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Tuesday, Dec 30, 2014
I'm sh*te
    I took a leave before updating S.N.A.I.L.S. and I missed BL Christmas. Shame on me. As you can tell, I'm back and hopefully sticking around. I hate that this has become yearly. S.N.A.I.L.S. has been u [...]

Posted at 11:42 pm
Sunday, Nov 16, 2014

    I have not abandoned Lenny's arc/story by any means. There was a road bump, the well of inspiration had dried up on me, metaphors yay. Anyway, I have completed the next post and am in the re [...]

Posted at 11:50 pm
Sunday, Aug 31, 2014
Shut up, I'm proud

Posted at 10:57 pm (Comments: 3)
Sunday, Aug 24, 2014
I moved and internet sucks

    Sorry for lack of posts or even being online. As the title says, my family and I are still getting settled into the new place. The local internet provider isn't that great either and we had [...]

Posted at 11:22 pm
Friday, Jul 11, 2014
Tentatively back

    Hey all, I'm more or less back and soonishly I'll be posting the continuation of Lenny's last story. Feel free to join me, whether you ask or not. Yes I've got posts prewritten. [...]

Posted at 11:43 pm
Tuesday, Feb 25, 2014
Tomorrow is...
    Lenny's one year anniversary on BL! Collectively, it'll be my 7th in a couple of months. While I expect nothing to change, it is neat to mark the occasion. I'm young enough that there are few things I [...]

Posted at 04:33 pm
Wednesday, Jan 29, 2014
Dungeon Breaks Edited

    If anyone is interested in doing Dungeon breaks, mail me. I'm not training them specifically anymore but would love to help others. Not that I can get out any time, heh...

Posted at 04:37 pm
Sunday, Oct 13, 2013
    I lost an aunt to breast cancer. It's her and her children's story, not mine. But seeing the pink in the actives list makes me think of her as I'm sure other people think of the family and friends the [...]

Posted at 04:29 pm (Comments: 1)
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