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Born: November 12, 2016 Forum Topics Started: 1
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"See these eyes so green-
I can stare for a thousand years.
Colder than the moon-
It's been so long .."
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 Minion Horde Raiding Party Leader
My Minion Raiding Party can beat up your Minion Raiding Party
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Dita Morgenstern's Biography
"Loving you was like going to war; I never came back the same."
Warsan Shire

Current State: Human, deceived, unknowingly on the path of corruption.
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Dresden Morgenstern
Black Lord

Dessa Chambers

Bree Ravencroft

Dead Girl

Last five threads posted in:
Dessa Chambers 07/11/18 *tilts head* What's wrong, Dita?
Dresden Morgenstern 06/04/18 [Tilts his head curiously as she speaks then begins chasing after her.]
"Dita, you show me what you drew in there!"
[Was extremely curious as to what she might think is too much for him to see.]
Dresden Morgenstern 05/30/18 [SMiles along with her.]
"Oh, Just me? Can I see?"
Dresden Morgenstern 05/30/18 [Steps forward, seemingly from nowhere, and catches her before she can fall.]
"Are you alright Dita?"
[Sees the sketchpad on the ground and picks it up before offering it back to her.]
"Sketching again, draw anything new?"
Dresden Morgenstern 05/14/18 [Kisses her back, smiling against her lips.]
"Only sometimes, I know you won't get into to much trouble if I'm not there. Though I do hunt you down if you are gone to long."
Dresden Morgenstern 05/14/18 [Chuckles softly as his fingers drift lazily over her skin.]
"I keep my eye on you Dita, plus I'm a lighter sleeper then you know. I can feel you getting out of bed. I have to keep you safe from the world so I am always close..."
Dresden Morgenstern 05/14/18 [Looks at her and smiles, brushing some hair from her face.]
"How do I always know what?"
Malakai 05/13/18 No no no, don't be silly. *Kai steers her towards the less populated area of the Quarter.*
Keep your money. Spend it in the shops. I'll take you to the ones that don't have many people.
*Kai nods, as if he understands going home with animals.* Well, he sounds smart. But I'll make sure nothing bad happens to you. Do you like tea? There's a quiet tea shop just around the corner.
*Points towards the next street, the tea shop sign could be seen.*
Malakai 05/09/18 *Kai nods a bit somberly.* Yes, yes. Quite wild. Parties every night starting at the age of five!
It all gets a bit tiresome after awhile, but I've found ways to keep it interesting. *Kai points to her.* Helping out tourists for example.
*Gives his forehead a slight smack.*Of course! How foolish of me. Don't mind me, my brain is a little all over the place. Some pieces of information find themselves in the void.
Dresden sounds like an interesting fellow. Does he know you're out here all on your own?
Dresden Morgenstern 05/07/18 [Stares in mute fascination as she lists off all the food she'd eaten...just yesterday.]
"Dita...that's like two days, maybe three, worth of food for me."
[Blinks and chuckles as he pokes her stomach.]
"Where do you put it all?"
Dresden Morgenstern 05/07/18 "Yes, share."
[Narrows his eyes at her, still not entirely sure how he feels about her going off on her own.]
"I'm not certain that I want to know how you know what can fit inside you."
[Pauses for a moment.]
"...I might overreact..."
Dresden Morgenstern 05/07/18 [Stares at her in bewilderment as she lists off a days worth of food.]
"Dita...I'm not even sure you could fit that much into you..."
[Has to admit, french toast and hash browns do sound good though...]
"I suppose if we split it you'll be able to fit it all in."
Dresden Morgenstern 05/07/18 [Tries to fight her off.]
[Fails miserably thanks to the paralysis from the laughing.]
[Gasps for breath as she somewhat relents.]
[Uses that moment to turn the tide, throwing his weight to the side and rolling atop her, pinning her hands.]
"You attacked me...because you are hungry?"
"What are you in the mood for?"
Dresden Morgenstern 05/07/18 [Rolls over.]
[Rolls over the other way.]
[Opens one eye blearily to look at Dita.]
[Is suddenly very awake and laughing, thoroughly tying himself up in blankets as he flails.]
[Laughs more.]
Malakai 05/07/18 *Pats her hand gently, unaware of her hesitation.* It can seem chaotic, but you learn how to move with it and you have a guide who has been through the Quater many times.
*Might not be the best judge - loves when things are chaotic.*
*Her innocence was so precious, he couldn't wait to see the look on her face when his nice guy facade slipped away. But it wasn't time for that.*
Oh, about twenty years. Pretty much my whole life. Besides, you're much more safe with someone who knows the city, even if the city isn't very dangerous.
*Kai leads her away from the square and towards the French Quarter.* Do you like to shop? There are plenty of interesting shops along the way I could show you.
Malakai 05/07/18 *Kai chuckles quietly* No, I wouldn't say so. I've managed to survive this long. No more dangerous than most cities.
*He offers her his arm, trying not to seem -too- eager.*
*God, being -normal- was hard*
It isn't too much trouble at all, Dita. Have you been to the Frencg Quarter yet?
Malakai 05/06/18 *Not sure how he's gotten so lucky*
*Grins once more and nods along.* Don't worry, *Speaks in a hushed tone* Your secret is safe with me.
*Kai winks.*
*He stares at her outstretched hand for a brief moment. It would be so easy to test if she had any magic, but the square was busy..He takes her hand and brings it up so he can press his lips to the back of her hand.*
*People still did that, right?* Pleasure to meet you, Dita. I am called Kai. I'd hate to see you get lost while on your own here. Let me walk you around and show you the place from an insider's view.
*Has to be careful not to keep his 'normal' facade.*
Malakai 05/06/18 *C*cks his head to the side*
*Gaze follows the pointed finger...well, sort of. Mostly stares are her arm, while trying to make it look like he was looking at what she was pointing to.*
Ah, yes. Jackson Square. It's a good placee to be if you're a tourist. *Kai retuns his gaze to her.*
Are you here with anyone?
Malakai 05/06/18 *Kai eyes the girl up and down*
*A little pale*
*Kai offers her a wide grin - might be laying it on a little thick.* Hello! What a lovely day. What brings you around these parts?
*Doesn't really know how the proper way to interact with people.*
Bree Ravencroft 04/30/18 [Watches Dita taste her first smore.]
[Wonder if she should tell her about smore pie, cookies, ice cream etc]
[Decide on later.]
Of course you can have another one, and one for Dresden as well.
Bree Ravencroft 04/29/18 [Raises eyebrow]
A smore is the perfect combination of cracker, chocolate, and marshmallows toasted over an open fire.
[grins and tries not to burn everything]
[Hands Dita a virgin smore without the pb in it.]
Sometimes I like to get fancy, but tonight we keep it simple.
Bree Ravencroft 04/29/18 [Watches closet swallow Dita]
[Looks at pb, then digs pockets for chocolate, marshmallow cream, graham crackers]
[Makes fire]
[Long process of assemblage while fire burns]
Smores anyone?
Bree Ravencroft 04/29/18 [Throws confetti around]
Woot. You did it.
Dresden Morgenstern 04/28/18 Dresden wakes from a fitful night of sleep, odd dreams had him tossing and turning for a good portion of the night but now that he's awake the memory of the dreams was quickly fading away. Looking around the room groggily he noticed something small that wasn't there when he went to sleep. Reaching out he picked up the small object and looked closer only to find that it was a human finger, the blood around it still somewhat wet. He quickly put it back where he found it and took a slightly panicked moment to check to make sure all his digits were intact. With a sigh of relief he was happy to find that he was in one piece but it left him wondering about the source of the digit.

One thing was for certain, he'd need to get rid of it before Dita saw it. It would be hard to explain, especially when he didn't know himself. Reaching to his nightstand he grabbed some tissues from a box and picked up the finger and let his shadow consume it. A few more tissues were enough to clean up the rest of the blood and those he just flushed down the toilet before sitting on his bed again and running through the possible culprits.
Dresden Morgenstern 03/13/18 His eyes pierced the dirt covering her the moment she appeared in the doorway, he still couldn't see her brilliance but he knew it must be there. Something must have happened on the trip back from Hell which limited his perception, that was the only thing that made sense...the truth of things was too much to accept.

A wide range of emotions ran through him; happy, sad, afraid, love but he settled on confused. "It hasn't been that long Dita, but look at you... Knife in hand, dirty, looking like some feral beast. You've let the house fall to disrepair too. We need to remedy this, first by getting you into the shower and cleaned up. You smell like the animals you appear to have just been feeding." He nodded to the knife at that before stepping forward to grab her wrist and begin leading her to the bathroom.
Dresden Morgenstern 03/12/18 Again the shadows gathered, creating the doorway through which Dresden stepped into Dita's room. Like everything else, the room was covered in dust which only confused Dresden more. It was bad enough that he couldn't see her Aura, but the state of things made it seem like no one had been in the house in ages. He'd only been gone a week giving his report but with the way things looked it seemed like it had been much longer. Walking quietly over to Dita's bed, floor creaking under his feet, he pulls back the covers and let out a cough at the wave of dust and for the first time the bite of some vaguely familiar sickeningly sweet smell reached his nose.

Under his breath he muttered, "What happened here Dita, where are you?"
Dresden Morgenstern 03/12/18 The shadows outside his old door thickened, growing inky black in the faint moonlight before Dresden stepped out of the darkness. He gazed solemnly around the dilapidated building, it had fallen into some disrepair in the time that he'd been gone. He wasn't sure exactly how much time had past, only that it wasn't until now that He let Dresden return. What made things worse, when he looked around Dresden couldn't see Dita's glow. The brilliance that he'd always followed to her wasn't present. At his feet though there was a small box, dusty with the passage of time the tiny animals on the wrapping paper told him exactly who it was from. Reaching down he collected the box and slipped it into his pocket, he'd open it once he'd found his Dita again. Turning on his heel he stepped back into the shadows leaving nothing but footsteps in the dust to show that he'd been there.
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