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Monday, Jul 24, 2017
Johnny's Story - Part 14


     A huge, amorphous shadow-thing rounded the corner up the street.  It was horrible, covered with flagella that flailed madly, ichor [...]

Posted at 11:20 pm
Monday, Jul 17, 2017
Johnny's Story - Part 13

    Outside the storm pounded the streets with an intensity that bordered on hatred.  Johnny stood on the steps of the crumbling moss-splotched cathedral, the rain washing the blood and grey ma [...]

Posted at 11:34 am
Thursday, Jul 13, 2017
Johnny's Story - PART 12

    Johnny flew into a rage, “SHUT UP!  SHUT UP!  “  He swung wildly, berserk with anger, the air roaring with the ferocity of the swings.  The angel thing, as if hav [...]

Posted at 01:41 pm
Friday, Jul 07, 2017
Johnny's Story - PART 10 & 11

    “Yes Johnny.  More than 70 years you’ve been kept here.  Kept safe.  Given chance after chance to take up the mantle of the Cavaliers.”  It moved, glided si [...]

Posted at 10:50 am
Friday, Jul 07, 2017
Johnny's Story - PART 1 (consolidated)

    Johnny sat in the belfry of the old Spanish cathedral, staring out over a city he no longer recognized.  It was one of those uncertain nights where the sky, mottled by dark clouds and starl [...]

Posted at 10:46 am
Friday, Jun 30, 2017
Johnny's Story - PART 9

    For a long time neither spoke.  Outside thunder rumbled.  The storm blew in over the sea.  The moonlight began to flicker as clouds mottled the sky.  “We haven’t [...]

Posted at 03:19 pm
Thursday, Jun 29, 2017
Johnny's Story - PART 8


    His canny green eyes scanned the gloom.  Row upon row of decaying pews, forgotten statues and graffiti-scrawled frescos that took on a horrible and lurid cast in the moo [...]

Posted at 12:06 pm
Wednesday, Jun 28, 2017
Johnny's Story - PART 7

    Johnny’s heavy boots rang on the battered iron staircase as he descended relentlessly through the thick darkness.  His cigarette embers provided the only semblance of light.  He [...]

Posted at 02:35 pm
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