion. Ra's inquiring mind wonders just how far Grays buttons press in.

"Gray," That same tone that Ra always uses to address his closest confidante, "Something... Something is missing." Terribly troubled brows knit together. It would be up to Gray now to decode exactly what he meant, and one way or another, he always did.
Autumn Summers 01/07/17 Gray
Is you. But that doesn't seem to matter.
Very well. You've played your hand.

Shortly after the message, a small package will arrive at Gray's office, addressed to him. Inside contains the necklace he gifted to her, the mood ring, his credit card, the key to his room - his room, not hers - and a note:

Here is my hand. Game well played, Gray Taylor.
Autumn Summers 01/07/17 Autumn drums her fingers against her thigh. She's twitchy and her temper is simmering. It has been for several days, since the news of Jackson's death and her sisters eloping.

She shouldn't, but does anyway. Things never go well when her temper slips.

To clarify, you don't mind me seeing other people now, aye?
Autumn Summers 01/07/17 Gray
...Right. Take care, pretty boy.
Autumn Summers 01/07/17 Gray
Joke's on me, evidently. I suppose congratulations are in order for you and Ra now, too.
Autumn Summers 01/07/17 Gray
Are you kidding me?
Elouise Orlav 01/07/17
Jameson Orlav 01/06/17 Listen. I am not that fvcking gassy. I don't care what you're heard, or from who you've heard it.
Jameson Orlav 01/06/17 ..I blame Noura.
Sky Summers 01/04/17 Sky looked up at him with tear filled eyes, sniffling as she opened and closed her mouth, trying to get her thoughts out before burying her face against his chest. "S-Spring and Summer got m-married. A-and Spring got married Casey!! I don't wanna have Casey as a brother in law Gray he's awful!!! And I think Autumn, Blaize and Winter are m-mad at me too now too and on top of that Twiggy is here and he's creepy."
Sky Summers 01/04/17 The young Summers entered the room yet again but instead of her happy-go-lucky bubbly smirk her face held trails of tears. Sure she could've gone to her brothers about this, and yea she planned on doing so eventually, but for some god forsaken reason Sky felt the urge to go to Gray first.

As soon as she saw said man she latched onto him like a koala and began to sob.
Autumn Summers 01/04/17 Gray
NOW SUMMER IS MARRIED. It's a f*cking pandemic! Make it stop! They've lost their goddamn minds. What the bloody hell is next?!
I have to go take a long vacation on a sunny beach. Kthxbai.
Autumn Summers 01/04/17 Gray
Spring and f*cking Casey, CASEY, are married. MARRIED.
I can't even...
Someone is going to die. It may be me because I've f*cking hung myself out of utter disgust. Or that little b*tch...
Sky Summers 12/31/16 Sky grinned a Cheshire like grin as she looked from between Gray and his flask. "Well look at you getting a head start!! I was thinking to myself, I know shocking right!! I actually thought something through for once!!!! But anyways that's not the point, the point was I was thinking of fun new ways to harass you and keep you on your toes. I mean like being kept on your toes is important as our fearless leader, especially since you're stuck with my siblings and what not!!!"

Her eyes twinkled with mischief as she beamed at Gray, delighted that just the thought of her antics made him smile a little bit. The bubbly brunette twirled about the room as she debated internally on what option was the best. "At first I was thinking of conning you into going drinking with me, but I didn't want to stress you out too, too much which would more than likely happen. Soooooo I decided that the best way to harass you was to be your 'Minnie Me' for a day!!" The young Summers' clasped her hands together excitedly as she bounced about the room. "Ohhhhhhhhhh blame Winter. It's his fault I'm hyper, though he'll deny it 100%!!"
Spring Summers 12/29/16 Gray
I better not get a f-cking memo. Not one f-cking memo, f-cking wanker. I will shove that sh-te so far down your f-cking throat, you will j-zz out origami from your f-cking nutter c-ck.
Sky Summers 12/29/16 Sky had heard little rumors floating about that hallways, rumors where she'd apparently 'mellowed' out. What the bloody f*ck was that supposed to mean? Who the f*ck wants a mellowed out Sky anyways? No one!! That's who.

So Sky had decided to take matters into her own devious young hands as she pranced towards a very specific room within Mercy. She didn't freeze to knock upon the door when she got there either because a door knocker wasn't the type of person the younger Summers was. Instead she burst through the door like one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse, sliding gracefully across the floor in a pair of heelies, as she waved her hands about like jazz hands.

"Oh Grrrrrraaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. You glorious, fearless, emperor of bada$$ery youuuuu," Sky rolled closer with each drug out word, reaching over to pinch the man's cheeks, hoping to squish them together like a fishes. "I heard a little birdy tell me that youuuu, your gloriousness, have gotten rather bored without me harassing you constantly. And when I heard the news I thought to myself, nah that just can't be!! So here I am, back at it again!!!"
Ra Seo 12/19/16 Brows knit and untangle confusedly. As bewildered as Gray was, Ra seemed even more confused. How could it be? It did not seen possible. Grays distress pulls at the smaller mans inseams. Tugs incessantly. He feels almost sick to his stomach. Always hated seeing Gray so frazzled. He is the strong one.

"Is that really what you wish? You know whatever you ask of me, I will do for you. Even though this sounds utterly mad." It did. Gray knew it did, too. He had to.
Spring Summers 12/18/16 Spring stomped into the elevator at Lotte Hotel Moscow. It was no surprise the horrid music that played along as it dinged up each floor. Jesus f-cking Christ. Why did he have to get a f-cking room on the fifth floor? The elevator had became crowded with people. She even thought she saw Gray in the herd.

It was a day Spring Summers learned an important lesson. As she stood there in the crowd of people, already on the defense. Arms folded across her chest, and agitated huffs rolled out from her lips.

Then suddenly.

Brrrrrrrrnt. Pffft. Pfffft.

Russians gave her bad gas. Most of the people in the elevator that caught whiff of it started to gag. That's right b-tches. Embrace her f-cking aroma. Spring casually waved her hand over her arse in the direction of doppelganger Gray.

If it was Gray, this was the best f-cking day ever.
Casey Noire 12/18/16 Gray
They're f+cking pathetic twats. Women have too many god damn feelings. Just a pain in the f+cking ass.
Ra Seo 12/17/16 Hears a burst of air and body come through the door. Is not too concerned about who it may be, but is rather conflicted once he realizes why. Gray. Gray is almost never a whirlwind of nerves. Ra crawls from the corner of his closet on his hands and knees, and then pauses as he sits back on his legs.

"Gray, calm down." Knows better. Gray will not calm down. Has used the word 'Sarah'. "What do you mean its Sarah? How can that be?"
Sky Summers 12/16/16 She furrowed her brows slightly as giant git before her got lost off in la la land, "Whatcha mean 'the f*ck' ya bloody prat?" She would have continued on and given him a piece of her mind but for some odd reason the bloke deemed it a good idea to back away from her, "Oi! I gave ya my name you prat!! What the flying f*ck is yours? I think I have a right to know after ya bloody well tried to fight me and then went off on me about your sister!"
Jameson Orlav 12/09/16 [New Map Coordinates Received]
[New E-Mail Reply Received]
Sender: Jameson Orlav
To: Gray Taylor
Subject: Moscow

Sent you coordinates to The Order south. If you're trying to remain on the down low, no one will find you here. We can meet when you arrive. I'll show you around the.. Fsciliry, at that time.

Casey Noire 12/06/16 Oi. I don't know who's food I'm eating, but it's not mine. Plus, it tastes like fu+king sh+t. I hope to God this was takeout or someone here needs to be beaten with Martha Stewart fu+king magazine.
Casey Noire 12/05/16 Bossb+tch
Spring Summers 12/05/16 Gray
Whatever. F-cking wanker. I was cleaning up after my f-cking sapling. It's f-cking stuck.
Casey Noire 12/03/16 People are f+cking idiots. I know you know that.
Casey Noire 12/01/16 Stop telling people that I was fed arm & hammer throughout my childhood or I'll rip out your large intestine and shove it back up your ass.
Ra Seo 11/30/16 @Gray
I want a kitten. Autumn said I could.
Ra Seo 11/29/16 @Springroll; Gray
Blaize threatened my band aids and my closet space.
I am setting him on fire.
Spring Summers 11/29/16 F-cking wanker
Spring Summers 11/29/16 Gray
Listen. You flighty f-cking wanker. Stop fcking chatting with Lonelygirl15. WHAT THE F-CK IS WRONG WITH YOU.
Casey Noire 11/28/16 What in the French fu+k does that mean? Am I sure I'm soulless? What does it look like? I'm walking and talking, aren't I? What the hell?
Autumn Summers 11/27/16 Gray
If you ever run into a dark haired man named Dane Emerson, don't hesitate to break his f*cking nose. He's currently in London.

Also, I found your spirit animal:
Autumn Summers 11/21/16 Gray
I am leaving London. And Mercy. As per your... request, I await your reply.
Camille Rameau 11/18/16 (letter received by post)

Dearest Gray,

I hate your stinking guts. You make me vomit. You're scum between my toes!
No love,
Ra Seo 11/18/16 @Gray
Because its not your color. And I don't like it.

If and when Gray made it to the hole in his closet, Ra would be waiting on the other side. Because, obviously, the passageway leads directly into his own closet. Where else would it go?
Ra Seo 11/18/16 @Gray
You're stuck?
You know that brown suit in your closet that you never wear? Or touch? Look behind it.
How do you think I get in when you lock me out?
Ra Seo 11/18/16 @Gray
What. What is going on out there?
Ra Seo 11/16/16 Grumbles. Clearly displeased by the bony nature of the couch beneath him. When the furniture begins to move, Ra can't decide if he's beyond f.cked up, or if he was missing something obvious and pertinent. Only when words litter the air does he finally realize that its Gray who had cushioned his fall.

"Hnmmgph." Mumbles. Turns on his side and tucks his hands beneath his head as his eyes slip closed. "Don't care." Thinks again, opening an eye to capture a glimpse up at Gray, "My stomach hurts. I think there was something weird about those chocolate brownies."

Translation: Lay with me. I am in pain and I need comforting. Appease me, please.
Dresden Morgenstern 11/16/16 [Blinks at the voice, turning to face the man who apparently could see him] That would be me, yes, can't say I appreciate the article though...bit intrusive.
Ra Seo 11/16/16 Stumbles past the doorway. Doesn't bother to knock, or telephone ahead to see if Gray is even available. He's not drunk, but is intoxicated by something. Can't be sure what, as he's consumed so many different treats and tasties over the past ten hours that at some point he had lost track.

"Gray." Dark brows knit. Lips are pursed; pouted. "Graaaaaaay." Slams the door shut behind him and finds his way to the nearest chair, flopping down immediately and exhaling hard.
Ra Seo 11/14/16 @Gray
Who is Johnny?
Is it safe to eat inside of a rocket?
Ra Seo 11/13/16 @Gray
•MMS Rec'd•

Found the perfect cat.
Spring Summers 11/12/16 Memo F-cker
Spring Summers 11/11/16 GRAY
Don't get f-cking smart with me. Lizards are something you give the f-cking lepers outside. God. Do you not f-cking think? You're bloody worthless and I f-cking hate you. Throw your ugly arse out the window. At least then I can have Autumn move in. She has common f-cking sense. F-cking lizards. F-ck you and your f-cking lizard bandaids.
Sarah Remington 11/11/16
Spring Summers 11/10/16 Gray
Cheers. I f-cking hate you.
Solomon King 11/08/16 A guy's gotta do what he's gotta do to put food on the table, you know?
Spring Summers 11/08/16 Spring eyed the message skeptically, and let out an exasperated sigh at the thought of Gray being her f-cking neighbor.Truthfully it was better than the f-ckery of her current situation.

Gray Area
Ugh. Like a good neighbor will you stay the f-ck over there? Are you f-cking with me right now? I swear I will pummel that pain loving, barmy face of yours.
Ra Seo 11/07/16 The devil? I do not consort with the devil. Also, I am relatively certain they're talking about you.
I know you're not draft, Gray.
Ra Seo 11/04/16 @Gray

This book?
Ra Seo 11/01/16 The widest eyes. Can't stop himself from snatching the velvet case clear from Grays hand. Doesn't want to be presumptuous, but thinks he knows what's inside already. Like a Christmas gift, he tears into the bag. Buttery soft fingers diving into the crevaces of the soft fabric. Finally pulls his present free from its grasp and beams with glee.

"You DID get it for me!" Wide, gleaming grin. Shiny white teeth flash before he blows against the harmonica, illiciting an awful noise. Might actually need to take lessons, but no matter. Grasps the instrument in one hand, the bag in the other, and closes the space between them as he envelopes Gray in a tight, all-in sort of hug.
Ra Seo 11/01/16
Why does my hair never look as nice as yours?
Ra Seo 10/31/16 The same buttery soft hand that had fallen so easily against his side, finds its way now through the thick locks of his black hair. Diseased. Not a word that affects Ra the same as it did most people. He was not susceptible to diseases like the others. But it worried him to the extent that whatever else he had taken from the harmonica owner and given away- Was that also diseases? Was he spreading sickness unintentionally?

"How can a harmonica have been diseased by a demon? That makes no sense. Come on, Gray."
Spring Summers 10/30/16 Did you locate your Ra?
Ra Seo 10/30/16
Sarah Remington 10/28/16 "Do you not enjoy your line of work?" Sarah inquired, and tilted her head. Men were bizarre creatures, but that's what made them fun. Along with the typical shrieking wench nagging at their sides.

The mention of sincerity further made her smirk. "Sure thing, but you don't seem a disingenuous gentleman. So which is it? Are you already playing a game?"

He was starting to pique her interest in dissecting that brain of his. She calmed the inner murder crazy down with promises of macabre once she got back to the castle."What if I wanted to hire you?" The scalpel now being rolled from one hand to the other simultaneously.
Ra Seo 10/27/16 He doesn't pen a reply. All women are demons. Ra is beginning to suspect that they're all thieves as well. He considers Gray to be a bit of a snot for not humoring him in his technological discovery, but he won't hold it against him. The next time he needs a favor, (the kind only Ra could help with), he may just make him ask twice.
Ra Seo 10/27/16 {+Fiddles with his cell phone. He happens to think technology is kind of awful. He's downloaded a plentitude of random applications. The ones with the cameras are the most fun.+}

(555-**** [Gray])
Sarah Remington 10/27/16
Is that a No?
Ra Seo 10/26/16 Mouth opens, and the words are right on the tip of his tongue. Until he realizes that he doesn't have any. Ra doesn't know her name. He did not ask. Had only exchanged words with her, except for the part where he had offered up the contents of his pockets to prove there was no money.

Actually. There was a dime. She took that too.

"I don't know. But she was small. And her hair was dark. Like mine." An impossibly smooth hands works through his jet black mop. "I am sure I can find another paperclip."

But f*ck it all if he could remember what the hell he needed it for.
Ra Seo 10/26/16 "Of course she got away. She was no prisoner."
Eyes dart to and fro, clearing the immediate area around them of pressing ears, "You know how it works."
Brows knot lightly, "I am not a monster."

He would always reiterate. Every day if he needed to. Not a monster. Not a monster.
Most days it was himself that he was trying to convince.
Ra Seo 10/26/16 His mouth presses into a tight line, snapping back to attention. Stare is still fixated on Gray, but now the narrowing of the same honeyed hues had been intended for him. Which woman? That was irrelevant. They may as well all have been the same to Ra. They just came in different colors. Blonde. Brunette. All with the same temperament, too. Hostile.

"Don't patronize me, Gray." Eyes lazily flicker to the sky before settling back down over the man he had sought out, "She dove through my pockets. Took my paperclip. I can't remember what I had it for, though. Is this normal behavior?"
Ra Seo 10/26/16 "Woman." Mouths over the word and commits it to memory. He doesn't think any of them had called him rude yet, but perhaps it attributed for the shift in their demeanor. "Like. Saffron root and cinnamon."

Honeyed irises are locked onto Grays, but he's not paying attention at all. Head canting to the side, Ra seems to be lost in thought. People were so confusing.
Ra Seo 10/26/16 Approaches cautiously, though out of habit not out of practice. Ra is used to approaching all people this way, never quite sure how anyone would receive him. There is concern carved deep into his expression, but closer inspection would reveal that he was merely thoughtful. Inquisitive. A bit like a child, he speaks plainly, as he always did when he was addressing someone out of the blue.
"Females. They confuse me." A pause, rubbing at the back of his neck, "Do they always smell like that?"
Ra Seo 10/25/16 ...
Ra Seo 10/25/16 Furrows his brow and opens his mouth to speak, only to close it again without having allowed so much as a peep to slip free. A small huff- indignant and frustrated sounds, but somehow seems to confirm Grays point. Ra is defeated. He must due his duty to rectify.
Camille Rameau 10/18/16 Where are you hiding? I'm simply itching for something to hit.
Ra Seo 10/11/16 You're the worst person I've ever met.
Ra Seo 10/07/16 That's racist.
I'm also I'll equipped.
Ra Seo 10/03/16
Ra Seo 10/02/16
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