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I was told I was dangerous.
I asked why, and their response was:
“because you don't need anyone.”
I smiled.
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My alone feels so good.. I'll only have you if you're sweeter than my solitude.

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Mortal ThoughtsWhat are you listening to right now?
Created by Dr Van Helsing
Kenia Shani 02/02/19 *stares* "True, totally."
Gray Taylor 01/26/19 If she only knew. Here Gray is, watching her as she tells him that it is okay, and he immediately desires nothing more than to deny it. He doesn't recall who he was before it all, there is only during, and after. Despite the heaviness of the moment, she laughs. Soft and airy as it is, Gray can only manage a small grin in it's presence.

He is wound tighter than a clock.

"Careful, Zaynah," he muses, voice quiet as he admires the creature before him. "You've only just scraped the surface." She would understand those words, as they stand as both an expression of his nature when it comes to those he desires to be close to, as well as her own. She's yet to walk a mile in his mind, and he can only imagine what she might find if she did. "I should get going. But... surely, you'll here from me in five."

Maybe he's teasing. Maybe he isn't.
Kenia Shani 01/25/19 *blinks* I have been uh... no where. Lots of sleeping.. that kind of stuff. *nods*
Gray Taylor 01/22/19 "No, though they interest me," Gray mutters darkly, though not at all directed toward her. It is hard not to have an opinion, with his history. "You're very sweet."

He's always been strange about receiving gifts. Gray would never know how to react, instead always opting for grand gestures and shows of appreciation where a simple thank you might suffice. The coin remains enclosed in his fist as he listens to her, though he can feel the weight of it easily. It is special, and far more precious than he would even realize just yet, just because she gave him this token.

"It was a joke," he murmurs, apologizing without actually apologizing. Finally, as she begins to further explain, he opens his hand to look at the coin that much closer. Details are taken in, overcast gaze carefully guarded. For whatever reason, he trusts her; not an easy feat for such a closed-off heart. He would carry this coin always. "You wouldn't need to buy your way. Thank you... though I feel you might be called on more than you anticipate. Are you sure about this?"
Gray Taylor 01/14/19 “Fair question. America is dangerously close to repeating history.” Fact. Gray has watched the rise and fall of histories greatest terrorist dictator, and now, from across the pond, he would watch as another country allows for it all to begin again.

She begins to explain, and Gray listens, watching as she takes a coin from the top and extends it to him. Brow raising in surprise, he accepts it, closing his fist around it in a show of appreciation. This gift is far more precious than any jewels he could give her. Giving her a gentle smirk, he raises his gaze to meet hers.

“Buying your way into my head?”
Gray Taylor 01/12/19 Gray keeps the coin laden garment in hand, only looking at it after he's given his answer. They're heavy in his grasp; it is a wonder she has the energy she does while carrying these around. And they certainly are real. A glance is given as she recognizes his plight, and he shakes his head gently. "It's history."

Odd, even after admitting it aloud, the weight is not lifted. Instead, Gray feels all the more exposed. If not for the practiced mask he dons, he might even frown. "You said you wanted to know my soul. How do you accomplish that?"

Zaynah would soon learn that Gray greatly enjoys deflecting, perhaps even right now as he gently passes her top back into her possession.
Gray Taylor 01/12/19 "Fonder is the word for it," Had Zaynah spoken her more internal thoughts, Gray would likely agree. He's been subjected to more than one woman with poor behaviors and foul attitudes. And after getting far more extravagant gifts.

"Clever," he muses. She is smart. The issue is that Gray does not quite know the answer. Or he does, and enjoys pretending it had never happened. They had, however, made a deal. But he puts it off. "Are they?"

He wants to groan, but instead he sighs. Gray is a product of cruelty, and that would forever shade the way in which he views society. And he owes an answer. "Jestem Żydem. Nosiłem gwiazdę."
Gray Taylor 01/12/19 "I know for a face that presenting precious gifts to women and taking them back brings the best results." He's not serious, despite the flatness of his tone. Sarcasm has never been a strong suit, though he easily relinquishes the box to the Djinn.

Her second question procures from the man a raised brow, and he slides his hands into his pockets once more. They would remain entrapped. He has nothing left to give. "I'm not mortal." The murmured answer is as telling as it is lacking in definition. Gray is not an easy egg to crack, even when he desires to be. "Nor am I immortal."

A quiet tsk escapes him, his gaze flickering over her. "Why the coins?"
Gray Taylor 01/12/19 "We can settle on charming," Gray allows. Generous? Gracious? Sweet? No. He is a nightmare. Most cannot stand him, and for that he is sometimes thankful. So he watches her, steel gaze entrapping her as she no doubt attempts to determine the purpose of this. As much as this is a gesture, it is also business. Every interaction is a transaction, and it would appear she understands that as well as him. Smart. Wickedly, so.

"Knowledge," his answer is simple. He'd asked her what she was looking for, and he would echo her own words. "To become better acquainted with you."
Gray Taylor 01/12/19 She has an odd way of getting to know people, that much is certain. But as she further explains, her eyes glued to the box in his hands, he begins to wonder what it is that has her so entranced. It does not take much to know that she enjoys luxury, and Gray is beginning to wonder the extent of it. Intriguing. He's never seen someone so focused, as if on baited breath.

"You need only ask." It is no secret that Gray is alone. No matter how hard he tries, he always finds a way to destroy whatever he builds for himself. Friendships. Relationships. All because he is so brutally closed off, incapable of sharing himself. With a flick of his thumb, the clasp that holds the box closed is unlatched. She is a perfect stranger in most respects, and thus she is the perfect person to bare his soul.

Slowly, he opens it. He's enjoying this, it's true. Within the small confines, a pair of earrings is revealed. Precious pearls, cultured and perfected as they support perfect, dangling emeralds carved into spectacular teardrops as vibrant as her haunting eyes. Though, compared to her hopes, this may just be a bit anticlimactic.
Gray Taylor 01/12/19 If there is one thing Gray loves to do, it is spoil a woman. This includes those who are different, just as Zaynah so clearly is. So, from his pocket, he would procure a small, black box. "Kind is hardly the word," he would smirk.

Gray is an ass. It is a fact.

Turning the box to face her, poised to open though he holds it closed. Carrot and stick, he seeks an answer. It seems they are both curious, prideful beings that enjoy a good ego stroke. "Why?"
Gray Taylor 01/12/19 "New York," he grants her this. Not a place of interest. It is tired, busy, and lacking in magic... and every other capacity. "There are few things that are worthy of you, Zaynah."

Flirting. But of course, Gray would flirt with her. She is a magnificent mystery, and has enchanted him easily. Turning, he catches her doing that odd thing she does. Amusing, and curious. He can practically feel her presence when she does this, and it gives him a heady sensation. "No, thank you."

She is, as always, too kind. Still, he is reaching into his pocket in search for something. But first, "What is it that you look for?"
Gray Taylor 01/12/19 Despite his foul mood, he presents Zaynah his Cheshire grin, the corners of his mouth quirking upward. She is such a bizarre breath of fresh air, and Gray enjoys basking in her prowess. To her question, he lets out a quiet grunt. Hardly a holiday, definitely not enjoyable, and he is left bound in secrecy. Stepping in, his sights sweep over the space.

"Can I not seek you out, simply to see you?" Play. Gray has a reason for everything. It is simply who he is.
Gray Taylor 01/12/19 Gray is off. His trip to New York had left a lot to be desired, and he is admittedly in a dark mood. Upon returning to Seventh Circle, he found himself not seeking solitude but instead a being that always seemed to distract him. It is with a soft knock upon the Djinn's door that Gray would announce his presence, though he'd never be able to tell if she is there.
Gray Taylor 12/17/18 -Blinks-
You've got quite the bachelor pad.
You're a drinker? Surprising.
Gray Taylor 12/17/18 there a light in here?
-bangs shin on something-
Gray Taylor 12/07/18 As they walk into the kitchen, Gray finds himself appreciating the Djinn more and more. She's a wicked, powerful thing, yet has more wisdom than perhaps even he had realized. Bearing this in mind, he knows that he must get himself in check. "It would be an honor."

He means it.

A half-heartedly Cheshire grin is afforded, and Gray affords her an appreciative nod. "Perhaps, I will see you later." With that, he gestures toward the obvious before excusing himself. The man might just be a little rattled - and that is completely normal.
Gray Taylor 12/02/18 There is something soothing about the sound of her movements, as chaotic as it is. Gray welcomes it, allowing it to fill his head and mute his busy mind. Glancing down at her, he allows for a small grin. "Playing games, again? Or are you honestly inviting me into your space?" Honestly, the man truly does feel the need to hide from the world. He isn't quite sure what this being has in store, but he'd welcome just about anything.
Gray Taylor 12/02/18 Gray turns, sights landing on Zaynah. He knew it was her the moment she spoke, and he is once again finding himself completely enchanted by the being. "Of course," steel gaze locked onto her for an uncomfortable moment, he would snap out of it before proceeding to walk. He trusts she would join him. "Have you found your quiet place for your box?"
Edward Brollachan 12/02/18 "Oh my... where are ye and where ha'e ye been?"

WildKat 12/02/18 Congrats on PotD!
Gray Taylor 10/30/18 "If you find a quiet place, please let me know." Gray is only partially teasing. The man hasn't known peace and quiet since moving to London, and part of that is all due to Victor's incessant need to become chummy. Still, his sights would eye the box, taking in every and any little detail that can be seen by the naked eye. "I'm Gray."

Raising his gaze once more to hers, he folds his hands behind his back. He likes this one. She is different in ways that are more than obvious. A quiet sigh escapes him, thoughtful. "If you keep walking down the hall that way," he gestures behind her, "You'll find it far less crowded. Tons of quiet spots." Gray would grin, taking a step back. "I'll see you around, Zaynah." With that, he retreats.
Edward Brollachan 10/25/18 *Excited*
"D'ye like the bagpipes?!!"
Edward Brollachan 10/25/18 "I'm afraid my singing voice sounds rather like a wolf ha'ing it's tail stepped upon...'tis not a pretty thing."
Edward Brollachan 10/25/18 "Sis boom bah! Go Boston!"
(Is that how one celebrates their favorite baseball club?)
Edward Brollachan 10/25/18 *Is glad he doesn't like milk*
"How 'bout them Red Sox!"
Edward Brollachan 10/25/18 *Arched eyebrow
"I didna know ye liked milk...why are ye on all th'milk cartons?"
Gray Taylor 10/20/18 This woman is intimidating, and he enjoys it. Not one to be uncomfortable, and quite used to others invading his space, Gray would not move a hair as she makes her approach. Instead, he simply watches her, waiting to see what she might do next. "Across from Victor's," the answer is easy.

Upon her declaration, her choice of room, the demon would smirk. He smells greed, and it mirrors his own. He's a sucker, and a fool. "It's yours."

There is little that is his own in his space, having made the decision to keep his London apartment as his primary residence for reasons. "Is there anything else you require?"
Edward Brollachan 10/20/18 The thought of something erupting from the Djinn's bowels created a shudder from the Scot - until he recalled an amusing anecdote from years past.
"Ha'e ye a hanklin' for chicken chili verde?"
Leaning forward to whisper.
"Do ye still ha'e the bunny suit?"
Edward Brollachan 10/20/18 "As ye are most likely one o'th'few virtuous lassies in the Realm... perhaps we can!"
"Care for a bite...

" eat?"
Edward Brollachan 10/20/18 Nathair, Nathair, Nathair...
"Ha'e ye seen any young virgins who need bitten?"
Mackenzie 10/18/18 A familiar face. It takes Mackenzie a moment to place her, but as soon as she does, a slow grin would appear. Of course, this lovely entity has returned. The good are never kept down. “Forever illegal.”

She is clearly clueless. “Good to see you again, lovely.”
Dexter Gein 10/18/18 Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Parisa Tournier 10/18/18 Merci, Mademoiselle
WildKat 10/16/18 *waves* "Enjoy your dinner and desert! I'm gonna go to's to bright out here." *Grins**Gets up and walks away.*
WildKat 10/16/18 *squeezes the lovely snake* "Oh my gosh, you're the best snake ever!!" *takes the snakes head with one hand and gently pulls it closer* "If someone ever hurts you, I'll kill them!"
WildKat 10/16/18 "Yeah. I look appealing but I'm not. And you know..I love steak! SO much better than biting stakes. Don't ask..just..know."
WildKat 10/16/18 "Nuuuu..I was sayin I could smell your scent. SO much better than a rat smell. And you don't wanna eat me. I'm the other white meat that tastes...over cooked. You burnt steak."
WildKat 10/16/18 "Yes, I know you do. I can smell you...which sounded a whole lot worse when I said it but it's totally a good thing. Just think, if they say somethin bad, you can squeeze them and make them jelly. They would taste great on toast."
WildKat 10/16/18 "Of course you smell lovely. You would be the best smellin snake if you ate those muffins. You'd make other snakes jealous."*hugs the prettiest snake eva*
WildKat 10/16/18 "If you eat...360 of them, you'd be full. And I'm not food. Oooh, and another plus..the Orange is a scent." *gaps* "You would smell beautiful!"
WildKat 10/16/18 *stops blubberin* "A muffin eatin snake.'s better than rats. You get to poop cranberries and not that's a plus, right?"tumblr-mibonl-CHj-T1qb9is3o1-r1-500
WildKat 10/16/18 *cries* "Something white and...slippery, is gonna eat me."
WildKat 10/16/18 "All you had to do was eat it."*watches* giphy-13
WildKat 10/16/18 Cranberry-Orange-Muffins-4-610x406
Gray Taylor 10/15/18 How unsettling. How stunning. Gray is fascinated as he watches the woman move, perfectly fluid while everything but. She is disturbing, and he can appreciate that. He has no idea who she is, but he soon would. Steel hues quickly disappear as his pupils dilate, betraying his interests, and a slow grin would take residence of his visage. "You can have any room you like."
Kenia Shani 10/15/18 Kenia nods in return to Zaynah. "You're most welcome."
Kenia Shani 10/15/18 Taking a few moments to look for Zaynah she finally finds her. "welcome, I'm Kenia. Nice to meet you."
Gray Taylor 10/15/18 Gray's step pauses as he sees the woman, his mind already turning things over just who it is he is laying eyes on. "Victor's apartment is that way. A right, left, third door on the left."
Dessa Chambers 10/13/18 Dessa rarely took time to -really- see who she was greeting. She saw them, committed their face to memory, but didn't take the extra moment to see if that face matched any she knew previously. Mostly because her memory wasn't what it should be. Death, soul transference, memory tampering...this list went on. But the woman's voice and her response caused Dessa to pause and really look at her. "I apologize if we've known each other previously.." Her voice trails off..."..Zaynah?

Faint memories of her time in Edward's coven and see her around. She couldn't recall if they interacted much. Dessa felt guilty that she couldn't remember. But at least she remembered the woman's name. She taps the side of her head, "My memory of the past is a bit...foggy, to say the least. I guess a welcome back is in order then." Dessa smiled, "If there's anything I can do to help you settle back in, just let me know."
Edward Brollachan 10/13/18 It was good to see his old friend and compatriot. Few would remember they covened together twice, in previous years. Most would be fearful to be in the presence of either one of them, but they had always been comfortable in each others company.
"D'ye seek refuge at this time or shall ye wander the Realm a bit? I am just back, as well, and as The Immortals closed our coven, I ha'e taken haven w'Ms. Chambers..."
Edward Brollachan 10/13/18 The smile broadens and is less subtle.
"I fare fairly well, and a familiar fair face is enough t'brighten m'way."
She is unchanged, in appearance and manner; she wouldn't be Zaynah otherwise.
"Care t'walk a bit with me?"
Edward Brollachan 10/13/18 A distant rolling peal of thunder, the subtle scent of brimstone and patchouli, and the shimmering jangle of coins...and the Realm shifts. An Ancient One has returned.
"Well, look what the djinn brought in!"
A dour stare is swept by a subtle smile.
"Welcome back from the Other Side, Old Friend."
Dessa Chambers 10/13/18 Welcome to the Realm!
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