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Last five threads posted in:
Kenia Shani 11/01/18 "I'm Kenia, I just wanted to wish you best of luck in your endeavors here in the Realm." She gave the newcomer a little nod before heading off.
Jasper Thompson 11/01/18 Oh, you donít? Interesting.
I think you can keep those videotapes.
Jasper Thompson 11/01/18 Videotapes?
What decade are we in?
Mackenzie 11/01/18 Roofies are child's play.
But I'd happily buy you a drink.
I'm a twisted b-tch, you might be surprised.
You're just very pretty.
I need you to be part of my collection.
Jasper Thompson 11/01/18 Someone needs to get laid.
Throw another fit, itís fun.
Jasper Thompson 11/01/18 Hmm... It seems Iíve asked all my questions.
So if you want me to moan, looks like youíll have to beat me.
Wink, wink.
Mackenzie 11/01/18 I've seen a lot of Koi tattoos.
It's fine. I like issues, remember?
So, I thus must enjoy difficulty.
What say you? Might I abduct you?
I'll throw a bag over your head, as a bonus.
Jasper Thompson 11/01/18 Youíll find that I only ever mean it.
Jasper Thompson 11/01/18 ...should I moan?
Mackenzie 11/01/18 That's fine. Really, I'm just trying to steal you.
It won't take much. I hope you don't mind kidnap.
I'll feed you. And give you whatever you want.
I will also help you become the terror you're meant to be.
But I won't let you leave.
Not until you're ready to rule the world.
And you will be.
For that, you are welcome.
Jasper Thompson 11/01/18 Such a sensitive boy.
So you like boring conversation, thatís a good start.
How do you like the weather, then?
Jameson Orlav 11/01/18 Not without dinner first.
I like steak.
And small children.
Jasper Thompson 11/01/18 Not harder. Itís just a different kind of beating.
And thereís your answer.
Jameson Orlav 11/01/18 Are you trying to seduce me?
Jameson Orlav 11/01/18
Jasper Thompson 11/01/18 Wait, wait, first I have to ask.
Are you gay?
Mackenzie 11/01/18 One? I think I can do that.
Probably... yes. Definitely.
Meet me at the center of the bridge just two blocks north.
You're welcome, Virgil.
Jasper Thompson 11/01/18 Mickey Mouse most certainly does not have standards.
This club is just nonjudgmental.
And Fran Drescherís laugh is beautiful, we can fight in the street.
Mackenzie 11/01/18 As late as you want, dear.
Whatís the complication?
We should uncomplicate it.
Jasper Thompson 11/01/18 Yes to all of those, especially the Mickey Mouse thing.
Youíre free to say no, but youíll probably regret it.
Mackenzie 11/01/18 Really? Damn. Youíre good.
I like you.
You sure youíre busy tonight?
Jasper Thompson 11/01/18 -shrugs-
No one.
Except I do have a secret club.
Wanna join?
Mackenzie 11/01/18 I donít f-ck around. But you didnít run, so...
Jasper Thompson 11/01/18 Hey, are you Virgil?
Mackenzie 11/01/18 Virgil. It is my pleasure.
I do love issues. They make everything fun.
How do you feel about murder, pet?
Mackenzie 11/01/18 Please do.
Mm... thumb sucking, helplessness..
A general need for maternal-like attention.
A desire to be excessively coddled.
My name is Mackenzie. Not a mother. For the record.
Mackenzie 11/01/18 Pity. Youíre going to have to pencil me in.
Oh. Ah. No mother, no.
You donít have Mommy issues, do you?
Mackenzie 11/01/18 Maybe. You free?
I have reservations at 11.
At your momís house.
Kidding. I have no idea if itís your mother.
Jameson Orlav 11/01/18 You've got some sh-t on your face, mlŠdenec.
Raven D Morningstar 11/01/18 Welcome to the Realm!
Kyla Brollachan 11/01/18 FŠilte. Welcome.
Mackenzie 11/01/18 I really simply must have you.
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