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Friday, Oct 16, 2015
Another year...

    Playground school bell rings again
    Rain clouds come to play again
    Has no one told you she's not breathing?
    Hello, I am your mind giving you someone to talk to [...]

Posted at 09:25 am
Monday, Oct 05, 2015
*Waves to the NSA*
    That moment when you realize that you've just put yourself on the Watch Lists of several Governments because of the research you've just done for your latest thread...

Posted at 11:26 pm
Monday, Oct 05, 2015
A letter from the dark side
    I want to reach out and apologize, but I don't know who I owe anymore.
    And I can't seem to find any olive branches...
    And would it be accepted, if I laid my heart out bare? Words are just s [...]

Posted at 11:31 am
Monday, Dec 29, 2014
{{OOC}} The reason for Christmas I now realize...
    Is just an excuse to tolerate snow. Snow!

    It's positively everywhere. Out on the porch, piling up against the front door. Sticking to the window screens...

    And invading th [...]

Posted at 10:08 am
Thursday, May 08, 2014
Shelley's Rose

    For those of you who can't access this on Smashwords, here is the complete short story.
    ============================================================================================== [...]

Posted at 07:31 am
Sunday, Apr 27, 2014
{{OOC}} So yeah...I'm back.

    {{OOC}} So yeah...I'm back. Before you grab the proverbial torches and pitchforks though, I have a few things to say.

    Most of you don't know who I am, or why I left, and [...]

Posted at 11:55 pm (Comments: 6)
Sunday, Apr 28, 2013
((OOC)) Time to let this fall from my hands
    So much I thought I'd have to say
    Though I try to speak, my meaning strays.
    We can't avoid the facts that brought us here.
    I've come to say goodbye.

    The lies I try to tell [...]

Posted at 07:01 pm
Wednesday, Apr 10, 2013
((OOC)) A final apology, and an explanation.

    I'm not very good at putting my own personal feelings in order, especially lately, so this is going to be sort of all over the place.

    What do you do when you lose yourself, [...]

Posted at 07:26 am (Comments: 3)
Friday, Feb 08, 2013

    Living in a box, but the box is safe and comfortable.
    When I have to explain how I feel
    Are vast galaxies that all come crashing [...]

Posted at 12:38 pm
Sunday, Oct 14, 2012
((OOC)) L.A.T.8.29.68~10.16.79

    Tuesday will mark the 33rd year of your passing. They call it "passing", but that's just a gentle way of saying "ripped violently from this plane of existence". Some say [...]

Posted at 06:23 am
Tuesday, Aug 28, 2012
((OOC)) Another year...
    Another year, another birthday almost here, in a few short hours. Mine, weeks past...and yours...another you'll never see.

    Sometimes, I think that I should have forgotten to remember. Somet [...]

Posted at 06:31 pm
Saturday, Jan 28, 2012
Domestic drudgery can inspire...insanity
    Ok, so...I posted a silly lil bit in the Mortal Thoughts about what I was listening to...which happened to be my washing machine, which sounds like it's gearing up to launch itself into space during t [...]

Posted at 01:09 am
Sunday, Jan 08, 2012
((OOC)) A bit on the Abigail Winters interview, and Stormy's stance.

    Yesterday, two Angels opened a Sanctuary, and then began spewing bigotry and hatred in the name of God. While this is (I fervently hope) done In Character, I find it disturbing. Why? For several [...]

Posted at 10:42 am (Comments: 10)
Sunday, Oct 16, 2011
((OOC))In memory
    They say that children are the most resilient when it comes to handling trauma. Children tend to "bounce back" relatively quickly from all sorts of mental, emotional and physical damages without havin [...]

Posted at 05:11 pm (Comments: 1)
Monday, Aug 29, 2011
Another day...

    ...another year.

    L.A.T. 8.29.68-10.16.79

    ~Catch ya on the flipside...~

Posted at 03:11 am
Thursday, Aug 04, 2011
{{OOC}} Of Birthdays and deaths.

    So, Tuesday was my birthday...I prefer to refer to them as anniversaries of my 29th birthday at this stage in my life. Part of the Birthday Ritual is to receive a call from my Mom and listent to [...]

Posted at 01:25 am
Friday, Jun 17, 2011
Newbie Guide updates.
    Ok...finally got in a couple new posts in the Help Forum Ultra Newbie Guide. A quick one on how to add friends to yer profile, and a longer one dealing with some RP pointers.

    As always...if [...]

Posted at 04:11 am
Sunday, Jun 12, 2011
OOC about IC delays.

    Ok...yeah a few mails ondeck that ain't been replied to in the last day or so. Sorry. Round Two...AKA the Dreaded Backlash...has commenced. It's a bit like riding out a tornad [...]

Posted at 10:56 am
Friday, May 06, 2011
((OOC)) We interrupt this character for a brief intermission...

    Most of you only know "me" through the character of Stormy, and well...for the most part, that's as it should be. The separation of person from persona is why most of us are here, [...]

Posted at 02:15 am
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