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Katrina 's Biography
Name: Katrina Ann Hale
D.O.B: November 1, 1996
Birth Place: Salem Mass
Race: Cradle Witch
Powers: Pain Infliction, Conjuring, Necromancy, Channeling, and Blood magic

“There are some secrets which do not permit themselves to be told.” ― Edgar Allan Poe
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Virelai Tylwyth

Nicolas Murray


Gabe Marlowe

Last five threads posted in:
Cassandra Malinov 11/04/19 Shaking her head Cassie smiled then spoke.

"Oh no hun it is fine I get sidetracked sometimes too. It is a pleasure to meet you."
Vexa 10/23/19 It is uncommon, where Vexa is from, to have red hair so she is slightly enamoured with it. Not in the creepy sense. It is simply something new, unseen. And in one day, in this current tribe, Vexa has witnessed three.

The raven haired woman gives a small curtsy, an unheard laugh and begins to run. A shack is calling to her, telling her of it's good bones and how she needs to restore it. A look back, coppery eyes burning bright in the darkness, a wave, Vexa simply vanishes.
Vexa 10/23/19 Vexa nods enthusiastically, content with the ability to communicate so easily with these people she now calls her tribe. A single finger points towards the petite woman. The single finger becomes two and her arm sweeps in an arc. 'You too', she is trying to convey. Again Vexa's mouth is moving in silence. "Katrina?" Her fingers reach for the woman's red tresses but stop before actually touching them, or her aura. "Beautiful."
Vexa 10/23/19 She walks the grounds in search of the newest addition to the OdD family, candle balancing on the palm of upright, rigid hand. This could potentially take days considering the size of the property or minutes if the woman had stayed close to the main house.

Spotting an unfamiliar face, Vexa approaches silently as trained by her blood and stops. A smile and nod, the summoner hands a small card to the woman that simply states, 'Welcome', then points to herself.
The name is likened to a gentle breeze that rustles fallen leaves. Barely audible, raspy. Something one would not hear unless paying close attention.
Gabe Marlowe 10/21/19 Gabe shook her hand firmly - his father always said a good, firm handshake always made a good impression. He smiled easily, "Are you new around here too?
Murmur 10/20/19 Smiles " Thank you kindly miss."
Gabe Marlowe 10/19/19 "Nice to meet you Katrina." A day or so. Hmm. Okay, so his situation was definitely common place. "I appreciate that, Katrina. My name is Gabriel. Or Gabe. Whichever." He chuckled under his breath. He was a bit of a word-vommiter when he was out of his element. Not great for a spell caster. That's probably why he was in this darn mess anyway.
Gabe Marlowe 10/19/19 Gabriel was a little disoriented. What had just happened? One minute he's working on a spell and the next...
Confusion drew his eyebrows down and he frowned, trying to figure out where he was. Welcome to the Realm. A soft voice spoke closely to him. He turned to face the owner and released the breath he'd been holding. Gabe smiled, though he was still confused, at her as she handed him a few things. Apparently, this was normal. "Uh, thank you, miss..?"
Virelai Tylwyth 10/17/19 Vira raised an eyebrow at the woman's thanks, a slow smile curling her lips. If she had, had less control, it might have been dangerous. She might have acted on instinct. However, she had honed her gift of control in order to choose what she would and would not do, and this was a small matter compared to other things. So she said nothing in regards to payment for that thanks and instead, simply smiled and tilted her head to the side.

"I do not see why not. In fact, it is a small world. I am certain we are likely to meet again."
Virelai Tylwyth 10/16/19 It had been a while, a long while, since Vi had gone out and about with her little black book to greet the fresh bodies. The pages of that book contained, not names, but threads of a sort, strings of symbols that led to individuals, which she followed in order to find them. A handy bit of crafted magic if she did say so herself. And she might if anyone asked. They never did though.

She'd missed a few, their markings beginning to smudge, but decided before they vanished she would make the rounds of those that were still identifiable. It was a game she liked to play, you see. Chaos and courtesy. A little bit of give and take. Not that they'd know that themselves. One or two of them she had already met unofficially, but the rest were shiny and new. So she set off with this in mind, black book in hand, pockets full of little envelops sealed with a red spider lily in wax. Old fashioned and perhaps unnecessary. But who she'd yet to meet any – save one – to turn such a thing away.

She approached each of them casually, smiled pretty, moss green eyes gleaming, and handed them the envelop. Courtesy. “I'll be back for this at a later date.” She'd say. Chaos. Whether they did meet again was irrelevant and completely out of her hands. That was the fun of it really. Sometimes they would stop and talk, but most of them just went on their merry way. And that was alright with her. Besides, it was all to play for as far as the Realm was concerned.

Just another means with which to pass the time and that sort of thing suited Vi just fine.
Caitlin Boru 10/16/19 *I smile*
Caitlin Boru 10/16/19 "Thank you for your welcome"
Hela Jones_ 10/14/19 Welcome to the realm!
Marah Whitmoore 10/14/19 "You are very much welcome ma'am"
Marah Whitmoore 10/14/19 +seeing the arrival of the new witches on the ships log Marah goes to the handing them a basket of goodies+
"Welcome to the realm if I can be of any assistance please look me up."
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