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Saturday, Jun 04, 2011
OOC: Best Conversation Ever
    Mordent says (6:25 PM) life has come to sitting in bed, wearing my nightrobe (apparently you Americans don't have least Floridians don't), drinking cider from a 2 litre glass ju [...]

Posted at 06:35 pm (Comments: 7)
Sunday, Aug 01, 2010
OOC: My Mother...
    Called me from a Tom Petty concert last night... why? I will tell you why.

    Mom: Do you know who James Castro is?!
    Me: ...No...
    Mom: From American Idol?!
    Me: Still no...

Posted at 09:42 am (Comments: 2)
Monday, Mar 08, 2010
OOC: The Baby Makers
    Wendy Darling says (11:08 PM):
    *It just becomes baby-land.
    *Home of children with babehs in the womb, that also already have babehs in the womb, and so on.
    *I can't wait for someone to [...]

Posted at 11:13 pm (Comments: 1)
Saturday, Mar 06, 2010
IC: Blackbird
    Mackenzie trolls through the Catacombs constantly, taking the time to go over any broken pieces of her dwelling. Two months... it has been two months, or a few days shy of it, since the fall and rebui [...]

Posted at 09:51 pm
Thursday, Dec 31, 2009
I digress..
    Everyone... I must tell you, Dr Van Helsing was right!

    Do not go get a massage unless you want to be so sore you can't MOVE!

    (Though, it still feels soooo goooooooood!)

Posted at 11:41 am (Comments: 1)
Wednesday, Dec 30, 2009
    That everyone sign off right now...

    And indulge themselves just a little...

    By going out, making a little something at Bath Junkie...

    And then...

    then [...]

Posted at 07:44 pm (Comments: 2)
Wednesday, Dec 16, 2009
    I was thinking today.. and realized, that this game is every psychologists dream. You have your doormats, sociopaths, bullies, smartasses, genuinely nice people, pathological liars, narcissists, those [...]

Posted at 09:59 pm (Comments: 3)
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