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Autumn Summers

Spring Taylor

Lucius Dalca


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Maito Jararaca 11/17/17 Ear plugs? My dear boy, relish the madness, it's what you can recognize that makes home "home" after all.
Spring Taylor 11/15/17 Blaize
Iím fcking ace. Cheers for fcking caring about someone other than Autumn Leaf. No you daft sh*te. Iím fcking healing and in no fcking condition to pretend to be a fcking righteous bigot. Have you heard from our blimey f*cking sister? Are you going to fcking torture me next because I killed fcking Winter bloody Snow?
W_Kat 11/03/17 Congrats on PotD!
Spring Taylor 10/23/17 Big @rsehole Brother
F-cking Bullsh-te.
Spring Taylor 10/23/17 Big @rsehole Brother
............Was it really sodding necessary to put your f-cking face on a goddamn blimey Trolley????
Spring Taylor 10/23/17 Big @rsehole Brother
What the actual blimey f-cking hell are you even doing??
Spring Taylor 10/23/17 Big @rsehole Brother
I see your fugly @rse fcking face, Blaize.
Spring Taylor 10/23/17 Big @rsehole Brother
Stop f-cking following me creep.
Lucius Dalca 10/16/17 Text: Blaize
Do you know who did it?
Summer 10/15/17 Blaize
You aren't responsible for preventing his death. It is what it is.
If there is one thing I know to be true about life on earth, it is that it simply is a series of disappointments. Winter's death is further evidence of this.
I know I ought to try to keep up the pretense of being chill and laid back. Being high helps keep that pretense. Other times, being high helps me achieve some semblance of Blaize-level numbness.
I hope he has found peace. But since you and I both know what lies on the other side, I can't even tell myself that stupid platitude in an effort to feel better. It's all bullsh!t.
Summer 10/15/17 Blaize
The person I was closest to is gone. I feel like someone removed a vital organ without anesthesia.
I'm doing as well as can be expected.
That is to say- not well.
Hey, nothing a handful of benzos washed down with some scotch can't manage.
How are you doing?
Lucius Dalca 10/14/17 Text: Blaize
I know. I am with her now.
How are you holding up?
Autumn Summers 10/14/17 Blaize

Shortly after Autumn touched Send on her phone, she turned it off, put it into a drawer, and walked away.
Autumn Summers 10/02/17 Gingerbread Man
I'll bet you can figure it out if you think about it hard enough. What I have with Lucius is worth every one of those strings.
Thank you. Let me know when you're back in London.
Autumn Summers 10/02/17 Gingerbread Man
It still may come and bite you on the arse when you least expect it. Romantic or not, you're a catch.
Aye, I'm a big girl but I'm also his wife and it would be unkind to run rough shod over him. The argument would be spectacular. Maybe one day.
Until then, thank you for looking out. Will you give him a bottle of Johnnie Blue from me, since you're there? If the man is going to drink, might as well be decent.
I love you, big brother.
Autumn Summers 10/02/17 Gingerbread Man
Is it? Shame I'm married... kidding. Ever think about finding someone new? Eventually, that is.
I'm... aware about Gray. He told me VIA text a few days ago. I'd go see him if Lucius wouldn't flip his sh*t over it.
Keep an eye on him for me while you're there, please? I'm genuinely worried for him.
Autumn Summers 10/02/17 Gingerbread Man
Whenever you're ready for a visit, please let me know.
I still miss you and want to see you.
Summer 10/01/17 Blaize
I had heard that Spring formed a coven. I think she'll do quite well at it. I don't really understand why she picked Russia of all places as base, but I won't presume to understand her thinking. Just as she likely doesn't presume to understand mine. Haha.
Give her my love. Last I heard from her, she was...I think doing well? She sounded the same, so I take that to mean she's doing well.
Autumn Summers 09/30/17 Blaize
You've been away too long. You don't know the difference between passive aggressive and truth.
Autumn Summers 09/29/17 Blaize
I'm fine not dealing with her.
Happy, even. And I intend to keep it that way.
Do enjoy your visit.
Autumn Summers 09/29/17 Blaize
I'd prefer if you left it alone.
Autumn Summers 09/29/17 Blaize
Nothing I care to discuss.
No doubt that f*ckwit will be more than happy to fill you in.
Autumn Summers 09/29/17 Blaize
Summer 09/29/17 Blaize
Brother bear! I've missed you too. I gather you were luxuriating in Cancun- I hope the holiday left you rested and happy.
Or at least, you know, no miserable.
Sydney is great. The weather, culture, and people suit me quite well. Dare I say it, I am actually rather happy.
I hope you're well. Are you in London? I'm due for a visit; would love to see you.
Spring Taylor 09/29/17 Big Brother
I've always hated f*cking Moscow & The Douchlavs. Always.
Autumn Summers 09/29/17 Gingerbread Man
I will after our company leaves.
Are you really surprised about that?
I love our brother but Winter isn't exactly discreet.
Next vacation to Antarctica, perhaps?
Autumn Summers 09/28/17 Gingerbread Man
Aye, you do. As I said, I've missed you.
Wine and big brother talk are always welcome. Those will never grow old.
I'm well. So is he. We are both very happy.
Autumn Summers 09/28/17 Gingerbread Man
He mentioned something about that.
I'm glad you're back, for however long. I've missed you, too.
Spring Taylor 09/28/17 Big Brother
Cheers. I wish I didn't open it in Moscow.
Autumn Summers 08/24/17 Gingerbread Man
Are you well now?
Winter is sweet but he can be... well, he's Winter. He did mention he visited.
If you ever need anything, ask me. Even though I know you won't, do it anyway. I love you.
Autumn Summers 06/28/17 Gingerbread Man
You've been very quiet.
Are you well?
Summer 06/27/17 When Summer picked up her phone, the sender of the most recent text was not who she expected it to be. Not by a long shot. That being said, she wasnít surprised.

Thanks for letting me know.
If I remember correctly, the Return took a while, took some time to get used to things again. I hope it goes quick for you.
Did you come back as an angel too? Or did you make it back unchanged?
If you say the latter, I call bullsh!t. Nobody makes it back unchanged entirely.
Lucius Dalca 06/12/17 Text: Blaize
Interesting, I always had a feeling something just seemed too strange.
Yeah it was something like that but you know, it doesn't really bother me. You worry when you do wrong not when you don't.
....And I'm pretty f*cking strong too :D
Lucius Dalca 06/12/17 Text: Blaize
I knew you were f*cking alive! Ha! How you survived?
You might have some competition there.. Some dude in our new coven is trying to take the role....... His name is Kai I think. 'I'll destroy you if you hurt her, etc etc '
Thank you though! That means a lot coming from you.
Autumn Summers 06/12/17 Gingerbread Man
He's a smart man. He'll probably put it together with the night I ran out and couldn't tell him why.
Autumn Summers 06/12/17 Gingerbread Man
Just when I thought I couldn't be any happier...
I love you, big brother.
You know, eventually Lucius needs to be told you're alive.
Autumn Summers 06/10/17 Gingerbread Man
Thank you! I love you! I'm so happy, I feel like I'm flying.
We're going to do everything properly later. Will you... walk me down the aisle? Please?
Autumn Summers 06/10/17 Gingerbread Man
Before you find out through the grapevine...
Spring Taylor 06/05/17 Bollocks Brother
The FCKING douchlavs. Did you bloody know Winter is friends with them? Autumn? They might as FCKING well jump into a sodding FCKING oven and thank the Douchlavs for the FCKING warmth. F-ck sake. Find that giant bell end again, so Winter can suck on it and not kill him self being a gormless wanker.
Autumn Summers 06/05/17 Gingerbread Man
I trust Lucius with my life.
But... I'll be there soon.
Autumn Summers 06/05/17 Gingerbread Man
He's going to want to know if I go flying out the door in the middle of the night...
But I need to see you.
I'll come to the mansion.
Spring Taylor 06/05/17 Big @rsehole brother
Are you FCKING serious?? For one who was that lube d-ck b@stard that was trying to FCKING talk to me? Did he get sodomized by a sodding skeleton hand? You better not be pro FCKING slayer or else I'm pushing you back into the FCKING ground again.
Autumn Summers 06/05/17 Gingerbread Man?
Where are you? Can I see you?
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