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Sunday, Nov 01, 2020
The Beast Within
    The small sliver of light that managed to wriggle between the drawn blinds and closed curtains finally brought me back to consciousness.  My head was splitting and that little ray of sunshine [...]

Posted at 06:45 pm
Sunday, Nov 01, 2020
Chapter 2 - The Roomate

    I am such a freaking coward.  And more than a bit boring. All I do is go to work, come home to eat, and hide away in my lonely room.  I had promised myself that I would go out and get [...]

Posted at 06:37 pm
Monday, Sep 21, 2020
Chapter 1 - Memories

    I have been in London eight days now, and I have finally gotten enough courage to venture out a bit, see more of the city, explore my surroundings, try something new.  I fear I am not an ad [...]

Posted at 01:02 am
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